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Just need to talk to my friends(2)
Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:04 PM
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Okay, here we go again, 


catlady - they got here about 9:30.   Ran out of gas about a mile from here and he called his wife but they walked on up to the house.   She came and got her husband and went back and got the pickup.   They've been mowing and weedeating for about 3 hours.   I think they're talking a break now.  Still have a lot to go. 


What in the world would I do without all of you.   You've helped me buy a toilet stool, exercisebike, TV, and now a microwave and CD player plus helping me through all of my aches and pains.    Good friends, all of you are. 


I've been checking microwaves for the last hour.   K-mart has free shipping until May 4.   I found one I like there and another I like at Walmart that can ship free to the store.   One is a Kenmore and the one at Walmart is Magic Chef.   When Ray and I bought our mobile home that we lived in for 27 years we had a Magic Chef stove and we loved it.   Can't get either of them until after May 1 - not carried in the stores. 


My little, beautiful, calico cat - Muffin - is gone.   I didn't see her at feeding times yesterday or this morning.   It seems like when I get really attached to one, it disappears.   I would have brought her in but she wasn't tame enough to even touch.   Gosh, I hate that.    Guess I should keep Kashi in the house all the time - he's the one that looks like a Siamese. 


I gave Ray his Memantine this morning so I'll see how he reacts regarding hallucinations late this afternoon.   Hope that's not what it is.   I think I'll try to play CDs, if the player will work, again and see if that helps.   He got up early this morning and is trying to nap on the divan now.    No nap for me with the guys here, though. 


jfkoc - I looked at those latches - pretty expensive.   I think a locked toolbox or something like that would be lots cheaper.   Maybe I looked at the wrong ones. 


Hope everyone has a good day.   Maybe we can make Page 22 again. 

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:11 PM
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Amazon...7.99 for 4 cabinet/drawer latches.
Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:35 PM
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Woohoo!!! so fast to access!!!


Glad your guy is working out.  Hope it continues to work for you. poor DH is so thin that he gets really hurting on the toilet seat.  I know they make padded seats but is that the way to go???  Hope there are some suggestions out there.


I am so sorry about your kitty.  I have had 2 kitties die on my watch.  I still cry over them.  They are my children.  You can only do what you can.  My current two are the best!  They snuggle and sleep with me. Mike loves them both.  he has always been a cat-lover.

It's about 71 degrees here.  Love the warmth for one day.

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 2:50 PM
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Cat lady, I have a padded seat on the toilet that mom uses, it does not pose any problems, she does pretty well in the bathroom, just some minor issues. They are inexpensive and super easy to install. Girls, I am a cat lover from way back. We had one for over 14 years. We did natural gas pipeline construction and traveled  this fine country for over 30 years, "Bubbles" was right there with us. We finally had to put him down. Now we have a stray that we have raised from a kitten. Scooby-Doo has now made her way indoors and into our bed at night. She gives me such joy and comfort as I Travel through this awful journey with my mom. I love this thread, it has been my favorite since I found it. Such close friends you are. It is almost like sitting down with old dear friends with tea or a cocktail.

Hugs, Cindy

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 5:59 PM
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Good evening, 


jfkoc - I'll look on Amazon - never have ordered from them.  That would be great to have the drawer locks, then I'd know things would be there when I needed them.    Thanks. 


catlady - I miss Muffin.  I certainly don't need all the cats we have but I miss each one when they're gone.   I love cats.    Sasha has been so loving today - can't keep her off my lap. 


Cindy - we have three inside cats, Phoebe is 14 this year and still going strong - she rules the roost with the two inside ones and the outside ones that occasionally come in.  They do have a way of worming their way into our hearts - and beds. 


Our lawn is mowed!!!   Thank goodness - what a load off my mind.   He'll come every two weeks to mow and if the grass doesn't need it, he'll weedeat where it needs it.  He broke a blade on his riding mower so didn't get to finish quite all of it but it looks great.    He and his friend worked so very hard two days - one in the rain.   I gave him an extra $50 to help pay for the blade. 


Ray was awful this afternoon - I think it was the noise of the mowers and weedeaters that upset him.   CD player wouldn't work and he didn't want the TV on.   He kept saying he was going out there - and he did - straight to the man's pickup, opened the door and took things out including a big chef's knife.   He saw Ray about the time I did and went out, too.   He was very patient with him, telling him to please put his knife back in the pickup.  I couldn't get it from him either.   I kept telling Ray that he was here to mow our lawn and finally got through to him.   Ray thanked him and asked him if it was his knife and gave it to him.    The man has worked in a nursing home and dealt with AD patients before so he knew how to deal with it. 


He told me anything I needed him to do - anything - he'd be happy to help.   He's going to clean out our cellar!!   Ray seems okay now - is calm and has been since he met the man and talked with him.   He put his arm around Ray and hugged him.  I gave him his Namenda today.   I won't tomorrow and see how he is.   I'm afraid it might be the new medication although he was somewhat paranoid before starting it.   I'll try this a couple of times and if it seems worse with it, I'll call the doctor and tell her.' 


Lizella - I got the Bute down Buck this morning with a handful of allgrain.   Couldn't get it down him with apple wafers - kept spitting it out or it kept falling out of his mouth anyway.   


Going to be cold here again tonight.  It was sunny and pretty today but chilly.   Now I can plant my mexican petunias and knock-out rose bush.   Peonies have buds on them.   I wish I had some iris.  My sister has the big purple ones and white and gold and purple.   Says they're in full bloom. 


Everyone - have a good night.   I may check in again before bedtime.  I need to talk with my friends - often. 



Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 9:42 PM
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Page 22, woo hoo! Boy are we chatty!


Lorita, let me tell you why Buck spits out the Bute .... don't call me crazy, but I always taste the meds I give my animals to see what they're going to be dealing with. I have NEVER tasted anything more bitter and long lastingly awful than Bute! What got me started on tasting was the fact that no matter what I covered the Bute pills in, our horses would spit it out. So I got a long bolus gun and poked it back on their tongues where it just went down their throats. You can get Bute paste, but they don't like that either, though it's easy to give.


We are missing our favorite cat too. He left last year when I went away for A few days, and I thought he'd return eventually, but he never did. He was our granddaughter's favorite, a fluffy black and white beauty with celadon green eyes.


The nurse at the NH called first thing this morning - I hate it when I get those calls - to tell me that DH pedaled his wheelchair out the front door early this morning, setting off all the alarms. They have double doors, both alarmed, as is he, so he was between the two front doors. He's been more alert lately, don't know why, but he actually has been talking some ... Nonsense, but real words nevertheless.


I think I'll try to get a decent night's sleep tonight. Since DH has been in the NH, I've gotten several good books going and can't seem to stop reading at a reasonable hour because it's just so wonderful to be able to lose myself in a book.


Enjoy the warmer weather, friends!

Posted: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 11:08 PM
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How wonderful to be absorbed it a book.  I

I can not remember the last...wait, it was The Help sometime last year. I used to read myself to sleep every night..  Now my lamp does not even work. Lol

What are you reading?

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 6:11 AM
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Goodmorning everyone,


Bill is really going through a change now. He told me he is having problems reading his Bible in the mornings. He said the words just don't make any sense to him.  I just listen because I did not know how to answer.  I could keep him entertained watching old movies on the computer, well yesterday he could not even stay focused to watch them.  He asked me what to do. I tried to get him to play dominos. we played one game and he could not count, he just played the one that looked alike.


Do anyone have their LO saying I have to get things done before I leave? I don't know if he means his mind or he dies! He says he is so tired of hurting, he is on meds for bone pain due to cancer. Some times I think he is just ready to give up instead of living the way he is.


Lorita, I'm glad you got someone to help with your yards. I hope they work out. I hired my grandson(14) to do mine. He is into a lot of sports and scout activities that cost money and he said he could pay the fees with what he gets to help his parents, I thought that was great. Since their are 4 kids in the family with different activities.


My youngest son is getting married in 2 1/2 wks. I hope Bill will be able to go. I told my son we may just make an appearance at the reception then leave if he gets upset at the crowd of people. Our son said it would be ok just as long as he can stay for the wedding.


Have a good day and God Bless,



Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:22 AM
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Thanks for the info on the toilet seat.  I'm going to look at the hardware stores next week.



I am so sorry that your husband is goiing through these changes.  My DH kept saying that his vision needed to be checked but he gets his eyes checked every year.  I think that his brain is just not able to process the words any more.  They do make an audio Bible...or if you have a kindle-like device, they have audio reading capability.  Seems the only thing on TV my husband can follow is America's Funniest Home Videos. 

I hope you both do get to enjoy your son's wedding.  Maybe you can find a quiet place at the reception for Bill to be. 

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:30 AM
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Jfkoc, I have a couple of books going, a novel for fun, The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao, and a nonfiction book for enlightenment, Far From The Tree by Andrew Soloman, a wonderful study of families with exceptional children, which the review said teaches us what being human is all about, all 900 pages of it. Don't know if I'll ever finish it, but each part of it is rewarding.


I always have read a little before going to sleep, but while DH was in the other side of the bed, I never wanted to risk waking him, since he always woke so much during the night on his own. Now I savor a few pages of Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Mineral before dropping off. Only the dog wakes up.  


And to answer your question about his breed, Lorita, I guess 'many' is the right answer. He came from the Lab rescue, but he looks like a black Golden Retriever with a touch of Newfie thrown in. He was in a couple of kill shelters before he came to us, but they couldn't bear to euthanize him because of his sweet disposition. He's a sweetheart, all 90 pounds of him.

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:19 AM
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Good morning everyone, 


My kitten is back!   When I was giving Lucky his bottle last evening, she came into the hallway.   I was so happy to see her.   She wasn't there this morning when I fed them but when I came back from checking the cows, she was in the runway.   Don't know where she was.   Boys go "girling" so I guess girls can go "boying".   Who knows.  I also saw the two gray kittens that are running around but they stay behind the hay most of the time. 


It was so nice to wake up this morning and the middle of the night to take Barclee out and not have tall grass arouind.  Those two guys really worked the last two days.  Lots of the grass was so tall (rye) they had to weedeat part of it down before they could use the mower.   Next time they do it will be much easier and they can do more trimming.   He plans to bring his chain saw and take down some old mulberry saplings I want to get rid of.   And, it's helping him as much as it's helping us.   


Lizella, I've never tasted the Bute but Barclee takes Medrol and it is really bitter.  He hates it but I put it was back in his mouth and it goes down easily.  I gave Buck a couple of apple wafers and a handful of allgrain with his Bute this morning (fed it out of a scoop) and it went down without him spitting it out.   He calls me every time I go outside - makes me feel bad that I can't feed him much.   I let Lucky out to graze north of the house and in the yard this morning but left Buck in.   I'll let him out for an hour or so in a day or two. 


I'd like to go to town today to get a microwave but the guy is coming back after his mower so maybe after he comes.  You know, I've gotten so used to just warming things up in the microwave, like gravy or biscuits for Ray that it's hard to cook supper without it.   How dependent we become on appliances.   


Shirley, it's sad to hear that Bill is in a decline.   Maybe this will pass and he'll be back to himself.   Ray gets worse and then sometimes better.   You know I thought he'd like the puzzle to put together but I couldn't even get him to try.   He doesn't read any more so mostly just sits and plays with Barclee.     I don't know whether to give the Memantine today or not.  I surely don't want him to be paranoid if we go to town.   It was so strange - after his outburst yesterday he was as calm as could be.   I think it may have been the noise that he isn't used to. 


Do you all have the problem of your husband  not wanting a car to be behind us - or in front of us - or beside us.  We stopped at the Sonic the other day and school had just gotten out so it was crowded.   There was a car beside us and Ray couldn't stand it.   Had to leave. 


Lizella - I love Labradors.  Our neighbor has one that comes to visit almost every day when his masters leave for work.   Yesterday morning I was up in the pasture early and he was coming across from another neighbors.   He has a dog so I guess Lance (that's what I call him) goes to visit his dog, then comes to see us.   I hate to go to the Shelter to look at dogs though.   If I didn't take one I'd feel so bad.   We got a German Shepherd from a shelter years ago but I didn't go in.   I had called them and they called me when they got one in.   This is the first time in years that we've had to look for a dog.   The last five we've had have either been dumped and came to live with us or we found them on the road.  

Bonnie - how are things going with you and is Chuck still enjoying being at Talihina?  


Well, our new thread is going well - guess we are chatty - but I love it.  I feel like I'm visiting with good friends - and I am!     Hope everyone's day goes well. 

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 9:59 AM
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Hi jfkoc - 


I just ordered the four drawer latches from Amazon.   Now I'll be able to put things I want to keep track of in a drawer or drawers and lock them.   Thanks, I appreciate your help.    First time I've ordered from Amazon - kind of scary - for me. 

Sea Field
Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 10:32 AM
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Lorita,  so glad you found someone who can help you.  What a blessing for both you and for him.  Sounds like he appreciates the extra income.  And to top it off, he is familiar with and comfortable around AD patients. And is willing to help you 'with anything'.  I hope Ray gets comfortable with him.  Who knows, maybe your helper could even watch Ray when you need to go somewhere or get a break for an hour or two.  This person might be a blessing to you in many ways.


Shirley,  sorry Bill is having more trouble now.  Tom hasn't been able to read for a couple years.  And he was such an avid reader.  For a while I read to him, but even then he couldn't follow the story line, so it became boring very fast.  Same problem he has with TV.  A few comedies still work.  He will laugh at the jokes but soon forget them.    Hopefully Bill will perk up a little soon.  Is it possible to get an adjustment to his pain meds?  Or is he already maxed out?    I hope you get to enjoy the wedding.  That would be nice.


Lizella,  Tom has been more alert lately too.   It's almost erie.  He is cracking jokes, making clever plays on words.  Wonder if the longer days are contributing to this.  Short winter days always were hard on Tom. Good thing for you the NH has alarms on the doors.  Guess you weren't expecting your DH to become an escape artist!


Blessings to all of you.   

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 1:20 PM
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Lorita, if you have any hay left over from last year, you could give Buck as much of that as he wants, if it's not dusty. It's probably pure cellulose by now. At least it would keep him busy. And I'm so glad your kitten came back! I haven't given up hope of ours returning, even after a year. All our cats were strays, so wandering probably seems a good option to them ... though the five I have inside now don't seem to think so!


All the "elders" at the NH were bonkers yesterday. I told the aides that it must be a full moon, and when I went outside, there it was, big and round. But actually, tonight is the official full moon, so look out! 

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Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 1:33 PM
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(Some day I'll figure how to attach a file the proper way instead of just plopping it on the post.)
Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 7:44 PM
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Hi everyone,


Lizella - I think your picture you attached is really cute.   I don't even know how to do that.   I'll just let all of you that know about computers take care of the pictures and additions.     


I was out at 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. with Barclee and the moon was beautiful - everything was so light.   But, you're right, tonight is the full moon.  I'm going to see if I can catch it when it comes up.   I love to see the reflection in the pond in front of the house. 


I wouldn't give up on your kitty either.   She or he may be just a little distance away and will come back - I hope so.   I would love to be able to touch Muffin and get her tame enough to bring in but I don't think it will be possible.   If I don't get to them when they're young, it never happens. 


I was thinking today of what you said about you and your dog going for a 3 mile walk.    If he weighs 90 lbs. and you're 5'2"  he probably is taking you for a walk - or it's mutual.  I know you must enjoy the walks.   I have never taken a dog for a walk - not necessary way out here in the country.   


What do you mean the people at the NH were honkers?   Hollering and carrying on?    Ray has been pretty good today.   I did give him the Namenda or Memantine.   Late this afternoon about 5:30 he started the cows graze.   Some of the little heifers came up to the pickup and touched my hand.   Hannah, Raylo's mother, was giving him a bath - a full 10 minutes and he stood perfectly still for it.   There were four little ducks on one of the ponds - so cute. 

Hay is all I'm giving Buck except enough feed to get the Bute down him.  We had quite a lot of hay left - girls didn't eat all I gave them the last time - grass is too good.    I'm giving Buck some of the small, square bales I have in the barn.   I feel sorry for him wanting feed and me not being able to feed him.   Guess it has to be that way for a while.  Chris said 1-2 months - what do you think.    He says he thinks he'll be okay.  This morning I pulled some of the loose hair off of him - most of it is still stuck tight but maybe later I can curry him a little.   Is that the way you spell curry?


We're listening to Malt Shop Oldies and they're playing Jack Scott's "What in the World's Come Over You".   He was/is one of my favorite singers.   We listened to old songs a lot today and Ray enjoyed it. 


Do you go every day to see  your husband?    I don't remember how far it is but it seems like I remember you saying something like 20 miles.    


Does your dog stay in the house at night with you?   Ours are still staying in the storage building.   I went out to the pastures about 7 this morning and they were still in there.   Good watchdogs, they. 


Hope your night and everyone elses is good.   Supposed to rain here tomorrow. 

Mama Sue
Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 7:50 PM
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Hello Lorita and friends,

  How good to look in and catch up on all your doings.  My, my,  so much to think about.   I need to take my DH car keys, PERMANENTLY.

I need to get some of those drawer locks.  and more good information  I've been missing while otherwise occupied.

  The new bathroom and shower are usable if not completely finished.

 It's beautiful,  now makes my whole house look shabby by comparison   We've ripped out most of the carpet and have gorgeous ceramic tile going down.  The contractor is a genius about laying rows of tiles and marking with blue tape where we cannot walk till they are set.   but , BOY, will I be glad when it's done.

  It's taking longer than I expected , mainly because we keep finding more we need done  and he is working around us still living here.  Would be easier for him if we went to a hotel but that wasn't in the budget.  As it is I'll be paying the bank for 30 months  and we all know we can't be sure of tomorrow  when dealing with dementia.  At least I hope we've reduced  our chances of a serious fall in the bathroom.

  I've been amazed that for the most part, Leo really likes the guy and the noise and activity don't bother him.  He does say he'll be glad when it's over and asks me 20 million questions at night after he is gone.  While the contractor is here Leo tells his warped version of his life history.   It's so funny,  I try to just let him talk without correcting his "memories"  or distract him in some way .

Right now it's time to distract him with some food.  Thank God for microwaves..... I made a meatloaf and mashed potatoes yesterday so I just have to heat it up.

Blessings to all.        Susie A.

Posted: Thursday, April 25, 2013 8:42 PM
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Lorita, when our horses have foundered, we've kept them in the dirt paddock until the pasture is pretty dead, and don't mow it to keep it growing at all. We give them plenty of first cut hay and don't let them out till late July usually. 


I used to drive the 25 miles to see DH every day, but there's SO much to do here at home, now I go every other day. My daughters and grandkids fill in some days, so he has enough company, more than anyone else in the house, really.


Our dog stays in the house at night but not in the bed. If he did, there'd be no room for me! Right now he's outside barking at the full moon.  

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 10:38 AM
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Good morning, 


We're hearing thunder but only a sprinkle so far. 


Susie A, I'm glad the remodeling is going well and will soon be finished.   I know you'll be glad.   I've heard it said that when remodeling expect to pay quite a bit more than expected and expect it to take twice as long.   But it will be worth it when it's done.     I need so badly to get the carpet out of our bedroom but I can't move the king sized bed.  I've thought I might cut the carpet and pad around the bed and put down the big carpet squares.  I don't know how that would look but at least it would be cleaner. 


I'm glad the noise isn't bothering your husband and that he can tolerate someone else being in the house.   I need to get the living room painted and the attic fan taken out and I know it will upset Ray when we do it.  Maybe most of the time we could stay in the other part of the house.   So much to think about, isn't there? 


Lizella, got the Bute down Buck with another handful of feed this morning and there's a little bit of grass in the lot that he's nibbling on.   He's letting me try to pull some of the hair off of him that's loose (not much is so far).   I got a curry comb years ago but no idea where it is.   Would that be the best thing to get the big wads of hair off? 


When I came out of the barn this morning from feeding the cats, I noticed that Lucky was very interested in something outside the corral.   There was the  big Lab that comes to see us and a beautiful Great Pyrenees  puppy.  He was gorgeous - just made my day to see him.   He was so friendly.   Didn't bother the cats at all and was so  happy.   He was friendly with Lance, the Lab, so I thought they might be together but wasn't sure.   I couldn't get in touch with the neighbors (no landline, I guess) but we'd sold some hay to his dad and I know his mother so I called them.   It is their puppy.   I'd take one like that in half a second.   I guess Lance decided to take him on his visits this morning.   Now they're laying under one of the pickups, resting.    


Buck wants out to graze but I won't let him out.  The grass is much shorter now.   I let Lucky in the yard to graze this morning and he looked so surprised - no tall grass to eat - but there's plenty for him.    


Susie - you said "thank goodness for microwaves".    That's what I say, too, but right now I'm without one and I feel lost.   Thought I'd look at Walmart before I ordered one online, however, I'll probably end up with the one online from Walmart.   It's a Magic Chef, 1.3 cu. ft. 1100 watt and just about the size of the one we have - $99.   It says if I apply for a Walmart credit card, I'll get $20. off - may do that. 


Hope things go well with everyone today.   Lizella, I wasn't able to see much of the full moon last night - too cloudy - but it sounds like your big dog did.    I think I want a big dog!  Oh, the calico cat let me touch her this morning - but she probably didn't know it.

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 1:08 PM
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How does an animal "founder". I googled but can not figure it out.
Posted: Friday, April 26, 2013 2:42 PM
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Hi jfkoc, 


I guess the easiest way to explain it is - that the animal (horse, cow, etc.) eats too much of something and can't metabolize it correctly.    Lizella gave a very description of it in our old friends thread, page. 21, third post from the bottom.   I've heard the term all my life but really didn't know what it meant other than eating too much of something.     Hope this helps- read her post - really informative and she knows so much about horses. 


Just ordered a microwave and CD player from Sears/K-mart - supposed to be delivered to our house between 5-l and 5-3.    A person could get addicted to this online ordering thing.   This will be easier than going to the store to pick it up and it was free shipping. 

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 8:26 AM
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Hope Buck is doing better. 

Glad you have ordered a new microwave and CD player.  What type of microwave did y9u decide on?  Let us know how it does.  I know online shopping can be addictive.  I, too, love QVC and used to order from it all the time,.  It's a great place to buy Christmas presents..,,but I told Mike's family last week that I thought we should end the present-buying and just enjoy each other's company.  All agreed!  One less stressor for everyone.  I also found Amazon to be a great place to order.  I'll have to take a look that those drawer locks.  Right now Mike doesn't fumble around in my dresser drawers but that's not to say he won't in the future and then all the important things I've put there will be "hidden." 

My "help at home" begins on Monday and I am really nervous about it.  What if it doesn't work?  What if Mike freaks out when he sees her?  So much uncharted territory here.....but I know I'm just not cut out for staying at home all day.  I've got to get my happiness back. 

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 10:16 AM
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Lorita online out world.


Thing one and Thing two arrived 12 hours ahead of schedule yesterday. Anyone vaguely interested?


Wicked bad very short storm rolled through last night. Not much damage but enough torn leaves that there is the tell tale smell of chloroform in the air.


There is a Pyrenees Rescue online your can check out. Maybe you can order one and have it delivered!  All joking aside, online anything makes my life so much easier and to the person who told us about it, I am now addicted to Jigzone.

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 10:27 AM
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Good morning, 


catlady - I know you're nervous about Monday but also happy about it beginning.   Has your husband met the person who will be with him?   I hope they get along and things go well.    It should be such a relief for you. 


I ordered a Kenmore - several of the ladies on the forum said that's the kind they had and were happy with it.   We've always used Kenmore appliances and they were good.  I'll really be glad when it gets here. 


jfkoc - I told Ray how wonderful it is to sit in your house, look at things and order if  you like and have it delivered to  your door.   No one would have thuoght that would have been possible, even 20 years ago.  I drove 50 miles roundtrip to work for 33+ years without a cell phone and didn't think much about it.   Now, if I go out into the pasture without a cellphone I feel undressed.   You wouldn't have thought about that 30 years ago either. 


I called my sister when I saw OKC was having a big storm last night.   She only got lots of rain - said the big hail was north of her - in Edmond and Nichols Hills.    


Wouldn't that be great if I could find a Great Pyrenees that could be delivered.   I keep thinking of the one Bonnie had that was 5 months old.   I missed a good one.    Haven't seen the puppy this morning - it's misty here so guess they decided to stay home today.   Oh, it's Saturday and the mistress doesn't work today - she's a teacher. 


I will look at that Rescue Site.   Do you just google Great Pyrenees Rescue?   Have you decided against a puppy or new dog? 


Are you following the Thunder in the NBA Playoffs?   I can't watch it - if they've been on TV but I listen to the games - kind of exciting.  It's bad that Westbrook is out though but I think they'll step up and fill his place. 


What's Jigzone?    If it's a jigsaw puzzle site - I've tried that and couldn't handle it.   Had to put the puzzle away.   Thing one and Thing two - am interested.   They said it would take from 5-7 days to get the things I ordered.   QVC usually takes about 7.  

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 12:04 PM
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Lorita, you're right about getting addicted to on-line aunt watches the UPS and FED-EX man stop at the neighour's house almost daily...we both wonder what's in those boxes and where she gets the money! Our library used to mail the books that we'd placed on was wonderful coming home to a package in the mail box, even if it was just a book.

I remember when my folks rented a microwave. they didn't want to waste money on something they might not

I hope you find a dog soon. I've always been a cat person, ever since a momma cat had kittens on my bed when I was little, but when my kids where young, a stray puppy got hit out in front of our house. We had to take her to the vet and then to the place where you go to find lost pets. We asked that if they didn't find the owner to be able to keep her and they said we wouldn't be suitable!!! so we just took her home...and have been dog owners ever since...we're on our 3rd one, plus the little rat terrier that my MIL had to have (she sleeps under the covers on our bed)...and always 2 cats, the head one and one in training.

off to face the day...give auntie a bath and take her to play bingo. wish us luck!

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 2:47 PM
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Yes, Lorita. Google Great Pyrenees Rescue Oklahoma. There is a branch in Tulsa.

Re the dog...thing one is at our house!

Puzzle...not many pieces so they go fast

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 5:06 PM
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Jfkoc, "founder" is the common name for laminitis, which is an inflammation of the sensitive laminate inside the hoof wall. Since hoof walls are hard, the inflammation causes the bone inside the hoof to push toward, and eventually through, the bottom of the hoof. Very painful. Old farmers used to stand their horses in cold streams to reduce the inflammation, but now we use drugs, as well as ice water soaks.

There are many causes of founder, not well understood after centuries of dealing with it. Carbohydrate overload is the most common, but road founder is caused by trotting horses over hard roads, though our old horse got that from walking on ice, and animals can founder from high fevers or reactions to medications.

TMI, huh?

Lorita, go to the American Kennel Club website and click on breed rescues and you can spend endless hours wishing you could adopt all the beautiful dogs there! That's where I found our dog who was supposed to be a Flatcoated Retriever.  

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 7:47 PM
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Good evening, 


Lizella - I will do that - I'm so confused now as to what breed I'd like to have.  Guess we should get an Australian Shepherd to help with the cows if I need it.   I need to clear something.   A couple of days ago you said the people at the NH were "bonkers"; I read it as "honkers" - dumb me.   Bet you thought I was nuts. 


Do you think it's all right for me to give Buck a small handful of allgrain t o get his Bute down or should I try just the apple wafers again?  He and Lucky ate hay together - didn't get out of the barn all day. 


nessa - I guess I'm a cat and dog person.   Ray and I love both.  His mother told me when he was little he dragged home every stray he could find.   Brought a cat home once with mange and his sister caught it.   We caught it once from two puppies someone had put out close to our house.  I didn't know what mange was until we itched so much we went to the doctor.


jfkoc - do you mean you have a puppy or did I misunderstand?   Surely did because they wouldn't deliver a puppy!    I checked on the website for rescued Pyrenees.  They showed two in Tulsa.   I'll keep checking and check with our local shelter. 


I've had a weird but good day.  First when I got up I noticed the humidifier wasn't throwing the mist into the room.  It went up a few inches and right back down to the top of the chest it was sitting on.   So, I cleaned it really good and tried it again - nothing at all this time.   Humidity registered 99%.  I checked and sure enough the warranty ran out four months ago.    After about 30 minutes it started to work again.   Hurray! - now I don't have to buy a new one. 


I'd been thinking about putting a 25 year old TV we had in the bedroom in the living room but hadn't done it.   Today I put it in the sunroom (with Ray's help)   the old ones are so heavy.   I hooked it up to DirecTV after I had them turn the standard receiver back on - and it worked!!   Now, I can watch TV even though it's a pretty small screen - probably 19" - not sure.   The picture is really clear.   Now to keep Ray away from it.   I want to watch the basketball game tonight to see how the Thunder does without Westbrook.    


Been cloudy here all day and about 60 but supposed to warm up tomorrow and be 81 Monday when we take Barclee to Tulsa.   


Hope everyone has a good, quiet night. 

Posted: Saturday, April 27, 2013 9:07 PM
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I love the old TV's...hope you are watching the game on yours.


Great Pyrenees are herders but mostly sheep I think. My daughter has one mixed with an Aussie. I think I have mentioned of the best dogs ever.


Thing One and Thing Two were rescue maltese our friends son found in TX and brought them here. Dick took one look and said Thing One was the rattiest dog he had ever seen. Ha. He has not seen t=Thing Two yet. Anyway, not a drop of maltese which is OK except the homes they were going to may not take them.

Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 7:42 AM
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Good morning, jfkoc, 


So - you're not going to take one of them?  Have you given up on the idea of a dog?     I bed Dick will get attached will get attached to one of them and want to keep it.   And - they were delivered but not UPS!


like the old TVs, too, for the fact that you can plug it in and it goes.   Seems like  now everything you buy has to be programmed.   It is absolutely amazing to me that a TV that's probably 19" was so bulky and heavy compared to what they are now.   The picture is so good - it's a Sharp - all three were.    I did watch the game and it was so good.    KD and all the other guys really stepped up with Westbrook being out.    Maybe they'll finish this series up tomorrow night.    Ray didn't stay in the room and watch with me -  kind of cold in there.   He got a new Nat Geo yesterday and he looked at it and read what he could.     


I just turned on the living room TV and they're at the OKC Memorial Marathon.  Looks like it's pretty and sunny there. 


Did you get your tomatoes planted?   We were at Walmart (shouldn't say that - sorry) a couple of days ago, outside looking at the plants.   They had some pots that were really deep and probably 20" across - they would be great for tomatoes and you could plant them as deeply as you wanted.    I'm going to use the tubs we got cattle feed in - we have tan, red and blue.  I'll put them out in the only part of the yard that's sunny - out in the SW corner close to a water hydrant so I can water them.   Oh, you might want to get a cherry or grape tomato plant.   They are indeterminate (keeps growing taller) but they set fruit even in the hottest weather.   Most of the other varieties of tomatoes won't set fruit if it's over 90 or 95 - and it always is here in the summer.  But keep them going and they'll have tomatoes when it gets cooler. 


Think about the little dog - think of the company it would be.    How is Dick doing?  Ray is now in Depends (most of the time, at home anyway).   I gave him one day before yesterday and he wore it and another yesterday.   He makes it to the bathroom all right but I think just dribbles a little.   Not finding damp shorts in the bathrooom and he's not complaining about the Depends. 

Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:29 AM
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Lorita, I think you should use whatever method it takes to get the Bute into Buck. A handful of grain shouldn't hurt him as long as he's not out eating green grass. We always put the horse out on grass gradually in the spring, increasing an hour each day, and bring her in at night until late August. More trouble but less vet bills.
Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 1:38 PM
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Dog report on gardening thread.


We were wondering what "run" was going on. We seem to be at Mile 18. We did not see anyone running but a lot of T shirts with numbers were at Panera.


Dick, while not incontinent, sometimes has an urgency and frequently has a dribble that is small but does not look great when we are out. 

I am going to plant the tomatoes in a large pot. If we were  not needing to do some

work in the back yard I would get one of those big water things, Wait...I could put it on the driveway!

Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 5:33 PM
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Lorita, thank you so much for the encouragement that my Althea bush will come back.
For those of you who didn't see the other post. There were some little vines growing up one of my Althea bushes.  Instead of cutting away the vines, Jose just lopped the whole bush down. Problem solved.  
It was one half of an archway leading to the garden, so I really would like to have that one grow back.   I told him to not cut the other one because my mom planted that one.  I hope he remembers. 
The bushes are prolific and there is no way to keep them all.  I'm amazed at the different shades that have come from the seed of that original plant.  
Lorita, I'm so happy you have a tv, again.  Your husband may do better with the smaller tv. It may have been a coincidence, but TV became 'real' to my husband about the same time we got the larger tv. The people were near life size.

I order from Amazon quite a bit.  I love having free shipping for orders over $25. If I want something and it doesn't come up to $25, I will order a package of underwear or socks to push it over. I'd rather get something that give the money away for shipping.
We have come full circle with ordering and waiting for the mailman to deliver our packages.  Getting a new Sears and Robuck or Western Auto Christmas catalog in the mail was such a thrill, wasn't it?  Mom would let us have the old one to cut out paper dolls.
She would look at the new dresses, buy similar material, and copy the styles....on an old treadle machine, I might add.

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I guess my post was too long. It wouldn't let me write more.

I do keep up with everyone and enjoy hearing about the animals, and pray for the ones going through trials. I'm sorry I don't  more often. Not much happens that is newsworthy around here.  


Shirley, my husband couldn't endorse a check for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  He brought it to me and said, "I'm just blank. I looked at my drivers license, (to copy it,) but I couldn't see it.  I don't think it is a vision problem, although he is due for an exam. 


Lizella, I'm glad you can enjoy reading in bed, now.  We all need some bright spots in our lives, things that have changed for the better.  


We missed taking our dog to the rabies clinic last Saturday.  Now, we will have to pay more to get the same thing at the vet.  


It is a beautiful day in North Arkansas, all the more appreciated after 3 days of cold gray days.  I saw my dad praying for rain too many times to ever complain about rain, but seeing the sun shine after 3 days  is nice.  


The trees are turning green. The dogwoods have bloomed. It is a beautiful world. Thank you, Lord.



Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:07 PM
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Good evening everyone, 


What a beautiful day we had here in Eastern Okla.  It's still 67 degrees- supposed to be 81 tomorrow.    


Kairn - you daddy must have been a farmer.   Mine was and I remember he was always wanting rain.   After he was in a NH the first thing he'd ask when we went to see him was "did we get any rain"?    I guess that's why I like it so much.    Where in Northern Arkansas do you live, if you don't mind saying? 

I love that part of Arkansas - Ray and I have spent many days in Eureka Springs.  He was born in Burlington. 


I hope your bush grows back - how low did Jose cut it back?   I need to trim our altheas, crepe myrtles and holly but the bees are buzzing around the holly so that will have to wait.  We have one white althea and all the others are purple. 


I remember getting the Sears and Ward catalogs around Christmas and looking at the toys and candy.   We used our old ones in a different way though.     


I'm afraid the smaller TV isn't going to make much difference.  We went in to watch Army Wives and then the Client List and he started yelling at it so I turned it off.   Guess I'll have to watch it by myself. 


You said your husband wasn't able to endorse the check.   I felt so bad the first time Ray wasn't able to sign his name at the VA.   Hurts to see that happen - now he doesn't even try so I don't push. 


Kairn - your post wasn't too long - I almost write books - can't stop when I get started.


Lizella - There's a little green grass in the lot and Buck nibbles on that but not enough to bother him, I don't think.    He spent the day in what we call the "cow shed" where mother and daddy used to milk the cows - it's just part of the barn.  


Good news!   Our very good neighbor who has brought Ray home when he'd take off and also helped me get him home, brought his new wife to see us this afternoon.   They got married April 15.   He's my age and she is a little younger.   When they left they were holding hands - I thought that was so cute.   I'm so  happy for him.  After he built his house and moved here he lost his wife a couple of years later.   Then had a woman with him for several years.   She had AD and had to go into a NH.   He's been alone for two or three years and now he has someone with him.    Hopefully, she and I can be good friends.    They only live about 1 1/2 miles from us. 


When we checked the girls this evening it looked like Socks was close to calving (I had her due the 25th) so I got her up and will check before I go to bed and during the night.   Last year she had contractions for a while, then quit.   We had another cow up with a new baby and I think she thought it was hers - so quit.    Hope she has it all right this time.   Sleep interruptions are beginning.     Hope everyone else sleeps well. 

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