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Just need to talk to my friends(10)
Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 12:41 PM
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Good afternoon, everyone,


Thought I'd start this next volume when I thought about it - had meant to a day or so ago.   Linda Dee  says she's having some trouble getting on.


jfkoc's right - all of us do need some type of alert system.  I think I'll go with Ever There.  It uses AT&T towers which is what we have around here.  I checked a while ago and it has a fall detector which I think is important.  A person might pass out and fall and not be cognizant enough to press the button.  I didn't check too far but I think it said it's around $100 to get started and about $30 a month after that.  I'll check more.


I did get about a third of the crib cleaned out.  Couldn't find my good pitchfork and the one I did find kept coming apart so I'll try to fix it before I tackle the rest of it.   It was nice and cool outside but inside the crib it got pretty hot.   I took it down to a low place and dumped the loose hay - probable take another five or six loads to get it down (using the CW).


When I went out to feed the cats this morning I sat the soaked up feed and canned food down on some feed storage boxes.  There's two or there cats that always want the first bite so I reached down to get it and a pretty gray one bit me.  Did it ever hurt - just one tooth got in but that was enough.  I went ahead and fed them and cleaned out that part of the crib and emptied it before I came back in.  By that time it was already getting sore.  I've put alcohol on it and some antibiotic ointment.  It looks like I'm just an accident waiting to happen.  Mother always said she was going to put Ray and I on a powder puff with mosquito netting over us.  We've always had lots of injuries (small ones, nothing major) except one time he did get his foot caught in a Troy Bilt rototiller.  I was at work and he was tilling the garden and started to turn at the end of the row and his foot slipped and got into the blades.  When I got home he was sitting on the side of the bed talking on the phone to my mother. I changed clothes and then noticed blood all over his foot.  So, a flying trip to the ER.   Still has the scars.


Linda Dee - my elephant ear has two small leaves, still in a little pot  - I don't think it'll ever get into the ground.  I need to plant my periwinkles in pots this afternoon but may not get it done.  I'm so sorry you're having back pain.  I think when your back hurts, you hurt all over.


You all were talking about earthquakes.  I just read an article on Oklahoma Living (a little magazine put out by our electric coop) about earthquakes in Oklahoma.  It said since 2010 there's been 8,615 earthquakes in Oklahoma.  Only 991 of those have been big enough to have been felt.

 They think the main cause is fluid injection into the ground around the wells.   That's a lot of earthquakes. 


Ray's talking his head off and crying off and on.  It's only 12:30 but I think a nap is indicated around 3 p.m.   It helped yesterday so I'll try it again.


 They haven't started baling yet but I think they probably will later - wouldn't hurt to wait until tomorrow.  I imagine they're somewhere cutting right now.  They came early and took the tedder so I won't get to see them fluff up the hay but I'm glad it'll be dry enough without it.  I'll try to take a picture of the meadow after they bale so you all can see it.  The pictures I take of it doesn't do it justice - they look so far apart.  It's 35 acres and to see all of the bales of hay there and know you have to haul it up is pretty daunting.  If I haul it in I can only bring two bales at one time.  Maybe the guy who has brought it up for us the last two years can do it again.  He's also baling hay so I'm not sure.  Anyway I like for it to sit at least a week on the meadow.  Linda T - ours is prairie hay with quite a lot of Bermuda grass but it still smells good when it's mowed and after it's baled. 


Ray's in the kitchen and it's quiet so I better so see what's going on.  I just checked and he had just taken a big bite of canned cat food.  I had half a can sitting on the cabinet for the cats later today.   That makes two or three times I've caught him eating cat or dog food.   Then, he wanted to kiss me and I told him I wasn't going to kiss him after he ate catfood.   What next?


Carolyn, I haven't seen a post from you in quite some time.  I think of you often - maybe I've just missed your posts.  Anyway, let us know how things are.  I saw an advertisement this morning for a stair lift and you came to mind immediately.   Miss you.

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 1:45 PM
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Ray and Mike have lots in common.  Mike gets into things,too, and it drives me crazy...but he is selective.  He is bound and determined to go into the kitchen and mess in the trash can.  Doesn't matter how many times I tell him to stop....he goes right for the trash can. Once, he opened up the container of the cats' hard food, took out a couple of pieces and ate it.  Another time, I asked him if he wanted to give one of the cats a treat, and he popped it into his mouth.   He also likes to move my shoes around or try to put them on his feet.  Last week, he got out several pairs of socks, put them on the bed, and then fell asleep in the middle of them.  If he is up, I try to watch him like a hawk so he doesn't cause too much damage.  Monday he urinated in one of his dresser drawers. Had to take out all the clothes and wash them.  I'm still trying to get the urine smell out of the drawer before I put the clothes back in.   Today he urinated in the bathroom trashcan.   I'd hoped we were past that behavior. 


  I'm seriously thinking about getting a baby cam.  WE live in a two story home and I would love to be able to sit downstairs and see what he's doing upstairs without having to go up there. Has anyone else done this?


Waiting for hurricane Arthur to visit us tonight.  Hope it's not bad.

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 3:50 PM
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    Hey y'all! Slightly cooler (mid 80's) & less humid today. Yesterday was sweltering - almost felt like I was back in AR! Had a great day off yesterday. Got out of town, did a bit of shopping & had a great visit/lunch w/ my friend. Got home & had to get right back to work though, as we were visited by a good sized black bear Tues night.

    He got over the fence, into the chicken pen & tore a 5' X 3' hole in one wall to get at the feeder. Never heard him in the house w/ fans & AC running, so last night I had to do a bit of carpentry, then stand guard. He came back @ 9:30 PM. I could hear boards being broken, went to get a gun & realized DH has emptied all the big guns & hidden the ammo (well!). Forgot he had "Mom-proofed" things! All I had was the 22 that we keep loaded, on top of one of the beams that run across our vaulted ceiling. (No way possible for Mom to reach that!) Well, using a 22 on a good sized bear doesn't do much except make him mad, so I grabbed a few packs of firecrackers instead.

    Between the firecrackers, my hollering, & banging on the chainlink fence w/ my garden trowel, I ran him off twice. (came back once, but I was waiting) Mom never noticed or heard a thing! Even Norton, who's nearly blind & deaf, knew something was up - about 9PM, he'd got up & started going in circles in the livingroom, barking like mad! Good thing DH is coming home tomorrow, as I need another set of hands to fix the fence. (4 posts snapped off) Your current discussion about the dangers of being alone bears (no pun intended!) consideration: Had my visitor been more aggressive, I could've been in trouble, & no one would've known until the CG got here this AM. Guess we all need to be more aware of potential dangers & use extreme caution.

    Wishing all a fabulous 4th! Big hugs, Twink

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 7:52 PM
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  Hi everyone:


 Sounds like some of you are having bad weather.  I hope you are all safe.  We were supposed to have rain showers here today, but we had a beautiful day.  It is getting cloudy now so maybe we will have showers later.  I sure hope so as we haven't had rain for a couple of months.  We need some nice steady drizzle.


 Twink:  Wow!  Hope you are careful.  I am deathly afraid of bears, especially when they are into tearing up things.  I have fruit trees and they are always eating the fruit, tearing off branches, and leaving lovely messes for us to clean up.  We have also had a couple of lions (bobcats, not sure which) living around the area.  They have been seen on our bike paths and on the streets in our subdivision.  They have cleaned up all of the stray cats and many pets who were sitting out on homeowner's decks.  I guess that is all part of living in the mountains.


 Lorita:  I can smell your newly cut hay.  I love the smell and the sight of all the bales in the fields.  Brings back memories. 


 My sister was bitten by a cat on her foot and she had blood poisoning and infection .  The Dr. told her if it ever happened again, to get to a doctor asap because cat's teeth carry highly infectious bacteria.  Just a thought to keep a close eye on the wound.  Maybe Johanna will see this and give you some good advice. 


 I feel for you spouses whose dear ones get into everything.  I feel fortunate that isn't something Harv has done, yet anyway.  He is in a crying mode again this evening.  I can't seem to get him to settle down.  We were supposed to go to my daughter's in a town near us to watch fireworks tonight, but decided to keep Harv home and try to settle him down.  I am afraid all the noise might make his anxiety worse.


 Have a great evening and sleep well.   Joan




Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 8:06 PM
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Hi all  - I guess it has been a while since I posted.  It's been a "down" week.  The last few days Jim seems to have declined even more.  He is in a VA hospice unit, and he is getting very good care.  However, I'm not sure he knows who I am when I go in.


I've been going nearly every day before lunch.  Then I help him with lunch, but now that means feeding him pureed food.  He's not walking or standing at all, and they are using a hoist to get him in and out of bed.  He just wants to listen to music and to sleep.


It's getting hard to hear what he says, and it doesn't make any sense at all.  So we can't even have any kind of conversation.  I wheel him around the unit which has a living room area and a beautiful aquarium.  He doesn't even notice.  So I'm just taking it day by day.


Twink - we get lots of deer and wild turkeys, but a bear!  Wow!  They are around not too far from here, but that would be terrifying.  Wow again!


I have so much that needs to be done, but I just can't get going.  My son-in-law is coming this weekend with a truck, so we'll unload some of the "stuff" in Jim's room.  Maybe then I'll get motivated to clean more stuff out of the garage and furnace room.


It's going to be a quiet Holiday here, but the weather is going to be beautiful.  Have a good weekend, everyone.  Carolyn

Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 8:24 PM
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Hi again.  I just read friends 9 and thought I needed to add to the conversations.


 Linda T:  Yes, grandchildren are so rewarding.  The two that live near us are with us quite a bit and are such a diversion for Harv.  They entertain him and help him find the bathroom and get snacks for him.  What a blessing!


 Linda Dee:  We live in Colorado in the mountains so we do have cool nights and mornings (except for a few weeks in July and August).  Since we have dry air, I am sure most people would think it is cool here when it is in the 90's. 


 Carolyn, it was good to hear from you.  I guess we miss each other when we don't post for a few days.



Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 9:34 PM
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Hi friends,


Carolyn - so good to get a post from you and to know you're doing pretty well.   I'm glad Jim is still adjusting and that you get to visit often.  You know he may not know you but I bet he knows you're there and would miss you if you didn't come.


catlady - It does sound like Ray and Mike are quite alike.  Ray goes through my wastepaper basket by my chair.  He sits in a rocker part of the time behind my chair and it's closeby.  So far, he hasn't gotten into the one in the utility room (that may be next but hope not).  He's also eaten cat treats, Barclee's snacks that I put on the bed at night and today I caught him taking a bit of canned cat food.  Guess it won't kill him though.  Hope the hurricane isn't bad for you.


Twink - I'd be scared to death of a bear and surely wouldn't be outside trying to run him off, I don't think.   We don't have bears around here - we're on the plains but there are some hilly, wooded areas several miles west of us and there might be some there but I've never heard of them.  I know you'll be relieved to have your husband home.  I'm glad you had a nice day with your friend - gave you sort of a respite.


telinde - The hay does look so pretty but we haven't gotten down to look at it yet.  About the cat bite.  Today I bathed it in warm, Epsom salts water and it made it feel somewhat better but it was getting puffy and my whole hand and up to my wrist was really hurting.  This being the 3rd I knew the doctor wouldn't be back in until Monday so I called his office. He was out the whole week but his nurse said he would probably call in this afternoon.  She said I probably needed to go to a minor emergency room or whatever they call them.  I told her that Ray has dementia and is really in a bad spell today.  She said she's see what she could do.  Called me back in a while and said they had called in a prescription so we went down to get it.  Stopped at McD to get Ray a snack to eat while I was in WM.  First time they didn't have it ready - come back in 20 min.  I went back in 15, not ready - come back in 20 min.  I went back in 15 and it was ready.  Of course there was a line so I had to wait and was really worrying that Ray would get out and wander off but he didn't.


I told him on the way home that I was I was really glad I didn't have to milk a cow tonight.  My hand is stiff and typing hurts some but not as bad as this morning I don't think.  There was heat in the bite this afternoon but not noticeable tonight.  It's still puffy and red.  They said these are strong antibiotics to take 2x/day with food.  Also told me to take 800 mg. of Ibuprofen 3x/day if I can tolerate it - again with food.


Of course, when we're not feeling well, that's when they seem to act out more - at least today it's seemed like that.  catlady - Ray also seems to have an obsession with socks.  Sometimes he'll have on three pairs and if I lay down a dirty pair I take off, on they go over his others.  Some times I want to go climb a tree instead of hugging one but today I didn't get to do either.  My foot and leg are still sore, I have a headache from a mild migraine I had this morning and stress (I'm sure) and my hand hurts.  How's that for complaining?  Sorry.  I didn't even give Chris his bottle tonight.  Every time I go outside Ray follows me and he's not supposed to be walking with a regular shoe on and for sure not in his socks - but he has today.


Monday I'll need to go in and see the doctor, Tuesday - my eye appointment and Wednesday - Ray's psychiatric appointment.  So, I better feel better soon.  I think Bridget had a thread about who takes care of the caregiver?  I wonder....


Hope all of you have a good night and rest well.  We all do need to think about that alert system.   I talked to my sister about it tonight but I doubt she'd wear one.  She told me something funny and I won't tell her I told you all.  She's just like me in that she gets out and does things she shouldn't (comes from being raised on a farm, I guess).  She cut limbs and shrubs this morning until noon, then went back later and cut more.  She said she was rolling the trash can around, I guess to put the limbs in and somehow she fell into the trash can, headfirst.  She said she got herself straightened up and climbed out.  I laughed and laughed - I can just imagine her doing that - 82 years old and in a trash can headfirst.  I'd really like to have seen that.


Forgot to tell you our neighbor who came yesterday said she slipped out her back door during the winter on the ice and knocked herself out.  When she woke up, one leg was going on way and the other the other way.  Day before yesterday her husband (good neighbor) was working under his tractor and raised up and hit his head on the bucket and knocked himself out.   Lots of hazards around, it seems.   Really makes a person think all of us need something to wear to be sure we're all right.   Let's think about that.


Rest well.

Linda Dee
Posted: Thursday, July 3, 2014 11:19 PM
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Joan, yes, I remembered you live in CO. We spent the first two weeks, of July, on vacation, in CO for many, many years. I always enjoyed the weather. We had a travel trailer, so we could go where there weren't any motels, to stay. We would set up camp, then take day trips, in a new direction, each day. Good memories!

Today is the first anniversary, of Ken's dx, of AD. The time has flown by!  I just wish Ken wasn't so healthy, and something else would make him die before the end stage of AD. I know all of you will inderstand my statement. I just hate to think of the time when Ken won't know me. But, I know God's plan is perfect. What does not kill me will only make me stronger! 

Look how dear Larry has been so positive, and a great cg, and now he is facing the last chapter. Larry knows it is not the final chapter. When I get there, I want to be just like Larry!

Need to get to bed, I have to water the flowers at the community center, early in the morning, and do some dead heading too.

Have a good rest, Friends.

Linda Dee

Lorita, thanks for starting a new volume. Hope the cat bite is better.

Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 5:56 AM
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Good morning ladies ~ It is has been hot (90) and very humid this week, and tonight Hurricane/tropical storm Arthur will be going by. They moved up all the fourth celebrations, the Boston Pops concert and fireworks, to last night. Went out yesterday and put things away as much as I could. We won't get a direct hit but will still get some winds and a lot of rain. There will be severe thunderstorms again today, some have been very destructive but so far have stayed north of us, closer to Carolyn I think.


Lorita take good care of the bite and the bruises. Wish you could get a handyman or young person to come in daily for just an hour or so to help you with some of your heavier and more difficult chores.

I was still chuckling while reading the post after yours, still had  the mental picture of your dear sister, head first into the barrel, in my mind. As long as she wasn't hurt, I couldn't help but laugh.


Carolyn, I am glad Jim is adjusting well to his new residence. You are still recovering from the ordeal you have been through. Give yourself some down time, you need it. Sending warm hugs to you.


Twink, igloos, foxes and bears oh my............ You are one brave lady. We have had  bear sightings in towns a little north and west of here. If one ever shows up here I'm holing up in the main bathroom (with no windows and only one locking door). A woman in the next town over from us took a picture of a bobcat in her backyard last week, and we live in a suburb, next to a small city, and Boston is only 20 miles away.


Bridget I love all your pictures, and you have a beautiful close family. But, I really wish you would read my thread about internet safety. I am bringing it to the top in hopes you will see it and know that I worry and care about you and everyone here.


Happy, peaceful and safe 4th of July everyone!


Bless you all, and stay strong,


Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 6:42 AM
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Looks like it's going to be a pretty day here.  Right now it's nice and cool - 60 - will go up to about 85.


The cat  bite is better - no soreness of the hand or lower arm - it's still red around it but much improved.  The soreness may have disappeared without getting medicine but I wanted to be on the safe side.  Of course I'll finish the medicine.  It doesn't even hurt this morning.


Ray really was out of it last night. He didn't want to come into the bedroom so I went on to bed and he came in and I guess went to sleep.  He woke me up about 3 a.m. talking and talking.  It seemed like it was carrying on one side of a conversation - with whom I have no idea but I couldn't sleep.  I got up and went out to check Gray Lady (still no baby).  When I got back he was coming out of the bedroom, didn't want to let me by.  I got in and he finally came back to bed - sort of combative, still talking.  He finally go quiet and we both went to sleep.  Phoebe woke me up at 6 a.m., hungry and thirsty so now I'm  up but wish I was still asleep.   I don't know what's going on with him - he has an appointment with his psychiatrist Wednesday.  I have one Tuesday with the Oph. and I don't want to cancel it so maybe he'll straighten out before then.  I don't know, I think it's just another decline.  It's really getting on my nerves, worse than ever.  He doesn't want to sit down, have to change him 4-5x a day and he talks all the time.  Maybe yesterday just seemed worse because my hand was hurting so much.


Milly, I haven't seen the weather but hope the hurricane is past you.  We always watch either the Boston Pops or the other one - wonder if either will be on tonight.  


Typing seems to bother my hand some so won't go much longer - it's long enough already.  I'm not going to work in the crib this morning - maybe tomorrow.  It's supposed to be really hot next week and I  need to get it done before then.   It's all right for the  cats but I want to get some more little bales of hay.


I think I'll make some German potato salad today and maybe Ray will have a hotdog and maybe some ice cream later today (in the Ninja).  jfkoc - have you decided on one yet?


I'm watching QVC - wish I could sleep a little bit more.  I've already fed the dogs and checked Gray Lady. 


Linda Dee - you said you all used to go to Colorado for a couple of weeks in July in a travel trailer and park in out of the way places.  We've done the same thing (not in Colorado) but we did take a trip to the Grand Canyon pulling a travel trailer.  I remember one night we were tired and there was a little pull-out place on the highway so we stopped there (no one else around).  When we woke up the next morning the place was full of RVs and travel trailers.  You know I don't think I'd feel safe doing something like that again.  Sad thing that times have changed so much.  I bet you miss those weeks in Colorado.  It's a beautiful state - but so is Missouri - and Oklahoma - and all the other wonderful States in the USA.


Hope all of you have a delightful 4th.

Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 8:35 AM
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Happy 4th of July! 

Arthur came through about 2:30 a.m. this morning...The wind and rain woke me up but it wasn't bad, thank goodness.  Now we're getting the backend of the storms with gusts of wind and rain.  Just hope it clears up this afternoon so people can have picnics and cookouts! 

Lorita, I am experiencing so much of the same stuff you are. Last night I was watching television and Mike was standing up in the downstairs hallway just talking and talking to "someone.'  He does this so much and I just ignore it as much as I can.  It does drive me crazy that he won't sit down.  HIs standing up and just walking around the living room drives me up the wall.  It's like he's looking for something to get into.  Sometimes he will pick up my laptop, sometimes he will mess with the towels hanging on the back of a chair or go into the kitchen where there's dangerous stuff.  I'm even thinking about getting a baby gate to keep him out of there.  Has anyone else tried this?    He is really preoccupies with pieces of a notepad.  I think it goes back to his school days when you wrote all kinds of stuff on pieces of paper and carried them around in your shirt pocket.  I keep all his pieces of paper by his chair so he can rearrange them again and again.  I'm thinking he is bored but I haven't yet come up with how to engage him in something.  Lorita, I think it's just part of the decline.  Let me know if you find out something different.  Maybe part of the not sitting down is that he has forgotten how to do that.  I know sometimes if I sit down on the couch first, he will sit down in his chair. 

Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 9:59 AM
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Hi catlady,


Ray's  preoccupied with paper, too.   Mostly paper towels or Kleenex.  He'll spread them all over the table by his chair or the divan.  I remember mother used to twist paper and leave it around the house.  Then, she'd forget she did it and think someone else was there and had done it.  Strange things.


Ray looks like he's interested in my laptop sometimes, too.  I keep it in another room and if he's in one of his odd phases, I hide it.  Might want to watch yours - they could fool with it and break it if they didn't know how to use it.


I'm glad Arthur wasn't any worse than it was for you all and that this afternoon will be nice.  It's beautiful here this morning, sunny and cool.  I went out and fed the cats (stayed away from the gray one who bit me), the decided I'd move part of a baby bale of hay the cows had pushed into the front of the carport.  I put it in the hayfeeder in the corral. Did that, then decided I'd take the hayrings off the old bales of hay.  I've been meaning to do that for a long time.  I really have to get the sprayer out and spray the weeds in the used-to-be garden.   There's lots of grass in there for the cows so don't want to cut it.  I put out a block of Anaplas for the cows and counted the bales of hay we had left from last year (twice - forgot the number the first time).   So, I'm inside for a while.  Ray's still asleep and I'll let him sleep until he wakes up.  I'd like to take a nap but I'm watching Wimbledon.


I think part of the reason Ray doesn't want to sit down is that his pants may be wet and uncomfortable.  When I see him acting like that I get him into the bathroom and get him changed.  I have chux under the covers on the divan and chairs but he's completely ruined a recliner we've had for several years.  I keep thinking I'll get it out of the house and get rid of it somehow and put a rocking chair in its place.  Too many things to do.


I thought yesterday that I'd make some potato salad today - now I'm not so sure.  My hand is beginning to hurt some and some of the soreness is back, I guess from driving the tractor and CW.


Haven't tried the baby gate but I don't think it would work for Ray - he'd knock it down but I don't think he could step over it but you never know.  I bought two big tool boxes the other day but still haven't gotten things put into them.  I'll use one for his medicines and the other for my things but then - where to put them and the keys.  Always something else to think about.


catlady - sorry, I've forgotten what stage your husband is in.  I think Ray's somewhere in 6.  He's still ambulatory, can feed himself, dress himself for the most part but doesn't remember much of anything or take directions very well.  His language is very iffy - I was thinking this morning when I was driving the tractor that the way he talks kind of reminds me of the way Nell talked.  Remember that show?   Not always but a lot last night.


Hope you all have a happy 4th.  

Jo C.
Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 10:18 AM
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Aargh!  Poor Lorita; it all seems to pile on at once, doesn't it.   I am SO sorry this happened to you.  Big hug for you, talk about boo-boos!  First the fall, then Ray having an "extraordinary" time and no stopping it; and then the cat.   I think you've had enough; hopefully this is the last of it unless you have taken up dueling or extreme sports as a hobby in all the spare time you have.  Ha!


Of course you know me by now!  I am in my, "Auntie Jo," pain in the derriere mode here for a minute or two.


Dear friend - When did you last have a tetanus booster?  PLEASE; if it has been a long while, get one asap.  No joke.  Really, really, asap.  Especially big issue when living on a farm/ranch with critters. 


Frankly, those cat bites, well; sepsis can very easily set in.  The organisms travel through the circulation in the blood AND they have an affinity for cardiac tissue and the bacteria easily gets onto the heart valves and let me tell you; it is REALLY dicey when that happens.  We're talking ICU, maximum care and a scary time of it.  Never underestimate on this one; always use extra caution.  Such an outcome is not rare, it happens all too often.


Unsolicited and unwanted advice, but here I am anyway, but it is from the heart:  NEVER, in a situation with an outcome like this, should one skip going to Urgent Care or even if you have to, the ER if your doctor is out and you don't have an Urgent Care near you. 


Our LOs with dementia are difficult to take with us to such settings; but if in Urgent Care or wherever, if one lets staff know the problem issues, they will usually get you into a private exam room where the LO will be in a quieter, more contained place.  (And of course you already have a ready and waiting stocked "go" bag with incontinence supplies, an extra outfit and wet wipes, plastic garbage bags, gloves, nutrition bars, etc.), so all you would have to do is throw in Ray's diabetic supplies; pick up the bag and throw it into the truck.


Next time seeing the healthcare folks from the VA; ask them about a travel set for diabetic supplies including insulin.  It would be good for you to have that considering the situation the two of you are in.  I'll bet the VA can provide that for you and it is something you can just pick up and throw in a bag.


I am so glad that the wound itself seems to be improving, but you are not out of the woods yet.  If you begin to run a temp, or if the tissue shows signs of worsening, or if you have ANY physical changes, get thee to an ER stat.  Doesn't matter if you or Ray are not groomed or whatever; just go.


Great idea that so many here are thinking and planning about getting that safety call button; BUT thinking about it is not sufficient, please take action and make that call.  Again, an asap thing.


I am so sorry to sound like a dyspeptic old nag, but omigosh, I truly do care and I would be horrified if anything happened. 




As long as I am in my old nag mode, I am going to follow up on what Millie has been trying so hard to achieve.  I am not sure subtleties are the best way to go here.


BRIDGET:  Millie has ask you to go to her thread re internet dangers; PLEASE do that and read the entire thread.


I saw that you once again placed your true last name in one of your posts.  There are also a lot of photos of the little girls being provided on a frequent basis; some in little dance costumes.  They are absolutely adorable.  But  . . . .  This is NOT Facebook; it is an open site.  Very often the creeps and crooks in our society LOVE to cruise this sort of Board on purpose with malice aforethought because it's a  Board dedicated to a medical problem and there are a TON of vulnerabilities in a population such as this.   They think of this as a great big hunting ground and we are the prey. 


Any photos provided can be hijacked by the bottom feeding vermin of our society and they share such photos with others like themselves.  We need to be ever cautious and protect our Loved Ones. 


So; the creeps and crooks come on and cruise and cruise looking for opportunities.


B; please read Millies thread and then try entering your full name on Google and see what pops up.  It can be truly frightening.


You have been having so much happen and dealing with so much, and I don't want to add to your worries; but if I did not bring this up and something happened, I would feel dreadful in that I did not try to help to prevent such an occurrence.


Also, the Association advises folks not to enter their personal website addresses here either, that too is a risk.  Remember, many of those dishonest amoral persons make a career out of hacking into our keystrokes.  We don't need to make it easier for them.


Okay; naggy, "Auntie Jo" has left the building and she wants you all to know she loves you dearly.   (Her saving grace.)


Lorita; oh geeze, your poor sister.  I couldn't help laughing.  I'll bet she was sure startled!  The two of you must have had a good belly laugh on that one.   How in the world did she manage that?  If anyone was filming, she would have been an instant hit on Yahoo.


We have had such mild weather here, but yesterday it fooled all the weathermen and it hit in the 90's and it is SO humid.  RIght now, humidity is at 97% and we are supposed to hit into the 90's again.  WIth the humidity it feels much hotter; we have had to turn on the air conditioning.


Happy Fourth of July.


We are doing nothing this year.  It feels so strange not to, but it sure saves a lot of work.  Every year for many, many years, we always threw a huge gathering.  The front yard and back patio would be decorated for the Fourth.  I made multiple dishes from scratch; great bubbling mounds of wonderful slow baked beans, 10 pounds of potato salad; multiple dips and spreads, veggie tray, fresh fruit bowl, and at least two desserts and always homemade ice cream.  I love barbequed chicken, but DH was famous for his bbqd. burgers topped with bacon and either cheddar or bleu cheese with fresh tomato and lettuce on special buns.  Now I'm hungry.  Then later, all children would be seated on the front curb while the men in the family set off fireworks. 


Now everyone has moved away and the elders are gone.  The neighborhood is SO quiet as most folks have aged.  Our only nearby family still in our state son is working today, so here we are.  No excitement at our house.  Feels mighty strange.  As it is, my knees would never be able to manage all of that work in the kitchen.


I sure hope that not too much damage is done by that hurricane.  I hate hurricane season; my granddaughter lives in Louisiana.  They usually have to evacuate.


Well; at least we don't have any bears . . . .good grief; can lions and tigers be far behind?  Oh My!!  (Now if only I could find my ruby slippers.)


Carolyn, I am so glad Jim is till doing fine at the NH and that the care is top drawer.  What a relief it must be to know that.  It's a lot of driving back and forth for you, I am sure.  Take good care of you.


Well; I'd best get moseying down the road here, may today find it a good day for all and I am thinking of all of you.



Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 2:43 PM
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  Good morning all.  Happy 4th.  I hope everyone is having a nice day.  Pretty quiet around here.  We are having a lazy day.  Think I will take Harv out for a ride a bit later.


Lorita:  I am so glad to hear you got some antibiotic for your hand and that it is feeling better.  I hope you rest most of the day today and let your body get back to feeling normal. 


  I don't know what goes on with our dear one's minds.  It seems that they know what they want, but their brain won't let them say or do the right thing.  Harv is into saying ok to everything I ask him to do.  He either just stands and stares at me, or turns in circles.  Doesn't understand a word I say.   Frustrating for sure.


The story of your sister falling into the trash can made me laugh out loud.  At 82, she sounds like she is pretty agile to be able to get back out of the trash can and not be hurt.   Sisters are the best, aren't they.  My older sister and I get laughing and being silly with each other almost every time we are together.  


Linda Dee and Cat lady:  I also wish something else will take Harv before the Alz. does, but he is in good health other than the Alz.  It is very hard to watch them fail on a daily basis.  Harv is having a hard time with anxiety lately.  He either cries or is agitated on a daily basis now.  So far, can't find any medication that stops it completely.


 Milly:  I am happy to hear the storm isn't causing too much of a problem for your area.  We have a son who lives in Norfolk.  They were expecting allot of rain from the storm.  Haven't talked to him today so I don't know how much they got.


 Johanna, I thank you for posting all of your wonderful thoughts and advice for all of us.  You are so knowledgeable and always have a good answer to our medical issues, and practical thoughts of safety for all of us.  You have prompted me to change my profile.  I will do that as soon as I finish posting. 


 I don't feel I need a safety button yet, but I know they work well.  My Mom had one and she used it twice to call for help for my Dad when he fell in the back yard.  It actually saved his life.  Good advice for all of us.


 Have a wonderful day.  it is getting cloudy at the moment.  Maybe we will get a shower.  Hope so.  It is getting dry around here.  Joan





Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 4:41 PM
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Good afternoon, everyone,


Thanks, Johanna, for the good advice.  I can't really remember when I had my last tetanus shot.  The nurse said I should see the doctor the first of next week.  When I do, I'll get a booster.   The hand is much better - still a little red but hardly swollen and not very sore.  Must be strong antibiotics.  Ray's RN will visit in a couple of weeks and I'll ask her about the kit - or I can make one.


We're watching Broken Trail - lasts until 7 p.m. - pretty long show but good. We've seen it before but I don't remember much of it.  Ray seems pretty interested in it so we'll keep on.   He seems a little more with it today - hope that continues.  He has whimpering spells that just tear me up because I don't know what he's upset about.  


I now have two mostly incontinent males in the house - Ray (a lot of the time) and Luther ( a lot of the time).  Luther looks bad - he's somehow hurt his foot so he's laying around.  Now, I have a chux underneath him.  Poor guy, he looks so awful with his histoplasmosis.  The doctor said he doesn't think he can see very well - and I don't either - but he's eating okay so that's a plus.


I just went out and checked Gray Lady - may be tonight so I'll check every couple of hours.  I'll really be glad when she has her baby and everything's all right.  The cows haven't come to the barn today - up at the MH in the cool shade.  It always seem cools up there - a little higher than we are and always a breeze. 


I found my journal from 2011 and 2012 this morning and I've been reading some of it.   It seems that Ray was having a lot of the same problems that far back.  I didn't really realize it had been going on so long - time really gets away from us.  He slept until about 12:30 today - worn out from last night.  I took a short nap on the divan watching tennis this morning before he got up.


I think I'll go out really early in the morning while the dew's still on and pick some blackberries.  I can't eat them and Ray shouldn't, because of the seeds (unless I cook and put them through a colander to get rid of the seeds).   I'll pick these and make a blackberry dump to fill the dish our neighbor brought filled with jello.   The hay is really pretty but still haven't been down to see it - maybe later today - or tomorrow.   The meadow looks so pretty and clean with the grass cut and the big bales sitting on it.  Next week I'll see about selling some of it - I only need to keep maybe 20 bales - have quite a lot left from last year which I'll keep.


Johianna - when my sister told me about the trash can we really had a good laugh - first one in quite some time.  I think she said she was carrying a rake and pushing it and somehow got into it.  I don't know how and I don't think she does either but there was nothing in it at the time, thank goodness.   And, she wasn't hurt which is most important.  I warn her all the time about getting out in the heat but she does it anyway.  Yesterday she was trimming shrubs and raking leaves out from under them.  I guess you can't keep a good woman down.  She is in good health and takes no medicine.  She and I have been blessed with good health - guess we got that from our parents and clean living.  She gets her bumps and bruises as I do but that's about all. 


Milly and Johanna, I agree with what you said about being careful what we post.  It's a shame there are people out there who prey on others but there are.   On this site, we're friends and we feel like we can almost anything but we do have to be careful.  I also have worried about our friend posting her e-mail address for all to see.  But, I guess, if someone want to do harm, they''ll find a way to do it. 


It has warmed up here today but still pretty nice.   Johanna, you're really having hot weather and high humidity - is that normal for your part of the world?  When I came in a while ago the wind was blowing just a little bit and the wind spinners were turning slowly which I think is so pretty and relaxing and mesmerizing, to me.  There are two sets of spinners on each one and they sometimes turn in different directions.  One time the wind was blowing pretty hard and I took the tops off and really messed my arm up.  The spinners on one are sharp so next time I'll wear long sleeves.  


I'll watch my hand but I think it's okay.  I'll finish the antibiotics - augmentin, I think it is, and 800 mg. of Ibuprofen 3x a day - only had one so far.  It isn't hurting but guess I should take it because it's an anti-inflammatory.


Maybe we'll get to watch the fireworks on TV tonight.  Sometimes we can sit on the front porch and see some in the distance but with the rain we've had there are lots of mosquitos so we won't do that tonight.


I'll check back in later.  Enjoy the rest of the day.

Sea Field
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Lorita,  I remember your very first post on 'just want to talk to my friends'.  At the time you didn't want to burden your sister with your heart that felt heavy that day, and Ray was unable to respond.  So you reached out here.  And my goodness, what a wonderful network of friends that has grown together because of this thread.  You started something amazing. 


Twink,  when I was growing up we used to drive over to the dump to watch the black bears pillage through the garbage.  I doubt they let anyone do that now.  Teenagers used to get drunk and go hassle the bears.  Don't remember anyone getting hurt.  Fortunately the foolishness didn't cause any real harm.  I'm not afraid of bears (black ones that is) but I am respectful of them.  As my dad always told us - the bears are more afraid of you than you are of them.  Just don't turn your back to them and slowly back away.  Talk in a low reassuring voice if necessary.  But I would NEVER want to meet a grizzly or polar bear out in the wild. 


Milly, hoping the storm was gentle when it passed by.  Please let us know when you are all clear.  Hate to think of you blowing away in the wind or floating out on a raft somewhere...


Weather is gorgeous today.  Sunny, upper 70s, gentle wind.  Perfect.  This summer it's been raining a lot.  Almost daily.  Our back yard has been underwater 4 times so far this year.  Usually that only happens once when the snow melts.  Couple of weeks ago we got 2 inches of rain in an hour.  I've seen heavy downpours, but that was ridiculous.


DH is pretty mellow today so we are good.  Just hanging out. Walking every hour.  Eating chocolate (ok, I'm the only one eating chocolate!)


Blessings, Cynthia

Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 10:06 PM
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Good evening,


Cynthia, you may not believe this but when I turned on the computer just now I was going to ask if anyone remembered what the start of this thread was about and when it was.  I didn't remember but since you reminded me, I do now.  I had no one to talk with about what was  happening and there you all were!   We have become a group of good friends; we worry about each other when someone doesn't post, grieve when a loved one is lost and join in the rejoicing when something good happens.  We have, indeed, become friends.


I do remember this thread has been going on for more than a year because I believe Johanna had a birthday party for me last year and we've had several parties since then.  She can throw a good one.


Ray has been much calmer today.  I think when I'm calmer, he is, too, and I wasn't calm yesterday.  We're watching fireworks on A Capitol Fourth - really pretty.  It's been decades since we had fireworks.


He went with me when I checked the girls and to find Stormy because I hadn't seen him in a few days.  He's still in the west pasture so I was wrong in my assumption this morning when I found an open gate to the pasture.  We went down at looked at the hay.  I smelled one of the bales - couldn't get Ray to do it this year but he always has.  It smelled so sweat.  Now, you ladies and gentlemen in the city will think I'm nuts saying something like that but there is a difference in the smell of hay - this smelled so fresh and sweet.  We decided which we'd keep.  I think probably only 20-22 bales and I can bring that up myself in the mornings when it's cool.  I think I'll leave it away from last years and just put it inside the west pasture.  I like to have some separate from the other.


When we were on our way back from seeing the girls, I stopped by some blackberry vines and picked some to take to our neighbor.  I think I'll take them some fresh berries instead of baking something.  She's a much better cook and baker than I and they might like something different than I'd bake.  We used to like blackberries with sliced bananas in them but now I can't eat them because of the seeds.  Later in the day is the wrong time to pick berries.  I like to do it early in the mornings while the dew is still on so I won't get chiggers.  I'll probably be covered in their bites tomorrow.  There's so many of them.  I'd pick some and the next ones would be bigger and so on.  Had to force myself to stop.  We didn't have any last year because we had the pastures sprayed and the spray killed the vines.  These berries are on new growth.


My bite still looks pretty good - no pain, just a little soreness and a little redness around it.  I'm going to reread Johanna's warnings about what to watch for.  What would we do without Johanna to help us with our problems, injuries and sicknesses?  She's a treasure and I truly value her information.


Cynthia -  I can't believe you're not afraid of bears.  You and Twink are two brave ladies.  I'd probably faint if I saw one.


Guess I'll go and watch a little more TV and then to bed, to bed, said Sleepy Head.   Talk with you all tomorrow.

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In NM we had bears and bobcat/mountain lions. Every so often one of those big cats would make it all the way to the Plaza.

They never concerned me. As long as they hear you they go the other way. Now the snakes were another story...they are awful.

I remember clearly Lorita's first post and my, what a journey we have been on since then. Could any other group understand the bond we have?

You know those fresh berries may return ten fold in a pie...yum



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Good morning, everyone,


It's a little warmer and windier here this morning, supposed to keep warming up to 96 on Monday before it begins to cool down again.  I don't like hot weather.


I slept in this morning - until a little after 8.  We both slept well last night but I just didn't want to get up.


My hand is kind of sore this morning.  I woke up and it was under my head so that may be it.  I took my temp earlier and it was 97.3 - just now 98,.6.  I'll take it again shortly.   We don't have an immediate care place in the town near us or in the town where the VA is.  They did say there was one by the WM store but wasn't sure it was open today.   What's that - an immediate care place not being open.    I soaked my hand in warm Epsom salts water - and will again later.


Just got back from taking the berries and her dish back to the neighbor and visited a little while.  Ray's still asleep so didn't want to be gone very long.


Years ago I got dog bitten.  We had two poodles that had puppies and they didn't like each other at all.  One was under my chair and I put my hand down and I guess she thought it was the other dog and she bit my hand.  It was awful and I still have the scars.  It did get infected and took a long time to heal.  I was working at the VA and was treated by them.


jfkoc - I remember a long time ago you talked about selling your place in Santa Fe - do you still have it?  I remember the time, maybe two years ago, that you went out and some of your friends came and you all visited there for a few days.   How's Dick this morning?   You said he's sleeping a lot - still going on?   


Smokey, the kitten, is chasing a wasp or some kind of flying bug around the living room.  Last night I heard a crash in the kitchen and went in and he was on the window sill over the sink.  He was after the whatever it is and had knocked off some things from the window sill into the sink.   He's never still a minute.


Better go, I hear the dryer telling me things are dry.  First load of the day.


Hope all of you have a good weekend.

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 Dear Anntie Joe and Millie  ,  I thank you both for your concern and I love and care for you both as well.    I will read the thread,  but I'm not sure where to find it?  

I do realize about what the site wants as far as email address,  but I do feel it would be up to me, as far as giving it to someone.   I like it placed on my bio in case someone wanted to email  me and talk privately on a certain subject.   It would be nice if this site had a good message system,  where we could message each other,  but the message system never works.   I had someone "friend" me yesterday,  and I tried to go through the message system on this board to thank her for reaching out to me.  It looks like she has two Doxies,  and I wanted to ask her about them.  Of course the system would not bring up her name.   This is so frustrating.   I have about 20 email addresses from this board and we can just drop a note to one another anytime.   One I write to all the time is "Charles" from Germany.   His wife just went into nursing care.   When he came to America to check on his house and put it on the market,  Nora and I met him for lunch in PA.  We enjoyed the lunch and continue to write to each other.   I do think you have to be careful with pictures.   But I certainly thought they were safe here, but if you think not I will not post them.   I certainly want to keep my family safe.   I do live with a computer geek,   and my son in law is an electronics engineer,  so always putting safety features on my tablet as well as my computer.    

Millie I do want to read your thread,  let me know where I can see it.  I do thank you both for caring,  and we can never be to safe.     

Rough week for me,  I was accused of being "inhumane" for taking my husband's keys 14 dayes after he was told he had alz.   That hurt,   when I think of safety often. 

Johanna and Loritta,   did either of you read my post on what happened to my Sister while home alone,  and wound up with sepsis and two week hospital stay.  It has been 5 weeks and she still is not well.    It is important to watch for infection. 

 Loritta I did write a post about "who is taking care of the alz patient,  when they have no one"  but I did do one about "taking care of the caretaker" so we can be well enough to care for our loved ones.   

 I have a lot going on with Richard these past three days.   

 Have a good day. 


Jo C.
Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 11:24 AM
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M-m-m; nothing like fresh berries right off the vine.  I would probably have eaten as many as I picked.


Lorita, when you said, "to bed, to bed, said Sleepyhead," it reminded me of that old children's poem:


To bed, to bed says Sleepyhead

Tarry awhile says Slow;

Put on the pan, says Greedy Nan,

We'll sup before we go.


I had not heard that one in such a long time.  I really love the old children's poems and my very favorite writer of such is, Robert Louis Stevenson.  Part of his collection is in, "A Child's Garden of Verses."  He really knows and puts the feelings of children within his poems and one can also really feel the times in which they were written. 


And all of you with the "wild things;" e-e-e-e-k!  I would be afraid of wild bears and mountain lions if they suddenly sashayed into my yard.  I am really citified and we get hardly anything.  Once in awhile, a stray coyote wanders down the cemented riverbed that leads to the ocean and they get out into neighborhoods, so folks have to look out for their small dogs.


Gosh, I'm so bad with the ick factor . . . a neighbor at the end of our street pulled out a stand of old cypress trees.  You should have seen the cockroaches!!!!!  They were literally running down the sidewalks and the street.  Hundreds of them!


For awhile, we would find one or two in the house.  I was like a maniac; you would have thought a black mamba had got into the house.  Such a spontaneous performance from me going nuts, guess one could have sold tickets to it!


 We were getting some possums that ran along the tops of our block walls from one end of the block to the other.  They would get into fruit trees and also into pet food people left out for their pets.  They have those long pointy tails.  Well, animal control told us to wet rags with ammonia and put a few at each end of the fence.  That did it - gone!  Guess they really cannot abide the odor.  I understand raccoons do not like the smell of mint, but that one I don't know for sure.


I hope both Ray and Mike have a more settled day today.  Wonder if telinde got that rain.  We are certainly scattered all over around the country and all in different weather patterns.   We are in the 90's again today and once more, humid.  It is raining with lightening strikes in the foothills and mountains and one can see the dark clouds over them.  Sure hope the lightening does not spark any fires.  They are busy putting one out up in Julian which is above San Diego and up in the hills.  They're known for their apple festival and apple pie shops up there.


I sure do hope the locking boxes work well for you Lorita.  Now, just don't forget where the key is!  I've done that, so I have learned to have an extra key made and put it where I store the extras.  Of course, when I am not looking for it, then I find the original key.  Go figure.


Larry and Deane are certainly on my mind today; I am glad their daughter lives nearby and am also so glad he has Hospice services.


It is 9:15 and I have not had breakfast yet.  Guess I'll go and have some yogurt and strawberries.  I have to be really good the next few days to make up for the fact we ate stuff yesterday we should not have.  Really, really.







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Biddie...I was able to find your address and see your home and neighborhood on google map. You can go back and edit your posts.
Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 1:45 PM
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Bridget if you are still here reading, my thread is near the top of the "Spouse or Partner Caregiver Forum", titled "Be careful how much info you share online". My messaging feature works fine, as far as I know ( I only send messages to a few people) but, there has to be a better way for you to start contact with someone new, rather then making info public. Perhaps via a third party you are already connected to.


Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 2:33 PM
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Hi Cynthia thanks for thinking of me. We did fine with the storm although we got about 6 inches of rain in about 8 hours. Some low lying areas got seriously flooded, which is the norm when we get too much too fast.

 It is a beautiful day here today and tomorrow is going to be the same.

Pauline (pasnurse) lives just south of me and her area got 8 or more inches, and there was a lot of flooding there, so if you're reading Pauline give us a line from your boat Seriously, I hope you fared well during the storm. Have a peaceful and calm weekend everyone.



Marjorie McCarthy
Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 2:52 PM
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Almost every address is on the Google map. We are out there now a days.

No privacy.

Marjorie McCarthy
Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 3:16 PM
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At the end of our journey i wonder what my coffee table will look like. Right now it's part of our car i guess and he is struggling in his mind which way to push it or lift it. My spinning wheel is over by the kitchen door for what ever reason. He is angry that he has to do this work by himself. Hope this is over by bed time. My son is on his way to cook a simple BBQ for us, he will see his father in action or he will come out of it.

It's amazing he talks clearly and has all this various ideas. Unreal.
Least his depends aren't hanging down by his knees. Counting my blessings.

Hugs to all.

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  Hi everyone:


We are having a warm, beautiful day here.  Never did get rain yesterday.  Doesn't look like we will have any today either. 


 Lorita:  I could smell the hay along with you.  What good memories that brings to mind.  My Dad would always smell the bales of hay too. 


 Johanna, a bunch of cockroaches would scare me more that seeing a bear in the yard.  Although, I would never go outside and try to scare them away like Twink does.  I am not that brave.  We don't have possums here but I wonder if the ammonia trick would work to keep the deer from eating our flowers.  This year we are infested with a gang of squirrels.  They are coming on our deck and running around in all the trees.  I heard that bubble gum will kill them.  Guess they can't digest it and die.  Sounds kind of cruel, but I might have to try it if we get any more.  They seem like dirty little critters to me.  I don't like them.


 Harv is having such a hard time today.  He has been crying all day.  I just gave him an Ativan to see if that calms him down.  I don't know how they can turn their emotions on and off.  I got him out to the store, and he was just fine.  He was smiling and happy until we got back in the car to come home and he started crying again.  I think I will call the neurologist Monday and see what she thinks.  The higher dose of Seroquel doesn't seem to be working, and I don't know how to handle him when he is like this.


 I better get going on the laundry.  Hope everyone has a safe and content weekend.  Joan

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Good evening, everyone,


Johanna - I have always wondered what the rest of that poem was.  The only part I know is To bed, to bed, said Sleephead: Not yet, said Mo, let's eat before we go.   I always say that to Ray.


My hand has hurt quite a lot today but it's barely red and a little sore.  I've rubbed theragesic around it but not in the wound.  I ran a little temp around midmorning but it came back down - mine is always below 98.  I think I have a bug - stomach not feeling too well and diarrhea.  Oh, just remembered, the stomach thing is probably from the antibiotics and also the other.  I remember reading it now.  We took a nap this afternoon and I remember Ray getting up but thought he'd come back to bed so I went back to sleep.  I woke up later and he wasn't in the bed.  Always that brief panic when you can't find them.  I heard him whimpering - in the kitchen.  So I fixed something to eat - guess he was hungry.


Joan - Ray whimpers and cries so much and I don't know why.  He sees his psychiatrist Wednesday so maybe he can shed some light on it but I still won't give Seroquel or Respiradon again.  He went with me to the mailbox this evening with the dogs running beside us in the CW.   We went through the meadow so it would be easier for the dogs.  They absolutely love that.


When we got back the cattle were out front grazing - I'm thinking they were wanting to go into the NE pasture (I have the gate closed).  One cow came into the lot to see what was there.  I had already let Christy, Chris, Millie, Mae and Gray Lady out in the parking area.   I got around the six heifers and walked them into the lot.  Because one cow had already been in there, they weren't so reluctant to go in.  Now they'll have to be up ten days before we put them in the west pasture with the vet's little bull.  A month or more of that, I guess.  Then, everyone can go back to their original place.  Still have to get Stormy out of the west pasture.  I'm glad that's done but it tired me out even if it was pretty easy.


I just heard something on the news about alz medicines.  They said they had found none of them did much good and not much is coming down the pike, as they say.  So, doesn't sound too good but maybe something will turn up to help others down the road.


Johanna - I think the roaches would scare me more than a bear, too.  I hate bugs of any kind.  Ray's the worst about running into spider webs - drives him nuts.   I'm always afraid they'll get in my hair.  We have a water bug occasionally and some spiders.  Today we've had a flying wasp or something and Smokey has fixated on that all day.


Someone wrote something a day or so ago, maybe Johanna? about who can read these posts.  Don't you have to have an account of some kind to be able to read and post?   I remember something about a cloud account?  I guess anyone could join though and then they could read the bios and all the other things.  But, if they did that, the Alz. Org. would have a record of their name, wouldn't they?  If that would hinder them, I don't know.  Anyway, it's a shame.  I know we all would like to know more about each other and be able to contact them if necessary.


Johanna -  I've always picked berries.   At least one dog has always gone with me.  I've never seen a snake while picking berries which is unusual.  I usually do eat the prettiest and biggest until diverticulosis reared it's ugly head and prevents it.  When my mother was young and just before and after she and daddy got married, she had a pet pig, Willy Pa Pete.  He would go with her to pick berries and pick them and eat them as fast as he could.  I don't remember that any of our dogs have ever eaten them but they did stay right with me.  I think I overused my hand yesterday driving the tractor and picking berries and that's why it's sore.  I doubt that I'll pick more berries this year.  I can buy a jar of Blackberry Jam for about $2 at the Dollar Store and it's delicious.  Picking, washing, cooking, running through a colander to get rid of the seeds and making the jam takes a lot of work - but it's worth it.  I probably have some jams and jellies I've made in the past under the cabinet - should use them.  We have a couple of Asian Pear trees and I do remember making Pear mincement and I know I have some of that left.


It's been warmer today but it was so cool and nice out front this evening in the shade with the breeze blowing.   I dread the July and August weather but they way time is going those months will be over soon.  I haven't even gotten my winter clothes to the storage building yet.


Luther has been outside today on the porch.  I just got him inside.  He isn't doing well at all - somehow he's even hurt his foot with all the rest that's going on with him.  Poor guy, I'm afraid there's not much hope. 


Does anyone remember how long this thread has been going and how would a person get back to read some of the first posts?


Better go, hand is hurting.  Hope you all rest well tonight.

Sea Field
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Lorita, just brought the original thread up for you
Posted: Saturday, July 5, 2014 10:23 PM
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Hi Cynthia,


Thanks for much for that - you're great.  I really didn't remember all that I was going through then but gosh, so many replies and comforting messages that same night.   There are so many that posted that night and the next few days that are still around.  We've been friends a long time.  I only got through most of the first "page" but I plan to read more of it later.  Again, thanks so much for bringing it up so it's available to read.


I wonder about Shirley.  Has anyone read a post from her lately?  Time has really flown - that was almost two years ago and we were friends before that.  


We've been watching the most entertaining show the last couple of hours.  It's all about cats and the cute things they do - I will exclude the one that bit me, however, he/she is a pretty gray tabby.   Guess I'd better go and get Ray's medicine, see if I can get Luther medicated and go out and check Gray Lady and see if the little girls are doing all right.  They're really not little girls anymore - they're the size of cows now - five will be 2 1/2 and one will be 3 when they have their calves next spring.


I want to get up early enough in the morning to watch the men's finals at Wimbledon - Roger Federer is playing Novak Djokovic - surely hope Federer wins.   It's hard to imagine that he has four kids (two sets of twins).  They have their hands full but, of course, they can afford to have lots of people help them.   Wouldn't it great to be a millionaire - I think the first thing I'd do is put a pipe fence around the farm - including the cross fences and, Bridget, buy a a lot more kitchen gadgets.  I got the microwave pan a couple of days ago but haven't used it yet - doesn't look like it will hold very much so may return it.


Rest well, everyone, and again, thanks so much, Cynthia for bringing that up - so good to known that we've all been good friends for so long.  That truly means a lot.

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Good morning,


I just read that Larry lost Deane this morning.   This is happening so often now.  I know all of us are crying and sad for Larry but happy that Deane is now free.


Ray's still asleep.  I've been up for a couple of hours - fed the cats, inside and out.  The heifers are not happy being penned up but they'll be out in ten days.  There's lots of grass in the lot so they'll clean that up, then I'll put some more hay in for them.   They're so pretty - maybe I can get a picture of them for you.


It's warm this morning and looks like it will get warmer.   I had just gotten a big cup of hot tea and sat it on my end table, getting ready to watch tennis.  I heard a crash and Smokey had turned it over, all over the floor and the wooden box I keep my journal and odds and ends in.  Now, they're wet.  I hope it didn't burn him.


My hand is still sore this morning but temp. is normal.  We have cases of catfood in town we need to pick up so I guess I'll make a doctor's appointment in the morning and go in and see him and get the catfood.  That'll be three days in a row for doctors, two for me and one for Ray.   I hope he can be calm during the appointments and not be disruptive.


I hope everyone is doing all right this morning.  I know we're sad for Larry.  I was reading the first volume of this thread last night and Larry was the first one to answer my first post, and shortly behind the rest of you - so many answers in a short time and they all helped.  It's wonderful how we all stick together and grieve when one of ours is lost.  Today, we grieve with Larry.





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 Lorita, I agree.  We do grieve for each other.  I don't know why, but reading Larry's post made me burst into tears.  I don't know if I just need a good cry or what.  So glad this long hard journey is over for them.


I am glad your hand isn't getting worse.  Seems like my sister struggled with the infection for months when that cat bit her foot. 


I am trying to get Harv to settle down again today.  He is whimpering, crying, slapping his head, and stomping around the house.  I am feeling so stressed because I can't do anything about it.  I gave him an Ativan again to see if that helps.  I am afraid I am going to have to place him if I can't get this under control.  Maybe I won't feel this way tomorrow.  Just venting again.  I so want to keep him home if I can.  Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel like I have aged overnight.  I could use a face lift.  Lol


On a brighter note, Harv just fell asleep.  I hope he takes a long nap and wakes up calmer.


Everyone, have a good afternoon.  I will take Harv for a ride later this afternoon.  Tomorrow is a new day; another chance to start over.



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Hi Joan,


I cried too.   Does Larry have family?   I can't remember about this.


It sounds like we could be living with twins.  Ray whimpers almost all the time and points to the top of his head and pats it.  He also walks around.  I'll tell him to sit down and he'll ask where.  He'll sit for a little while and then he's up and going again.  He won't wear his post-op shoe on the foot with the injured toes so a lot of the time he's only wearing one shoe.  Sometimes he'll go outside with only his socks on.  I don't what I'll do for the appointments the next three days - play it by ear, I guess.


I'm glad Harv finally is taking a nap - maybe things will be better when he gets up.  We took a nap, I just got up and now I hear Ray up.  Just came in in his socks, carrying another shirt.  I couldn't get him to take off the scrub top he has on.  He has things in the pocket and he grabs it and says he can't do it.


Thank you, my hand is better but when I use it very much it hurts.  I guess I'll go in and see the doctor tomorrow if he has a time available.  I don't see the need but it's still sore and we need to get the catfood anyway.  I've been biten before but it didn't seem this bad.  I should have come in and washed it when it happened but just kept on with what I was doing.   My sister says she's been bitten on the legs by her cat, too.  I looked catbites up on google and it says one out of three who get bitten have to be hospitalized.  Thank goodness I'm one of the two who didn't.  It also said almost everyone who is bitten is a woman.  Guess that's because more of us have cats than men and fool with them more.  From now on I'm going to be more weary of them.


Hope tomorrow is better for you.  How's your weather?   Hot here.





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Dear Jfkoc

 You posted that you found my address on Google map. 

Is it

Because I was not able to bring it .  I never gave my address to this board and if my address came up it is probably due to giving your address when you order something on line.   When I order on line I never type in my address or my credit card.  I call the 800 number and order over the phone, however they put my information into their computer.   But than again,  how else would they send it to me.  

Rough  couple of days here,  so I will say goodnight


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 Lorita:  I think we just might be living with twins.  It is fascinating how so many people with Alz. develop some of the same mannerisms.  It must have something to do with how the brain functions.  Harv got up from his nap and was happy.  We took a long ride and came home and I fixed dinner.  He has been fairly good up to this point.  Getting a little whimpering from him, but not too bad.   


 It was 95 here today.  Very warm.  Nice our cars have air conditioning these days.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be taking all of those long drives.  We went on a road so we could check out the horses in two pastures we drive by.  Harv loves the horses and cows.  He gets a big smile and tells me to look at them.


 I hope Ray wakes up in the morning and puts his post-op shoe on and stays calm so you can get through your appointments.  I will say a prayer for that to happen.   Harv always seems more cooperative in the mornings so hope Ray will be too. 


I wanted to tell you that I was reading the first posting of this thread and saw a post from Shirley.  Does she post anymore?  Her posts were always good to read.


 Take care, sleep well, and enjoy the evening.  Joan

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