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checking in after holiday
Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 11:02 AM
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Hope most of us endured the holiday so far and some enjoyed it. Mine was very quiet and then I got the flu followed 3 days later with shingles.

There was a woman who for 2 years has said she would babysit or take my dog so after week of agonizing about it I called. She said "My husband has Parkinson's and does not want a dog."

I went through a lot to realize every dog I have had has been from a pound or rescue, and all of them bloomed pretty fast. She was panicked at shelter when she was picked up so I don't want her to go back to the shelter.

Right now it is hour by hour trying to sleep or soak while getting her out for short walks.

It is difficult to hear the plans being made for me as my kids imagine me so capable because I text type or talk to them on phone now and then.


Because I am in bed so much I ordered a smart tv and had it shipped to my home. No one can get it to work with my cable box and I can't pack it up to send back.

I did pack my clothes to take with me to live out west. Have had a couple casual friends come over and help themselves to stuff, most of vintage clothes are gone now.

Very weak from shingles and that med is hard on me. The flu seems to last a long time. I had flu shot one year and passed out, they said NEVER again so don't tell me to get a shot. I don't leave the hill, rarely speak to people, the few visitors must have passed me the virus.


anyone have good story from holiday?

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 1:03 PM
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Yes. We were able to avoid all land mines and trust me, there were plenty.

At times I have used one of these. I know it is not as good as walking but...

Is the dog going with you?

Do you know when your departure is yet?

Re the shingles I read somewhere it was stress related. Heaven knows you have had a lot of that recently.

Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 7:36 PM
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Hi Alz+ and Judith, 

Went with my husband to our son and daughter in law yesterday ( he drove us there),  and saw the baby twin grands, now almost 3 months old and our granddaughter Ellie who is 3 years old plus two months. Marveled at how grown up she is, getting her pajamas on by herself and brushing her teeth. Made me realize how she is gaining skills that I struggle daily to retain (dressing and self care). 

Sang tunes accompanied by my son on his Steinway piano - Summertime from Porgy and Bess, Beatles songs. Read and sang the lyrics from my sons iPad as he played.  Ellie got a sense of how “loopy” her grandma is singing out of key and dancing around the piano room. Had fun busting out of my shell . Seems the daughter in law and son accept me as I am now. 

Granddaughter Ellie at 3 - she accepts me but any older she would understand her grandma’s behavior is a little off the charts. Since I used to play piano I wanted to see if I still could read music. To my surprise I was able to play with both hands, understood the sharps and flats and the written notes and was able to figure out a Beatles song to play slowly. As you both know we are Jewish so don’t celebrate Xmas. Husband ordered pizza and we each had a few slices with Snapple. Took lots of photos with my iPhone. 

So sorry to hear about the shingles AGAIN - AND the flu Alz+!!! Double whammy, but I believe you will prevail. Bummer that the tv you got didn’t get installed properly. That would drive me more crazy. When your daughter comes to get you - you can bring it to California, maybe. 

Your stories are still the best. Even when you’re sick you retain your sense of humor- amazes me that no matter what you do that through your writing. One of many reasons you are so loved here. 



Iris L.
Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2018 10:16 PM
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I came home from my latest cruise with a cold.  I am still coughing and sniffling after ten days.  Fortunately I have lots of tissues.  Rest up Alz+, and hang in there.  Your daughter will be there soon.

Iris L.

Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2018 8:02 AM
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Hi all,

I had a busy but great Christmas with 12 y/o and eight month old granddaughters and my son. The baby is clapping  her hands and saying clap, clap. She is a little ham and joyfully basked in all the attention. Hope you feel better soon Iris and Alz+.

Posted: Saturday, December 29, 2018 5:44 AM
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anyone pay attention to New Year's Eve?

I put up a string of Christmas lights in my bed room, that is my NYE party. My neighbor took me to big grocery store this week so I could set myself up food wise for shingles recovery. The store was quiet because weekday morning in bad weather. I made different things over 3 days and froze half.

So now have veggie soups, casseroles, and enchiladas - all unique    to my current "cooking" skills but what a relief to have it made and done!

Keeper has been working more and I am managing on my own. Neighbor carried my groceries in for me and she shoveled out my front door too.

Dog is doing great on her low dose urine leak pills, so glad I questioned vet about dose! Using 1/3 what she prescribed and NO side effects now and NO leaking!

Making New Year resolutions? Mine is always the same, don't stop laughing.


smart tv - my daughter will make it work when she comes end of January. I found a way to play 4 channels but the remote still confounds me. I want to use old remote and cable box and just watch that on new TV instead of apps and channels you have to stream or whatever.


How fun to have little ones around on holidays! Travel must be nice, coming home is always nice after traveling.

Iris - no way to avoid colds or flu stuff on cruises. Glad you're home safe again.

Canada - piano! who knew? sounds like a great time.

L lee - you must have had a day off work? Ha! Babies and dogs and someone else cooking, perfect.


I miss Bill.