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In honor of moms birthday....
Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2020 7:07 AM
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I realize that senior citizens who reach their 90’s and are independent, self sufficient and have  their cognitive abilities intact are amazing.  We all do. As my generation enters the season of aging parents, and are staring in the face our own twilight years,  I have conversations more and more about these seniors, the few, the remarkable.  Probably because we are all on the verge of being “seniors” ourselves, and we want to believe that the possibility exists for us too, to “grow old gracefully.” 

 I recently had a gathering with some friends, whose moms in their 80’s and 90’s  were healthy mentally and physically.  They spoke of them with pride. They threw out adjectives like amazing, inspiring. 

It was unspoken, but I could sense we all hoped that we could age this way. One person  even expressed the thought that if they eventually had dementia, they would prefer to just  have their mortality end.  

The hard reality is, we don’t get to choose. 

I think  of my brave courageous mom who wakes everyday not knowing where she is or who the people are who meet her basic needs. Not recognizing dearest family members who love her.  But, still waking up each morning,  sharing unintelligible jokes to make a caregiver smile, and trying to do what is expected of her. 

Can I just say, Mom, you are amazing. You inspire me. 

None of us can completely choose the road we walk through life. A person in their 90’s who lives on their own and is still able to make decisions concerning their daily living is a member of an elite group worthy of our respect.  An Alzheimer’s patient who is losing her abilities one after the other, with absolutely no control and can only trust…well, maybe even more respect is due them. Whose  to say really which is more incredible? 

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, July 19, 2020 3:01 PM
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Hello Mikersgirl; you indeed honor your mother; she is blessed to have such a dear and loving daughter.

Thank you for your inspiring Post, it makes one think which is a very good thing.


Posted: Sunday, August 23, 2020 10:05 PM
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I also think my Mother is brave. Actually, I know she is. Thank you for your beautiful post.