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With More Understanding comes a-little peace
In Memory of Mom
Posted: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 11:54 AM
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When my mother was diagnosed with dementia I felt like I could not breath. Being an RN over 30 years did not prepare me what the journey we were about to take. I have to read and really come up to speed on dementia and even that did not completely prepare me. Mom was such a quiet passive person, until the sun set. Watching her transform into someone I did not know was painful. I learned patience, I learned to be willing to give in. I learned that the patients do not suffer from dementia, the family does, they have no idea there behavior is changing. MOstly understand, they are not being difficult on purpose. Dementia steals their mind and memories. Keep thinks slow and do not make changes. Love your mom unconditionally and know that she loves you too, even though she is not able to show it all the time. This gave me some peace. After I lost Mom last year I wrote a book about our journey with all of the frustrations. I also have a web site and blog to help other caregivers of seniors especially with dementia or Alzheimer's. My book will be released soon. Be good to yourself and patient. You are not alone! Nurse Patty