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Help For Stay Communicating
Posted: Saturday, February 11, 2017 10:47 AM
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I wanted share 2 things I have found help us stay communicating.  Although my communication skills have be going for 8 years now (I so used say 7 years, but new year), I developed Aphasia last year December and it greatly impact my way speak and write.   It diminished my already greatly diminished communication skills by over 50% of what they had been.  AND, Aphasia is VERY affected by, under stress, my ability talk communicate can be reduced NOTHING....literally.  This very frightening or me, and I suspect it is as well everyone else who experience this, because in our world we NEED communicate....otherwise people have no idea, for some reason what we need (although people seem know what babies need when they can't communicate, people seem lose that ability for adults who can no communicate....very illogical, nonetheless, seemingly the case). 

As I have do Speech Therapy, I found the few select things offered me....very minimal and no really designed me.  It just easier me keep try eek out what I try say...or keep try write it...take FAR less time. 

However, now that baby dx'd autism and I exposed this wealth of products and services for these kids....I am finding a wealth of things that help me, and I am fairly sure could help others with dementia.....and those caring us.  So I wanted share them you.

1) The PECS communication system.  It stand for Picture Exchange Communication System....and it is EXACTLY what it sound like.   Long after we can no find words for things we looking at....we will know them by their picture.  There a WEALTH of PECS systems available for kids autism...some pricey, but many not...AND....they have clear instructions how make you own.   At home...we use magnets rather than Velcro....but this work very very well.

2) Based on PECS is the App, Tippy Talk....and it a completely (or mostly completely) customizable PECS system communicate....without all the little pieces keep track of.


Hope that helps.