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Just need to talk to my friends(22)
Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 10:07 AM
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Morning- Happy September!!

We're on the downward roll to fall and winter and our temps are to be in the mid 90s all week. Hotter in other parts of the state.

Hope the fires are being gotten under control.

I fed and took down the trash- again. They said they'd pick it up today. Then put out two anaplas blocks and backed up to the creeper to put in feed. The fence was all on one side. They've broken one side of the fence away from the feeder. The fence is heavy but I pulled it around and think I can wire it back for a while. Didn't feel like going back to fix it. The sides of my neck are hurting- guess I strained too hard pulling the fence. So, maybe tomorrow. I do things like that, then have to regret it. Just don't feel good anywhere so will take it easy today. I've rubbed with Theragesic, took an aspirin and my Librium and ate a bite.

Called the post office and they'll either call me when the medicine comes or the carrier will call when she gets to the mailbox.

So, not a good start for me today. Hope all of yours is better.

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 11:20 AM
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Dear Lorita, I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. I know when your neck hurts you feel like it is holding your whole body together! So bed is the best place for you...maybe some heat or ice or switch off!
If I was there I could grab a bottle and a calve! But since I am not, I will pray right now.
Feel better! Sharon

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 11:21 AM
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Hey y'all! Lorita, Sorry your day is off to a bad start! Maybe it's the moon or something, because mine hasn't been the best either. (1st anniversary of Mom's death, & got work hours cut today - from full-time down to 20 hrs/wk.) Sure hope we have a better day tomorrow - LOL!
Stoli went to vet for last puppy shot yesterday - his 17 week birthday - and weighed in at 31.5 lbs! What a tank he is! We drove to VT after, & visited the cemetery, then spent the rest of the day w/ my aunt.
So sorry to hear about Bonnie's Bill & Linde's Mom. (I always dread not getting on here for a few days as there's always bad news when I come back - sigh.) Will try to get back later today. Big hugs, Twink

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 1:57 PM
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Sharon, if you were closer I might take you up on that. I've been using ice on both sides of my neck and it's better. I've been sitting and got up a while ago and my left upper hip or left lower back hurts. Must have been sitting wrong.

I'll be able to wire the feeder together in the morning and somehow will manage to get some feed in. About a year ago we were going to buy a creepfeeder on wheels. If I have to get a new one, may do that but so expensive.

Twink, so sorry you're feeling down today. It doesn't seem like It's been a year since you lost your mom but I'm sure it does to you. Be good to yourself today and go ahead and have a good cry.

Sorry about the cut in your hours. Is It permanent? I don't know how they can make it without you because you do so much there.

Stoli is getting to be a big boy! Two weeks ago Stormy weighed 36.4 lbs. And he was five months old. He's 21 inches at the shoulder. I just measured Sheena and she's 27 inches but weighs much more. He's in the gawky stage- all Legs and kind of thin. He's beginning to get his long white hair.

Sorry, had to leave. The guy's here to mow. I think I'll'have him do several things while he's here. The dogs were in with me so didn't bark. He's unloading and they're barking now.
I love to hear them bark- big, booming and loud.

Better go for now. Twink, will you work four hours a day?

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 3:14 PM
Joined: 3/19/2013
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Hey Lorita! Thanks, but you know, I'm really not all that bad in spite of it all! Sure do miss Mom but she's better off where she is now.
As far as work goes, I'll work Mon.& Wed. 9-5, & Thurs 1-5 until business picks back up, so not a bad schedule at all. (Will finally have time to get caught up on things at home - lots of garden stuff going on right now.) My coworker's DH has been getting only a day or so per week at the paper mill he works at, for months now, so it made sense for me to take the hour reduction so she can keep getting her full check.
Honestly, I've been increasingly frustrated with the office, so a break will do me good & this is probably going to prevent me from quitting altogether. I'm fortunate that Mom left me a nice little nest-egg so financially, this won't hurt much at all - small price to pay for more "down time"!
Will have to measure Stoli at the shoulder. He is tall enough now to get his front paws up on the kitchen counter & see what's in reach! Guess I'll have to break down & get some internet service at home so I can keep up w/ y'all more often too! Sure hope your neck is feeling better soon. I don't know what I would do without Tiger Balm salve for mine! You can get it at Walmart - tiny little glass jar - works great, just wash hands thoroughly after applying, as you don't want to get it near your eyes - VERY strong.
Gotta get back to work - will check in Thurs. afternoon. Hugs, Twink

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 3:27 PM
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Hi all,

Sorry your not feeling well Lorita. It's hard to force yourself to do things when your under the weather. Good your getting your grass cut.

We had to go shopping for a new washing machine yesterday. I haven't heard anything good about the energy efficient models. I found a made in USA GE model. It will be delivered Thursday. Hope I like it.

I just checked with our drug plan to see if it would be cheaper to switch to generic Namenda but it would cost twice as much as the Namenda XR. Crazy.
Every time I try to save money I end up spending more.

Rich is restless today, got to go.


Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 5:36 PM
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Ahhhhhhh. Just lost a whole long post, with photos. Will get back later, time to get off my butt and do some work.
Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 5:54 PM
Joined: 9/11/2013
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Hello all!
Sandy, my hubby began taking generic Namenda, which is called Memantine. It's the cheapest at Costco...about $35.00. We paid $125.00 for memantine at CVS so we switched to Costco. If there is a Costco near you, please check the price. They also have mail order. Also check Walmart.
Lorita, neck pain is miserable. Take it easy for a while. I looked up what a creep feeder on wheels looks like as I had no idea what it looked like. And, boy, they are expensive!
I loved the pictures everyone posted.
Not many students today so I cleaned and did laundry. I mowed the lawn yesterday and I thought I'd die in the high humidity. I called three lawn service companies for a quote. With all the work in the house and Dick can't do much anymore, I think I'm ready to get a lawn service. I finally got rid of the moles but I'm not holding my breath as they come back every year.
Have to go...have a nice evening.

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 6:29 PM
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Good evening,

Lorita, Bad start to the day and the month. Try some ice on your neck. It probably got inflamed from straining. Also some ice on your back.
You need to find an easier way to move and add creep feed. I use a wheelbarrow, a wagon, a hand cart, whatever will help so I'm not lifting so much. Picking up stuff like the fence, I use a chain and the tractor or the 4 wheeler. Hope you get it wired up tomorrow.

Twink, I know today is a sad anniversary, but you are right, your mom is much better off. I am hoping that later this month on the year anniversary of Don's death that I can feel that way. It does seem to be getting better. Certainly not over the grief, but some of the terrible sadness seems to be lessening.
Boy Stoli is really growing like a weed. Hope you enjoy your extra time off.

HI to Sandra, Sandy, Db and Sharon.

I had coffee in town this morning with Dale. They got all the cows moved and the fire has kind of changed directions, so everything is probably safe now. I rode Charlie this morning early and he was pretty good considering I haven't been riding him much. When I got home from town, I finished cleaning up the manure in the donkey pen. A lot of shovel work, but it is done.

About 80* today, but supposed to get rain and a lot cooler by tomorrow afternoon. I hate to see the nice weather gone, but I have a pile of sewing I need to do. The bad weather will force me into the shop to do it.

I better get a shower and do some laundry. Evenings are still really long and lonely. Been saving stuff to do to keep me busy.

Hope everyone has a great evening. Leanne

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 8:09 PM
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Lorita, sorry to hear about your neck. I sure hope it improves quickly and that things ease up for you.
You too, Twink. I was glad to read in your next post that the cut in hours won't be a hardship. That's a big cut. Anniversary dates aren't easy. It's good you're able to see the blessing.

Sandy, I hope you like the GE model. I have a Kenmore washer and dryer I like a lot.
Sandymac, that's so frustrating to lose a post like that. Every once in a while for no good reason I can see, that happens to me.

Dd, I will remember that about Costco meds when the time comes, might be soon because dh sees the neurologist on the 18th. High humidity and yard work do not go together. Hope you find a good lawn service soon.

Leanne, is Charlie your horse? I'm glad you got to ride. You sound like a woman of many talents; students, sewing, etc. Planning something for the long evenings is a good idea. I hope they won't seem so long.

I've had some horrible summer cold/flu the past few days and have lost my voice. All I can do is sleep. Hope some energy returns soon. Be well everyone.

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 8:16 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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Hi everyone,

Twink -how nice of you to think of your co-worker in such a kind way. Probably getting away from work a little bit will help. Just think of it as a mini vacation. I know when I worked I always looked forward to three day weekends and vacations and I loved my job. Sometimes when I get back into the secretarial and reporting mode like doing taxes or business letters, I kind of miss it. But not enough to want to go back after 20 years off.

I'll look at Walmart for Tiger Balm. My neck is all right tonight but somehow I must have twisted my hip and when I first get it I can hardly walk but then it gets better. I used Theragesic and ice on my neck and back both today.

I'm glad today wasn't too awfully bad. We miss them but know they're better off than we are.

I just looked it up and Sheena is right in the middle of where a female GP should be at the shoulder - 25-29" and she's 27.

You all should have heard all the barking when I let them out and Ricky was mowing. A brush hog is noisy and it was driving them nuts. He left his big orange tractor here - he'll be back in the morning and Stormy still is barking at it - knows it's not supposed to be there. He has one pretty rig - bet it cost a cool $100,000 if not more. His tractor is a new Kubota just like the one John has who'll bring up the hay tomorrow. I think he told me it cost somewhere around $75,000. I'll love to have one of those with a cab but at my age a new tractor isn't practical.

He didn't get all of the west pasture finished. Said some of the berry vines were so big and tough they stopped the tractor - but he didn't push it. He said he'd spray those. It'll take a big dose of something very strong to get rid of them. But, what he got finished really looks nice. I just hate weeds and they're everywhere this year.

Sandy - Thank you, I'm better this afternoon. I hope you like your new washer. Every time I use mine (Maytag) I tell it that I hate it. We used to have a Maytag that I loved. It kept getting things wrong with it and the repairman said it would cost more to have it fixed than a new one would cost - so got another new Maytag. If I'd known then what I know how, I'd have had it fixed anyway. It take sooo long to do a load - guess that's what aggravates me the most. Maybe the GE will be much better. Sandy, Charles took Memantine from the VA. Don't know anything about the cost.

Sandra - please repost. Anxious to see pictures and always like to hear about Australia. I always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand.

Diane - you'll love having a lawn service. We don't have anything to edge but he mow and weedeats and that's enough. I never did like to mow much but Charles enjoyed it.

Last year our vet gave me the name of a company that has wheeled creepfeeders. The 4' size which will hold about 2T (not sure) runs about $1500. I'd love to have one so I could move it around. It gets so muddy in front of it where the calves have to stand to eat. Maybe I can make it with this one until I quit.

Leanne - I have the sacks of creep in the back of the pickup and the back of the creeper is against a fence so I back up to it, climb up in the PU on a stool and drag the sacks to the creepfeeder, open it and it, really tip it over into the feeder. I've had the guys start to put the end of the sack that opens toward the back of the PU and that helps. It's not really hard to do, sometimes I put an extra sack down and put the one I'm going to empty on top of it - that's easier, too.

I think I may have figured out how to fix the feeder. I think if I wire the fence to the feeder in many places and then put a t-post in the corner, they can't move it around. Anyway, I'm going to try that. We always used to put in a t-post but this fence moved around really easily so didn't do it this time. I'll have to be sure to get it in so I can pull it if I want to move the feeder. I'm not sure about lowering or raising the bar. I think it's the bigger calves that are trying to get in that are moving it around - may lower it s bit more. The fence was just the creeper fence and I think I jerked on it too hard to move it - should use my noggin a bit more or maybe a lot more. Anyway, I was in the PU and too lazy to go back for the CW.

So, you had coffee with Dale. I'm glad for you. He sounds like a good man and it sounds like you enjoy being around him. I hope, too, the one year anniversary won't be too awfully bad. How time does fly.

I hope the fires are beginning to diminish. I know the smoke yesterday evening scared me. I'd be a nervous wreck if there was smoke around all the time. Glad the cattle are out of harm's way.

This evening I put Charlene in the stall and pen and let Christy, Dolly and the boys out. Jasper is still courting and I opened the gate so he could get in. He was just standing there so I went over to the gate and petted him and told him that the gate was open and all he had to do was go in. I think he understood me because he turned around and went right in. Christy's interested now so I'll have to write down her time to calve early next June.

I'm glad you're going to get cooler weather. This is Oklahoma's transition month. At the first of this month we have almost 13 hours of sun, average high of 90 or 91 and by the end of the month we're down to 12 hours of sun with an average high in the 70s. I'm ready for it. The sun was really hot today.

Hopefully, tomorrow we'll get the hay up and most of the rest of the mowing done. I think I'll have him mow one round around the fenceline where I'm going to have the new fence put in so it'll be easier for them. I have him here and he's willing to do what I want so might as well do it. He's also going to mow on both sides of the lane down to the road. There's so many weeds it doesn't even look like anyone lives up here. He seems like a very nice man. He said his dad used to do work for daddy - that was when he was a little boy. I guess he's probably In his 50s.

Better go and find something for supper. It'll be time for bed before long. Hope all of you sleep well. Does anyone know what's going on with California Dana?

Posted: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 9:15 PM
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Hi everyone, have been trying to read, but my eyes aren't staying open. Wanted to let you know I am ok.

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 8:04 AM
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Well, back again, after a long day.

It's spring here, we in Aus chart the seasons by the months, so September is the start of spring. Thank goodness. I hate the cold, and am looking forward to some warm weather. Yesterday was a perfect day, and I got into my shorts to do the mowing....more to get colour on my legs because our granddaughters wedding is on 19th, and I don't want my winter white legs showing below my dress. Doesn't matter how old I get, I'm still vain!

Leanne, I was so pleased to hear that you did the same as I did with the mower. Don't feel such a fool now. Our old one had a lever to Engage the blades, but this ones got a knob that you lift up and down, and Ron had played with that. But another lesson learned. Glad you had a good get together with your friends, laughter really is the best medicine isn't it.

Lorita, hope your neck is feeling better now. A stiff neck can really make you feel so down can't it, seems to affect every move you make. Can't beat the old Tiger Balm, it'll fix just about anything I think.

I made the raspberry brownie yesterday.....very nice and chocolatey. Basically it's just a rich brownie recipe, with raspberries mixed in and sprinkled on top before baking. I tend to go to google for any new recipes, and found it there.....not sure of the site now, but think maybe Not going to look for it, because I'll lose this, and that's what happened this morning.

I still haven't heard from anyone about day respite for Ron. I made a couple of call today, but so far no one has rung me back. Hit the phone again tomorrow.

Well it's late and I've had a busy day so it's time to turn out the light. Ron is snoring and twitching beside me, but I'm used to that and I'll sleep well I think.

Here's a few photos
My Sydney rock orchid, a pot of native orchids that survived Rons pruning, our beautiful Loropetalum tree, and my lion and horse pictures after framing.
Night all.
No, no photos, I've resized them too big.

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 8:11 AM
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I wasn't going to be beaten, so will try again with the photos

Looks like it worked this time.... Night night.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 11:00 AM
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Bonnie, I'm glad to hear you're okay. Just take it easy and rest when you can. I know it's hard. We're here when you need us.

Sandymac, your pictures are beyond gorgeous . Do you leave the flowers outside in the winter? Is your beautiful tree one that blooms in the spring? Your pictures of the lion and horse are beautiful. No wonder they won prizes.

Thank you, my neck is okay this morning. My hip still hurts but it's better. I didn't get to work on the feeder this morning. By the time I fed everyone and got the right ones lotted, I was hot and tired. Thought I 'd rest a bit and do it but by that time the guy was here to brushhog. We visited a while and then had him put a bale behind the barn and told him what else to mow. Came back in, hot and tired, rested and started breakfast. Then John called. He was in the meadow almost loaded and wanted me to come out and tell him where to put it. We visited a while and now I'm back in for a while. It's hot out there. Of course all the men are in air conditioned vehicles.

Ricky said he'll get all the berryvines he can and will spray next spring.

The dogs barked, especially Stormy. Odd noises to them. They're in now, too.

Had an offer to sell out and still live here. Told Ricky I wasn't ready yet. I think he's going to be a good resource. Even knows where I can get new hayrings for $130 instead of $165.

The mail carrier called and she has my medicine. She'll call when she gets close and I'll go meet her. Busy day!

Maybe in the morning I can get the feeder fixed and some feed in it. Ricky said I should get one of those feeders in the back of the pickup that dispenses feed.

Hope all of you are having a nice, quiet day.

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 3:22 PM
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Hi everyone,

Well, everything's done, paid for and everyone's gone!

John and Larry got the hay up but John had to leave for a while and Larry misunderstood what he had told him and put 20-30 bales of hay in the wrong place and a few of the ones that stood in water for a while mixed in two rows of the good hay. John will come back this weekend and move the 20-30 bales. But, it's off the meadow and it looks pretty. Now I can let the girls down there to graze without having to eat among the weeds. They'll have to come back up to get water though. Also worried about the newest baby going down there.

Ricky got the mowing finished - looks so good, like it used to when Charles did it. He got all the berryvines he could - some were too big. He said he'd spray for me next spring. Also mowed along the fenceline where I'm going to have the new fence put in. I'm so glad all of that's done. I was almost afraid to ask how much but it wasn't nearly as much as I thought.

Funny, both of them have Kubota tractors and big white trucks, just alike. If I was 20 or even 10 years younger I'd think about one of those tractors but I like the one I have if it ever gets home.

Stormy and Sheena bark, even Susie. If I'm in the house with the TV on and the AC on and windows closed I can't hear them but they're big, booming barks.

I'm tired, even though I haven't done much. I'm going to get up really early in the morning and work on that creepfeeder. Still have to get three or four new hayrings before winter and another bunk feeder. Have you all had enough farm talk? Sorry.

It's hot outside but there's a good breeze from the south and if you're in the shade, it isn't too bad.

I wish I could find a place to order Always Save canned catfood so I wouldn't have to go into town to get it - but there's still milk, produce and ice cream to buy so guess once every two weeks isn't too bad. Still have to go for feed and I'll need another 50 lbs. of milk replacer - it's over $70 a sack.

Hope you all are having a good day. Be back later.

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 4:29 PM
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My LO is loving these posts as much as I am. Your pics are so wonderful, sandmac. Are they pen and ink or something else? I have been reading 'crushed ' who is Africa so I have been checking out those live pics as well.
Lorita, you need a break for sure, maybe it was good you had to lay low a couple days. I bet it is so nice to look forward to a calf! I glad it will be spring. My friend had her calf in the winter and kept in in the house for awhile! I don't know if I would be that kind!
Days here are calm. I am thankful. DH is sleeping alot during the day, but today I got to visit my sweet neighbor at our waterfall. DH came out a couple of times to check on me. My neighbors husband is 78 and now showing many signs of alz...we had a lot to share with one another. I am going to appreciate more time spent with her, as I have been so alone here the last month. (This month has been my first time home 24/7 in many yrs) we will text each other and meet between our homes!! Yeah Me! God always sends me a friend when needed. Now, I have all of you...I do feel much better.
My only pet is doing well, a big green frog in my pool. I am actually thinking of getting a parakeet for more company! Would it be too noisy for hubby?

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 9:34 PM
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Hi again - for the last time today,

Sharon, we need to see a picture of your big, green frog. During July when we had so much rain there were little frogs all over the yard - don't see many now so don't know what happened to them. I love to hear the frogs at night but lately seems I'm in the house at night. That bug thing I got is really working though - have to empty it at least once a week and there are always some live ones in there.

I think I'm as tired as if I'd worked all day - guess the stress of having someone around and going out and telling them what to do. I'm sore from my waist down and my calves ache. I'd like to sit in a tub of hot or warm water but with my knee I don't know if I'd ever be able to get out - that would be awful to have to call someone to get me out of the bathtub.

I took a nap on the divan this afternoon after everyone was gone. Everything looks so nice. The cows had been foraging in the loafing area every evening so bet they were surprised that all the weeds were gone. I think I've seen the new baby this morning and this afternoon, too. Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to get out in the CW and see him for sure. I want to try to get the feeder fixed in the morning - if I'm not too sore.

Sandymac - your pictures were so pretty. Just loved the flowers. We have honeysuckle blooming now and passion flowers - mother always called them wild apricots. Both are blooming on the fence down toward the entryway and on the south fence of our yard. A while back someone was interested in seeing what a passion flower looked like. I took a picture of one this afternoon so will post it. There's several of them coming up where Bryon has mowed but there's also the dried up pods so think I'll plant some of them on the north fence.

Joan or Leanne haven't posted yet tonight so hope both of them are okay. I'll post the picture and see you all tomorrow. Sleep tight!

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Sept. 2015, Passion flower 004.JPG (140425 bytes)

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 9:37 PM
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Good evening,

Lorita, You got so much taken care of today. Great. Does make one rest better when you know things are taken care of. Glad your neck is better, try to give your hip another couple of days. Haven't seen any mention of your sister or Sarah the past few days, any news? Also glad that the dogs are now barking. You will know for sure if someone is around.

Sandy, Loved the pictures. What is the red plant/tree? Sure pretty. Your art work is amazing. I'm lucky if I can draw a stick person and have it recognizable. Such talent. I was very glad you posted about your mower, made me feel not quite so dumb. Your spring coming and our fall nearly here. Seems weird.

Storycrafter, Yes, Charlie is one of my horses. I also have a big black horse I ride named Spot. They both have registered names, but they are long and hard to say. Hope you feel better soon.

Sharon, Glad you and hubby both like the gabbing that goes on here. Such a great thing to find a friend so close that you can talk to. Special that you can both understand what the other is going through.

I had a busy, but productive day. Rode Spot early, it was such a beautiful morning. There wasn't any smoke until I was almost home from my ride. Went to town and took cookies to Don's old buddies at the muffler shop. Then came home and djug one fence post hole and set a wooden post, hung and 10 foot gate on it and drove in 6 steel post. Put up 3 wire panels. Now the donkey pen is actually a pen again. This time with a gate big enough I can get through with the tractor. I was filthy and stinky again, but feels good to have that done. Guess I will take tomorrow off and go to town and see my mom.

I hope everyone has a great evening. Leanne

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 10:17 PM
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Hi all. Still getting afternoon storms and cooler weather. I worked at the gift shop today. Was nice to be out. We had a lot of new merchandise to mark so the afternoon went by fast.

Lolita, glad you are feeling better. I hate to strain muscles. Seems to take so long to get over it. Glad the workers got all the mowing and brush hogging done. With the hay put up, your place must look like the wide open spaces. I'm happy for you.

Twink, glad your cut in hours is temporary. It will be nice for you to have some time to do all your projects. It's hard to think your Mom has been gone for a year. Still hard even when we know it was better for them. It was three years April 1st that we lost Mom. I still wish I could have her back for one more day.

Leanne, nice you had coffee with Dale. He sounds like a good companion. At least someone to talk to and enjoy being with. Good to hear the fires are calming down. For awhile, it sounded like the West Coast was going up in flames. We haven't had any smoke for a week now.

Sharon. How nice you can get together to visit over the fence. It's good to have a good friend. It's especially nice to have friends on this site. Definitely a safe place to visit.

Sandy, loved the pictures. The pink bush is especially beautiful.

Diane, I hope you found a lawn service. I sure enjoy having mine done.

Helen, the colds and stomach bug is going around here too. Hope you get feeling better soon.

Bonnie, just wanted to say hi.

I need to press out a top for tomorrow. Going to see Harv and then my sister. It is her and her dh's 50th wedding anniversary, so want to take a little something to them. That's a milestone to celebrate.

Sleep well. I hope we all rest.

Posted: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 11:11 PM
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I wish the funeral was behind me. It will be the 8th. His kids are starting to gripe a lot more. I have decided to quit answering their emails. Everything is taken care of weather they like it or not, can't please everyone.
I don't think I have told you what happened to Bill. If I have just delete this. Tuesday I went for my daily one hour visit at the Psycratric hospital 3-4. I had told them the day before his arm was way too hot to the touch and he needed an antibiotic. Tuesday they said they were starting the antibiotic. 6:00 they call said he was going out the door to hospital, 101 fever, very low BP and oxygen. I went to hospital, they wouldn't let me back there till 7:30. He had gone unconscious in the ambulance. They put him on ventilator, don't know who dropped the ball on DNR. His heart was going between 130 and 147 till after 2 p.m. Wednesday. His BP was running down about 72/34, that was a high. He had pneumonia and fluid on lungs, septic shock. His kidneys in ER were running bright red, towards night dark browm. The arm was infected and they feel it went into the bloodstream. Thursday night they said he had staph in it. By Thursday the heart rate was down to between 70 and 85. I had noticed with the heartbeat on the monitor was a white squiggly line, Finally I ask. That was his pacemaker continoeusly kicking in. The BP had come up to like 90 over 50. He was on the most powerful drug and highest dose there is to get the BP that high. They lowered it 1/10th of 1%, his BP plummeted, had to put it back to highest dose.Sandy thanks for the pictures, everything is beautiful. Thursday night Bill's X dil called to ask about him. She has about 30 years head of nurses at Mayo. She said it sounds like you want comfort care and said what it was. Friday morning I told them I wanted him to have comfort care. After each family member went in and told him goodbye, they removed the vent, he left us 1 hour later. He suffered enough. 4 of his children and 2 of his grandchildren as well as mine were there for him.

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Good morning everyone!
I woke up at 5 am as I couldn't sleep. I'm taking our son to the airport today and feel uneasy when he flies anywhere. He used to travel a lot for his employer when he lived out of town and always worried. That's funny because I'm not a worry wart. I'm sure he will be ok.
Bonnie, I'm so sorry for the pain your Bill went through. It is so hard to be on a ventilator and to see it. I hope the funeral arrangements go smoothly. I hope the grumblings from his kids settle down. My dad was on a ventilator after he suffered a severe beating that led to his death. It was so hard on him, especially when they had to suction him. Before he became comatose, he would write in the palm of my hand "turn off" but the nurses in the ICU said he would have to be in a coma to turn off the ventilator as he would not be able to breathe without it and would suffer a painful death. That was so hard for him and to witness the pain and suffering. Those memories bring me to tears.
Sandy, the pictures of the flowers are gorgeous and you are quite an artist! Please share other pictures.
Leanne, what a workout you get putting in fence posts. It keeps you strong and fit, if your back can handle it!
Lorita, I looked up what a hay ring is...knowing NOTHING about farm life. I thought it was a ring to hang up the hay...what do I know?? So I found a picture and hope it shows up in my post.
If it's not here , sorry!! I don't think the cow is supposed to get inside.
Joan , fifty years of marriage is quite an accomplishment in today's world. Have a nice visit with your sister and BIL.
I have added a few more kids for tutoring. A few dyslexic boys and middle school math. Almost all are boys this year.
Hi Sharon! Yes, please post a picture of the big green frog.
We had a frog hanging around the front yard for a while but it probably became a meal for another critter.
We are going to have our son's bull dog Annie while he is away. She is quite the boss of our Lucy. She will be 10 which is quite old for a bully. It's his 3rd bull dog.
It looks like Dick will be approved for the clinical trial. The drug is safe with minimal side effects like any other Alz drug. Since it's a double blind study, he has a 2/3 chance of getting the drug and not a placebo. We will know more next week. If it slows the disease down or improves memory we would be thrilled.
Hi Twink...
Hope all have a good to finish my coffee and read the newspaper.

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Hi all

Bonnie, I'm thinking of you as you go through the next few days. Blessings to you. Your poor Bill, what an awful experience for him to go through after everything else. Why does it have to be so hard for them??

Glad you all liked the photos. The pink tree is a Loropetalum. It's in bloom now. The funny thing though, is that when I was under the trees today, weeding, I found a sucker from it, and it has white flowers. I'm going to see a horticulturalist at the nursery, and see if I can remove it and plant it's too close to the other to leave it and let it grow up.

Yes, Lorita, all our plants stay outside all year round. Thank goodness, because I'm too lazy to have to move them inside, or cover them. Our winter mornings never get below about 30, so it's not like your area. Glad your yard work is all finished, bet the place looks so good now. Hope you can kill off those blackberries. The berries are so nice but, boy, the bushes are such a weed.

Sharon, you have a waterfall? Yes we need pics of it and your frog. Love frogs.

I still haven't heard about Rons day respite. I did make another phone call this morning, about coffee mornings for both sufferers and carers, of course I got the message..."I'm not at my desk at the moment......" I waited for a return call all day, diverted the home phone to my mobile when I went out, and when I was next door for five minutes she rang. Murphy's Law. But I'll ring her again tomorrow.

Leanne, when you talk about riding in the mornings, I feel so jealous. I've never ridden, but it just sounds so lovely.

We went to our grandsons soccer grand final on Sunday. They won 4 nil. They have gone through the season with only 1 goal scored against them (I was wrong, I thought they'd only lost one game. Got put in my place severely šŸ˜€). The boys now play for the champion of champions against the rest of the state winners. Will be a real feather in their caps if they win.

OK, time for bed.....night all.

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Good morning,

Lorita and Joan, I see we were posting at the same time again last night. You know what they say about "great minds".

Lorita, Hope you have a good day and aren't so sore today. I'm sure the cows will be happy in the meadow. The little calf will probably be just fine. She is small enough to try to stay with mom. But, those darn old cows do stash them and leave them all day some times.

Bonnie, Dear, you are in my thoughts and I am holding you close to my heart. It must be so hard to wait to have a funeral. Just keeps the wound wide open. You did your best and still are, keep a stiff upper lip and tell the kids to back off.

Sandra, We are in early fall and the temps are already falling into the low 30's. My garden hasn't frozen, but it knows summer is over. Just kind of slowly dying. I will dig the potatoes in a month or so, but have to get the onions done today or tomorrow as they will freeze and be ruined. The rest is just vines etc. to be put on the compost pile. Hope you get Ron into a program soon, I know you need the rest.

Sharon, Yes! Picture of frog and waterfall.

Diane, I love bull dogs. What a fine looking girl. Hope you enjoy her.

Joan, Have a good visit with Harv and enjoy the anniversary party. The fires were getting going again last night, but we are supposed to get about 4 days of rain, hopefully we get enough to put them out. I don't know how the ones in Washington and Idaho are doing, but they got some rain last week.
I do enjoy Dale, but can't get that nagging guilt out of the back of my mind. We are taking it VERY slow, so far coffee at the diner and a drink with many friends.

Well, I got up this morning and immediately decided I needed a day off. I didn't even ride this morning, which is my best and happiest part of the day. hips and lower back said "No Way!!" It is nothing that won't be gone by tomorrow, but need to let things rest for now. I will get cleaned up and go to Great Falls and visit mom. I need a few groceries and will stop and see Zane.

I hope everyone has a good day. Leanne

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Hi everyone,

Gosh, so many posts to catch up and see what everyone's doing. I did post on my tablet after you posted, Leanne, but hit the wrong key and lost it and just didn't have the energy to redo it.

You're the one who got things accomplished yesterday. It's been years since I've dug a posthole - I guess the last time was when Charles and I put in a new gate because it was too muddy to get through the existing one. I'm glad you got the pen finished. How in the heck do you hang a 10 ft. gate by yourself? Those were some of the biggest arguments Ray and I had, except putting tinting on car windows. We put the things to hang them on in the post and then had to get the hinges over them so it took some doing.

Sharon, I'm glad you found this wonderful place to come and visit - that's mostly what this thread is about. Glad your husband is enjoying it, too.

Joan - hope you enjoy your visit with Harv today and have a safe trip. It's pretty cool here in the mornings but by 10 a.m. it's beginning to get hot. Weather's supposed to change next week.

Where the guy mowed looks great. I drove up in the pasture this morning to see the new baby - saw her from a distance but saw everyone else and it looked so nice. He's mowed around most of the fences, all he could mow in the west pasture, in front of the house, in the cattle's loafing area and behind the barn and most importantly down the road on both sides to the county line. I'm considering calling and asking for a quote to see how much he'd charge to do the rest of it. I had it all mowed last year and it was so nice, for me and the girls. I was going to spray everything this spring but couldn't do it because of all the rain. Maybe if I get it done this year, I can get it sprayed next year. Ricky doesn't bale hay so that wouldn't get in the way. I think there's still about 75 acres to mow because I won't have the meadow mowed and the west pasture is done and he's mowed around the fences. I'm glad that's done because it will be so much easier for the men to put in the new fence. I'll think about it a while.

Bonnie - I'm so sorry for what Bill had to go through - and you, too. I hope there wasn't too much pain for him. However they go, it's hard but that was just too much. After daddy's surgery he was on a ventilator and it was so hard for him but so hard for us also to have it removed. I'll never forget that. Also I know how hard it is to have to wait for the funeral - is it because there are people coming from a distance? Don't worry about what his kids say - you've done what you needed to do and that's enough. I wouldn't answer the e-mails either. That is just too hard on you with all the rest. We had Charles' service four days after he passed away to give time for his relatives to make arrangements to come and that was long enough. We're all here with you now and will be at the service beside you. All of you were with me and I know how much that helped.

Diane - didn't see the picture of the hay ring. Ours are old and metal and pretty bent up. They have plastic ones now but they're so expensive. I think I can make it with three new ones. The cows don't get in but the babies do. They get in and cuddle up in the hay and sometimes play when the hay gets low in them. I remember when Charles and I were feeding. He's go get the hay with the tractor and I'd stay where the rings were. If it was cold and sunny I'd crawl up into the ring (by that time the hay was pretty low in them,) and lay in the sun until he came back. We had a dog named Lady then and she'd get in with me.

For some reason this posted and I can't scroll down to see what to answer so I'm going to post it and then post another one. Sorry.

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Hi again,

Hate when that happens.

Sandra - How wonderful it would be to have a white tree like your pink one. We have lots of dogwoods here and on Honor Heights Drive, the street that goes up to the VAMC and on down into Honor Heights Park, there used to be a house with white and pink dogwoods - how beautiful they were. How long do the blooms last on your tree?

I think Remedy will get rid of the blackberry vines. They're huge but they're way on the west side of that pasture. They were beginning to encroach some into the meadow so he mowed them too, and I'll have them sprayed. It will really take a good dose of it to get rid of them. They'll take over if you let them and I see pastures around where they have.

I bet you did enjoy the soccer game - hope they win and I know you'll be there to cheer them on.

Diane - loved the picture of your bulldog. My friend, Karen and her husband have three they have rescued. They're all together now and she's so happy.

Leanne - I think it's good you're going to take a couple of days off - you've been working way too hard. Your hip needs a rest to get ready to chase bulls.

I'm glad you and Dale are enjoying being together. I think for almost anyone there will be that twinge of guilt but you know Don and what he'd want. I'm sure he'd want you to be happy and not alone. You said he knew Dale and thought a lot of him so think about that when you're together.

You said you were going to dig your potatoes. That seems strange to me - we always dug our potatoes on my birthday, June 21st, but of course your growing season is much shorter than ours. Do you have a cellar or somewhere you can keep them and the onions to use during the winter? Daddy always put ours in the cellar and we'd have potatoes, even if they were a bit sweet, until new potatoes were planted were ready to grabble. That was one thing he and I always did together, dig potatoes, and I really miss that. We'd also chop cotton and corn and could go for hours without talking. He was a very quiet person, very easy going until he was really riled up.

I think I got that creepfeeder fixed. I put 350 lbs. in so we'll see what happens. It has rods on the fence that fit down into kind of u-bolt type things on the feeder- those were what were broken off. I did use the CW this morning and pulled the fence around to meet the feeder and double wired it in four places tightened with the fencing tool and then chained it so it's together tightly now. Then I put a t-post in one corner of the fence so it can't be moved and wired it. Man, that ground was hard from little hooves being on it all the time. We have another older double feeder - one fence is broken but I could use the other side. There's a little bit of feed in there and it looks molded so I'm going to have to try to figure out some way to get it out - I'm surely not going to get down in there.

The little calf is staying with her mom but the problem is when they go to the meadow, they have to go through the NE pasture, around the barn and through a gate to go into the meadow. Invariably two or three calves will miss the gate and be in the wrong pasture. I still have a couple of gates to close before I can let them in and I may wait until it's cooler next week. There are trees on the west side of the meadow but no shade until just after noon. I can open one gate and try to make sure all the calves go through the other one. Really helps to have at least two people to move cattle or a good dog. Susie just likes to go over and give them sugar and not sure about the other two yet.

Joan - forgot to mention that I hope you have a good time at the anniversary party - how wonderful - 50 years together.

I'm going to wait until late this afternoon to do something with that other feeder. This morning Penny's baby was back at the lot wanting in so I have Dolly's two boys, Charlene and Penny's baby in the barn. I keep creep and barn mix in the manger and that's where they stay. Dolly and Christy are out front grazing or probably in the shade by now - almost noon.

My back, really my left hip is some better. Putting the t-post in didn't bother it - stood on a stool. It doesn't seem to hurt as much when I'm up and around - sitting bothers it and, Leanne, unlike you, I have plenty of padding - attached.

I'm almost out of catfood so will have to get into town in the morning or Saturday to get that. I ordered some things from WM this morning.

Oh, I haven't talked to my sister since the good conversation we had a few days ago and Sarah not for a day or so. She goes back to the doctor tomorrow. Hope things are better with both of them.

Be back later. Rest and enjoy the day. Bonnie, thinking of you - try to rest.

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Here's the hay ring picture that didn't show up.
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Good afternoon all,

Lorita I'll bet everything looks nice now that you got bushwacked and mowed. The cows will have new areas to explore. Congrats on the new calf. Is it a boy or girl? Rich had a Kabota tractor when he had the landscaping business. He really liked it. Have you checked Amazon for your cat food? I order from them almost weekly. It's getting harder to take Rich to the store, he asks me if I'm going to leave him there and "can I stay with you" loudly the entire time we are there.

Leanne you're amazing, putting up fences and gates and the baking cookies! I'd be collapsed after that. It's hard to picture your getting frost and we're still in the 90's.

Sandra I love orchids however I can never get them to rebloom. Your tree is beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to post your pictures. I hope you hear about Ron's daycare soon.

Bonnie you've been through so much lately, you don't need more advice from the kids. We'll be thinking of you on the 8th. Take care of yourself.

Sharon I'd love yo see a picture of your waterfall and pet frog. Glad you've made a friend you can share with.

Diane get the lawn service. You've got enough going on without cutting grass. I'm really glad we did it. Your son's bulldog is cute. I always worry when my family is flying too. My DIL has to go to the u.k. every 6 wks or so.

Joan enjoy your visit with Harv. Will your sister and her husband have a 50th party?

Twink enjoy your extra time off. I'm sure you've got a lot to do getting ready for the fall and winter.

Everyone have a good day. Can't believe Labor Day is here. Wasn't it just 4th of July?


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Hi everyone. Harv was doing great again today. All cleaned up and happy. He seemed happy to see me. My sister was excited to see her son and his fiancƩ from Canada. Her daughter lives in GJ. They are doing the party Saturday night. The son is a chef so he will do the cooking. I'm going down Saturday and will stay the night so I won't have to drive home in the dark. Should be fun. Thanks for the good wishes. I'll tell her you all were thinking of them.

Leanne, guess all three of us must have been posting at the same time. Funny how that happens. Good you took a day off. Glad the donkey pen is done. Do you dry the onions before storing them? We used to set them in the sun to dry out the skins. They would last all winter.

Bonnie, I'm sorry Bill had to suffer. I hope you can rest some before the funeral. Do your thing and don't pay much attention to his kids. You're right, you can't please everyone.

Diane, how long does the clinical trial last? Does he have to discontinue current medications to be in the trial?

Sandra, I hope you hear tomorrow about Ron's respite. I also am cheering on your grandson's team. I hope they win the championship.

Sharon. I would also love to see the frog and waterfall.

Lolita, sounds like you got a lot of work done today. I would have everything mowed and then you could get it sprayed next spring. Glad the baby is okay. It is hard having people around working. They always seem to have a million questions.
Sandy, I hope you had a good day today.

I better get something foe dinner. Have a good night. Joan

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Joan, so glad that Harv is doing so well in MC. To see that he is happy and well cared for takes a load off your shoulders. The clinical trial is called the Noble Study.
The criteria is that he has to be taking memantine and Donepezil ( generic for a Namenda and Aricept) and that he does not have genetic marker for Alz. He will stay on his current meds in addition to the clinical trial meds. The trial will be at least one year. Keeping fingers crossed this is the one. There is another person on the forum whose husband just started the trial. If this can slow the progression of the disease and keep him at this level for several years would put me over the moon.

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Dd I wish the best for your dh. It's great that he is willing and able. Bill was kept sedated and his hands were kept tied down. He never moved, but did frown when they suctioned. Your poor dad, how awful for him. They started Bill on morphine, then took the ventilator out. I did relax more today.
I vote too for a picture of the frog and the waterfall. When we lived in Panama one time it rained frogs. They were tiny little frogs, they coverd the yard, the sidewalk, and the streets. It was awful hearing cars go by running over them. The kids loved collecting them. Then in the afternoon it rained again and washed them down the huge storm drains.
I thank you all for your well wishes, I will need you with me.
One of Bills sons had ask for me to wait till the 8 th so he could attend his dad's funeral. The two boys are not a problem, have been helpful. This son had to take his youngest daughter from TX to MI for college. He will leave MI for the funeral. The memorial will be Oct 3, for my side of the family and our friends in AR. It will be a long month.
Everyone have a good night

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Morning, everyone,

Sandy - the places where the man brushhogged looks really nice - makes the rest look bad. We have a lot of snow on the mountain. I don't know if you all are familiar with it but it grows waist high with green and white variegated leaves and has clusters of seed pods on it. When they ripen, they explode and spread the seeds everywhere. You can get some in your hand and kind of squeeze your hand and can feel them explode. These are mostly now in the east pasture. Many years ago they were really bad in the NE pasture and Charles brushhogged them. The tractor and he were yellow from pollen when he finished. I guess he got them at the right time because we haven't had many until this year. I'm going to think about it a bit and may have him finish the rest of the pastures. I hate for the cows to have to graze through the weeds even though there's lots of open grass. The pink eye is bad in some herds this year from weeds, etc. So far, so good here. We've had it in the past and it blinds the cattle.

I just got back from town - got up before daylight and got everyone fed and into town before 8 a.m. - had to wait for the feedstore to open. I had to buy another sorting stick - I've lost two in the pastures. Got the catfood and a few groceries, diesel for the PU and had my change of beneficiaries changed on my life insurance policy.

My niece who has MS and I had a very nice, long visit on the phone last evening. She'll get my sister's part of the farm when we lose her and I'm going to leave my part to her, too. She and I won't have any trouble co-owning and after I'm gone, she won't sell the farm. She was raised here for many years so loves it too. She'll probably lease to our vet. There won't be a problem with leasing when she's ready.

Her MS is progressing. She's falling a lot now and was on the front porch with her walker and fell off with it. Her last MRI showed some lesions or spots on the other side of her brain. She's only 53 and such a smart person - always been so strong and ablebodied. It's so sad that this has happened to her. They keep trying new drugs to see if they'll help - maybe one of them will. She and her mother could be such a help to each other if things were different. I had called her to tell her I was changing my beneficiary to her and she told me that I was not to worry about anything as far as the farm goes with her part when her mother passes away. So, we both felt better after the talk.

I haven't talked today with Sarah - I'll wait until she gets home from her doctor's appointment.

I think I'll probably have a nap this afternoon. I got up this morning even before Stormy and he's asleep now.

Hope everyone is well today. I'm feeling better - hip seems pretty much back to normal. Early in the morning I'll work on the other creepfeeder - too hot today.

Diane - I so hope your husband does well in the clinical trial and they find something that helps. So, he'll continue on his present medications plus the additional ones from the trial. I'm glad he was able to get into the program.

Bonnie- the suctioning sounds awfully bad and to have had his hands tied. When Charles was at home during the last few days Hospice brought a suction machine but I never used it - I know he wouldn't have cooperated. I think the nurse tried one time but realized it wouldn't work for him. But, we have to try to see if something will work - so don't regret it too much.

I'm sorry it's going to be such a long month for you. Just to get it behind you will help. I know I did pretty well (with the help of all the wonderful people on this forum) until the funeral and during but after it was over and I was alone it was very hard. I hope the month isn't too bad for you. Hopefully, you have some kind of medication to take to help you through. At least try to get as much rest as you can. I'm glad the boys are not causing trouble - don't worry about the girls.

Better go and see what needs to be done. I need to change the bed and wash the linens and maybe a few dishes - maybe tomorrow.

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I so do not want to say it but I am out of nice, I am out of strength and need encouragement desperately!
Posted: Friday, September 4, 2015 3:04 PM
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Jfkoc, you always give good advice, always right to the point. We're all fighting this losing battle, some days are harder than others. You need some respite. No one takes care of our loved ones better than we can, but we can't keep up the pace without taking care of ourself. Try to arrange some "me" time. You deserve it. Hugs and prayers.


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Jfkoc.....That's what we're all here for, to give each other shoulders, to lean on, cry on, or for you to stand on. You are doing a great job, but like Sandy said, sounds like you need a bit of "me" time. Can you get even a few hours to yourself? Sending hugs and strength to you across the ocean.

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