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I give up!
Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2021 9:19 PM
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Not really. Well, sort of, kind of.  The house is falling apart and the latest is both the upstairs and downstairs A/C units have stopped working. I'm hot, frustrated and tired. I had a crew come out two weeks ago to fix the upstairs unit and they were very nice etc. but never came back to work on the unit. Now, the downstairs unit has broken. WTH.

Last winter I had a guy out to replace several doors, one of which is literally rotten at the bottom and presumably, let mice enter my house, in addition to cold air. The guy never came back to do the work. WTH.

Oh yeah, and I'm being sent here and there to various dental specialists -  first my dentist sent me to an endodontist who examined me and referred me to a periodontist. The  periodontist scheduled me for a bone graft but has cancelled two times after inspecting my mouth. He now thinks I may have an  "atypical fracture" of a tooth,  but he rescheduled me for a bone graft anyway. WTH. 

Meanwhile, I haven't gotten back to my neurologist since our telehealth appointment in December. She asked me to contact the consulting specialist to see if he had followed through and referred me to the research center and I finally left a message at the center the Friday before last. So far, no one has returned the phone call. I know that my AD has progressed and that alone is enough to make me crazy.

If I go upstairs and find that my portable A/C unit is also broken I'm going to flip out. This is why I do not own a gun. No worries. I am taking deep breaths. Thanks for letting me vent.

Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2021 11:28 AM
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How is your day going?
Posted: Thursday, June 24, 2021 11:30 AM
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one of the best things I've learned is that proper environment makes the course of ALZ a lot easier, but having to be in charge of repairs - esp when people don't show up or finish projects - saps brain function.

The tooth problem sounds like the new normal for everyone but a very few. My doctor never returned calls when I had recurring shingles this year and till hasn't refilled an anti viral med. I see her Monday and think I will tell her I'd like a referral to someone I can count on but fear backlash.

The heat wave is going to hammer west coast this coming week all the way to Seattle where 1/3 population does not have AC.

I wish you had someone to take over the house repairs. Also, make note if your cognition improves when this stuff is resolved. If it does, then you can not panic about further decline when next WTH moment shows up.

Feel for you, griping here was a good move. Deep cleansing breath friend.

love and courage