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Need suggestions not dementia related
Posted: Friday, November 23, 2018 5:44 AM
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Hi everyone I need some suggestions of online support groups for parents of an adult child who has just informed us he identifies as transgender.  This has thrown us for a loop and I didn't know where else to turn. I have so much respect for the people on the caregivers board where I usually hang out on this site so I thought of this page as being a good place to get suggestions. Sorry it's not an dementia related question. I am a 24/7 in home caregiver so I don't really have the time to go out to local support groups. If anyone knows of a good reputable site, similar to this site I would truly appreciate it. Just want to help my child in any way I can, which means I need some support and understanding of my own.
Jo C.
Posted: Friday, November 23, 2018 7:29 AM
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Hello mabeene, I do not have a resource, but with a little sleuthing one can find support groups using Google.  If you enter, "online support groups for parents of transgenders," or . . . "online support groups for parents of LGBT," some sites should pop up.

I recall a, "Dear Abby," column this last year that provided a resource for a parent of a transgender child, but am sorry I cannot recall the source she gave.