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    GGi | Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum

    Well,  i have all of that - Medical POA, Healthcare POA, but still, if a patient is a danger to himself or others..?  As a lawyer if someone came to me - telling me they were going to kill someone-I have a duty to let the cat out of the bag.  The privilege line- is crossed. Even still- when a patient shows up telling a Dr....that 'they believe' they have memory- or issues with their cognition.....the first part of that test should be to get the family in to talk to to them...too. Knowing 4 years ago would have saved me a lot of stress.  Not only that- a lot of things would have made more sense.  Now- I just feel stunned - it is like another long do I have? we have?  How can it be so?  I hate this whole thing.

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    vatubb | Caregivers Forum

    Mom with Sons--- I think every caregiver goes through what you are experiencing.  I am by no means, belittling your feelings because I have them all the time.  I have cared for my mother for the past 8 years (it shocks me every time I realize it's been 8 years).  My brother has been very hands off until the past year and then he decided he wanted to take her to where he lives because it was his "turn".  I found myself angry when he made that statement because I don't view my mother as a "turn."  Although it has been an exhausting time, I came to realize that I would fight for my mother if he tried to take her.  She was born here and has always said that this is where she wants to die.   Now I find that dealing with my brother is the biggest stress in my life.  He comes to town for a few days and tries to tell me what "WE" should be doing for her.  I want to scream at him "you've seen her four times in 18 months, where do you get off telling me anything."  Mom and I have a routine, even if it is dysfunctional at time (she thinks there are two of me).  It sounds like your husband has given you great advice. Focus your attention on what you can control.  This disease is going to be tough enough on you.  Rely on those who are there for you, it will help you get through the tough days. Know that there are others out here that are going through the same things and really understand your anger and frustration.

  • onestep

    Myriam | I Have Alzheimer’s or Another Dementia

    Last year and the year before, I had the privilege of meeting and speaking with him and his family at the Forum, though last year he seemed somewhat dazed and struggling to communicate. He was sorely  missed this year. He's been a warrior for the cause!!     Here ar some Celebrities whom have or had Alzheimer's:  Glenn Campbell      Rita Hayworth  Perry Como  Charles Bronson  Ronald Reagan  Charlton Heston  Norman Rockwell  Rita Hayworth  Sugar Ray Robinson  Aaron Copeland  Burgess Meredith  Estelle Getty  Peter Faulk  Rosa Parks  Sargent Shriver  Bobby Vee  Agatha Christie  Willem De Kooning  Tom Dorsey  Barry Goldwater  Jack Lord  Otto Preminger  E.B. White  And so many more!

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Activities to do together? by jace47

quoteI’m always looking for activities I can do with mom so I can help her feel involved. One thing that works well is folding towels and clothes (there’s a never-ending supply!). I also have her tear lettuce and snap green beans – things that she can do by touch. None of it has to be perfect, and it passes the time.

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