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Wrongfully arrested
Posted: Monday, June 24, 2019 12:56 PM
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My 76 year old grandmother was arrested at Kohl’s for shoplifting. She was later charged with 3 counts of resisting arrest, aggravated assault, eluding from and an officer, and improper lane change. My grandmother is in the early stages of dementia and Alzheimers. My grandmother has been a model citizen her whole life never been to jail before never stole anything. My grandmother has been a loyal customer at Kohl’s since the 90’s that I can vouch for and beyond. Her Kohl’s credit card will confirm that. This day I believe my grandmother went in there to exchange so things she had a bag with her full of clothes. She was arrested for 2 pairs of earrings and some sort of toddler shirt/drawers. I believe she possibly may have been standing in a incredibly long line and simply got confused and walk out with the 2 pairs of earrings and toddler necessity. I believe the approach they gave her may have led to the her actions next. If you approach a person with dementia in a hostile way it will trigger them to be at defense with you. So I’m sure when they approached her it was prolly wrong they probably yelled at her so she kept going and yelled very frantically she doesn’t know what they are talking about and kept going. Somewhere in between my grandmother getting out the store and to her the police were called and were approaching the scene. So I believe Kohl’s officials pointed her out and they the chase begun. I’m not sure of the actual point where they finally got her to pull over at but I heard she got quite aways. So I’m sure after the officers had to chase my grandmother down they weren’t happy with her when they approached her vehicle either. The report says they approached my grandmother car yelling get out of the car with (I think they had guns drawed on her) and she wouldn’t they said my grandmother then started to reach under the seat ( my grandmother keeps her purse under the seat or I feel she was trying to hold on to the seat) {I feel like it my grandmother was reaching under the seat like they say they would have shot her period} So after she reaches under the seat they open up the door and pull her out and they said she punched an officer in the face (she probably did she probably was scared she probably didn’t feel like you all were the police anymore after you pulled her out the car forceful) and they slammed her to the ground and started to beat her on her. The report says she fell to the ground with officers after she punched officers. And then she was apprehended and taken into custody and placed on the medical floor (cause something was wrong with her) and she stayed in jail for approximately 24 hours. We didn’t know where she was. They put her on the medical floor cause something was wrong with her why not take her to the hospital and try to contact her family cause something wrong with her. Jail officials said she didn’t want to make a phone a call she doesn’t know anyone number by heart she only knows where she wants to go that’s like the only thing that registers with her. Normality keeps my grandmother going and here on most days. She went to court the next day at 1:30 she was released on a SOR immediately cause she had NO BOND she was charged with a felony. The court room was silent when they wheeled my grandmother out. People couldn’t believe it. The judge asked her does she know why she he’s here or what she done her reply was “HYSTERICALLY CRYING AND YELLING” all she knows is that she done something wrong and she is sorry and no one wants to tell her where she is and her kids need her she need to get her kids off the school bus. She has another court date scheduled for a later time. Her car was impounded and she was band from kohl’s somewhere where she has spent over thousands of dollars at. Since then we have gotten her car from the pound. I feel like kohl’s seen my grandmother in distress the police when they finally caught up with her seen her in distress. I feel like if she were a 76 year old white lady this wouldn’t have never happened to her. And the only justice I want to seek is that there be dementia training in services EVERYWHERE so no ones 76 year grandmother has to go the agony that mines. 

Lane Simonian
Posted: Monday, June 24, 2019 3:35 PM
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The first thing I thought about when I began reading your post is whether your grandmother is black.  The second thing I thought about was the need for police training regarding people with dementia.  I should have just kept reading to the end of your post.

I cannot guarantee it but I don't think your mother will be convicted of any charges.  Whether it is worth your family seeking restitution is another matter.

Many more people read on the caregiver's section of this site so you may get more responses if you cut and paste your post there.