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medical testing? Insurance?
Oh My Goodness
Posted: Monday, November 1, 2021 7:35 PM
Joined: 11/1/2021
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I think I may have AlZ. I think I will wait until Jan for doing the testing, because I am afraid I will run up a lot of bills for testing. And my husband thinks he may quit his job, so I may have to find new insurance.

Any suggestions regarding insurance. I am only 61, no other health problems except thyroid med.

oh - and how to figure out billing and medical bills. Any programs that are free that would help me sort stuff out?
Iris L.
Posted: Monday, November 1, 2021 11:21 PM
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Welcome, OMG.  Why do you think you have Alzheimer's Disease?  AD is more than just memory loss, there are many characteristics.  AD is diagnosed only after ruling out the many medical causes of memory loss, also after a search for head injury and drug side effect.  Depression can mimic dementia.  

The preliminary tests and evaluation done by a primary care doctor are usually not very expensive.  You need a history and physical exam, blood tests and a mini mental status exam, done in the office.  The PCP may order a MRI to look for evidence of a brain tumor or a stroke.    These can add up.

You may be able to investigate insurance options with a Care Consultant at the Alzheimer's Association's Helpline.  This is a free service, available 24/7.  Ask to speak with a Care Consultant.  The number is 1-800-272-3900.

This is all I can answer now.  Post again if you have more questions.  

Iris L