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    Marjorie McCarthy | Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum

    We've been on this journey for years now. Why doesn't he know me? iIm so tired of him not knowing. I'm here by his side but, nope I'm someone else , doesn't remember my name. talks about my husband a lot.

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    elainechem | Caregivers Forum

    I totally agree with you. But I know some people who believe that their religion teaches them to keep the heart beating and lungs pumping at all costs. It's very sad, really.

  • onestep

    Jim Broede | Musings

    Maybe I am hard-hearted. When I try to console the heartsick. Because. In a way. I tell them to get over it. Relatively quickly. To get on with life. In happy and joyful ways. That can be cruel. After all, they have a right to grieve. For as long as they want.  But still, I aggravate.  Especially the devout. The deeply religious. They’ve just lost a loved one. I know what it’s like. I’ve lost the dearest, sweetest woman. My wife for almost four decades. But here’s the difference. I’m not religious. Instead, I’m spiritual. I believe in a creator. I believe in an afterlife. For everyone. Good and bad people alike. One doesn’t have to pass a religious test. In order to be saved. Life just happens to be on-going. In spiritual form. Deeply religious people are supposed to believe that, too.  But I’m not so sure that they all do. Some have serious doubts. So they lament. The loss. They are fearful. That there’s no afterlife. Nothing. They find it difficult to imagine a loved one in a spiritual paradise.  Thriving in another dimension. But that’s exactly what I encourage them to do. Imagine. Imagine. Imagine beyond the slightest doubt. Be happy. Be joyful. Get on with life. Savoring it all. –Jim

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Activities to do together? by jace47

quoteI’m always looking for activities I can do with mom so I can help her feel involved. One thing that works well is folding towels and clothes (there’s a never-ending supply!). I also have her tear lettuce and snap green beans – things that she can do by touch. None of it has to be perfect, and it passes the time.

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