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Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012 1:39 PM
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The Wait...

December 25 stands out like a red nose in my calendar, gentle reader so I know that it is only a few days away. When I was a youngster, calendars and dates didn’t tell me much about the coming holiday. Instead, my Christmas intuition was triggered by falling temperatures, snow and wind.

Mom & Dad would bring the holiday decorations up from the storeroom in the basement. I was so excited in anticapation as we opened the boxes to discover what was hidden within. Unwrapping the paper hiding the ornament, gentle reader, I would be told to be careful because the orniments were so fragile. The were the old blow-molded kind. Some were little birds with spring like feet that would clamp on to the branches of the tree.

We had been to so carefully selecting from the Christmas tree lot, the perfect tree and with excitement bring it home.The lights were hung on the tree with much care round and round that beautiful tree. We at last came to the tinsel. it was so much fun to hang the swirling tinsel moving back and forth. finally the sort was put around the base and we were done after I was lifted up to put the lighted angel on the tree top.

These traditions reminded me to go into waiting mode; they were hints telling me that wrapped presents were imminent! I hoped Santa wouldn't forget. In the meantime, softe Christmas hymns would be played as night for us to listen to on the radio, TV, gentle reader was yet to come.

Prophecies told the Israelites that they, too, were in waiting mode. In  the Scripture passage,(Micah 5:2-5A NRSV) Micah tells the Israelites that a person is coming to be their peace; a person who would be their Shepherd. Now we know that the Israelites were waiting for Jesus, whose arrival we still celebrate every year.

Advent gentle reader, is a time to celebrate the Israelites’ waiting and a time to remember our own wait. Just as Israel waited for Jesus, we also wait for his second coming. Until that time when humanity is reconciled with God and Creation is made perfect, we cling to Jesus who has already come to show us how to live justly in the tension of an imperfect world.

In this season of Advent, pay attention to Jesus, who brings hints of a coming new world. From our house to yours, Merry Christmas….remember the true meaning of the season.

With Joyful Anticiption and Love,

Pastor Kaye and Lisa

Posted: Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:57 PM
Joined: 12/5/2011
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Dear Kaye,


I commend you on all your postings.  You have much to say.


May I just tell you something. Many others and myself are unable to read your posts because of the way they are posted.


Most of us need posts broken down into smaller posts separated by double spaces and paragraphs.


I hope I have not offended you.  You have lots of wonderful things to say but most of the time I can't understand them.  I would like to.


Could you possibly break up your posts so we all can enjoy them?


Peace and Hope,


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