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Connecting with other people with dememtia
Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 2:16 PM
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Hi, I am typing this with the help of my daughter. I am 79 and have mid stage mixed dementia. I am living at home with the help of my daughter. She's been living with me since I filed for divorce from my husband a year and a half ago. We have been looking for some type of peer support for the person with dementia but, until now, have only been able to find support for care givers.

I am hoping to get some feed back on how others deal with hallucinations and delusions. I get them much more often recently.

Also, I have a lot of afternoon/evening agitation. The paroxetine I've started helps somewhat but, I plan to try THC drops also. Has anyone had any success using THC to treat agitation or anxiety?

Thank you!

Iris L.
Posted: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 5:33 PM
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Welcome Gkane.  I am sorry to learn of your diagnosis, but I'm glad you found this site.  There used to be several PWDs (persons with dementia) posting, but now, very few.  I myself have a diagnosis of cognitive impairment, but not dementia.


Some localities have what might be called a "Memory Club".  This is a support group for PWDs.  You can call the Alzheimer's Association (800-372-3999) and ask to speak with a Care Consultant.  Some may have someone called an "Early Stage Advisor" to help you.  Ask if there is a Memory Club available to you.  You can also ask other questions.  There is a group called Us Against Alzheimer's which may offer in-person support groups.  


Dealing with anxiety is a big challenge.  Alan in Colorado, one of our emeritus members, who was himself a psychologist, would warn us that stress and anxiety reduce our cognition by HALF!  It is so important to seek out whatever anxiety-reducing techniques work fir you.  I myself got excellent results with deep breathing.


Another emeritus member, Alz+, posted extensively about her experiences with  THC.  You will have to go back several years to search for her threads.  Some caregiver members on the Spouse/Partner board also have had experience from years ago.  


Try to keep yourself from becoming overwhelmed by doing too much or by struggling to get things tight.  Make your life EASY!  Make your home safe.  Keep a daily routine.  Avoid nightly news and crime drama TV shows.  Find fulfilling activities that are easy in your mind, such as arts and crafts or gardening.  Try to safely take walks or swim.  Eat nutritious food, avoid or limit junk food.  Read about the Mediterranean diet for brain health.  


Medications may help with delusions and hallucinations.  They are used if they seem to bother you.  I don't know if paroxetine helps with delusions.  You will need to consult a geriatric psychiatrist or geriatrician, because this is a sub-specialty area.   Getting restful sleep may help with these, also.  This is all I have for now.  Please write back and let me know how you are doing.