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I saw a woman today that looked almost identical to my mom
Posted: Sunday, November 9, 2014 9:05 PM
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I was shopping today and parked my car in front of the store that I was going in.  It was a thrift shop and I had items to donate, so I went to the rear of my vehicle to open up the trunk so I could remove the bags of donated goods.  I shut the trunk and glanced at the car parked next to me.  I was thunder struck.  Sitting in the front passenger seat was a very old woman.  She looked so much like my mother I was frozen staring at her. I studied her mouth, her hair and the color of her complexion.  I mouthed to her "You look like my mother."  The woman smiled at me.  I walked a little closer to the window she was looking out of and smiled at her.  I touched my heart and mouthed to her again, "You look like my mother."  She lifted her hand to her lips and blew me a kiss.  I cannot find the words to describe my feelings.  That is exactly what my mother used to do to me - she would blow me a kiss once in a while, just the way this woman did.  For an instant she looked like my  mother - identical.


I turned away and cried.  I walked into the thrift shop and cried.  I went back outside to wait for the owner of the vehicle so I could ask them if I could talk to the lady in their car.  I wanted to explain that she looked like my mother.  I waited quite a while but no one came. 


I shopped a little in the store and when I was done, I walked to my vehicle.  The little old lady was still sitting in the vehicle.  I smiled at her and waived.


I wonder if that was my mother??  I will go on believing that it was.  I wanted to share this story with all of you.  I feel like I had a glimpse of my mother today - sent from heaven.

Posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2014 11:30 AM
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I think that is such a gift.  So many times I have wished to see my mom just one more time and my dad, too.  To have this happen, shirleywhirley, I just want to believe your mom found a way to appear, to visit. 


The closest I've come and it's not as unusual is when I was over my uncle's a few months back, he is my father's baby brother, 92.  Where I was sitting, he was partially blocked by his lamp, but by the side view of him and how he was sitting, just looked so much like my dad, that I teared up.  For that moment, it was such a special glimpse at my dad, again.


She blew you a kiss, very, very special.

Posted: Thursday, November 13, 2014 9:52 AM
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Thanks for your reply KML.

I thought the blowing of the kiss was particularly special since the lady's entire demeanor was portrayed just as if it was my mom doing it.  Wow. 

I wish you peace KML.

Posted: Friday, November 14, 2014 9:34 AM
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Wow, Shirley! That gives me chills! I think that was a visit from your mother. How special.


I wish I would get a visit like that from my Mom. I've had a couple of visits from her in dreams. They were exactly what I needed at that particular moment so I know they were visits, not just dreams. But I really wish I would just get a "I'm with you" visit. In the beginning I got the distinct smell of cigarette smoke every night about 9:00-9:30. No one in the house smokes and I was the only one who could smell it. So I know that was a visit. But those are not as frequent as they were. I still notice it occassionally but not every night anymore.


Thanks for sharing!

Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2014 6:54 PM
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Shirley  (and incidentally, that was my mother's name), how very sweet. 


I remember about a year or so after my mother passed seeing a woman who could have been her twin.  I have yet to see my father's twin.

Posted: Sunday, November 30, 2014 7:10 PM
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How interesting that her name was shirley. Thanks for your reply.  This Christmas seems more lonely for me. It is the second Christmas I've been without my mom. Wishing you well.
Posted: Saturday, December 27, 2014 6:14 PM
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Aww, how special for you.  I no my daddy passed this past July and several times momma has felt his hands on her shoulders. For me on the 5th of his passing I was at DQ after church and this guy looked like daddy so much from behind I just stared!! The blue jeans, blue jean shirt ball cap and cowboy boots I just wanted to cry 

I drive his truck now and every now and than I catch a whiff of leather from the gloves he wore of his pipe tobacco 

Iris L.
Posted: Friday, January 23, 2015 7:28 PM
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I saw a woman who looked exactly like my aunt going into WM. This woman was walking unaided but my aunt needed a walker. Otherwise they could have been twins. Same face, same hair, same body build. I did not speak to her, I just looked in the distance. It feels comforting to see them again.

Iris L.