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Mom's 24/7 SNF said she needs a one-on-one attendent
Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2018 2:27 PM
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I am having an anxiety attack. Mom has LS Alzheimer's/Dementia. This past year she has mostly lost her ability to communicate and mostly lost her ability to moved around on her own, amongst the other usual LS conditions. I specify the speech and mobility for this reason. She has started to scream out that she wants to die and drops/or throws herself to the ground without any warning. This is happening more and more often and she has already hit her head at least once. 

Her SNF asked me to come in this afternoon to go over these increasingly occurring and worrying events. They said that I need to consider hiring a 24/7 monitor to be with her at all times. Even though they are well staffed and have been wonderfully attentive, they cannot keep eyes on her at all times. I understand all this and of course her safety is paramount. The reason for my panic attack is that the estimate for this additional care is another $20K a month. That's $240K a year and not covered by medicare/medicaid! I am so freaked out. How is anyone supposed to pay this on top of the uncovered SNF costs? Her medicaid/medicare pay the max they are able. She has zero property/income (outside her meager $1200/month social security). I would have to bankrupt myself and spend what I have been putting aside for my future care. I am the sole provider/care giver for my mom. There is no one else to help me.

How is everyone else handling this?

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2018 3:19 PM
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I'm really sorry.  This is a horrible situation.  I really hope more members here can help you with suggestions.  I'm not familiar with LS, but if it's what I think it is, this is making her suffer so much.  Stay on board, as they're RNs in this forum that can give you suggestions. 

I hope they are keeping her clean and cleaning her immediately.

The additional cost in care is ridiculous! I'm guessing they facility does not want to work more with her, but they should. 

I'm so sick of hearing stories like this. I can understand they are busy, but I don't believe someone cannot spend a little more time helping her.

Do you think the LS is what is causing her to react the way she is, or is it the dementia?

Please keep us posted.


Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2018 5:20 PM
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No. This is ridiculous. My dad's memory care facility made me hire one for a few days while my dad was having some severe aggression issues. That was nonsense too. All it did was give my dad another person to terrorize.

Do they not have a geriatric psychiatrist there? She likely needs some adjustment to her medication. I would definitely talk to whatever doctor(s) they have on staff. Do not let them bully you into this.

Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2018 5:57 PM
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Medication adjustment or move to a facility where they can better handle her behaviors is indicated.
Posted: Friday, December 7, 2018 12:26 AM
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Patty, so sorry to hear about your mom. It's likely they can adjust, change, or add a medication that will help. You have a right to talk to the doctor, don't let them bully you. Most of the time there's a solution to these problems without hiring anyone extra, and it may be they would rather take the easy way out (for them) of just throwing more of your money at the problem.  Meds might take some time to adjust, make it clear to them that you know their job is to keep her safe while she's in their facility and you expect them to do it.  Sometimes when a family member is a bit of a terror, things get done. You can always bring cookies later!