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    jtymer | Caregivers Forum

    Count me in that too.   I have already signed a DNR and I have the medical DPOA for the rest.  In my state, they do not use POLST, but two separate lawyers have told me that the medical DPOA will cover whatever I wish on her behalf at the time if necessity.  So, no tubes, no pain, no extraordinary measures to keep her in thus place of misery.   But I WILL be with her when the time comes.      jtymer

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    DavidTX | Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum

    I thanked the Lord today Not because my wife has AD but Because she is in a NH where she is safe, content and non-confrontational. That I am able to visit her daily. That I and family are safe and healthy. That I have a home and transportation that is comfortable and paid for. That I am not in debt. That I am able to choose and practice my religion. That I am physically, mentally and emotionally happy. That I am able to recognize how lucky we are.   May you too take the time to be thankful for the good things and people in your life. May there be more good times and less bad incidents in your future.   Again, thank you Lord!

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    TheoT | Younger-Onset AD or Other Dementia

    slodaze wrote:somehow  i  found  this  site .. felt  the  need  to  reach  out .. perhaps  this  is  not  where  i  need  to  be .. many  ,  many  questions  in  reference  2  awareness  and  care  of  my  elderly  mother  diagnosed  with  alzheimers .. i  have  never  "posted"  anything  and  really  don't  like  being  here   Dear Slodaze,It is good that you found this site, it is absolutely the best! You can use this message board to provide needed contacts and commiserations. Also, you can access the great technical information provided by the Alzheimers Association.  As previously mentioned you may find the Caregivers forum more helpfull. Ttommy

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Activities to do together? by jace47

quoteI’m always looking for activities I can do with mom so I can help her feel involved. One thing that works well is folding towels and clothes (there’s a never-ending supply!). I also have her tear lettuce and snap green beans – things that she can do by touch. None of it has to be perfect, and it passes the time.

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