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    bela | Caregivers Forum

    I have not read all of the comments; only made it to Johanna's and my stomach hurts--- Johanna you spoke beautifully....and I am not be flip when I ask how does one know this is the end part of the journey?  I have heard that many rally back.,,, Your words are wise, compassionate and educational....I hope you are there for me when my time comes to make tough decisions..I can't imagine how I will be able to face that day or do what needs to be done...I don't know if I can do it,,,,I have been very scared lately and especially upon reading the experience of MaryRose, her mom and her father,,,, Bless you for sharing your knowledge and compassion when it is desperately needed Bela

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    Sandymac | Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum

    You're not the first, and won't be the last.   We all do it at some time (well I certainly do anyway).   And this forum is for all of us to vent, post our feelings and know that there is no one blaming us.    here's your smiley face for the day

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    Myriam | Younger-Onset AD or Other Dementia

    Ttom, do you wear a Medical Alert bracelet?  If not, please consider getting one.     I've worn one for 4 years and in the back of the medallion is engraved "Memory Impaired".  I suspect medics and maybe law enforcement will recognize the bracelet and understand that my behavior may be related to AD. The medallion  also contains my first name, a serial number, and an 800# that connects to Medic Alert. When the medics/law enforcement/other calls the 800# and provides the serial number, they will provide my emergency contacts and other information.

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Activities to do together? by jace47

quoteI’m always looking for activities I can do with mom so I can help her feel involved. One thing that works well is folding towels and clothes (there’s a never-ending supply!). I also have her tear lettuce and snap green beans – things that she can do by touch. None of it has to be perfect, and it passes the time.

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