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mom's transition to living with myself and my sister.
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Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 10:58 AM
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Originally posted by: eloquentsolution

mom was living with my brother in her home in seattle. he has been caregiver. i was horrified when after surgery, mom's behavior issues were treated with haldol. her legs, ankles and feet swelled ...they took her off, put her on reperdol. my brother brought her to me. still did not help her sleepless nights. now she is on serequil...only her second day, but my what a pleasant change.

when i took her to emergency yesterday, as neither of us had slept in six days but cat naps at night, they wanted to admit her. i would not let them keep her. better we are home where she is getting familiar. moving in with me and sis was enough change. i told them if they kept her, i would have to stay as well. they said they wanted to give me a break. i would not sleep well with her hospitalized. they took seven hours including psych exam to evaluate and alter her meds. it is the hospital where her neurologist practice is. they were thorough, even giving a baseline ekg and exrays to be certain she is doing well from her surgery for the bowel obstruction. (my brother gave her meds for diarrhea before bringing her on a three hour car ride.) it is daily suppositories to remove the more solid stool so we have a baseline there as well.

bowel movement this am, after sleeping in til 10!!! nice breakfast and juice. a walk light lunch of homemade applesauce, curry for dinner, a nice long spiritual conversation after a back rub, jammies and sundowning. she actually sat while i finished dinner. the first time she has sat of her own volition since she arrived! i am so glad she is here with me.

the hospital in portland oregon is great. OHSU. do not hesitate to take your loved ones there. the head psych nurse wanted to call adult protective services because my brother has not given me joint DPOA and has not completely released her finances for her use, so that i may care for her here. she said it does not cost $6000 as he told me, that he as DPOA can make that change, and that he has not already made that change is abuse. i should never have believed him. have the information to force the issue now. so glad my sis urged patience, let it force itself. he cannot argue now. if it is not resolved, her neurologist will turn my brother in. i am so glad to have this eldercare/psych unit on mom's side. it was feeling pretty hopeless with just me and sis. hats off to Oregon Health Science University!!
Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 10:58 AM
Originally posted by: Lisa 428

Dear eloquentsolution,
Glad to hear things are going better for you and Mom. Sounds like you did a great job in caring for her and getting her to the right doctors. The right meds can sometimes make all the difference.

Please, take care of yourself and get some rest.
Yes, it is time to take on your brother!!

Good Luck.

Keep us posted.
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