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This is for you -Careguvers. communication & comfort connect
Space within
Posted: Sunday, November 28, 2021 10:02 PM
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For caregivers - communication with your LO - comfort .

My LO has passed on and no longer has a physical body, but is with me.  She went through FTD-(PPA).

As her illness progressed she became less and less vocal.  

She loved music, and was involved in music and the arts nearly her whole life. She was bright and upbeat, and sometimes would put a sing song way into her expressions.   

Our sense of hearing holds memory and has vibrations which reach our hearts in ways words yet can describe.   

As time ticked forward, I found myself searching for avenues to express my support, comfort and love for her.  At times, I seemed invisible and unheard by her.   I often played music from her CD collection, trying to feel my way into what kind of mood was present.    

As her illness progressed, it also increased my motivation to be aware and conscious of my tone, pitch,volume, rhythmn of my voice when I spoke with her.  This honestly sounds so elemnetary, but looking back I believe although the words may have had no "meaning" to her- she FELT the prescence of love, comfort, support and prescence of a connection. She was comforted,knowing she was not alone. 

As for my side of the coin, reflecting back, when she would talk I would gather information about her state through her pitch,tone and volume of her voice.  

You may already be aware and "tuned" into this with your LO. You are beautiful.

I am sharing my experience today, upon thinking of our advanced technology and valuable human connections.  What a wonderful thing.   Recently, I've been gravitating toward connecting with others through actual calling on the phone or audio messages.  It has helped clarify and dodge misunderstandings.  It also seems to bring to light the vibrations of sound their body is producing and has to share and further cue me into what they are sharing.  

Thank you for being here. 

" I hear her voice, in the morin hour she calls me, Radio reminds me of my home far away, and driving down the road I get a feelin',  I should have been home yesterday, yesterday,.. Country roads, take me the place I belong...."     





Posted: Monday, November 29, 2021 12:57 PM
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As I read your post , it occurs to me that it is in this place, and this point in time, that I truly belong.

Thanks for posting.

Posted: Tuesday, November 30, 2021 3:45 AM
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I'm so sorry, Space within.  My condolences.

My sister also has PPA so I know what that looks like.  Music is also important to her, particularly '80s music. I can always reach her through Berlin and Cyndy Lauper.