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FErs Disability-Beating the FEDS
Posted: Saturday, May 16, 2015 8:53 AM
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I posted this on the spousal board but I thought it might help some folks here.

In my year long fight with the Feds over proper calculation of DW's FERS disability pension the Agency ran up the white flag yesterday and gave us everything I demanded. It a pure issue of law. I have reams of letters from underlings telling me to drop dead . I simply never ever ever quit. I knew that eventually they would have to defend their position in public. When that day came, and the matter finally was in the hands of a senior agency lawyer they crumbled like a cartoon character.

It's DW's birthday. She kissed me and said it was nice to have her own bear. Then she said she felt sorry for people who don't have their own bear.

FWIW the issue affects anyone who retires on disability between 60-62 years old and with 20-29 years of federal service.

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