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An Alzheimer's Angel - a true story
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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 11:34 AM
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Originally posted by: Myrna

An Alzheimer’s Angel

We were in the Alzheimer’s Care center one afternoon, after 2 days of watching my 87 year old father slowly breathe, in his semi-comatose state. We took Mother outside in the sunshine, to take a break. We moved along the garden sidewalks to sit inside the gazebo.

We had met a lady who was one of the patients there, named Ruby. She often walked quickly up and down the halls, and garden sidewalks night and day, using her bright green walker, and pausing to speak to others, telling them whatever was on her mind.

The day before, she had come up to the four of us, my sister, my mother’s sister, myself, and Mother who was in a wheelchair. She said, “Thank you ladies for taking care of my ‘birdies’. You’re doing a very good job, and I think I will keep you on. We will talk about wages, another time.” My sister, responded to her, seriously saying, “Oh, we’re happy to do it.” We all smiled at her, and Ruby sweetly smiled back, walking off and away. (There was a small flock of sparrows that flew in and out of the tall bushes and trees in the outdoor garden area of the Alzheimer’s center, and Ruby walked in the garden near them every day.)

This day was the day before our Daddy passed away. Mother was very weary, being 85 years old, and in poor health, herself.

Ruby came out into the garden area after we had come out to the gazebo. She took several strolls around the perimeter’s sidewalks. Then after a few minutes, she walked into the gazebo area, stopping right in front of us. All of us were facing her, myself standing slightly to the side, the others sitting.

Ruby slightly glanced at us, and then turning her face away, began speaking out in front of herself, as if in conversation, or reporting a conversation that she was having with her husband who had died - but ‘was dying’ in the conversation.

She said: “David said to me - Ruby, I did not plan for it to be this way - I always planned that you would go first. But, now, I’m the one who must go first. Ruby ____ ____ [he called her by name first, maiden, and last] I’m sorry, dear, to go and leave you - I did want to be the one who went first.”

With that, Ruby abruptly walked away.

The scripture came to my mind: “Out of the mouth’s of babes’ - Ruby was a child inside, and had just given Mother a message from Dad. It was an angelic message, in the very words Daddy would have spoken if he could have. Coincidentally, Mother’s other sister, who had passed away 3 years before, in the same town, was also named Ruby. My aunt and I had tears in our eyes.

I watched Ruby walk back towards the building door, and just then the flock of “birdies” flew out of the bush, some circling down around in front of her, at eye level, then flying up and away.
Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 11:34 AM
Originally posted by: skericheri

Myrna---Welcome. Thank for posting the lovely story about Ruby....It is a gem
Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 11:34 AM
Originally posted by: Mama's Friend

What a beautiful story!
God used a little angel to convey a message to your Mom when he knew she would need it. This lifted my heart this morning...thank you for sharing it!
Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 11:34 AM
Originally posted by: "Mum"

Smilerbeautiful and poignant story. Smiler
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