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Black Friday
Posted: Monday, November 26, 2012 10:49 AM
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 It's Black Friday or was gentle reader, depending when this gets posted. It a crazy time this special day when everyone goes nuts.

Some folks, ya know, sleep in tents outside a store waiting for the doors to unlock and they then rush in to scoop up those "wonderful" bargains. Some even have discovered you can miss all of that by buying at the same store on the internet.   Man, those retailers, They have down to a science, to get that all mighty dollar into their cash regester. 

Now I know none of you gentle readers, never do such things. But you know, I remember my mom, who for years, shopped just after Christmas for the next Christmas. She did that for years. Got some good deals too... but I am getting too far away from what I wanted to say. I do that sometimes. I'd even do it during a sermon and then wonder what the heck happened and blamed it on the Holy Spirit. Good of an excuse as any I guess. But let's try to get back to Black Friday.

Black Friday. It's the official kick off of the Christmas Season. All the store and parks and windows in houses are decorated and a so beautiful. But not necessarly to an Alzheimer's Patient.

You see for us, we have a lot of Black Fridays. Mondays, Tuesdays. Wednesdays, Thursday, Saturdays, and Sundays too. Some times it's only a day, then it could gentle reader, be a whole bunch of scary black days. Break in the daily schedule, change in a doctor's appointment. Sudden visitors, planning on doing one thing and having everyting turned upsidedown by something else.

Sometimes even at night the turning off of a lamp can send you into a tailspin panic. It's happened to me-several times. The change triggers a god awful fear inside you. Sudden noise do also like the slamming of a door. Fear, panic, Unable to move, scary things for us who have Alzheimer's. It's hard to discribe.  Noise Laughter, loud talking, like at a party or restaurant, The clatter of dishes can do it too.

So what is the one without Alzeimer's to do you ask? Well gentle reader, sometimes not a thing. Things happen, That's life. Just because you have Alzheimer's the world doesn't stop.

But Gentle Reader, If you are with someone who has dementia, try to avoid situations that further confuse or frustrate many patients like me.

  • crowds of people who expect the patient to remember them. Sometimes I look in the mirror and don't know who I am...really.
  • Avoid noise, Loud conversations, or loud music.
  • Strange or different surroundings.
  • changes in light intensity; too bright or too dark. Sometimes when I watch TV at night and nod off, LIsa turns off the "Boob tube" and the lights and when I wake up I am in a panic, scared and frighten...not knowing where I am or what has happened Thanks to those "happy pills" I took several hour before. 

These are what are called black days. they can occur at any moment, at anytime and some times it is hard for me to hold it all together.

Tuesday at respite care called the ARK we had a Thanksgiving lunch with the dayschool kids. It was fun but very scary too...loud noise, shouting kids having a good time. I got through it simple because I was with people I knew from my group and had it all explaind so I knew what to expect and that helped.

Well I rambled on enough, I think you can get the idea that all days can be Black Fridays, so to speak, so I'll say goodby and see you round the corner when we can talk again. God Bless you gentle reader enjoy the holidays. I'm going to try too. LOL Pastor Kaye.

For further info on dementia:

go to alz.org or call the 24/7 hot line @ 1-800-272-3900

Posted: Monday, November 26, 2012 12:08 PM
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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kaye.



Peace and Hope,


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