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Working With Workers
Posted: Friday, October 2, 2015 9:31 AM
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We had a team meeting yesterday, with the only person who was supposed to be there not there (the ILS supervisor), but everyone else was there.

Listening, I am aware that I do not really like that they are talking to each other making decisions about me...but also equally not liking that there is nothing I can do about this, as it is needed that they talk to each other.

One stayed afterwards, she is still fairly new to me, and we walked around my house to see all the adaptations and tips and tricks I am using, and the ones I am working on...and cannot seem to get into place.

I have often mentioned my sympathy that, it really will take someone coming in and figuring out how I think, to come up with things that will really help.

Somewhere in a suggestion she was offering, as my brain was already taxed and confused from earlier, the reflective part of me realized that I am no longer aware of what will and will not help...and that I will now have to begin leaning on and trusting them to carry forward my life...with me less and less a part of it.

They seem good and willing people who work with me.

This is not an easy journey.