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Memory loss and I cannot think straight
Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015 10:56 AM
Joined: 10/17/2015
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Hi I am a 54 year old male and I am having bad memory issues, I am frightened and do not feel like myself, I have told my doctor several times and all he says it just stress, he will not give me a referal to a neurologist, I feel lost and alone and not knowing what to do. I feel doomed, I have been praying and reading the Bible looking for comfort food ok God. I feel like he does not hear me. Is there any hope for me, I feel like it is all I can do to get through the day.
Iris L.
Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015 2:15 PM
Joined: 12/15/2011
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Welcome to our online support group, Tacundra. God hears you. You are here, where you can get the support you need.

Odd as it seems, there are many medical causes for memory loss that do not involve Alzheimer's disease. This is why the first step is a thorough evaluation by your medical doctor. The doctor should not just pass off your complaints as just due to stress. You need to be evaluated for nutritional deficits, such as vitamin B12 deficiency, hormonal problems, such as thyroid disorders, and other medical problems.

All medications, prescription and non-prescription, including recreational, need to be evaluated because many cause memory loss as a side effect. You can use to search on your own for memory loss side effects. Depression and other psychiatric illnesses are associated with memory loss. Sometimes, treatment with an antidepressant or other type of medication can help. But it takes a specialist to decide.

If the medical evaluation is unremarkable, then you should be referred to a neurologist for further testing, which can include extensive neurocognitive testing and imaging studies. If your current PCP is unwilling to take you seriously, then you will have to find another doctor.

The main web page,, has good information on the diagnostic procedure, including a checklist of symptoms to take to the doctor. You can find this information here.

How are you doing at home? Are you working? Have you had any disciplinary actions? Let the doctor know.

Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

Iris L.

Mimi S.
Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015 6:07 PM
Joined: 11/29/2011
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Do you need a referral to get a specialist appointment? If not, look for a large University or Medical Center nor area that has an Alzeierf's or Dementia Department. Call and make an appointment. It may take several months but that is OK.

eanwhile, do keep track of incidents that bother you.

Investigate Best p\Practices, a change of lifestyle for many.

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015 6:14 PM
Joined: 10/17/2015
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Thanks so much for your response, I really do appreciate it.
Posted: Monday, October 19, 2015 9:22 PM
Joined: 5/20/2014
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Hold on and don't give up! Find a Dr who will listen to you and take your concerns seriously. This type of thing where concerns about cognitive decline and memory loss are minimized or passed off by Dr's as stress or depression related happens quite often. Some persons have to persist with medical professionals for many years before getting diagnosed. You will get through this and be okay either way. We are here for you and proof that one can still go on and live a fulfilling life. Please look into getting a new Dr.
Mimi S.
Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 10:04 AM
Joined: 11/29/2011
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A good book to ask for at your library: The Alzheimer's Action Plan by Doraiswamy and Gwyther of Duke Univ.
Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 11:10 AM
Joined: 10/11/2015
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Hi there you have come to the right place for sound advice . you defenitly need another Dr so you can get referred to a specialist I experienced the same problem where I was living where I moved to now I get excellent care . I'll be praying for you that you get the help you need
Try not to be afraid though it can be hard do you have a friend you can turn to for support that is very important. Finding this site was a good thing for me lots of informed people. Take good care today

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 12:19 PM
Joined: 10/18/2015
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Hi I am new too, and this is my first post. I wanted to say there is a new app online called Doctor on Demand. They are only $40 a visit can refer you to a specialist, and since they are a new app, many times they are free for the first visit. If you go to and download the app, they can visit you on your smart phone or your computer or tablet. They also take some kinds of insurance.. It is a pretty cool thing as you can have a 15 minute visit and they can order tests, prescribe medication, or refer you to a specialist in your area. My personal care doctor won't prescribe Tamiflu if I get the flu. Doctor On Demand is my go to for the flu.
I don't know if it is appropriate to post a link to another place that may help. I hope I didn't break any rules. I hope I have a good experience here on the Alz boards and can learn more about the disease.

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