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Gamma 40Hz light treatment
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 12:31 PM
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Has anyone tried this treatment?  A friend of ours whose father is 92 and has dementia has seen a "dramatic" improvement in mood.  So - we ordered a lamp for my father on Amazon (arrives tomorrow).  I've read articles that state this 'light therapy' helps those with dementia (calms aggression, improves mood, etc).  The reviews are quite interesting for the one we purchased "Gamma Clarity 40 Hz Meditation Lamp".

Has anyone tried this therapy with their loved one?  Any feedback?

I'll keep everyone posted if we see an improvement (or don't).  We are willing to try almost anything!

Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 12:46 PM
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I'll take off my PV cap.

When DH's neurologist suggest this I'm sure I rolled my eyes. She did provide some data and I figured I'd order a lamp and see what happens.

Have I seen improvement, no. I didn't expect to either. I have seen better over all mood - which is always a good thing. I have experienced since the mood is better he's maybe a little more alert. He has commented he feels better. So for us its a good deal.

One thing we were warned again doing is allowing him to sit by the light later in the day or night. It can possibly mess with the sleep pattern or over stimulate and you don't want that happening at night.

Hopefully you'll have a positive response.

Putting my PV cap back on.


Emily 123
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 3:46 PM
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I did it for my Mom.  I can't say for sure if it had a positive effect but it did seem to make her a little more alert on the overcast winter mornings we did use it.  You're trying to mimic normal exposure, and it's quite bright, so you wouldn't want to blast it towards the late afternoon or evening.
Stuck in the middle
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 4:18 PM
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My mood is better on sunny days than on cloudy days, and psychologists refer to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) when days are short.  I have read of people befitting from light therapy but have never tried it.  Please let us know how it works for you.
Posted: Saturday, January 15, 2022 5:41 PM
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Very curious how or if this affects your father, keep us posted please!
Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2022 6:25 PM
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My father, 93, MCI, participated in a 6 month AlzLife App study.   He used the iPad Pro AlzLife Application for 60 min per day, while exposed to the App Gamma light and Gamma audio.  

He was given a MoCA test at the start and at the 6 month end.  His memory improved.   His moods were not effected and are not abnormal at his baseline.  

An iPad Pro is required to use the app, as only an iPad Pro will emit light at the required refresh rate.  I purchased an iPad Pro for $800 so my father could benefit from the App.  

Iris L.
Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2022 11:50 PM
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You might visit the Clinical Trials board and ask.


Posted: Monday, January 17, 2022 3:51 PM
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Thanks for the suggestion Iris.  I posted on that board as well!
Stuck in the middle
Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2022 8:57 AM
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"Consumer Reports On Health" February edition came yesterday.  They say light therapy helps depression in some cases but can have adverse effects on some things that mimic depression, like bipolar disorder.  Didn't mention light therapy for dementia, just for mood.

CROH said a light box should be bright, at least 10,000 lux at a reasonable distance (11" or more) and should be used for at least 30 minutes before 8 AM, like while eating breakfast.  Several brands provide this amount of light, including the Northstar 10,000, the Sun Ray II, the Day-Light Classic Plus, and Sun Touch Plus.

CROH said it also helps to go outside, exercise, and connect with other people.