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What Test Results Would You Need See Prove Something Working?
Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2017 11:59 AM
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I have posted this question across the boards and am surprised that I am not getting any answers on I am hoping you who post here can help me out with this. 

As you know, I am just beginning trialing some order see if they can reverse my Alz.  Everyone's quick assumption when you do that is, well then you must not have had Alz begin with....ugg.  So while I know what I need see for myself, prove it for myself...the question I have, before I get that far in this process...are:

*What* tests results would you need see improve in order KNOW conclusively that something IS working cure Alz?? 

If you could be SPECIFIC in this, I would appreciate....because admittedly this hard for me piece gether my broken brain and my doctor is currently in process ordering me'd be NICE be able add these the line up and track it as I a means of document this journey. 

Thanks in advance you thought out answers this.