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I'm Still Here - Great Book So Far
Posted: Monday, October 5, 2015 7:01 AM
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I'm Still Here - Great Book So Far

I taken to pretty much only reading books about dementia written by people with dementia, unless they are science-y type ones. But the other day a book from the library came and as I cracked it open to see if it was, indeed, written by someone with dementia...it was not...BUT...it had a lot of good things to say, so far. It is not Teepa Snow level, but a good second best. For someone who does not have it, this guy sure offers a good translation for caregivers.

"I'm Still Here," by John Zeisel, Ph.D.


So far, in the beginning, he is separating ACTUAL symptoms of Alz from secondary things caused by the care they receive.

"The symptoms of Alzheimer's are implicit in the story I just told you of how the condition tends to progress over its course. Making them implicit, however, is harder than one might think because most people clump together all the behaviors associated with living with Alzheimer's in a single term - symptoms - no matter what their cause actually might be.

Insightful clinical and analytic research has been carried out that provides greater clarity on what are the primary symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, what are secondary symptoms, and which tertiary symptoms may nor be symptoms at all, but rather natural reactions to social and physical environments."

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