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Weeds and rocks
Posted: Saturday, August 14, 2021 5:56 PM
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A couple weeks ago, I attacked a flower bed that was full of weeds.  All my plants are in containers, but it was really looking ragged.  The previous owner had scattered river rock in the bed (some the size of a softball), so the weeds were growing between the rocks.  As I pulled on some of the weeds, they just wouldn't come out until I removed the rocks around them.  Others dislodged the rocks as I pulled them.  I started to contemplate what the weeds and rocks were in my life.  Guilt is a big rock for me (whether I deserve it or not) and the weeds are the behaviors I exhibit that are buried deep under that rock.

Don't know if this means anything to anyone else, but it sure helped me look at many things in my life.