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Common Abbreviations
Iris L.
Posted: Thursday, December 5, 2013 11:39 PM
Joined: 12/15/2011
Posts: 18509

Here is a list of common abbreviations used on this board.  Feel free to add to it.  Please excuse the formating.

AD or ALZ            Alzheimer's Disease

FTD                   Frontotemporal Dementia or Degeneration 

FLD                   Frontal Lobe Dementia or Degeneration 

VaD                   Vascular Dementia 

LBD                    Lewy Body Dementia 


EOAD                Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease 

YOAD                Younger Onset Alzheimer's Disease 

 ESAD                  Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease 


nos                        not otherwise specified (regarding a diagnosis) 


pt                        patient 

cg                        caregiver 

LO                        Loved One 

ADLO                    Loved One with Alzheimer's Disease 


DW                    dear or darling wife 

DH                    dear or darling husband 

DD                    dear or darling daughter 

DS                    dear or darling son 

DM                    dear or darling mom 

DD                    dear or darling dad 

MIL                    mother-in-law 

FIL                    father-in-law 

DIL                    daughter-in-law 

SIL                    son-in-law 


AL or ASL         assisted living or assisted living facility 

IL                      independent living 

NH                    nursing home 



POA                power of attorney 

DPOA              durable power of attorney 


OP                     original poster 

OT                     off track--not pertaining to dementia 

MB                    message board 

WB                    welcome back 

TY                      thank you 

IDK                    I don't know 

LOL                   laugh out loud 

ASAP                   as soon as possible 


TTT                    to the top--to keep a thread "active"  

                               even though no one is posting on it

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