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Finish the Phrase
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Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 10:51 AM
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Originally posted by: Victoria R

Again, my mom has LBD, and I've found that this idea has been very successful. I found the following site that sells Therapy Workbooks for communication. Each therapy workbook has sample pages to print (which I recommend so that you know that it works for your LO before you invest in the idea) The first one worked very well with my mom -- so I'll be investing in that one at least...

The other Finish the Phrase idea is a boardgame that I found called Finish Lines:

I just purchased this and don't know if it works yet with my mom but since the first one did - felt it was worth mentioning...

I find that the first one is not only fun, but it gives mom a sense of accomplishment which I'm sure she appreciates...
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