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Grief counselor gives such a thoughtful gesture.
Posted: Thursday, August 10, 2017 7:33 PM
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Bob & I went for our second grief counseling session supplied by Deb's hospice.  This woman is just about the most compassionate, thoughtful person I've met.  She had told me to pick out two of Deb's blouses that had meaning to either me or her and then bring them with me.  I picked out her bowling shirt - since she absolutely lived to go to the bowling alley to see her friends on Fridays.  Then picked out her "motorcycle" shirt.  It is black but has in sparkly letters "Free Spirit" with a motorcycle in sparkles.  The girl always wanted a motorcycle!  The grief counselor is going to make pillows out of those shirts!  She told me to keep one and pass one on to my brother, if he wants it or not.  That way whenever we're having a hard time, we can hug the pillow as if it were hugging Deb.  I just broke into tears thinking of how sweet & thoughtful that was.  So, next month when we see her we'll get our pillows!  She is such a blessing!


Veterans kid
Posted: Friday, August 11, 2017 12:42 AM
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I knew you had s session coming up soon- how awesome is she to do that! 

I think Deb's bowling shirt and biker shirt are just perfect!

A friend of mine I worked with who lost her dad about 5 months before me knows s lady who does those pillows!  I'm looking right now at the one she made for me. <3

I'm so happy she's doing that for you, Bob, and your brother ( if he wants).  

I'm glad you shared this here!!!

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