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yet another post on Coconut Oil
Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014 1:40 PM
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opinions on this product please:

Empowering Coconut Oil


The taste of this 100% organic virgin coconut oil is as pleasing as its fresh coconut fragrance and pure, white appearance. The oil is cold-pressed from non-GMO, freshly harvested coconuts so that the coconut meat has no time to ferment. The oil is free of bleaching agents, deodorizing agents, artificial flavors, or any other chemicals. Tiny, harmless brown specks of coconut fiber may be present because the oil is unrefined. Approximately 50% of this coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs)—fatty acids also found in mother's milk.

Lane Simonian
Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014 11:07 PM
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Tonight is not my night for making informed comments.  But I will go on, anyway. 

I would not rely upon coconut oil or any of its variations as a stand alone for the treatment of dementia, although it may help some people to some degree. 

A great deal of attention is paid to ketones in coconut oil, but just as important are ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid.  Panax ginseng also contain ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid and so far the results of clinical trials with ginseng have been superior to that of Axona (a medicinal form of coconut oil).