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Using Poetry as an Outlet
Posted: Thursday, March 4, 2021 2:04 PM
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Hello everyone. My amazing momma is writing a series about using poetry as an outlet for people who have someone close to them that have Alzheimer's Disease or Dementia. If you're interested in this idea or reading poetry about this difficult topic here's the link to the article: Below is a little blurb from the article.
This won’t be a practical how-to essay equipped with links to the best meal replacement shake for adults or how to prepare to change your own parent’s diapers. Though that’s helpful, I’m hoping to give you the gift of your own writing. A chance to write your way through what is inherently painful and difficult. Weekly, I will post a poem I wrote as an example along with a poetry prompt to get you writing your own truths.
In my mid-thirties I said goodbye to my mom and not because she died or because we were estranged. I said goodbye nearly every day for a decade as Alzheimer’s took pieces of her, sometimes large chunks, like forgetting she had children, and other times, small details like people peel bananas before we eat them. Alzheimer’s may enter a room quietly like an electrical fire, but it burns the house down nonetheless.

Thanks for reading this post and maybe reading the article, I know my mom is just hoping this puts some good into the world.