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Just need to talk to my friends(14)
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 11:08 AM
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Good morning,


Happy December! 


Guess it's time to start another volume of our topic -seems like these months roll around awfully fast, doesn't it?   It's going to be 2015 before we know it.  This year has passed so quickly, seems like it wasn't long ago when we were talking about how cold it was, then we went through how hot it was and now back to the cold. 


Most of us are still here but sadly many of our loved ones are not.  It hasn't been an easy year for any of us but we've stayed together and supported each other and that has been so much help - to me, for sure.


jfkoc - thanks so much - it's good to know you're there.


It's cold here this morning.  I took down the trash last night so I wouldn't have to do it in the cold this morning.  But--- before bedtime last night I found the case to  my cellphone laying on Ray's tray - empty.  So, somewhere he has my cellphone that I use all the time with all my numbers in it.  It's very old and I can't get parts for it anymore but it still works.  I have another one that we had years ago when Ray and I both had one, then gave one of them to my sister and got a little flip phone for us.  When the one I use gets lost, I use the flip phone to find it, however, the battery in mine must be down or it's turned off so that's not working.


Back to the trash - I was afraid he might have dropped it in a waste paper basket and then that went into the trash so I went down and got all of it (four big sacks), brought it home to the utility room and went through all of the sacks.  No phone - so it has to be here in the house somewhere.


We have a cabinet in the pantry that locks where I keep pots and pans.  I've cleared out a section of it to put things he shouldn't get into.  But, jfkoc, I'll still work on the locks.  I don't want to go through another day like yesterday.  After he went in and went to bed by himself, I thought that maybe he was just tired and that's why he was acting out.  


jfkoc - about the blocks.  His doctor mentioned that the last time we saw him.  He said to get the soft ones so if he decided to throw one, it wouldn't break anything.  I looked at WM but didn't find any so I'll check Amazon. 


I was just wondering if you have to take Luke for walks every day or do you have a big yard he can run around in?   I don't walk Bella and Susie but when the weather's warmer I put them on a leash and drive to the mailbox in the CW and they run alongside.  Other days I let (or they get out) them out and they run all over the place.  I've never taken dogs for walks but I know people do.  I have a friend in town whose husband takes their three Pugs for walk two or three times a day.


I hope all of you have a really good Monday - I plan to stay inside until I go out later to feed Charm - that is, if I can - never know what's going to happen.  I went out late last night to check Missy and had my flashlight - nowhere to be found this morning.  This is on me - Ray was already in bed.




Sea Field
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 11:26 AM
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Lorita,  do you have a connection with anyone here?  jfkoc maybe?  if so, you could email them your phone number, have them call you at a certain time - maybe call several times - and listen.  you might be able to hear where your phone is.


Or if your niece has your phone number and she has email, send her a message to call you.

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 11:37 AM
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Hi Cynthia,


We have another cell phone and my sister has called me but either that phone is turned off or the battery's down - so that doesn't work.  Weird what a lost, empty feeling you have in the pit of your stomach - kind of like when you can't find your purse.    I hope it'll turn up - not in the trash so that's good.  He can hide things in the weirdest places.  I'll just have to keep an eye out and hopefully I'll find it.    Thanks though.  How are things at your house today?  Cold?

Grandma J
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 1:51 PM
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Wow - losing things seems to be at everyone's house today.  We are looking for a $1000.00 check the hay buyer gave to him yesterday.  Good thing I know where the people live and that they will issue another check if need be.  What a challenge when stuff just walks off, or the neighbors steal it.  Ha. NOT.

Grandma J, on the hunt.

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 1:59 PM
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Hi LaRue,


A cell phone isn't anything compared to $1,000 check.  I hope you find it quickly.  Paper is so much easier to "hide", not nearly as big.


Are you still happy with the outcome of the auction?  I imagine there will be things you sold that you'll miss.  I know there would be with me.  I still miss the old farm equipment of daddy's that we sold.  I couldn't do it for a long time but I'm glad it's in a good place now and not just deteriorating in the weather.  Selling things is hard to do sometimes.


Let us know when you find that check.

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 3:46 PM
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we couldnt find wifes Scarf  the snowman type.  We just came back from lunch at the elder center and she was looking for her scarf.   its in the room I told her underneath a blanket or in a drawer or stuck in a corner or in a coat pocket or>>>>>>

We almost always find it sooner or later. it always turns up  whatever we are looking for.  Usually I say hey  where did you find that?  Nobody knows it just turned up   but today she wouldnt let it go  she said gimme the keys I gotta go find my scarf.

We went back to the center  and guess what?    she found her scarf!    I drove. hmmmmmm


Didnt need to say anything but since everyone was talking about losing something    Paul Harvey would say.....And now you know the rest of the story.    gooday!

Grandma J
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 5:12 PM
Joined: 12/8/2013
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Hope you have found the phone.  I was lucky and found the check folded up between a lot of papers in his dresser drawer.  Our sale was good and we finally received the $$ today.  That check takes 11 days to be available and then we will be able to pay off our house and save the rest to pay income taxes next spring.  It seems a shame to have to pay income taxes on equipment that you have used in farming. What happens when folks have a yard sale and get cash money?  Do they report and pay income taxes on those proceeds?   Just wondering.

I hope your weather is being nice to you.  We have been blessed with mild weather so far this year.  

Thanks for caring about me.


Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 5:23 PM
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Lorita...what is the kind of notepad you have? I bet we can find some instructions on line.
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 6:14 PM
Joined: 7/21/2014
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Good evening, I hope everyone has found their lost belongings.  I used to help 

Don look for all kinds of things.  We usually found them eventually. Now I am the only one here and don't have dementia (not the kind with a diagnosis) and I lose stuff all the time.  I've looked for my stupid wrist brace half a dozen times today.  Every time I come in I take it off and throw it in a different spot.  Then when I need it again, I have to look all over.  This last time I came in, I put it with my gloves.

It is much warmer here today.  Got up to 32 degrees.  The snow settled some so I hope it doesn't drift tomorrow when the wind comes up.  We get drifted in every now and then, but mostly our snow is dry so we can dig out or go through with something that has enough clearance.  My car isn't a diesel, but we have to plug in gas motors too when it gets so cold.  I have a head bolt heater on my car, it keeps the oil warm.It would most likely start, but I don't like to take chances.  

I got my teeth fixed this morning and go to the hand doctor tomorrow for 1 week check up.  I think I have most things fixed now.  I better start doing some walking etc. to get my leg strength back from my hip surgery. I plan on going full force come spring.  

Lorita, I wish I was closer, I could just whip you up some air conditioner covers, I make them all the time.  I keep avoiding the shop, because I have a gob of small repair jobs to do and I probably shouldn't until my wrist/hand has a little more time to heal.  I have a couple of big jobs too, but they will have to wait until I get the small stuff done.  I know how it is to paw through garbage.  Don was always throwing something away that he was sure was junk.  I think if he didn't know what it was, it became junk.  Did you check under the bed?  That was one of Don's favorite spots.

Hope Missy has that baby soon.  How about Abigail?  

I am still looking forward to hearing about your respite.  Have you set it up yet?

Do it quick before you can think of more reasons why you shouldn't.  Remember you want to get a hair cut and have friends who would like to have lunch.

Twink, I hope you get that dang weasel.  They are pretty, but so destructive and now he has a taste for chicken, he will be back.  Your poor hens, how many do you have left?  I believe you have the best tended chickens I have ever heard about. Just a shame that the weasel has killed so many.

I better feed the dogs, they are looking at me like I know where a big steak is and I'm not telling them.

Hope everyone has a restful evening and gets a full nights sleep. And doesn't lose anything more.  Leanne

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 6:27 PM
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Hi everybody,


It's been a busy afternoon.  Ray and Barclee got up about 2, then had breakfast or whatever you might call it.  Then several calls from OKC - my sister's doctor, dental, etc.   They didn't clear her for the oral surgery tomorrow.  For some reason it wasn't relayed to the doctor that the exam was for that reason. 


  She said they did all kinds of tests, x-rays, EKG, lab, etc.   She was, she said, given a clean bill of health.  The doctor's wife called and that wasn't the case.  Seems she has mild COPD (where they came from I don't know), a heart murmur and slightly high blood pressure.  May be white coat syndrome - I have that.  Anyway they want to do some more tests, carotid Doppler and echo Doppler before she's cleared.  She isn't going for that but they're going to contact the home health nurse and maybe he can convince her.   They also said she scored low on the cognitive testing - so this may be the start of dementia.  We've always been concerned about this because of mother having it. 


Guess I'd better get my ducks in a row, too.  Within the next ten years, we'll have to sell down and maybe sell out and get into an ALC with a memory care unit.  Luckily, I have LTCI but that won't last forever.  Not a lot to look forward to, is it?


LaRue, I don't know about garage sales money.  I've never had one but Ray and I used to love to go to them.  I think there's quite a lot of money made from them.  Maybe someone else will know.  I'm so glad you found your check - that would be scary.


I found the cellphone!!  I found it after I got Ray up and into the bathroom.  Can you all guess where?   I think he put it where he thought it would be the safest - and it was. He does this quite often and whatever I find goes in the trash.    I don't think anyone would have heard it ring if it had been turned on.   I found it and he said "that's mine" - and it used to be the one he used.   I disinfected it really well and now I guess I'll keep it in my pocket for safekeeping.   Things are usually found but it's distressing until it is found.


It's still really cold out - just got back in from feeding the cats and Charm.  Supposed to be 18 tonight - Leanne, I know you and Twink don't think that's cold but it is to us.


jfkoc - it's a Gigaset - a new brand in the USA - I think QVC debuted it.  It's a German-made tablet.  I think I can download the manual but I've never done that - is it safe to do that?    Maybe tomorrow morning I can call tech support - it's included for a year and if it doesn't work I have until the end of January to return it.   I hope it does.  I think I mentioned this before - I read that a cordless phone could interfere with the internet reception.  So, I got it out of the room but it still didn't stay connected.  Probably just something simple.



I think soup sounds good for supper - I love oriental flavored ramen soup so I'll have that.  Ray likes it, too, so when we both have it I cook two packages and add a can of condensed mushroom soup.  Makes it pretty thick and really good - only one packet of flavoring though - too salty.


Guess I'll go do that and check in later.  

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 6:49 PM
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Posts: 20125 have to sign in with a Google account

scroll down on this site:$uslarge$

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 7:05 PM
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I Finely got to post on here, and it seems I posted on the wrong thread.  When I posted this morning I didn't see a new one started.  It took me so long to get on, and then I do it on the wrong thread.  I will try to post again soon.  Be well my Friends.


Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 7:20 PM
Joined: 11/3/2012
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Hi everyone.  I want you all to know I really missed you.  I thought about you every day, wondering what was going on.  Took me quite awhile to catch up, but I feel better to see all lost things were found, the animals are all fine, Leanne had successful surgery, Twink is after the weasel, and jfoc is researching for directions.  We appreciate you jfoc.  All we need to do is ask, and you always find the answer.  I love that.  Sounds like Bridget is also getting closer to achieving her goals for Rich. 


 We had a wonderful time with family.  My, what a houseful.  I seem to forget from year to year, but always just love all the chaos, food, and fun.  We took one grand daughter back to the airport about 1.5 hours away, this morning.  Then stopped by my sister's place for a few minutes.  Harv was getting restless so we came on home.  He did well with everyone here until the last two days.  Still having trouble with medicine.  He has been staying up all night (twice in one week).  I gave him an Ativan one night and he slept like log for 1/2 hour and was hallucinating the rest of the night.  I won't do that again.  I am going to call the psychiatrist tomorrow to see what he thinks.  The kids all think I should place him in a home.  They can't believe what it takes to care for him.  Barbara, it was a real eye opener for our two sons and their wives.  The girls already know how much work is required.  Maybe all families need that training you were talking about too.  I have been thinking about placing him, but so far, just can't convince myself.  I am not doing anything until after the first of the year, that's for sure.


 Nice to hear you all had a good Thanksgiving too.  I will close for now.  Need to help Harv.  I'll be back.  Joan

Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 7:46 PM
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Hi All.

Really cold day here too. Ladies Day at church was cancelled, as we had a layer of ice. Not much ice, just enough to be slick.

Dana, did you look on the Recipe Forum for the recipes, for the homade candies and Apple Cake? Let me know and I will post them on this forum.  I just made German Chocolate Brownies to give to the neighbor who brought us food on Thanksgiving Day. All the containers were throw a way, except the cookie sheet she had the plates on. So, I will return the cookie sheet with brownies on it. I will post the brownie recipe too. It is simple, made with a German Chocolate cake mix.  I like easy!

Found out, while our daughter was here, that the computer was not up to speed. Repairman came out today. I have been paying for  a 6. Because of the rural area I can only get a 3. So, Tuesday I will call and see what they want to do about a refund, or a credit. I have to be in the right frame of mind, to deal with situations like that. Bu,t let me get up, have my coffee and then, I will be ready!

Twink, yes, good neighbors are Wonderful! Not so good neighbors can make one Miserable. We have not ever had a Bad neighbor, just some we liked better than others. We have had four sets of neighbors, in the house south of us, in the twenty years we have lived here.

I think enough Weasel pelts would make a beautiful hat or coat!

Does Sophie like the smelt too, or just Norton? I remember from before how much Norton liked them. Any way he could get them!


Glad you were able to go have dinner with your aunt and uncle. And stop by with a Christmas wreath for your mom.

Leanne, hope you get a good report from the surgeon on Tuesday.

Mama Sue, how are you???

Lorita, glad you found your cell phone! Seems like Ray and Barklee are sleeping later. Might as well with this cold weather.

Ken took some Advil and went back to bed for an hour, or so, this morning, said his low back was hurting. Used the heating pad for a few minutes, slept a bit, then he felt better. I ask all the questions about UTI.

LaRue, glad you found the check!!

Joan, how are you? Did I miss your post? Wondering about the company and how your dinner turned out?

Need to do some reading and catch up.

Have a good night all.

Linda Dee

Linda Dee
Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 7:52 PM
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Joan, we must have been posting at the same time!

Welcome Home {Back}!!

Posted: Monday, December 1, 2014 10:28 PM
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  Hi Linda Dee:  We must have been on at the same time.  Yes, I am back.  Got home this afternoon and vacuumed and mopped the wood floors.  My oh my were they ever dirty.  It told the kids it is a sign of a good time to see the house so disheveled and floors sticky.  Will get after the beds tomorrow and spiff up the bathrooms.  The rest can wait for the house cleaner next week.  Just had to get the floors done.  Couldn't walk on them without shoes for fear of catching something horrid.  lol


  Still tired from company and Harv staying up all night.  I don't understand how they can stay up and roam and rant and rave, especially at 75.  We'll see what the doc says tomorrow.


 Nothing else to report for tonight so will see you all tomorrow.  Nice to catch up again.  Joan

Adult only child
Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 8:34 AM
Joined: 11/28/2012
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Thank you Linda Dee, I did get the candy & apple cake recipes.  Can't wait for the German Choc Brownies!


Been VERY busy w/mom, she & Harv must be on the same wave length.  Rant, rave, walk, talk, pause, repeat, repeat.  Somehow dad sleeps right thru it.


It's raining!!!!!  We need it so badly but we're still saturated from Saturday and mudslides are around us.  Something just hit the tile floor, better go see. 

Positive thoughts,


Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 10:12 AM
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GrandmaJ - isn't there something called 'capital gains exemption'...?

I could be mistaken here, but in Canada, we have something like that..   where you can earn something like  $500,000.00 over your lifetime that can be 'tax free'.. ?  You should check with your accountant/lawyer person..

Get them to look for ways to pay less tax

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 11:28 AM
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    Hey y'all! Sunny but cold here! My office window overlooks the river, & I'm seeing lots of large ice floes drift by today! Was below zero this AM.

     Still haven't seen the weasel again. It's getting awfully cold to bait & wait, but I've stashed an old woolen blanket in the woodshed to keep warmer while I wait for a shot! I have 39 hens & 1 busy little bantam rooster left, so we must "eliminate the threat"! (Back in his prime, Norton would've gotten rid of that weasel already!)

     Linda Dee, Always look forward to your recipes! You asked about Sophie: She is absolutely spoiled rotten! As far as people food goes, she only likes chicken breast, salmon fillet or rare steak, BUT she expects to have her own little plate when we have supper, so DH grills a couple breasts a week just for her. That way when we're having something she doesn't like, she can have a bit of chicken (warmed up, mind you!) instead. For a guy who "never liked cats", she's got him wrapped around her little paw! She gets up w/ him at 4AM & "talks" until he leaves for work, then runs to the door to greet him when he comes home, talkin' all the way until he sits down to love on her! Too funny! (Norton's become pretty much Mama's boy so he doesn't care!)

    Joan, So glad to hear how much you enjoyed your houseful of company! Hope you find something to consistently help Harv, especially w/ sleeping!

    Wishing all as great a day as possible! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 12:11 PM
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  Good morning,


Joan - glad to see your post and know you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We missed you, too.   Saturday I was thinking I hadn't seen a post form you in a couple of days - didn't remember you said you'd be back Monday.  Maybe after a couple of days Harv will settle down after having so much company. 


Linda Dee - we didn't get any ice or anything except that awful cold north wind and clouds.  The sun's shining today and it's going to warm up.  I went out about 1 a.m. and it was 31 and it was still 31 when I went back at 6 a.m.


jfkoc - I wrote down that long website and will get on it this afternoon.  The problem I'm having is that it's not staying connected to the internet.  I thought this morning I'd have time to check it out but by the time I got back in the house, Ray was up so that went out the door.  Thanks, I appreciate your help.


Twink - maybe the weasel is gone and won't be back but I wouldn't count on it since he's tasted chicken.  Wrap up good when you're out waiting for him to come back.  Phoebe talks like Sophie does.  If I let her sleep with us, she wants to get up a little bit earlier than I do so she keeps talking and picking and pulling the covers.  Cats that are spoiled are something else.  Ray was never really a cat person either until he picked Phoebe up out of a box at the city-wide garage sale in 1998 or 1999.  After that he was hooked.  Good thing I guess since we have so many.  Had to medicate two of the little kitten's eyes this morning. 


We have a new baby - only one so far.  This morning I was in the kitchen feeding the cats and Abigail came in meowing really loudly.  Yesterday she spent the day trying to get in some boxes with winter clothes in them so I thought something was up.   I took her in the bathroom where I have her box in the linen closet and put her in and she settled down.  I checked a couple of times and the last time she had one black (still wet) baby.  I haven't checked in about 15 minutes so there may be more.


I thought last night Missy was going to have her baby overnight.  I think she lost the plug so I got up and went out twice but nothing yet.  She's out north of the house eating hay.  I'm glad she didn't have it yesterday when it was so cold.  It'll be a relief when she does have the baby, then I won't have to worry - after I see the baby nurse.


I'm doing laundry this morning, as usual.  Ray doesn't seem so antsy today.  I was able to get his medicine down him this morning so maybe the Prozac will help.  I'm going to call the guy this afternoon to see when he wants us to come down and get a different chair.  I know he doesn't want us to at all but I'm going to persist.  Ray's sitting in it now and doesn't look comfortable.  It's fine if you're reclining but not just sitting - seat's not long enough. 


Linda - please post the recipe for German Chocolate Brownies on our thread so I won't miss it.  Ray loves German Chocolate cake so I know he'll like them.  Guess I can use splenda instead of sugar or at least partly. 


Hope you all have a good afternoon - didn't see a post from Leanne yesterday - she may be frozen.  Maybe she'll post later today.



Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 2:51 PM
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   Hey Lorita! Always babies of 1 kind or another at your place! I forgot when I posted earlier, to say that I bet the siamese kitten IS precious! I remember how absolutely adorable Miss Kiki Bug was when we found her. Funny how such a sweet little thing could be such a holy terror, climbing the curtains & all! (I think that's when I fell in love w/ that fiesty, fearless siamese attitude!) Hope the rest of your day is fabulous! Hugs, Twink
Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 3:20 PM
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ok,  Dec 2,  and cold and wet, and frozen rain in NJ.     Joan i'm glad you think i'm getting close to getting somewhere with Richie's percentage.    I did use Loritta's suggestion on letting the Doctor's know they could speed things up if they wanted to.   I did Speak to his Neurologist, he said he understood, and would speak to his psychiatrist.  He also said for us to return in March, only if he was not already in the VA Nursing home.  Wouldn't that be great if that happened.   Can't count on it,  can't count on anything with this Disease.

In trying to catch up Joan,  I was not sure if you went away or you had a lot of company in your home.  It sounds like you enjoyed seeing a lot of people , so good for you.     I"m sorry about Harv being up at night, however you know I went through that for 8 months  every night.   The med that is helping us now is "late afternoon". between 3pm and 5:30pm Rich get's two Trazodone hcl. 200mg....  He than get's at 7:30pm  Quetiapine Fumarate, 150mg.  between the two he is down for the count.. sleeps all night,  just get's up to pee.  "thank God he is still able to do that".    I did make the decision to stop the Namenda.  I cannot stand the NASTY TALK, all the time.  THEY say it can comtribute. and the Neurologist agrees it is no longer doing him any good.   He is calling me Bit  l;;;ch...  Sl****t....  "He will tell me to get "out of his house"..   Last night I tried to help him get his Pj's on.   trying to get his arm out of the sleeve.  I"m pulling, he is leaving his arm straight .   But repeating over and over  "pull bit**ch  pull...    I said, this is your arm,  you need to pull it out, i'm only here to help.     It is at the point "I want him to be Sleeping or at Day Care"...   

  I did write a post on the old thread,  not sure if anyone saw it.  

Lorita I did mention about the "magnet locks".   I have them on my cabinets, just a few.. but Rich does not bother with them,   I just wanted to be safe with my med's and my "tablet, ".  

Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 5:40 PM
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Good evening,


Bridget - I did see your post on the other volume #13.  Glad things are improved a bit at your house in that Rich is sleeping.  Ray only takes 100 mg. of Trazadone at night and it works for him but I can increase it up to 200 if needed.  I'm going to crush them all the time now because I can never tell if he's going to take his meds or put them in his mouth, then spit them out.   He and Barclee are taking a nap now.


Just before 4 p.m. I was tired and asked Ray if he wanted a nap.  He did so we laid down.  Then, Abigail started loud meowing and walking around so I was up and down for at least four times, then decided a nap wasn't going to happen.  She has only had two kittens.  I called the vet and they said to watch her for an hour - might have to have a C-section.  I watched and she finally got into her box with them and is staying in now, cuddling them.  I just fed her and she got out to eat.  I called back to tell them and he said if she still has another one, she'll be meowing and straining - that I'd know for sure.  He says sometimes they only have one.  I have another big, black tomcat at the barn who's been in the same place all day.  I fed him and he ate but I may take him in in the morning if I can get him.  I touched him a while ago, first time ever.   I don't have any medicine to give him now.


Missy's still going - no baby yet.  I'll go out three or four times tonight - good it only take about 3-5 minutes to get out there and back but it does break up my sleep.


I don't think Leanne is frozen - the weather just said it was 36 in Billings - almost as warm as it is here - 42.  Leanne - hope you check in tonight.


I just saw oil is just over $66 a barrel and the gas price in Tulsa was $2.49 yesterday.  I hope it keeps going down - diesel, too.  News just said we're not buying much from OPEC now and that our oil production is up due to electronic fracking.   Oh, Oklahoma has three earthquakes a couple of days ago - fracking?


Have a good night.



Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 7:58 PM
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Lorita, I am just fine and it is warming up a lot.  I had a check up on my wrist/hand and everything is good.  Spent most of the day in Great Falls. It was a pretty day and I should have been doing something outdoors, but was just in a blue mood.

Glad to hear from everyone.  Hope those DH's settle down and sleep at night and not be so nasty or busy during the day.  Will check in tomorrow.

Hope Missy has that baby and all is good.  Two kittens are enough, but kind of strange she didn't have more, maybe not up to best health having had babies not long ago.  Leanne
Posted: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 8:08 PM
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  Hi everyone:  Finally got things back in place so feeling like a tornado hasn't hit the house.  Sure was a fun time.


 Harv was up again last night at 4:00.  He doesn't even seem tired today.  Psychiatrist thinks his Lexapro is too high and keeps him from sleeping.  Changed that and added a bit more Seroquel.  Guess we will try that for awhile and see what happens.  Poor guy seems so confused lately.  Like so many on here, he is progressing much faster than before.


 Lorita, glad to hear Abigail had her babies.  Two would be just right for her to take care of.  Not so much work chasing them around.  Happy all went well for her.  Sure hope Missy delivers soon so you can relax and not have to get up every few hours to check on her.


 Bridget, I did see your post on 13.  Those magnets on the cabinets seem like a great idea.  I haven't had a problem with Harv getting into things yet, so feel fortunate for that.


 Dana, I am hoping we both get a break from the ranting and raving tonight.  Harv should be exhausted, but is still like the energizer bunny. 


 Twink:  We have one of those talking cats with an attitude.  She was Mom's cat, and is also spoiled rotten.  Seems to rule the house.  My daughter had her little dog here for Thanksgiving and the cat taught it a lesson when he got in her territory.  Slapped the socks off the dog.  Poor little dog cried and hid from the cat the rest of the week.


 Lorita, I hope you aren't feeling those earthquakes.  That would scare me. 


 Take care and have a good night everyone.  Joan

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Gas in Tulsa today was $ 2.46, and of course if you use Wmt. Card it is 5 cents cheaper.


Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 1:43 AM
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Bonnie.  Try living in our world.    Petrol (gas) is $1.43 /litre here at the moment    I lt  = 3.7 gallons

And I live 1/2 hour from everywhere.    About au$40 per week.   And at the moment Au$ are almost par with US

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Hello Dear Friends, 

   I'm sorry I ended my post above the way that I did,  I heard something in the other room and ran to see what it was.   Richard did not have Medical Day care today Tues.   It was a quiet day at home,  But it was not good enough for him.  He has been acting up more and more.   I had been told by his Primary and his psychiatrist,  to call 911 or take him to the VA  ER  in Phila. Hosp.  He has awful words for me,  but the grabbing of my writs ,  One was even "Black and Blue, I showed the Neurologist on Oct. 31st.   Like I said, it has gone on off and on.   Well today he put me over the top.   He had pushed me with both his hands on my shoulders.    At one point in the bedroom, I was in his way, and he got close to my face, and hit me in my chin.  it was not hard, did not leave a mark.  but  "THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I'M USE TOO".    Well,  I needed to take Sean to work,  and I had given Rich his Trazodone, hoping he would lay down and take a nap.  He got in the bed.  but in 5min,  he was up.  So I thought this is not going to work.  So I said,  C'mon,  put your coat on, Sean has to go to work,  let's go and take him.  He throw the coat on the floor,  and it was on.."get the f**k out of m y house, you f** Bit**h... you go.. I stay here, leave me the F**k alone.  grabbing my wrist again.  Sean came and took his hands off me.   Now he goes into the TV room,  and he lifts my DURROW UP OFF THE FLOOR, it looked like he was going to throw her.. I ran over and grabbed her from him,  than his mouth started again.   At this point Sean talked him into bed.  I put the small dogs in their pen.  I took Sean to work.  All the while THINKING, what I would do.   I came home, and very calm,  I brought him in the bathroom and got him to shower.. BUT NOT SHAVE. I told him we were doing it for tomorrow, too many had to use the bathroom.  He than got dressed, and while he was doing that,  I put a bag together for him. just in case.   I than said,  I have to go and get Rick from the Hospital.  Let's Go.  In the car he went.  But once I got Rick from his job,  I was going over the Bridge into Phila.  at the hosp.  he went right in with Rick while I parked the Car.     Everyone was nice.  I told them what happened.   

Well we were there by 6pm.    He saw an ?ER Doctor, who said he would have to wait for psyct to eval him.   So we wait,  and we wait.   I told the "male Nurse"  that I have to leave by 11pm,  I have a younger Son at work, and he will be waiting for me outside in a parking lot. "not safe" this time of night.  He said nothing he could do.  We wait.  I than asked if Rich could have juice and cookies.  He got him something to eat.   The male Nurse than come into the room and said  "   I just spoke to the Social Worker, who said we might as well take him home,  because psych is not going to be able to do much for him because it isn't a psych problem, it is an Alzheimer's problem. '  He than said  " she said that maybe you should consider RESPITE, but just remember, they will give him back to you, after all this is your husband, and it is your problem".   Well than It was my turn.  I said really, and what is this SOCIAL WORKERS NAME?  I want you to write it down for me, so I can take it with me.   I will get my husband ready now and we will leave.  I got Richie shoes on and coat.  My Son Rick took him out to the lobby, and I went over to this MALE NURSE.  I said do you have her name written down for me?   He started to write a name, than his other workers corrected him and told him it was "kathleen" that was on tonight.   So now I have her name,  but before he gave it to me, he left again, when he returned , he returned with her and signed for me to come close to talk to them.  I walked over and she said her name.. I said, " oh, you are the SOCIAL WORKER, THAT SAID FOR MY HUSBAND TO LEAVE THE HOSPITAL, because their is nothing they can do for him here.   She said "no I do not have that attority to do that,"  Well you did it.  I pointed to the NURSE,  "he said , that you said for us to leave, it was an Alzheimers problem.   I than said "  let me tell you something Kathleen,  Alzheimer's is an illness,  I came to this ER, because I was instructed by his Doctors to do so.  She than says " well I read the Neurology notes from Oct 31st nothing in them about coming here".  I than said  "it was not discussed than.  Did you read the psycharist notes on his last visit?  too bad you would have read it in there".  Like I said " Alzheimer's is an illness, I have been here for 4 hours, no one, checked his blood, or tested his urine for a UTI.. and you call your self an ER.    Thank you for NOTHING!!!  we left.  I came home, and Wrote all his Doctors as to what had happend on "MY HEALTHYVET>  tomorrow morn.  I have to go to the Funeral Home to wrap up things there. Just so you know,  I do not end my post that way.    Just having a rough time.  Hope they will find him some NICE PILLS SOON.    

Be well my friends..... 


Congrats on  the new Kitties.   Here's to the new Cafe when it comes...The pic of the Doxie alone.. are my DURROW.  she loves to pose..  

File Attachment(s):
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Sunday Durrow..jpg (123160 bytes)

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Sorry,  I was looking for a couple of pic of DURROW.  she is our STAR poser.. loves the camera.   below there is a pic of the three of them eating.  Durrow is looking "away".  My son put a caption under it on Facebook saying.. 

    excuse me waiter,  i'm waiting for 2nd's....

  Another below is her and Ella, just staring. and the Caption read..

   like Durrow was talking.    "i'm just wondering why, Jewel has a bigger bowel.."   ??    She always has a ??? in her look.  Enjoy.  Thank God for pups in this house.  We need to smile when we can..

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durrow empty bowl.jpg (46655 bytes)
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Sunday Durrow.(1).jpg (123160 bytes)

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Good afternoon,


Leanne - glad to know you're okay and that it's warming up some.  What did you do in Great Falls?  I hope you're over your blues.  Is Great Falls a pretty good sized town?  I imagine all the animals are enjoying the warmer weather after that cold snap you had.    


Joan - glad you're getting your house back to normal.  I imagine having a houseful of people for a while can get things out of place.  It will probably be nice and restful to get back into the routine.    I haven't felt any earthquakes here since last summer.  I hope I don't.  We're about 130 miles east of OKC and most of the quakes are about 40 miles east and NE and N of OKC.  


Bridget - I would have been fit to be tied.  After being there for four hours and nothing being done and then being told to go home because it was your problem - not theirs - that would have done it for me.   I think a call to the Chief Social Worker and Patient Advocate might be in order - or even a call or visit to the Medical Center Director.


I don't know how things work  in really big VAMCs - I know they must be different than at our smaller one.  Did you even get to see a doctor or talk with one?   I'd also talk to the doctor who told you to bring him in if you had problems.    Something's screwy there. 


Is this something new with Rich?   I don't remember you talking about him being abusive before.   Maybe there's something with his medication or has he changed meds?   Something's just not right and really needs to be looked into.  I know you'll do what's necessary to get it done - no shrinking violet in your make-up.


Bonnie - that price is really good.  Our WM doesn't have gas but I think the one in Muskogee does.  We don't fill up the PU or car very often since we don't drive too much but it's over $100 for the PU and over $50 for the car when we do.


Sandy, that gas price is awful.  We're a ways from everything, too, so gas has to be used however expensive it might be.  I'm just glad I'm not commuting 50 miles a day anymore.


Abigail's doing great with her babies.  I can tell when she gets out of the bed - lots of crying.  It is odd that she only had two but guess that's the number she's supposed to raise.  The first litter she had three and one was stillborn, second litter she had four, one stillborn and one died a couple of days later.  So, she's had two that lived in each liter.  This will be her last.


This morning when I went out the big, black cat I mentioned was still in the same place.  I was afraid he'd died during the night because he was so still.  I said something and he moved.  He wouldn't eat his food so I decided I'd call to see I could get an appt. today.  That was at 8:30 and an appt. was open at 9:45.  I wasn't dressed, the cat was in the barn (only touched him once) and Ray was still asleep.  So I got things in high gear and we made it.  I just picked the cat up and put him in the carrier - no problem.   Thanks goodness, Ray was only wet and cooperated pretty well.


His temp was 105 (normal is 101).  He has a terrible infection somewhere, sinuses for sure because there's blood coming out of his nose a little bit.  He got two or three injections and medicine to give at home.   He's very dehyderated, too.  The vet said to dissolve 2 tsp. of sugar in 8 oz. of water and use that for his water - said he'd drink more if it's sweet.  Also got some more Nutr-Cal.  I give this to Luther all the time.  


He picked him up the nape of the neck.  He said they call that the "mother's handle" because that's how mother cats carry their babies.  He says it paralyzes them.   He also lent me a big cage to keep him in the house.  I'll put something soft in the bottom and cover the cage to keep him warmer.  He's very old - no teeth and lots of battle scars.   I don't know if he'll pull through or not but I couldn't just let him lay there and die.


Went out twice during the night to check Missy.  The first time was just before I went to bed about MN.  I turned on the lights in the barn and there was a huge, white owl in the barn.  I guess the lights scared him because he flew from place to place a couple of times and then flew toward the doors.  The doors are about 12' tall and there's a window above them with a security light about the window.  I guess he thought that was the way to go because he flew into the window, fell toward the ground but regained his balance and flew off.  I was really afraid it had hurt him but maybe not - probably just stunned.  You know when they fly, they don't make a sound at all - just lovely to watch.  It's been years since I've seen a white owl in the barn (guess they're barn owls - not sure, but he was all white).


Oh, almost forgot, when we were at the vets a man came in with a GP puppy about 6 months old.  He said she already weighed 46 lbs.  I talked with him a bit and learned that he got him from a small breeder in Gore, OK.  He couldn't remember the name but said it was a good friend so he got the puppy free.  I got him name so if the other one doesn't work out, I'll have that resource.


I'm not going to get to exchange the chair.  I've kept it covered the best I could but this morning I inspected and it and there's some cat scratches in the leather.   He wouldn't take it back and I wouldn't expect him to because it couldn't be sold again even if the scratches are small - result of kitten's claws I guess.     So, we'll just recline in it and it's pretty comfortable that way.  I may move it into the sunroom and bring the other one into the LR.


Ray and I didn't get breakfast this morning so had lunch when we got home.  We did have juice but no hot tea. I think a nap is in the offing today for sure.


Johanna - looks like you all are really getting a lot of rain out in California.  It's forecast to move into our area late tomorrow.  We're having mist and drizzle here - just enough to have to use the windshield wipers and get your shoes messy when you walk.


I think I'll make us a cup of hot tea - there's a little bit of caffeine withdrawal going on here even though we did get a coke at the vet's office.


I'll check in later to see how everyone is.  Bridget - be careful of Rich.

Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 2:31 PM
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Hello everyone.  Looks like a storm brewing around here.  Warm out, but windy and cloudy.  I don't think we will get much but rain, and maybe snow by the weekend. 


 Lorita, I have never seen a white owl, only in pictures.  Do you have allot of them around Oklahoma?   Glad you got the black cat picked up and didn't get any bites or scratches.  He will think he is on respite being inside in a warm cage.  He must feel awful, but we all know he has the best care giver ever.  Abigail is a sweet mother.  Missy seems to be taking her sweet time having that calf.


 I bet that puppy was cute.  That's nice you have the phone number in case you need it. 


 Leanne, hope your blue mood is better today.  I have kind of felt down after all the kids left.  I checked with assisted living homes yesterday.  Harv could go to the home where Mom stayed.  That is the one I was hoping would take him.  He's way beyond assisted living, but the owner told me she didn't see any problem having him there.  He is going for a visit on the 18th for a couple of hours to see how he does with the other 5 residents.  I almost feel like I'm grieving.  Guess I need to snap out of it and look at the brighter side of things.  This house is a five minute walk from home, 1 minute drive.  I will be able to stop by to see him anytime I want, and I feel he will get great care.  The psychiatrist has been telling me to look at placing him, and the kids were saying the same. It will be okay, just hope I can actually do it.  Who knows, maybe I'll learn a bunch of new things to share with you all here.


  Bridget, you have had your share of ups and downs lately.  How rude of the hospital to let you sit so long and not do anything.  I think I would be making a call to the director, and let your doctor know what happened.  Sounds like a total breakdown of communication.  Take care of yourself and be careful if Rich continues to be aggressive.  My heart goes out to you. 


  Lorita, did you go back and get that jeep?  I don't recall reading whether you did or not. 


 I need to go for now.  Harv is upset again.  Will take him to store to get a few things.  Maybe getting out will help his mood. 


 Crazy weather.  Starting to see snow coming in.  I'll come back later.  Take care everyone.  Joan

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Hi Joan,


We're watching QVC - kitchen items and I'm having one heck of a hard time refraining from ordering - I did order a three-knife set from Temptations.  I've seen it many times and thought I'd do it this time.  Also thinking about Today's Special Value - a Ninja smoothie maker.


Joan - maybe you all are going to get snow and we'll get rain out of this front coming in from California,.  I feel so sorry for the people out there with the mudslides.  I think that would be so frightening.


I know how hard it must be to think of placing Harv.  It's so wonderful, though, that you're familiar with the home and it's that close to your house - I wish it could be that way here.  If there's only five or six residents, they will get good care for sure. 


I see owls from time to time but the only time I've ever seen the white ones was in our barn - at night.  I know I'll be looking for him every time I go out there at night now.  If I'd known he was in there I would have only used the flashlight and not scared him.  We used to have a lot of pigeons when we had the three-story barn.  That only seems a short time ago but it was 54 years ago.  Gosh, that makes me feel old - er.   The white owl is beautiful - just mesmerizes me.   I don't know if I mentioned it but we had geese on our pond yesterday morning and again this morning - probably a hundred or so.  They were so still and I just stood and watched them - then, all at once they took off in a big whoosh - made a lot of noise. 


I didn't go back to see about the Jeep - just a little too much going on this week so far.   I should call the guy with the Grand Cherokee and talk to him.  The hood doesn't go down good and I'm afraid it might have been in a wreck and warped it.  He belonged to a man in Bartlesville but  I haven't been able to get his phone number.  We always like to talk with the previous owner before we buy a used car.   The smaller Liberty has fewer miles and is really tight with no rattles but just not as fancy.  Not that I need fancy but if the price is close, why not?   The man at the dealership called me Monday morning and said he thought he might be able to get the owner down to $5500 - so I don't know if I want to spend that or not.


When the tow-truck driver brought out Jeep back from them looking at it to see if they could fix it, he told me about another good mechanic in town where they take a lot of cars.  I might call them.  I wouldn't mind putting a couple of thousand into it.  It looks rough as a boot but I know it and if I get three or four things fixed, it would be good to go for a long time, probably as long as I'll need it.


I've put the black cat in his cage in the utility room and covered all but the front of the cage with rugs to keep him warmer.  I put sweetened water in and half a can of food and he ate it - I'll give him the rest tonight.  I have drops to give him so maybe I can just put it on his food and do it like that.  Poor thing, the vet said he was "ancient".  He showed me that he didn't have any teeth.  That makes me glad that I've been soaking up the dry cat food with hot water in the mornings so at least he was able to eat that.


I just made some banana muffins for us - from a mix - and they were pretty good - warm with butter.   Just felt like I wanted to make something - it's gray and cold and damp outside.   Wish we had a big pot of potato soup and cornbread for supper. 


Barclee's laying by me in the chair asleep and snoring.  That's what Ray and I should be doing.   Talk with you all later.

Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 3:43 PM
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Just a quick note to Bridget and anyone else dealing with anger/violence.  Two years ago I went through a terrible time when Mac was totally out of control. He was taken off of Namenda and Seroquel as the geri-psych. thought that they were no longer helping.  Through a lot of medication trial and errors he is on something (risperdone with occasional trazadone) and he is now more under control. 


  Fast forward to about 4 months ago, Mac's pcp said why don't we try Namenda again, who knows it might still be of some use. I said okay. About 3 weeks after restarting the Namenda, the anger/violence was starting all over again.  


The Namenda seemed to help in the beginning of the journey, but some where along the way it became part of the problem. I don't know if it is the answer to your lo's issues but it is something to talk over with your doctors. 


Bless you both, and stay strong, 


Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 5:26 PM
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Good afternoon,  It is a much brighter day today.  I just let some stuff get me down yesterday, and I think I was tired.  Since I lost Don, I have a hard time sleeping now and then.  The bed seems empty and I start feeling sorry for myself.  Never a good thing for me. But....I have things back on track today.

I took a nice walk this morning, I need to get my hip back to full strength.  I used to walk 5 miles every day until my hip got to hurting too bad to allow it.  After hip surgery, I just never got back into the habit of taking a walk.  It was hard to leave Don unless he was asleep and it seemed like I always had a list of things to do while he slept. So today I walked about 1 1/2 miles and it seemed like a long way.  Just shows how much I needed to do it. I then hauled in a bunch of wood from the pile and cleaned all the walks.  Cleaned up a bit in the hay shed and carried all the twine to the garbage.  All in all the exercise helped me feel better and I will probably sleep better too.

Joan, I'm sure you are grieving.  Making a decision to place Harv is not any easy thing, even though it is the right thing to do.  How wonderful that he will be only a few minutes away, and being assisted living, you can probably take him for rides when ever he is up to it. You have been hurting your back and probably your shoulders and lots of other parts helping him, and they will be so much better able to do that stuff.  Don't make it hard for yourself, it is the right choice.  

Bridget, I feel so badly for you with Rich being so abusive and then the ER treating you like that.  Give them Hell!! And be very careful, if you have to, call the police. They will get him into a hospital if he is hurting you.  Your Doxies are so cute. I've never owned one, but I would like my mom to get one.  I think it would be just the right size and temperament for her.  Maybe even a mix, I'm sure there must be one out there that needs rescued.

Lorita, You are just a magnet for animals in peril.  I'm sure the old cat is in very good hands and you will at least make his last days comfortable. I hope you can get someone to work on your jeep.  I think you will be much happier with it as long as it can be fixed.  I hope Ray has settled down a little so you aren't running after him all the time.  What about that respite??  That darn Missy is sure taking her sweet time having that calf. But, only they know when it is the right time.  I've had some I was sure were going to calve any minute and watched them for 2 weeks with nothing going on.  It wears on you after a while.  I've only seen one white barn owl.  I think they migrate to Oklahoma and Texas from Canada in the winter.

Sometimes they don't make it that far south.  Maybe they know it is going to be a cold winter.  

I hope the rain eases up in California.  They need it so bad, but not at the rate it is coming. Seems like it is drought or flood, nothing in between.

I was going to make a "little" pot of ham and bean soup.  Well obviously, I have no idea what "little" means. I have enough to feed an army.  Guess I will have to freeze a bunch in small containers unless I want to eat it every night for a month.

I have gone on long enough, hope everyone has a quiet evening and gets a good nights sleep.  Leanne

Posted: Wednesday, December 3, 2014 6:04 PM
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Leanne....I know what you mean about making "a little". Now I cook with freezing in mind. Good for you walking...they say it is about the best exercise.

Lorita....can you go online and identify the kind of owl you saw. There seems to be more than one white owl...all beautiul. And the, wish I had seen them.

Biddie....another be careful...Rich is not in control of what he is doing anymore. Does he have Medicare?

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