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new cbd oil
Posted: Saturday, June 23, 2018 1:49 PM
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while in California this spring I went to a dispensary and got a cbd oil they said was most popular with Alzheimer's patients. I asked if they meant patients or their caregivers and the answer was unclear.

It is made by Treat Well and my version is called WELLNESS formula and has no psychoactive effect. Many people have asked where, what, how, which so I hope this allowed to  be posted.

I never believe things are actually working but my anxiety has been erupting and I took 3 drops and found it had vanished within 10 minutes. Was anxious about going to church, another day forgot what, yesterday the eye exam- oh the dentist for a cleaning.

Today I tried to water proof the foundation of the garage. Ok, I am laughing too. We even went and got the stuff to paint on the cement blocks but I could not mix it. Very thick. That turned into "I can't do anything!" and on and on loud blah blah blah, yet part of me was saying big deal, go take that oil and see if it works on this.

It did. I feel so normal and relaxed even with stuff all over driveway. Not sedated. Did not want to take ativan because it makes me tipsy drowsy and now that I fell...

If you live in a legal state and can get to a dispensary or have someone else go for you, if you could give them the name of this oil and maker they may have similar version. I think any of them will work but this is at least a starting point.

My mission here is done regarding finding a "product" other than homemade! It works good for me, worth a try?

Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2018 8:57 AM
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It is legal here in Canad and my doctor said she will prescribe it for my 59 year old husband as soon as he comes off Galantamine. The doctor we see believes anything is worth a try when you have a disease such as a dementia.Three more weeks to go.


Posted: Monday, June 25, 2018 10:14 AM
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want to share that the TINCTURE does calm the anxiety, and since anxiety deprives cognition, it helps with that some. The CBD oil that is dark and gooey is much more effective at restoring function in sense of getting out of bed, dressing without having to ponder and search and cry about it etc. I took some and am now typing here, an hour ago I was weeping and scared.

This is what I wanted to say! The meltdowns - sure there are reasons and causes but if they stop after taking this oil, evaporate, then are these tirades and meltdowns just loose wire type thing? I think of them as a type of seizure, treatable. My husband can see now they are not intended to hurt him or blame him, and if I was a caregiver and my person was raging or sobbing a lot I would use this hourly on them and put them into happy land.

About dosing - we are used to medicines having points of not enough to do the job, and too much causing other damage. So far just using enough to get the results I want works and have yet to have any bad side effects. The purpose of a proper dose in using cbd oil seems to monetary. Use as much as needed to work, if you use more than that you go through the oil and it can get expensive.

I want to thank for allowing me to write about this. I still feel a stigma but I care less about everything, and that is helpful too.

Keeper is taking me with on his job this morning so I am not afraid. This new fear thing is buggin gme and we are trying to manage it.

My daughter is doing long distance helping and it is wearing her out as she is also at work. 

love to everyone. find what helps you and use it. report back, help other people! your story matters.