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Alzheimers doctor in Fort Worth TX
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Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 11:44 AM
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Originally posted by: Linda Mc

I'm looking for a new doctor for my 85 yr old mother with Alzheimers. My mother was sent to a medical school for testing and diagnosis. The doctor she has been seeing is very good, but as she also teaches at the medical school she only sees patients one day a week. It can be months before we can get an appointment. Also before the doctor comes into the exam room, my mother is interviewed by a student doctor (they could be an intern,I'm not sure). We can spent 30 minutes with the student and maybe 10 with the doctor. Not to mention there are also nurses in and out of the room. That is too many people for my mother to deal with. She becomes confused and angry. I've tried to look up physicians in the phone book, and through referral services but can't find any listed up alzheimer. If anyone know of a doctor in the Fort Worth area who treats Alzheimer's patients, I would appreciate knowing their names.
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