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Just need to talk to my friends(21)
Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 9:23 AM
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It's August!!

In my opinion, the worst month of the year with July being a close second. That's because I don't like high heat and high humidity. I think it would probably be hard to find many people in Oklahoma and Texas, and a lot of southern states, that really do like these two months. However, I have a sister-in-law who loves hot weather. I'm looking forward to mid to late September and hope that we have a very long autumn.

It's pleasant enough outside now and only it's only going to be 92 today (we call that a cool front). I just came in from feeding the cats and dogs, Dolly, her two boys and Charlene. It's going to be hard to stay in the lot with Charlene when she gets to weighing 200 lbs. She's a handful.

Also tried to check the cattle while I was out - counted all but two or three and I'm sure/hope I'm just missing them somehow. They've gone to the MH to be in the shade. It's a little bit higher with lots of deep shade so it's a really good place to stay in the hot weather. The pastures are so lush - the grass, all kinds, are thick and green. This is very unusual for us in August. If we continue to get rain off and on, they'll graze most of the time this winter instead of eating hay, except in falling weather.

Hope all of you are doing all right this morning. I'm better - just being without Charles sometimes gets me down. It'll be better in the cooler weather when I can get outside more. It's good that you all are here for those of us who need it are able to get bad things off our mind and feel better.

I think the blackberries are probably gone. I passed a couple of bunches of vines and I didn't see any. Last year and early this year the pastures were in really good shape but because of all the rain we haven't been able to get them sprayed so the weeds have gone wild. Nothing has been done to the west pasture. Maybe after hay baling is over Mark will be able to mow, at least that pasture.

Nothing planned for today but may make Leanne's chocolate banana bread before the bananas get too ripe.

Twink - hope you enjoy the ATV Festival today. I bet there's lots of good food to eat and interesting things to see.

Sandy, I hope things are better for you today. It really gets hard sometimes but we're here when you need to talk.

Better go and drink my hot tea and get Barclee out of bed. He woke me up at 2:30 this morning to get a drink of water and piddle. I've been using some chux for him but I found a package of piddle pads to use. He's so cute - never raises his leg, just sticks one of his back legs out a little bit straighter and does his business.

Have a good Saturday.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:14 AM
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Good morning,

Yes, it is August! I'm glad you are feeling better this morning Lorita. You and I were posting right over the top of each other last night.

It is supposed to be 97* here today, but even though it will be TOO hot, it won't be as bad as your 92 with the humidity. They have fire warnings out for parts of the county because the humidity will be as low as 8% in some places and a 20mph wind. There really isn't any worry here for me, because I sit in the middle of a huge irrigation district and other than the barley and wheat fields that are being harvested right now, it is very wet.

I went out early and sprayed some more weeds. I was almost done (had the sprayer on the 4 wheeler) and dropped the wand and of course, ran over it. Smashed it flat. I had another here, but it is made for a much bigger hose, so will have to go and find another. Oh well, it is going to be too hot to do anything else so I will go to Great Falls. I can visit mom while I'm there.
My aunt called last night and wants to have a surprise 90th birthday party for mom. I told her I would do whatever I could to help her. While Dawn and Corey are here, we will take her out to dinner (Zane, Cody and my nephew Luke) not much family left around close. That will throw her off, so the party should be a complete surprise. It will be a few days after her birthday.

The moon was certainly beautiful last night. I got up about 1:30 and went outside and sat for a while. I could have read a book it was so bright. The dogs were a bit confused and thought I should feed them breakfast. When the donkeys noticed me I came in the house. It wouldn't have been long and everything on the place would have been ready to start the day.

I gave the cats their distemper, Leukimia etc boosters this morning. Baby sister wasn't a problem, but I didn't know if I was going to be able to catch Cal. He wants petted WHEN HE wants petted. This morning he was suspicious and kept going under the car. Playing round the rosy (car) with a cat is kind of a dead end thing. I finally just walked off and he is so nosy, he had to follow and see what I was doing. They don't even act like they feel the needle so I know he wasn't afraid. Just contrary!

Did you only have to give Charlene one shot? Sometimes that LA200 does seem to hurt them. I think it is a big shot and kind of aches. Plus, the trauma of being squeezed between a gate and held there kind of upsets them. Only way to save them though. I have had some antibiotics I could put in the bottle with the milk, but they don't seem to be as strong.

Does Barkley get all bent out of shape when Stormy teases him? We have had pups and older dogs, our old heeler just hated the puppy (I think it was Dale) and would abide him, but that was about it. If he hadn't known he would get in trouble, he probably would have attacked him. Then he just ignored him, pretended he didn't exist.

Hope you like the banana bread. If you really want a lot of chocolate flavor, you can add chocolate chips. Don used to like it that way. Then he liked me to toast it and put Nutella on it. He was really a lover of all things chocolate.

Bonnie, Hang in there. I am hoping something will get Bill calmed down enough that he will take his medication and start to settle in. My MIL would never take her meds, so they ground them up and put them in yogurt or chocolate pudding. That spoonful would be down so fast, she didn't know there was anything else in it.

I better get on with my day. I hope everyone has a good Saturday. Stay cool if possible.


Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:59 AM
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Hi Leanne,

I gave Charlene a shot of LA200, then for two days she gets a bottle morning and night of electrolytes with two different kinds of pills dissolved in one of them. The third day she'll get the pills plus half milk and half electrolytes. She wasn't scouring too awfully bad but didn't want it to get worse because they get weak so quickly. It was just like mustard. I just went out to the get my cellphone out of the CW and she was laying by the water trough in the sun so got her up and she's in the barn now with the boys. I think they pester her.

Stormy drives Barclee nuts pestering him. Barclee lays by me in my chair and Stormy is tall enough he can bother him over the arm of the chair. I just let all of them and they're sound asleep.

The birthday party for your mother sounds great. We had either an 80th or 90th one for my grandmother. She really enjoyed it. Good that you'll get to spend part of the day with her.

We have one of those big sprayers (yellow) that would sit in the back of the CW. We got a battery for it but never used it. Anyway the weeds are so tall and there's so many of them, it'd take a long time to even spray the ones in the garden.

I think I may have given Phoebe a shot or two. She's about 12 now and it's hard to even give her any kind of medicine even with her wrapped in a towel. I routinely put ointment in Luther's eyes and bathe and put ointment in the kitten's eyes at the barn when they're matted. I just keep paper towels, a jar of water and ointment in the crib all the time. I have had to give them antibiotics and had to put paint on their backs to know which I'd given the medicine, too. We have half a dozen little kittens running around and about a dozen that are half grown. I've never had the chance to play with them so there's no way they could be caught. There are two that look like Siamese. Somewhere in this area, there's a Siamese who visits occasionally. Simon, who stays in the house is part Siamese and cantankerous as can be.

It's awful to have the chance of fires around. Glad you're in a safe place. We've gone through that a few years when you'd even be afraid to leave the place in case of fire. I'm glad Ray has the land south of us plowed and planted. I do worry about the north and east sides that border on roads though. A couple of years ago when it was so dry I had Larry brushhog about three rounds all around the land that bordered the roads - probably wouldn't have helped but it made me feel better. After the fire down by the mailbox I do worry that someone will throw out a cigarette. It's so green now might not burn though. It's even gotten so dry I wouldn't drive any vehicle out in the pastures.

Sorry you smashed your wand - easy thing to do. I had a couple of sorting sticks in the back of the CW a year or so ago and lost one and never have found it - it was red so you'd think it would show up in the winter. Hope you're able to find a new wand today so you can finish your spraying.

Thanks for the hint about the chocolate chips - I will put some in. I absolutely adore Nutella. I can eat it out of the jar with a spoon. Really good on peanut butter sandwiches, too. I like anything chocolate.

I didn't go back out to look at the moon last night but tonight I'll watch for it coming up over the water. I have a picture on the refrigerator that I took when snow was on the ground and the sun was coming up reflected in the water. The pond I'm talking about is on the east side of the house so I take lots of pictures of sunrises and moonrises but the moonrises hardly ever come out.

I used to crush Charles' pills and put them in the top of a pudding cup and slightly stir them in, then cover it with whipped cream. He never knew they were in there. Bonnie, I'm sure that will work.

I'm watching a western show on TV - hardly ever get to see a good one of them.

Enjoy your day in Great Falls. Is your company coming tomorrow or Monday? I know you'll so enjoy having them there. Oh, I remember, you said you weren't really sure because they were going to stop at your SILs parents before they came.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 12:41 PM
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Lorita and Leanne, I enjoyed reading your posts this morning. I have trouble keeping up with everybody, but I can handle a couple posts and keep you straight in my mind.

I chuckled at your comment, Lorita, " it's only going to be 92 today (we call that a cool front)." 92*, being a cool front! I haven't been in your area in the summertime, but was in NC last month to visit our son and his fiance. We went to North Carolina in July because that was his only Leave time for vacation. It was a sauna, the air so heavy and moist. Coming from dry Colorado it was an eye opener.

Leanne, you mentioned Nutella. When visiting our son last month, he made pancakes one morning. There was a nice little swirl of something he put in the middle of them. When I took a taste I thought I was in heaven. He said it was Nutella. It was so yummy in the pancakes.

I loved your description of going outside to sit in the moonlight. It sounds like your animals keep a close eye on you .

Yesterday we met with a young financial adviser about our retirement savings. It is scary figuring all this out and knowing it's all on my shoulders now. I'm glad my husband still knows enough he asks some good questions and raises some issues we need to address. I have a great deal to learn on the financial end. The terms they throw about mean little to me. I'm just trying to figure out one term and they are on ahead past several others. ... Now that Steve is letting go of the reins I hope it will be easier for me to set up a system that works for me/us. There are some problems to straighten out from mistakes he's made when I didn't realize he needed help.

We have a beautiful sunny day here on the Front Range. Maybe it will reach 85* this afternoon? The Ponderosa pines are very still out my window and I hope a breeze comes up. I do love the smell as I walk through our woods across pine needle carpet, a whiff of cinnamon and vanilla bark.

Thank you for sharing your daily stories.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 8:25 PM
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Hi everyone. Sounds like everyone has been busy.

Leanne, I am also anxious to make your banana bread. It sounds delicious. It's one of my favorites. I saw the moon. It was beautiful. I usually can't sleep when the moon is full. Don't know if it is the light or something else. good for you to get out more. I found it helps me not feel so lonely if I get out and do something with friends. I'm going on a hike tomorrow if it isn't raining. Cloudy here right now. I still haven't deadheaded the flowers yet. I can do that when I get back from watching grandkids at the fair. Ashlyn's steer isn't as cooperative as the last one. He will either be mellow or try to put on a rodeo. I hope she can handle him.

Lorita, good to hear you are feeling better today. I think it is a blessing we can come on here and say what we are feeling. It is a safe place for all of us.

Charlene must be getting big. Are you still bottle feeding her? I would love watching the boys playing. Bet they make you laugh.

I tried to resize the flower pictures so I could post them, but can't figure out how to do it on my iPad. I will have to do some research and figure it out.

Sandy, I am trying to decide which new computer I want too. Hard to decide, isn't it.

Twink, glad the chicks are loving their new home. Hope you have fun if you go to the TV celebration.

Bonnie, Harv gets his medicine crushed in pudding. In fact, I see a lot of the residents taking meds that way. You may have to suggest the try giving it to him that way.

Helen, it gets hot in CO, but I'm sure nothing like the south with the humidity. I love hiking in the ponderosa pines. They do smell good. Glad you are getting your financials in order. I've always done most of ours, so it wasn't too bad for me to take it all over. I'm sure it will get easier the more you do.

Lorita, I'm sending the cooler weather and showers you way. Hope it cools you off for a few days.

Have a good night and sleep well. Joan

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 9:46 PM
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Good evening,

It was hot as blazes here today, but kept reminding myself that it would be so much worse with humidity. It was 101 on my mom's patio at about 3:30. It is cooling off good now, it is down to about 68. It was only about 56 when I got up this morning at 5:30. Almost always cool enough to sleep pretty good.

I spent all day in Great Falls. I got the new wand for the weed sprayer and bought a new 3 gallon sprayer to use in the trees. I have a 14 gallon one made for the 4 wheeler that uses a battery. I should just use it, but always think I won't need that much spray. I also have a boom with 4 nozzles that Don made to use with it. I could just drive through the weedy patches and let the boom do the work.
Either too dumb or too bull headed to do it the easy way.

I shopped in the farm store, then went to Walmart and Sams Club. I needed to buy cheese and under wear. Now that is a combination. Anyway, spent a lot of time walking around in the cool stores. I did get the cheese and some new under wear and a few other things I'm sure I really didn't need.

Stopped to visit mom for a while. She had been out trimming on her lilac tree. I told her she needed to wait til evening to finish. Actually, I offered to do it for her and she told me to go home and trim my own lilac tree. She is one independent old girl. I am so thankful that her mind seems to be as sound as her body. What a blessing.

Dawn and Corey will probably not be here until Tuesday.
It is supposed to be a lot cooler so it will be nice.

Joan, I hope you got your hike today. I am planning on riding one of the boys in the morning while it is still cool. They think they are just pasture ornaments since it has been so hot. I really haven't done hardly any riding since I started haying. They are both so fat, they look like halter horses.
One thing about dead heading flowers, it really doesn't matter if you leave them a bit. Although, the plants get more new flowers if it is done often.
Hope the grandkids do good with their animals. Some of those steers can be a handful.

Helen, Thanks for coming to visit us. Always nice to hear from someone outside the normal group. I hope you manage to get your financial stuff straighten out now. You don't need the added stress later on. Like Joan, I did most of the money handling here. Don never really wanted anything to do with it. He worked and handed me the checks and if things didn't turn out good, it wasn't his fault. I bet he didn't write 10 checks in the 45 1/2 years we were married.
Nutella...... Don loved Nutella. He put it on everything. Abigail loved it. I always went to Sams and bought the huge jar for us and one for her to take home. Don liked it better than frosting on cupcakes and it went on pumpkin cake and banana bread. Pancakes and toast. He and Abby even put it on their ice cream. Ahh..what sweet memories.
I best get a shower. I plan on having a beer and watching the moon come up. It should be nice out on the patio which faces east. Watching it now won't awaken all the beasts. They are all so spoiled, and since I am the only one here and no neighbors close to make noise, if I move it MUST be morning and time to be fed.
I hope everyone has a quiet evening and gets a good nights sleep. I am very deep in my memories and a bit melancholy tonight, but it is not so bitter and devastating as it has been in the past. I think maybe I am starting to accept the fact that I have lost 2 people who were such a huge part of my life. I am beginning to believe I will survive. It will not be easy, but it will be.
Thank you dear friends for being here for me. Leanne

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 9:48 PM
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If you figure out how to resize picture on your Ipad, please share. Leanne

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 10:25 PM
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Hi all, I haven't been posting here, feel like I'm such a complainer. Rich went to daycare last Wednesday. He complained that he did all that work but they didn't even say thank you or pay him. Now he is telling me he did a little work at the hospital but he isn't going to do that anymore. We'll see what happens next Weds.

It has been beautiful here the last few days, low humidity, high in the 80's. I sprayed some weeds today and Rich locked me out of the house. He never even closes the door let alone locks it, so I think he did it because I left him alone. I had a spare key so no harm done.

Lorita, I'm so sorry about your cousins and I'm including Sarah in my prayers, so sorry she's back in the hospital. I wish I could send you some cool Lake Michigan breezes.

Leanne you're fortunate to have such a healthy Mom. She sound like she's good company. My Mom and I were best friends, she died of emphysema at age 64. I still miss her. Thanks for the recipe, it sounds delicious. I'll need to hide some bananas from Rich, he loves them. They don't last long enough to get over ripe.
Our son and his family left for Texas to visit DIL's family. He wasn't looking forward to the trip. Too much heat. DIL just got back Thurs from a week in the UK. She works from home and had to go to UK for meetings.

Hi to Joan, Twink, Bonnie and Sandra, good luck with your paintings at the fair.

Nothing else to report, Casey is fine. Everything is fine. Have a good night.


Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 10:25 PM
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Hi everyone,

Helen, so good to see a post from you. You mentioned Nutella - best thing, in my opinion, since sliced bread. Charles had crepes once at IHOP with nutella and bananas in them. I bet that was good. I started out buying the small jars, now into the next size. I just finished a little I had left in one today. Always try to keep a spare.

I've been watching for the moon to come up and it finally did but it was partly cloudy. I did take a picture after it got higher but it's just two bright orbs - one in the sky and another below it in the pond - that's all you can see.

I'd love to go out and sit and watch the moon but after seeing those snakes I don't think I will.

Helen, one of our favorite things was to go to Eureka Springs and walk in the woods. We're on the prairie here - there's lots of trees, mostly in the fencerows so not much of a place to walk among them. We don't have pine trees here but they do in Eureka Springs. We have Eastern Red Cedar here. I love them but they're really fire hazards - they just explode when the fire hits them.

Like you all, I've always done the financial part of our lives, too. Charles would write a check now and then but I always took care of paying the bills and all that stuff. I think that's the way it is with most of my friends.

Joan - hope the steer cooperates. They're so strong - even little Charlene is strong. Yes, I'm still bottle feeding her and will for a couple of months, at least. I'm trying to get her to eat a little bit of feed but I can only get a piece or two in her mouth and then she'll chew and chew. I remember when I was trying to get Petie to eat feed, he thought I had to put it in his mouth - took a long time for him to realize he was supposed to pick it up. He still remembers me and comes over for me to pet him.

I didn't get to make the banana bread today. I think I posted earlier that I'd found a western on TV to watch. I didn't realize it when I began watching but it was a three part show, two hours for each part. So, I sat there for six hours watching it - was really a good one. If any of you all saw Lonesome Dove - it was sort of like that. It was made after Lonesome Dove but had the same characters (different actors) and it was before the town of Lonesome Dove was a town so kind of confusing.

Thanks, Joan, I have felt better today. I had been forgetting to take my Librium and I took one yesterday and one this morning and it helped. I need to remember to do that.

Leanne - sounds like it was really hot there today. It was only about 90 here and the humidity wasn't as bad. I just came in from the porch and it feels warmer now than it did earlier. The wind blew some today and it's not blowing now.

Your mom sounds like a pistol - telling you to go home and trim your own lilacs - made me laugh. It's great that she's so feisty.

It's been so long since I've just taken time to look around in the stores. Charles would have spent the day in WM but I always make a list, get the things and get out. I have no idea what new things they have. Some day I'm going to go and just look around for a couple of hours. Our Sam's Club is in Tulsa - we used to belong and always went when we were in Tulsa. What farm store do you have in Great Falls? We have an Atwoods in Checotah that I really like and in Muskogee they have Tractor Supply and Orschelns - I like both of them.

I really like cheese - I can make a meal of a piece of cheese (I like Colby) an apple and some peanut butter crackers.

I also tend to do things the hard way and I don't know why either - guess it's just the way I'm used to doing things. I don't 'know why we never used that sprayer. We didn't have the CW when we bought it. We bought a battery but if I could find it, it's probably so old it wouldn't work.

Talking about deadheading flowers - I need to deadhead the crepe myrtles so they'll bloom again. The purple one was beautiful but it was so hot the blooms didn't last long. Maybe if I get them off, when they bloom again they'll last longer.

Odd, isn't it that thinking of something can take you back so far in memories. Maybe the Nutella brought back memories and they're making you a little bit sad. We all have our days. Good that they don't last too long at one time. I know losing Charles has been the worst thing that's ever happened to me but my loss is only half of what yours has been. I can only imagine how hard it was and still is. I'm glad you're beginning to feel a little bit better about things. I know none of us will ever get over our losses but the hurt will lessen some with time.

Enjoy your beer and the beautiful moon. I'm going to go out on the porch with a flashlight so I won't run into spider webs and look at it a while.

I so envy you all who have cool nights. It doesn't cool off much here at night and the wind lays so that makes it worse. But, it'll be fall before long and I'll be complaining about the cold weather in five months.

Hope all of you have a good night. I'm going to try to get up when the alarm goes off in the morning. I want to get out and see about Charlene. I had her in the stall today and couldn't find a place where she'd defecated. I cleaned it out good when I was out there and put her back in. I watched her after I fed her for half an hour. I let Christy in with her and she had a really good bath and then ran and bucked and played. I took a picture of her and the boys yesterday so will try to post them before long.

See you all tomorrow. Rest well. Come back often, Helen.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 10:52 PM
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Lorita, et al... I am Present ...

I had friends over until the wee hours of the night, so I did not go out to see the Blue Moon...
But while reading your posts today, I saw the moon light and the stars shinning through each of your eyes.

Lorita, I lost track of some of your children... Dolly and her two boys... dogs? or kittens? or cows?

About our LOs... dead or alive... After many, many years of a loving and a healthy relationship, they become an integral part of our being. Of our existence. Our reason for being.

So many super marvelous memories!!! So many conversations. And kisses in the moon light!!!

To not see / hear / feel the beloved.. Smell his scent. Hold his strong hands. Or taste his kisses. It is terribly difficult.
I have fantasies about our love making... at my age!!! I still see him naked in front of me!

But also, I am hunted by a wee bit of survivor's guilt... Sometimes my heart hurts deeply. Especially, when I dwell on the anguish he went through the last year of his life. What was going on inside that brain, eh?

Yes. My immortal beloved will cease to exist for me only when I die... If I were a Christian, I would be thinking of meeting him again in heaven, but I am not. So I dwell on the good feelings ( and marvelous memories ) I have in the here-and-now. Not waiting for the hereafter. Although, there are times when I do try to think of and imagine deeply what you all mean by Heaven.

Sorry to confess, gals, but I am not much of a presenter of good-old-home-cook meals kind of a person...
Can't make chocolate-banana bread. Pies, etc.
But, I do buy super delicious French Pastries. And, fantastic international take-outs. Good red wine and warm Napoleon Cognac. We have excellent restaurants in my neck of the woods.

I am a very good dancer. A good conversationalist. With lots of philosophy, arts, and politics. Sprinkled with good laughter. But not much of a stay-at-home-farm-duties kind of a lady. I've been a professional all my life. With hired help. I do envy your capabilities. My mother was a professional as well, so I did not have your training.

Those of you, dear friends, who are presently going through the difficulties and the anguish of being givers of care to a person with dementia, be it at home or at a residence, remember that we are here to listen, to support you, to try to give you comfort and guidance... You are not alone...We know what you are going through... those years of caring, and learning how to care, for a LO are never ever forgotten.

Sleep well... and don't let the bedbugs bite.
Hugs. And kisses. To one and all.
The "e" of w/e.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:12 PM
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Joan and Leanne.....just a quickie on resizing photos on the iPad. My daughter downloaded an app called Pizlromatic. That is what I use. When you open it you go to "Gallery" and pick the photo that you want, then down the bottom are several different editing tools...laps on the right is an arrow, this isolates the phot, then click it again and up comes a menu asking which size you want. I think I've used both small and medium, but small definately works. Good luck, and hope to see your photos soon.

Gotta go now, back later.

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:34 PM
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Good late evening all,

Glad to hear all are well. Instead of beer, I had a bit of tequila and grapefruit. Watched the moon and took a couple of pictures which I believe to be bright blobs.

Lorita, Tomorrow your banana's will make even better bread, because they will be really ripe. Best when totally black and mushy. Enjoying a western for 6 hours is a good thing. I rarely turn on the TV, but I will again when the winter winds start to blow cold.

Sandy, You are not a complainer!!!! You are dealing with a LO who is confused and upset and not easy to get along with. I am sorry he locked you out, but glad you are smart enough to have an extra key. I miss you when you don't post. I often don't read the other threads, so if you post, I don't see it. We are glad to listen to whatever is going on in your life, good or bad.

And the "e" part of w/e, good to hear your voice. I am also not christian, although some times I envy those who believe.
It is interesting to know what a diverse group of people we really are, and yet all bonded together in a big family by an unspeakably horrid disease. Some of us cook and bake, some enjoy the delicacies offered by bakeries. Some have calloused hands, some soft holdable hands with manicures. But no matter what we do or how we go about our lives, we all have a huge hole in our hearts left by Alz. Those who are still in the caregiving phase have the hole also, it is just a bit different, always waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I have learned so much from the dear folks on this site, and from the disease itself. I am a much more compassionate person and have a greater amount of empathy for those I meet on the street. Who knows what trials they are going through today.Maybe the crabby lady in front of me at the store is hurrying home to a LO who needs her.
I wish everyone some peace and wonderful memories to fill their night. Leanne

Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:39 PM
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Sandra, Either I am up late or you are up early. Thanks for the info. Will give it a try tomorrow. Hope it will be a good day on your end of the world. Leanne
Posted: Saturday, August 1, 2015 11:57 PM
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Hi w/e,
So glad you joined us tonight. I had thought you might be the e of w/e.

I went out to see the moon and it's not clear and bright- has clouds over it and is hazy- but still pretty.

Dolly is a cow and the boys are two calves she's raising- one is hers and the other is Petie. We lost his mom but they're both Dolly's boys now.

You know the fact that I'll be with Charles again is what keeps me going. But I,too, have the wonderful memories of almost 44 years- really 52 years. W/e, I think it's also the memories that keeps us going-reliving precious moments.

I've lived here on this farm 71 of my 73 years and am a homebody. No boys in my family so I helped and learned from daddy as did Charles after we got married. My life has been so different than yours but it's what we're used to. I doubt that I could exist in town. I have good friends that have always lived in town and think I live in the boonies (and I guess I do) but we're still the best of friends. Friendship crosses all lines.

Your life sounds wonderful-makes mine sound mundane but I love it- all the animals are like my children. I worry when I don't see them every day. Caring for someone with dementia brings us all together - the common denominator.

Guess it's time to go to sleep - 6 a.m. comes early.

Have a good night.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 12:09 AM
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Hi all
Just went out to look at the moon, it is beautiful isn't it? The 92 did feel cooler. Just had a call from the nh. Bill has fallen again. He won't let anyone help him to the bathroom. He fell twice last night, has a few cuts and scrapes. Had a red spot on the back of his head last night they said. Tonight she said when they cleaned him up( he had had a BM in his pull-up). She saw a good sized bruise on his left hip. Said she had noticed yesterday and today he had trouble standing on the left side. She is going to put in for an X-ray. He did eat 75% of his supper, and at lunch I got him to eat about 5 or 6 bites. My daughter went with me today and took her 5# min pin, he was so happy to see Zula, he kept saying meow to her. Called. Me mother. One patient referred to me as his mother, then she said your not his mother are you? I said no, I am his wife, she apologized twice. I need a perm bad, maybe I will be 30 years or so youngerLOL. I am worried about him.he has had about 5 falls all in the bathroom. They have tried crushing his pills in pudding and other things. But, he knocks it out of their hands or throws it.
I got him to take one pill this after noon and they started rubbing at ta van on his arm. I don't know if that is the spelling.
I Have read all your post, but with this latest fall, I don't remember who said what. So forgive me for not answering all of you. I so enjoy hearing about the farms, how everyone is doing and overcoming the problems of dementia.
Goodnight sleep well

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:55 AM
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Good morning everyone.
Haven't been keeping up on this forum. If you miss a few days, you miss a lot! Although I have been reading about Bonnie's husband and what she is dealing with, which is so very difficult. Also, Katrinka's recent loss of her dear husband is also sad as well as Lolo's DH.
I've had a horrible virus that knocked me off my feet for a week. Fever, cough, headache, stomach far the fever is gone and I've been up and around cleaning up after a week of doing nothing other than sleeping, making meals and doing laundry. I managed to do a little yard work yesterday and reset the mole traps that they seem to dig around but evade being snagged. They do so much damage that the places where they tunnel are all brown. I bought two of the solar powered vibration thingamajigs that are supposed to keep them away. I put one in our side yard and one in the neighbor's front yard. I don't think they work either. I got one mole last year and our neighbor got another one last week. He saw it tunneling and hit it with a sledge hammer. We have a wooded area behind us so I think it's a losing battle. Any ideas are appreciated.
Took hubby to the neurologist and she gave us some information on a phase 2 clinical trial of a drug that supports neuron growth in the brain and improve cognitive functioning. I did some research and it has some mild side effects like headaches or diarrhea. I emailed hubby's PCP and will contact his hematologist to get their opinions. Hubby is willing to do it so we will have to learn a little more once we meet for the preliminary appointments.
I changed my avatar to a picture of my beautiful Portuguese Water Dog. We always had white dogs like Lorita's beautiful pups and this little girl we now have is just a joy to have. Lucy is from Switzerland and we adopted her when the family decided to separate. She's so good with kids and can do many tricks. Her one fault is that she will eat anything that is left out. I have to make sure the the kitchen counter is cleared including bottles of pills, vitamins, anything that she can chew open and get into.
Our son came over to clear our the french drain that got clogged. Let's see if that did the trick when it rains later in the day.
I hope everyone has a good day.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 8:12 AM
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Good morning all,
I usually only read on here to see how everyone is doing.
2 yrs ago Bill was put in mental hospital and they took him off all his pain meds, alz meds, ptsd meds. He came out of the hospital the way he was before I ever took him to the VA.
He still has cancer, PTSD, several diseases from Agent Orange,Alz.
I feel like the VA let me down and now I have started over taking care of him after 8-10 yrs of having him calm and taking his meds. Now he only takes certain meds that he wants and has the angry issues all over again. He is in alot of pain because the cancer has spread and will not take meds for the pain which causes him to get angry. I have told the VA about the issue but they say they can't make him take meds and they are so busy they don't have time to deal with him or do not want to.

His mother and sister hate me say I am keeping him away from them. When he talks to them on the phone they tell him they called and I would not let them talk to him. His mother thinks I should take care of her and Bill. She is 94 and the doctor says she is in perfect health. Why don't families care about the problem I have and want to help not cause problems.

I get very depressed and have no friends to talk to. We have been married 46 yrs and I have had to help Bill since he came back from Vietnam with so many problems, of course VA did not take care of Veterans from Vietnam until 1999. He had a PTSD flash back and I took him the the VA in 2001 and they found his cancer.

I read this site to help me know I am not the only person dealing with Alz and other problems with their love one.

Thanks for listening to my tirade,

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 11:11 AM
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Diane, good to hear from you. I like your new avatar - such a pretty girl. I know she's found a good home. Stormy is the same way as Lucy - I have to keep everything out of his reach and as he gets taller and bigger I have to put it higher. He gets into trash cans, anything he can find.

It's awful that you had that virus. Being off your feet for a week can make you so weak. Glad you're recovering but take it easy and don't overdo. Hope cleaning out your drain works.

Hi Shirley - glad to see you back. Sounds like you're just about in the same place as you were a couple of years ago. You had such a hard time with Bill's anger issues then.

I'm having the same problem with my sister not taking her meds. They say patients have their rights and they can't make her take hers either - even when she was in the hospital. Can you crush them and put them into something he likes and get them down like that? I know how frustrating all of this is for you.

I know from what I read on this forum that families can cause a lot of problems. I never had that problem because no family was close by - only phone contact. We're always here, Shirley, when you need to talk or just get something out of your system. So sorry things are so bad for you.

I was hoping everyone was having a good day but seems not - I know I'm not. I got up early and went out to the barn just after daylight. Susie was out of the yard and I let her in and she was limping. Bella was no where to be found. I've spent the last two or more hours going to neighbor's houses and calling to see if they've seen her. I called three neighbors and went to four houses; one wasn't home so I left a note. They're the closest to us but I didn't see her anywhere. Another one where Prince lived for a while has a gate that you have to have a code to open or a remote. No phone number either - all cell phones. They're about a mile from us. I've never known Bella and Susie to wander off the place except to follow a car when it leaves the house. I've gone around the section once, part of it twice and can't see anything of her. I have a squeaky horn that I use I use to call her and Susie but never heard a bark or a sound. I'm afraid she might be caught in the berries vines in the west pasture but normally they don't go down there, just east and south. I just hope she's not caught somewhere and can't get loose.

Maybe it will be like it was with Jeff. He disappeared and was gone three days and showed up one day with a leg very badly hurt. He lost the leg but we had him for years after that. Seems like it's always something to worry you. Susie will be lost without Bella - me, too.

I was so hoping that she'd be home when I got back. I knew they were getting out of the yard again but just didn't take the time to go out and try to fix it. They had pushed the fence out and dug out next to the place I had just fixed.

Charlene is okay. I was worried about her. When I went out, I checked the stall and couldn't find where she'd gone to the bathroom so watched her for at least half an hour. Finally called our vet. He was out checking cattle. I didn't know whether to give her the medicine today or not. He said what's happening is supposed to - with the scours she'd emptied out her digestive system and she hasn't had anything except electrolytes for two days so guess there's nothing there. She got half electrolytes and half milk this morning and will again tonight plus her antibiotics. She's frisky and acts like she feels good - butting me all over the place. I let Christy in this morning to be with her - and Petie's in, too. Dolly and her other boy are with the other cows.

Keep your fingers crossed that Bella will come home. So odd (maybe not) that the absence of Bella makes it seem so empty. Susie is very quiet. If she could just tell me what happened or where Bella is.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 12:47 PM
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I am hoping with you that Bella comes home soon. She may be hiding somewhere in the yard or barn yard if she got hurt and is afraid. I know how upset you must be. Leanne

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 1:51 PM
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Hi Leanne,

I hope she comes back, too-hope she's able.

I drove down in the pasture with the berryvines and called and called but didn't hear her. I've looked everywhere I can think of. Hope you're right and she'll get back.

I've talked to two more neighbors, one a mile away and the other one is three away. Donna said something had torn one of their dog's chest up about a month ago and cut a gash in the other one's head- probably a wild hog. She said the Lab had two or three big gashes in his chest- our vet took care of him and he's okay.

There's no new cuts on Susie's leg so if that's what it was, she got away. I've never seen a wild hog around here but I'll be watching now.

Could have been coyotes, too- plenty of them.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 4:59 PM
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Sandy and everyone,

I found Bella. She was in the pond, next to the bank, drowned. She was only half submerged and wasn't stuck in the mud at all. You had to look at a certain angle to see her and for some reason I hadn't. The only thing I can think of is that she was bitten by a snake and couldn't get out of the water and to the house. She'd been there quite a while, probably since last night. She and Susie swim in that pond every day, several times if they're out so I know something tragic happened to her. She didn't die of natural causes - too young, healthy and energetic.

I got my boots on and only had to wade out a bit and got a tow rope on her legs and got her to the house. I can't see a mark on her. I'll call the vet and ask him after while if he thinks it could have been a snake. We've had cows bitten by snakes before. I did call Kate at the shelter and she said no one had turned her in and then I called her back and told her. She called and said she's seen raccoons in ponds lately and said maybe she got in a fight with one and it drowned her but if that happened, she'd be cut up and she isn't. She also said coyotes could have drowned her or someone could have shot her. The pond isn't visible from the road so I don't think that happened. I think a snake got her. I've always heard and maybe it's an old wife's tale, that a snake won't bite you under the water but who knows about water moccasins.

The only relief I have is that she wasn't caught somewhere by her collar and smothered to death in the heat.

What started out to be a bad day has gotten much worse for me. She was a good friend and I loved her so much. Riding in the CW without her just won't be the same.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 5:17 PM
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My dear Lorita,

I am so very sorry that Bella's story ended this way. I would agree it was probably a snake, but that is something you may never know. At least you have found her and know that she is not suffering somewhere needing your help. You will miss her, and mourn for her as she is a part of your family. To some, they are just dogs, but to those of us who treasure them, they are our furry children.
Please know that I am thinking of you and holding you very close to my heart. I wish there was some way to ease the hurt, but we both know from experience that the hurt is part of the love.
I am crying with you now. We all love you and will feel the lose with you. Leanne

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 5:22 PM
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I'm also sorry to hear about Bella. Our animals are our children and are such faithful companions that it truly hurts when they leave us. Sending comforting hugs...


Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 5:25 PM
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Oh, Lorita, I am so, so sorry about Bella. I've been waiting for your update about her. I am very sorry it is this news... A sudden death is devastating. It is so painful. I know how you must be feeling.

Is it possible for the vet to do a visual inspection/analysis or do an autopsy to confirm the cause of death? Especially since you know she was a good swimmer and there were no visible signs of injuries or suffering. At least you found her quickly and were able to get her body out of the pond. I can just imagine your agony!
How sad and lonely Susie is going to feel without her! You both will support each other. Cuddle together for solace. You both will whimper and cry.
On top of everything else, you certainly did not need to experience this.
Our hearts are with you and Susie and your other children...
Another adjustment in your life... Terrible.
I am sorry.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 5:27 PM
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Thanks, Leanne, I so appreciate it. It is an old wife's tale - I googled it and they do bite underwater. She was close to the bank with some tall grass between her and the bank. It was probably laying in the shallow water in the grass and when she started to get out it bit her. Maybe death was instantaneous and she didn't suffer.

You're right - we'll never know but at least I found her. I'll be scared to death to let any of them out of the yard now. I feel sorry for Susie - they were together all the time - she'll be lost for sure.

At least I know Bella had a good life that she thoroughly enjoyed; friends to play with, a warm bed in the winter and a cool house in the summer. Also all the land she needed to run and play - darned snake! She and Susie so enjoyed having a swim in the cool water. Her life just wasn't long enough.

I will miss her and mourn for her as I have for all of the others we've lost. Thank you so much - it means a lot to have good friends to share my sorrow.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:00 PM
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Oh Lorita, I'm so sorry about Bella, I know how much you love all your pets, cows included. Never crossed my mind that a snake could be the villain. Is there some pest control agency that could rid your ponds of the snakes? I know you've been worried about them this summer. I wonder what hurt Susie?

Again, I'm so sorry.


Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:27 PM
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Thank you, Ellen, w/e and Sandy for your kind and comforting words and for being sorry about Bella. It helps to know you all care. Now, to figure out how to bury her.

Just got back from checking the girls. Thankfully none were in the pond but most of them are everyday- some for a couple of hours at a time.

W/e, Susie will be lost without Bella- they did everything together even riding in the CW with me. I may talk to the vet but it is most probably a snake bite. I will cuddle with her tonight.

Sandy, there would be no way to get rid of all of them- they're everywhere. The wet weather has probably made them worse. I don't remember this many lately.

Susie, Sheena and Stormy will stay in tonight. Bella would sneak onto the divan and all I would have to do is point at the floor and she'd get down. She will be missed.

Work goes on- need to go feed the baby. Thanks to all of you again for caring.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:32 PM
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too many loses...too much sadness...thankful we are here to hold each other tight
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 6:56 PM
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Lorita, I'm so very sorry to hear about Bella. We love our furry friends like our children. Hold Susie, Sheena and Stormy close tonight.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:07 PM
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Thank you all for your kind greetings and sharing about your lives.

Lorita, I was so sad to read about Bella. I send big hugs. Our pets are family and dear companions and losing them is no small thing. I wish we could all come over to comfort you somewhat.

(Now I am wondering, do the snakes avoid people? I hope you keep safe from the snakes! I wouldn't know the first thing how to deal with them except to whack them with a hoe or something.) Please be careful and take good care of you.

I wish everyone well.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:12 PM
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So sorry about your beloved Bella. Bella had a great life with you and her furry friends. I know she has left a hole in your heart. She waits at the Rainbow Bridge to guide others into eternity.
Lots of hugs tonite my friend.

Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:15 PM
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Oh Lorita! I am one of the many people that follow this thread and enjoy your stories about your adorable animals. I felt compelled to add my condolences about Bella. What a shock for you! There is no way I would have been able to take her out of the pond or examine her! You are my hero and I love the way you love your animals. It says an awful lot about what kind of awesome woman you are. Again, my condolences for beautiful Bella.
Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:27 PM
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Evening all,

Today was cooler..only 103! Friday and Saturday were 105. Will certainly be glad when this heat wave breaks. I'm even looking forward to snow. Probably regret those words in a couple of months.

We went for a ride today in the boondocks. My car looks like a giant dust bunny. Mike had a great time. Rolled the window down and enjoyed all the smells of the hot woods. He was more like his old self today, cracking jokes and carrying on. Nice to see.

Lots of wildfires going here; one is over 16,000 acres. I feel for those poor folks who lost their homes in California. This has been a bad year with the dr

Thinking of all of you. Have a good night.


Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:33 PM
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Lorita, a very sad day to learn of your dear Bella.

Yes, water moccasins can bite under water, more than likely she accidentally stepped on the snake, at the edge of the pond. Some dogs can survive such a bite, some not. I do hope that you allow your pets to roam freely, as you did before the accident. Snakes would rather have the chance to get away before they strike by nature. Otherwise the use of venom is wasted, since a dog is too large for a food source, that is why I suspect she accidentally stepped on the snake.

I share your sorrow.


Posted: Sunday, August 2, 2015 9:55 PM
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Hi again,

Got the baby fed. While I was giving her the bottle, Christy, her mother, gave her a good bath while I petted and rubbed her head. Christy and I have been through a lot. It's the little things like that that keeps me going and somewhat sane.

You're so right, jfkoc, too much sadness and losses for all of us and it is good that we all have each other to help us through the hard times.

Diane, they're outside for a bit but I'll hug them and talk to them about their friend and companion when they come in.

Helen, thank you so much. I think snakes do try to avoid us as much as possible. I know they usually try to get away when they hear your voice-or scream. I'm really trying to watch where I walk and talk as I go to warn them.

Linde, Bella is at the Rainbow Bridge now playing with her friend, Prince, waiting for me and the others. Seems like I have a lot of holes in my heart but I have to keep going for the other animals.

Sounds like it was really hot for you today but glad you and Mike enjoyed the ride. The wildfires are terrible this year. I hate for the beautiful trees to burn and the poor animals hurt or displaced.

Thank you, clintsgirl, for your condolences. It was hard to get her out of the water and to the house. Charles used to do those things but now it falls on me and has to be done. I miss Charles holding me and saying it'll be all right when I cried about these things. Life isn't easy, is it?

Tanya, I think she probably disturbed the snake and it bit her. One of the neighbors called a while ago to see if she'd come home. He thinks it was a snake or maybe she got too hot and jumped in the water and had a heart attack. He said the fang marks would be swollen. I'll check again tomorrow.

Bella weighed about 40 some pounds so guess the venom was too much for her. Susie and Bella really grew up together so were great friends. Sheena and Stormy are friends and play together so Susie will be lonely without Bella.

My sister called and sounds good. Sarah goes to see another doctor tomorrow and will probably be hospitalized again. She needs to be there so they can get her well again.

I want to thank each of you for your concern and thoughtful remarks. You just don't know how much it has helped me. You all have gotten me through some tough times and I hope in some small way I can reciprocate. Where would we be without good friends who care?

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