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A setback
Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:18 PM
Originally posted by: b kelley

My husband was in the hospital not long ago and he too became unruley and had to put on Haldol and then in restraints.I was terrifed I had never seen them usedd before.It took several days for him to calm down enough to come home,but at least the Unrulelynesss has not returned.He is confused alot and sometimes canot dress himself,but I am greatful for the calm after the storm . BKELLEY
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Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:18 PM
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Originally posted by: Marion E

My DH had a mild heart attack on Friday. The stay in the hospital was from Friday to Tuesday and was a nightmare. To calm him down he was given atavan and haldel (not sure of the spelling)and benadryal. The first night, no problem. The second night took him longer to fall asleep. The third night he did not sleep at all. He would not sit or lie in bed. He was doing repetitve things - opening drawers again and again, folding the bed sheets...we walked the halls all night. He did not sleep the next day and became combative. Tried to do a heart cath but could not calm him down. He had to be restrained which almost killed me. Finally on Tuesday morning he fell asleep for the entire morning. I was able to bring him home later in the day. He is 98% back to where he was, thank God, because I could not have controlled him by myself if he did not come back. I really thought I lost him.

He now wants me with him all the time, no matter what room of the house. He still wants to go home.

He was put in Prozac for the agitation and plavix for his heart. No heart cath scheduled.

I hope I can make it through this long journey.
Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:18 PM
Originally posted by: Cathy J. M.

What ordeals!

Even though your husband's brain specialists may not be practicing at the closest hospital to you for emergencies, you may be able -- if there's a next time -- to insist that the doctor(s) treating your husbands at the hospital consult with the brain specialist before prescribing anything like haldol or benadryl. I would pitch a huge fit if a doctor tried to prescribe either one for my partner -- and do whatever it took to prevent its being administered.

I'm glad the end result for your husbands hasn't been worse, though. Hope they get back 100 percent or hey, maybe even more. Sometimes people start to function surprisingly better. Meanwhile, blessings on you both.
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