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CHF- no sign of it.....
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Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 5:12 AM
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Originally posted by: ZOEY M

Roll Eyes For 11 months I have been plagued with horible thoughts of Mom not only having AD, but CHF as well.....Moms cardiologist, (which is also mine) gave me good news, I think, he said she in no way has CHF, I told him at the 2nd hospital where she was almost a yr. ago, they told me she did.....this proves only one theory.....that to trust man will dissapoint you most of the time....but to trust GOD and the power of prayer....I can't explain it, but I can dance with joy none the less... I will have to find out why her short rapid breaths come and go.....maybe a lung function test is in order.....but I will find out.... maybe a simple inhaler is the answer.....WOW what a load off my mind......thx for all your e-mails.....and prayers.......dear friends...
ZOEY M Roll Eyes
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