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just need to talk to my friends 57
Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 7:42 AM
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Happy April Fool's Day,

It's a beautiful day.  The bright, red sun was peeking over the eastern horizon as I was driving down to the meadow to see the girls.  Two moms were giving their babies breakfast at the edge of the meadow closest to the house and one little bull was grazing nearby.  Everyone else was down in the middle grazing.  Such a peaceful scene to see as the sun came up.  When I got back to the house I fed the cats who were ready for their breakfast.  Sheena and Stormy were playing in the yard having the best time.  For the moment all is well on our farm.

I turned on QVC when I woke up and have already ordered three pairs of trousers.  Still watching.

I'm going to try to finish the tax prep today or at least mostly finish them.  I'm back lying on the bed having my morning juice and visiting with my friends.  Mr. Barclee is still asleep.

Happy 50th anniversary to Ron and Lou and Happy 44th anniversary to Sharon and her husband- very special days.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 7:57 AM
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 Hi again,

Just read Sandra's post on #56 about their outing to her daughter's 30th birthday party.  Her husband gave her a beautiful horse for her birthday.  Everyone, be sure to look at the picture.  The horse is magnificent!

Sandra, it does sound like it may be time for depends or something similar.  I hope the transition will be easy.  They have gray pull-ups that might make it easier.  I believe I started Charles with those and there was no opposition.  Good luck.

Happy birthday to your daughter.

I don't like the time changes either although I'm almost used to this one- it's daylight by 7 am.

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 3:09 PM
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Hard to believe it is April already ~ where does the time go.

I am feeling pretty good today. I avoided consulting an ortho for months because I was afraid he would recommend hip surgery. I saw him yesterday and the good news it no surgery needed. Not so good news was that I have arthritis in my spine and hip.  Maybe now that I am on meds {Celebrex}for  arthritis I  will be able to sleep ~ I haven't had a decent sleep in  a long time.

I decided to get some exercise and asked Gerry to come watch me swim. He said he could swin too but when we got to the laguna he was too afraid to get in the water even though there are nice stairs to go down.  I had a great  swim ~ oh how refreshing in this  heat~  and then took him out for lunch,  I hope to swim at least twice a week and hope Gerry is happy with just going out. He is now  napping in front ot the TV snoring like a steam engine.

Lorita I hope you are feeling better today ~ I love your comments about your  aminals,

Happy Saturday to everyone



Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 5:09 PM
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Can someone tell me how to invite another participant to make a "connection"?  I did receive an invitation from one person but can't figure out how to do that. Thanks, Sherry
Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 5:17 PM
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 Anne, what good news - that you don't need hip replacement  but sorry you have arthritis in the spine and hip.  A few years ago I was having a lot of hurting in my left hip.  My doctor said it was arthritis and recommended taking Osteo-Biflex.  I bought the store brand - Glucosamine Chondroitin and took it for a few months and it improved so much.  I try to remember to take it now but usually don't remember.  I'm not very good at taking medicine but do take a multi-vitamin, B-12 and D-3 and in the winter I try to take Vitamin C.  I've never taken the Celebrex but it's advertised a lot.  Do hope it helps you.

 How warm is it down there that you can swim?  It was really chilly here yesterday and about 70 today but the wind is blowing and I think it's kind of cool - way too much to swim.  I can't swim anyway - afraid of the water.  Guess that comes from growing up on the prairie where there are only mud-bottom ponds and rivers. 

 I'm glad that you can get away to swim and your husband can go with you.  That's an outing for you and for him, too.

 I was going to feed the girls today but haven't felt too good this afternoon - my right side hurts.  Guess I must have slept in the wrong way.  Seems like this happens quite often but I can't remember lifting anything yesterday.  Always afraid it might be appendicitis.

 The girls finally came up from the meadow and are grazing out in front of the house so I won't have to go down to the meadow this afternoon. One cow was in the lot with three babies - guess she was the appointed baby sitter today.   I haven't been to the mailbox in two days but I'll go Monday when I take down the trash.  I did work some on the tax papers - at least I went through the bank statements and took out copies of checks I may need for receipts. 

 The NCAA Final Four is on now so may watch some of it - S. Carolina and Gonzaga are playing.  I watched the third set of a semi-final tennis match this afternoon - Federer won.  Seems like I'm not into sports as much since there's no one to watch it with.    Seems like the cats and dogs don't really like it too much.

 Talked with Sarah a while.  She said she was going to try to empty some boxes this afternoon - surely hope she doesn't overdo.  She said their new next-door neighbor works with Todd's step father - small world.

 Stormy has been in the house some this afternoon sleeping on the divan.  Barclee is over there now and barking to get down.  He can't see and when he wants something he barks for me to do it. 

 Hope everyone had a good Saturday.  I agree, where does the time go?  Before long we'll be complaining about how hot the weather is.


Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 7:12 PM
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Lolita, thank you for the Anniversary thread!   So wonderful when no one else cares enough about that sort of thing any more.  When is your Anniversary and Charles birthday? Not that I am giving you a party, but it is nice for all of us to be a little more sensitive around those days.

Oh my, I had a great day. My son was very proud of taking care of dad!  He remembered to give him lunch this time, as well as pills!  Yeah him.

My friend, Cari Trotter, a dynamic Christan Woman was are all day speaker.She spoke allot about the paralyzed man in Luke. About how his friends did not stop when they couldn't get into Peter's  house to see Jesus.  They were persistent and did not stop trying to put their friend in front of Jesus, even to the place of lowering him from the roof. They each had to hold a corner of his mat. 

Oh, how we need others to help lift " our mat"when we are in our often paralyzed place of sadness . , anger, impatience and weariness.   

That is just a nibble of my wonderful getaway.  I also met a woman my age who cares for her husband.


Anne so glad you had a great swim, I hope that continues. Lolita hope things are better this eve.    Blessings, sharon

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 8:21 PM
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Ohhhhh the roller coaster.  Will I, won't I.  I've just filled in the application forms, and my son is coming with me this afternoon to see if we can have another look.   Of course, being Sunday, there is no one I can ring to talk to there.   Wouldn't you think there would be at least one weekend staff to talk to, but apparently you are supposed to do all these things on week days.  

Can't contact the other one either, again it's a weekend, and friday the two client liaison officers were at the local show, drumming up business, so I couldn't speak to them either.  Naturally I found the mobile number this morning, too late.

Having had a bit more time to think things over and consider things a bit more dispassionately I might be more content with the decision.   Wear those knees out for me please.

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 9:15 PM
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 Hi Sherry, 

Sorry I can't help.  I've never requested a connection but have accepted a couple.  I'm sure one of the ladies can help.  Once you make the connection, then I think it would be easier to get a phone number or e-mail address.  Would be much easier I've found to go that way. 

 I heard yesterday there's supposed to be snow in Wyoming.  Hope you don't get much.  Looking at our radar it looks like we might get a bit of rain soon.  Sure hope so.

Sharon, so glad you enjoyed the meeting and met a new friend.  I know you feel better tonight being able to get out some today even though you may be tired.  Very nice of your son to watch his dad today.

You're most welcome - anniversaries are special days and it's nice to acknowledge them.  Charles'birthday is the 5th of April- 85 years old.  Our 46th anniversary is the 22nd- Earth Day.  Thank you for asking.  Those days are kind of hard.

I've watched Dr. Pol and Highway Thru Hell alternately and just turned to another basketball game which I probably won't finish.  Sheena and Stormy just came in for the night.  A neighbor has been planting corn today and tonight and the tractor noise and lights upset them.    Maybe he'll get some rain on his newly planted corn.  Rain, or lack thereof, is the farmer's greatest worry or concern.  I know that from being a farmer's daughter.  Every time we'd go see daddy, his first question would be "did it rain?".  Ranchers are included in that, too.

Sleep tight.

Posted: Saturday, April 1, 2017 9:35 PM
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Hi everyone.
What a beautiful day here today. Sunny and in the 50s. After two days of raining nonstop, the sun was a welcome sight. Lucy got a couple of long walks today and loved it.

Lorita and Anne, so sorry about your aches and pain. Anne, my husband had arthritis in his spine and hips and just took an aleve for it and said it really helped with the pain. Swimming is probably the best exercise for you, so its so nice that you can go to the laguna.

Sandra, the horse is beautiful. What a gift! I will pray for you and the decisions you have to make about placement. Wearing my kneepads!

I went with my girlfriend to the annual home show where there are hundreds of home/landscape ideas and vendors. Home Depot gave me two birdhouse kits and orange aprons to give to two of the students that I tutor. They'll love to make them. We had lunch before we went so it was an enjoyable day out. My son texted me while we were at the show and was upset and missing his dad. I felt helpless that I wasn't there to console him, but I think he has to work through his grief. 

I spent yesterday finishing up all of  the paperwork that I'd been putting off.  Now   the tax accountant coming next week,  so have to get all that stuff ready.

Lorita, I love reading about the cows and babies. I know it gives you great pleasure but maybe you can get help with the heavy lifting.

Sharon, so nice that you had an enjoyable "you" day. We need those every now and then to refresh and renew.

Have a good night everyone.




Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 2:57 PM
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Hi ,

Diane, happy you were able to get out and have an enjoyable day.  How nice of them to give you the birdhouse kits. I'm sure the kids will enjoy putting them together. 

I was up early but came back in and laid down.  The movie "The Bucket List" was coming on so watched it.  Guess I dozed off after that because the phone woke me.  It was Sarah.  She said Todd was upstairs in his man cave asleep and she was going to let him sleep and rest until he wanted to get up.  Both of them have had a hard, busy week.  She sent me some pictures office some of the rooms.  They really look nice.  She said she had selected the colors, wrote them down and gave them to Todd and he lost them.  So, had to redo the color choices while she was on strong meds.  Still has a lot of things to put away.  It's so nice for them to be moved in and enjoying it.  

I just got back in from feeding.  I drove down and saw the girls and they followed me back so decided I'd hurry and get it done before the rain gets here.  It may be wishful thinking but the radar shows it's just south of us. I have to get those young bulls sold.  They kept one cow down in the meadow.  I'll check prices this week and try to get it done next week.

I did a little more organizing of the tax papers- about ready to compile it.

Quiet here today except occasional tractor noise.

Diane, I'll only feed a few more times so that will do away with mist of the lifting but I want to get the creepfeeders going.  I saw one of the little calves eating with the cows at a feeder so it's time.

I hope everyone is having a good Sunday- still kind of cool here.

Sarah said Teagan, her English Bulldog, is getting the hang of using the doggie door.  Mason, their Australian Shepherd caught on fast.  I know they'll enjoy the big backyard and it will be a lot easier on Sarah.

Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 3:11 PM
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I had to go searching for our thread!  We are just so busy with exciting things to do, no one has time to write, I get it!  

Today is of course my favorite day. I went late last night to pick up my son, midnight, and did not open my eyes until 8:30!   I usually leave at 9. Well, it was 5 after when I left. I just put on extra perfume so no one would notice I hadn't showered or shampooed!  Glad they always have the coffee ready.

Did I tell you that I have been using plain Dawn on my hair?  So shiny and nice even though I use Loreal to cover the gray, hair color seemed to take away shine, but I now have it back again.

I have been making omelets with all sorts of good stuff ground in them. LO doesn't seem to mind if he doesn't see all the stuff.  At his old weight of 220 you know he wasn't picky.. although 6'6" he always was a healthier eater  than I. Now, we have traded spots. He wants to eat like a kid. 

Diane, I have needed to teach my children how to grieve. It does not come naturally. Perhaps because they have special needs they are more able to confront every feeling as it comes up..  So glad God gave us memories to talk over and laugh about.  I have found in reassuring them I comfort myself as well.   "Background music" will be my best ever description  for losing one you love.

Sandy, on my knees for you, praying that you are able to find the right spot. As I shared yesterday, I will gladly hold up a corner of your "mat".

A friend of mine Martha, her husband had a stroke yesterday. He is only 44 and they have 3 grown children, 2 have special needs. We raised our kids together, as we clung to "moms in the same boat", please pray for them.



Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 4:03 PM
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Hi all.  

Sharon, at least you made it to church.  I didn't go to Saturday anticipated mass last night because I wanted to watch the bb games.  I planned on going this morning.  I've been working on losing 5 lbs that I gained over the winter.  Yesterday was a vegetable day.  I guess I ate too many because I was up all night in the bathroom.  I finally fell asleep early this morning, awoke at 10:30, and realized I missed all three mass times today.  Happy Anniversary.

I'm happy you got your day out.  Sounds like you had a good speaker.  I'm going to have to try your new shampoo.  Love hair that shines.

Sandy, putting you on my prayer list.  How frustrating for you.  I hope you get your answers tomorrow, and can feel peaceful with your decision.  Happy Birthday to your daughter.  She looked so happy with her new horse.  

Diane, great fun for your kids you tutor.  They will love the bird houses.  I had some for grandkids to paint.  They loved decorating and painting, then hung them in trees at their homes.  It's cloudy here today.  We expect rain and snow again tomorrow night.  The trees are just beginning to leaf out, grass is greening up, and truly looking like Spring.

Lorita, so happy Sarah is recouping.  Seems like this is the longest she's been out of the hospital for quite some time.  I'm glad all is quiet on your ranch.  Take care if your side and keep resting when you can.  

Anne, glad you're enjoying your swims.  It's nice your dh can go with you, then come home and rest.  That gives you a bit of respite so you can rest or get things done.  

Sherry, I can't remember how to accept connections.  I think you type in the connections name in the search bar, hit search.  It pulls yp the name, then gives you the option to accept or reject.  I haven't had any requests for a long time, so forgot.

I just recently read an article about Celebrex.  They used to believe it caused heart problems years ago when my Mom took it.  They've since proven that it does not cause heart problems.  I'm glad because it works really to help with arthritis.  Glad you don't need a hip replacement.

Guess I'll get off here and peel veggies for dinner tonight.  lol  Not really.  I'm staying away from them for a couple of days.  Have a good rest of the afternoon.  Joan

Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 8:02 PM
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Sharon, I use Dawn for dishes- never thought if it as a shampoo but may try it.

I hope your friend's husband recovers fully from the stroke.  Awfully young for a stroke.

Joan, I think this one of the longest stretches of time Sarah hasn't been hospitalized.  She sounds good but says she's tired. She just called to tell me goodnight. Said Todd put in another doggie door after he got up and may hang their TV on the wall.  She's going to lie down.

Nancy, I've been thinking of you this afternoon.  I do hope the music is helping you to get some sleep.  I try different songs but always go back to the same one.  Post and let us know.

Sandra, prayers from here that you can come to a decision and be satisfied with it but I know it's hard.

Watching tennis now and sitting in bed. I'm tired but seems like I am all the time.  Joan, are you going to watch the basketball finals tomorrow night?

Better stop and put this on the charger.  Sandy, hope you didn't have bad weather at your home this weekend.

Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 9:24 PM
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Don't think we got much rain, more of a sprinkle.

1st game for the St. Louis Cardinals tonight.  So far they are ahead of the Cubs. 1-0.

Have a good night everyone.


Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017 10:15 PM
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Hi. Just popping in to say hi. Lorita I am still working on taxes and mine are not very complicated. Got so far done then put them aside, but better finish them up Tuesday. I am doing pretty well. I still go to water exercise, go to the senior center often where I have some lovely friends, and belong to and am active in several craft guilds and writing organizations. Now that Spring is within sight I've started going into the yard and clipping shrubs and such.  I have a second dog, a steel grey and black Shih Tzu, named Kimme. I am told her human had alz and went quicker than the family expected. She is a lovely little thing and I can see that she was well loved. She is good  company for my Keisha.  Trying to get rid of things slowly, got some bags ready to donate to the vets. Lorita, I caught your HSN bug and ordered the Wolfgang Puck 1400 Watt electric counter top baker. I thought it would be good to take to the trailer, and also ordered the cookbook with it. Last year I bought the robert irvine oven, like the nuwave I guess but much taller. Havent used it yet but I will. Have to clean off some counter space, I am organizing things ever so slowly. Still get sad at times, missing Frank. It will be two years since he's been gone this May 3rd. I do occasionally dream of him, which I love. Gotta get to bed. Good night to all of you. I think of you all often and remember all the times you listened and counseled me while my love was in care. I am so glad Sarah and Todd are settled in the house but am so angry to think that scum LMG couldn't let the stuff alone in the house, But I believe God watches all, so LMG bettter be careful. Take care.

Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 9:53 AM
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Good morning!  I managed to answer my own question last night. If you want to connect with another, you search for their screen name under the connection tab, then bring up their profile, and there will be a button to"invite".  Voila!  

John has an eye appointment this morning, am absolutely dreading it. I know they will take a lot of time figuring out his acuity. His doctor retired, so when we finally get to see him, it will be someone new. It sounds like the wind is blowing this morning. 

I hurt my sternum/ribs yesterday leaning against the headrest getting something into the back of the car. Terrible pain and now it's very sore. Not much else to say except that I mailed the taxes on Saturday, hurray!!  Sherry

Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 12:56 PM
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Lolita, how old are you?  I am assuming you love to share that info!  You must have gone to town, goodness knows you were up long before I was!

Today is becoming the norm here for LO. Up eat. Back to bed until 2pm awake until 6pm.  I find it so hard to motivate myself again. Can't believe I am back in this "place". I left quite awhile ago. So much I could do..but no, here I am. I do love reading and have done lots of that.  Maybe I just need to learn to do life this way instead of always wanting to be on the 'move'.

Today's verse:

"I  pray that out of the glorious riches he may strengthen you with the power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith."  Ephesians 3:16-17

BBlessings, sharon

Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 12:59 PM
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So much for plans.    I intended to go for a swim  today but Gerry has spent half the morning in the bathroom and has needed three showers so far.  So not a good  day to ask him to sit and watch me swim. He just couldn't sit still and asked to go for a ride ~ guess my car sitting in front of the house gave him the idea.

I stopped at the farmacia  since Monday is 25% off of everything and got Gerry some Immodium - he seems to need it all the time now  but I guess colitis never gets better. I checked and they have a knock- off of Celebrex so I will be able to save on that too.  I am feeling pretty  good without the back pain and gave even been able to sleep the last dew nights.

Sharon I am so pleased for you that your son spent some time with Dad.  I take any time I can get and hope you had a good day.

Sandra ~ prayers that things work out for you ~ this roller coaster  sure is hard.

Diane I am  happy to see that you are getting out.  Your new journey  has just begun and I hope you  enjoy every day.

Sherry ~ I find the connection feature confusing but if you can catch me in chat one evening ~ we have a whipser feature  where I can send you  my e-mail addy and you can share you  phone number with just me. So nice to be able to have  a private place to share  since I am careful  who I give private info.  It  would be nice to chat with you on the phone and since I have an amazing  cell plan that lets me call the US 24/7 unlimited for about $10 a  month I do it often.  

Well Gerry is  sound asleep beside me now with the TV on but if I leave the room he will wake up and come to find me.  Too bad ~ I need to hang out the laundry.  Just so sad to see him exhausted and not be able to rest.

Hugs and prayers to you all


Posted: Monday, April 3, 2017 3:18 PM
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 Bonnie, I think it rained or sprinkled here all night.  The GPs woke me up about 3 and I could hear it dripping on the AC.   They were wet but stayed outside.  The rain gauge had .8" in it this morning but I think I forgot to empty .5" out of it the other day. 

 I got the trash together last night so just had to get it out to the CW.  Did that and fed the cats and went down to the meadow to see the girls.  Everyone was soppin' wet and it was still sprinkling.  One cow, Christy, who Jasper and the other boys were interested in yesterday, was by herself, but okay.  I kept coming up with 26 so had to recount and recount and they just would not stay still but finally got the right number, twice.  Got the trash down, letters mailed and two days worth of mail picked up.  When I got back to the house the GPs came in and luckily they were just wet, not muddy.  They've been asleep in the LR since 7:30 this morning.

 Terromari, how good to see a post from you.  I bet the new baby is cute as can be - he'll be a good friend for Keisha.  I know what you mean about missing Frank - I go through that, too.  It's been two years and two and a half months since I lost Charles.  I dream of him often - many times it seems that it's at the VAMC.  We both worked there and that's where I met him so we spent lots of time there.  I always feel better after I dream of him. 

 I'm still ordering from QVC - ordered a couple of water bottles yesterday and a couple of pairs of pants today.  If your oven is like the NuWave, you'll love it.  They really make good grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries.  When I cooked for Charles I could put a frozen pork chop or whatever in and it came out perfectly.

 Like you, everyone on the forum helped me through the hard times of caregiving and they still are helping me.  Todd slept most of the day until late, then was full of vim, vigor and vitality so put in another doggie door, with a little help from Sarah, they got the 65" TV up on the wall and after that she went to bed.  He kept working - moved a dresser and a few things upstairs.  They're really enjoying the new house.  You gave LMG the right name (and I could add another one).  He'll get his - what comes around goes around.  Keep posting - we like to hear from you.

 Good for you, Sherry, getting the taxes in the mail.  I've been working on mine this afternoon.  I was sitting in bed watching TV so thought I'd do one little part - ended up with everything on the bed trying to get things into order.  At one time, I thought "I can not do this" but persisted and now all I have to do is write down the information for Sam.  I'll do that later today or tomorrow and wait a day and review them and get them to the CPA.  I always have to go through check registers, my book where I keep receipts for deductible things and bank statements.  It's a wonder things ever come out right.  Next year I'm going to do them earlier.  I say that every year and never do it.

 Good for you on figuring out the connections thing.

 Sharon, a lady never tells her age - but, I'm 74 and will be 75 the first day of summer.  Man, that hurts to see that in black and white.  Before the EBV and CMV I didn't feel my age but most of the time I do now.  I see all the younger people on TV running and doing exercises and getting up off the floor and I think "you know, I used to be able to do that".  Now, it's something I don't do unless necessary.

 I love the early mornings - have always gotten up early.  When I worked in Muskogee I had to leave by 7:15 to get there by 8 so I'm still getting up about the same time - 6-6:15.  I love the early mornings when the cows and babies are just waking up and things are quiet and then seeing the sun coming up, starting another day.  If I can ever get over these viruses there are lots of things I need to and would like to do outside.  Now, when I feel a little bit better I try not to do much more than other days so it won't get worse. 

 Anne, sorry you didn't get to go swimming today - maybe tomorrow.  Seems like when you're living with and caring for someone with dementia it's almost impossible to make any kind of plans because you never know how the day will be.  Maybe he has some kind of bug today and will be better tomorrow.  I surely hope so.

 Guess I'd better go and let the GPs outside.  It's been sunny this afternoon so they could have dried off outside.  All the little calves were wet this morning and the wind was chilly.  I just wish we'd get a good rain instead of sprinkles.

Sandra, I hope you have made your decision or will soon so you can stop worrying.  That's hard on a person.  I know from experience because I came from a long line of worriers.

Sandy, hoping you could get out and go for a walk with Lucy during the mid day.  Hope your weather up there is nice.

Judith, have you decided on what kind of car you're going to buy?  What about a big pickup?  I bet Luke would like that.  Susie loved to ride in the PU with me - or in the CW - or in the car.   I'm going to have to work on retraining Stormy and Sheena to get in the car.  One of them, Stormy, I think, got up into the PU once when I took him to the vet.  Of course I have a sack of feed in the floorboard now so will have to move it first.

Okay, will be back later.  Hope everyone's having a good Monday. 

Posted: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 7:56 AM
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Hi everyone,
Please send Sandra extra hugs and prayers as she is placing Ron this Thursday. Tough decision but hopefully the right one. 

Rainy and gloomy this week so it's a good week to get inside tasks done that I've been putting off.

Lorita, I thought of you when I ordered two plants from QVC - a tomato plant that has 3 kinds that grows a little more than a foot tall. It looks more like a bush. The other one is an hibiscus that I'll plant in the back yard. I've never ordered plants before so hope they grow. 

Sharon, so sorry to hear about your friend's husband. So young to have a stroke.

Joan, veggies are good! My fridge has been bare for a couple of weeks as I just don't feel like cooking or eating. Sort of surviving on scrambled eggs, oatmeal, apples or yogurt. I'll have to go to the grocery store soon.

Anne, sending hugs...I  know it's hard to sit hours on end with our loved ones when there are things to get done. 

Kimme is adorable! Sherry, hope your pain is better. 

Hi to Bonnie and others who popped in.

Have a nice day all!


Posted: Tuesday, April 4, 2017 12:01 PM
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Since Diane is the only one awake, I will address her first!

#1. Your diet is so important in terms of how you feel. I encourage you to check around in you area. Our has "hello fresh". They bring a box of fresh food to your door  however days you want it. Check it out on line. $8-10 for a meal for 2-4. I am going to try it a couple days a week, just because I run out of new ideas. Menus are on line and vary.   I want to encourage you to double up on veggies and fruit.  Lolita and my son have slowly gotten me away from meat. Dr Oz said it was going to be the fad of the 2017. Being vegan.   I have just found  my appetite to be quenched by a meal when it does not have all the "added". 

Off my soapbox, as my mom would say.

I am thinking and praying for Sandy. All our journeys are different but the same in many ways.  Anne your LO and mine are so similar. My LO was so moody in real life, before Alzheimer's, now he is a complete angel in his words and behavior.  Is it often " the opposite?

Check in later, Have a wonderful day, do something for someone outside your house. Send a pizza to a family.! Sure makes my day better.

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 Diane, I've ordered roses from QVC - Cottage Farms.  Only one survived but they're going to send replacements soon- three roses, three different colors.  I think they're climbing roses.  I ordered some other kind of flowers once and they didn't live so they refunded my money.  Right now I have three hibiscus bushes to be shipped when they think it's time - it's time now, I think.  I'll have to put them outside of the yard to protect them from the big dogs.  When we had the yard fence put up, we enlarged the yard on the south and west side.  One of the old yard fence posts is still in the back and a few years ago we nailed half a cattle panel to it so it's about 8-9 ft. tall.  I think I'll plant all the roses on it.  I don't think Stormy will bother them.  Also they'll get more sunlight since the windstorm last August took out part of the tree next to it. 

 I watch those two gardening shows - Cottage Farms and Roberta's Flowers and want to order everything.  I've seen those tomatoes - really look good.  Surely hope you have good luck.  Which hibiscus did you order - the columnar yellow one?

 We used to have hibiscus in the south yard and some out by the electric pole close to the barn but over the years they've disappeared.

 Sharon, I need to get back to eating vegetables - does mac and cheese count?  When I was cooking for Charles I steamed lots and lots of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots.  Really good.  I have some in the freezer but I wait until I'm hungry, then don't have time (patience really) to cook them.  That's a really good price for a meal.  Do you get to select the vegetable and/or fruits you want?  Of course we don't have anything like that here - my friend, Karen, says we live way out in the boonies.  And, I guess we do.

 You would make the best neighbor - and your neighbors are lucky.  How sweet that you would even think of sending someone a pizza.  I was talking with Sandy last night and I  mentioned that no one would deliver a pizza way out here.  I think Checotah has a Pizza Hut.  Charles and I used to make pizzas but that was years ago.  Seems like we used to do lots of things, now I don't have the energy or initiative to do anything except the bare necessities.

 I took a picture of the white clematis yesterday and this afternoon I'll see if the Edelweiss, or whatever it is, is bloomed and take a picture of it. 

 Got out early this morning and saw all the girls.  They spent the night south of the house instead of in the meadow.  They've been down there almost 24 hrs. a day for the last four or five days.  Today, they were grazing across the pond, east of the house, but I looked out the kitchen window and saw them going into the barn.  I think it's supposed to be very warm here today.  Storms are expected NE of Tulsa but maybe we'll  get some rain.

 I've had a headache this morning so after I did my outside things I came back in and got back into bed.  I didn't go to sleep until after 1:30 this morning - don't know why I couldn't go to sleep - I was wide awake - watched too much American Pickers, I guess. 

 I texted Sarah this morning to remind her of her doctor's appointment today.  Then I realized it was tomorrow so texted her that I was sorry - got the wrong date.  She's taking a nap for a little while.  Her ostomy nurse is coming this afternoon.

 I know Sam, the CPA we use for taxes, will have to file for an extension so decided I'd wait until Tuesday when I have to go to Muskogee to take them in.  Called Janet to see what time they open so will drop them by before my appointment. Another reprieve.

  I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist Tuesday.  When I was there three months ago when I got something in my eye, he said he couldn't see the back of my eyes so needed to dilate them.  I had laser surgery several years ago, bilaterally, for narrow angles.  There's the possibility that dilating my eyes will cause the pressure to rise so may have to be there a while.  Then he's also going to do gonioscopies.  Gosh, I hate those.  I have a few questions I need to ask him before he dilates them.  He says he can bring the pressure down if it goes up but I'm worried that it may rise again later.  I may have to be there quite a little while until my pupils contract some so I can drive home.  I don't want to ask our neighbor to go with me because she'd be stuck there all that time, just waiting.   The more I think about it, the more I dread it.

 The sun was shining but looks like it's clouding up.  Barclee just had his breakfast and I let Stormy and Sheena and they just ate and are asleep now.

 I can imagine how worried and apprehensive Sandra is about the placement.  I know how I felt when I got a couple of calls from the State Veterans Centers that they had a vacancy for Charles.  I know all of us will be thinking good thoughts for both Ron and her. 

  Guess I'm going to have to start putting creepfeed in the old feeder.  I saw Daisy going into the feeder this morning.  I think the feed I put in there got wet so will have to clean it out before I put in fresh.  Will do that after the rain tomorrow.  The owner of our feed store called this morning to tell me both his trucks that he hauls the liquid feed with are broken down.  Thinks the 4WD may be ready by the end of the week. 

 Sandy, I hope things go well with the divan this afternoon.  Will talk with you later.

  Hope everyone's having s peaceful day.

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I don't comment much on here but I read what is new every day from the ones I have gotten to know by name and what they are dealing with.  A lot of the same issues and many new ones I hadn't known about.  There are so many more of us dealing with this terrible disease than I ever realized I am glad I found this site and have others to learn from and talk with.  Lorita, I always have to find your daily message and hear all about your animals.  I wish I could see all your new babies, I bet they are so sweet.  I was glad to see you posted your age as we are close to the same age.  I am 73 and it seemed like so many of the posters were a lot younger than me.  That is so sad that so many are still quite young and have children still at home to care for besides having a mate with alz.  May God guide us all in the tough decisions we have to make in caring for our loved ones and the tough choices we have to make sometimes .




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A pickup? Every once in a while my grandson runs me somewhere. We throw a step stool in the bed. He has even dropped me off and picked me up at the museum front door. LUke has arthritis so getting into a pickup would not work for him either. The vet has doubled his meds and he seems to be a bit perkier.

65" TV. Wow, that is huge. YOu suppose it is like sitting in the first row at the movies. We will all be glad for the DR Wu report tomorrow.

It looks like the big rain passed us but it may land smack over Lorita's house. We will get that report tomorrow also.

Got a text yesterday morning from my DIL...just went into surgery...How do you like that. Who? What for? Turns out it was my son having orthroscopic (sp) work done to clean up aroun a nerve in his back. He has had pain for some time. He is doing well on ibuprofen and walked to the corner today. No car ride for 2 weeks. He says he will brush up on his Italian. Ha. He probably knows three phrases.

We continue to catch the pesky squirrels. It is expensive but so is losing a tree.

Sharon, the fresh food delivery sounds good. I will look into it.

Sandy, we are all thinking about you tonight.


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JO...thinking about you as I read about another friend who is sending a loved one overseas....Iraq

The young man's grandfather was a Red Ripper V-11 with my husband who died in a plane crash when his youngest was only one. His mother was a Commander in the Navy, also a fighter pilot and the young man's father served in Nam...a helicopter pilot. 

It gives one pause how much so many are willing to give for us.

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 It's been a very lazy day here.  I got up early to check out how everyone was and to feed the cats.  Moms and babies were behind the barn in the NE pasture and the babies were having breakfast.  Yesterday they were all out front and someone decided it was time to go to the meadow about the same time that Daisy decided it was time for a snack.  So, everyone else went except Daisy and Rosebud - baby had to be fed first.  I watched a show yesterday about animal mothers and their babies.  It's amazing how they care for them and protect them.  Same with the cows - everyone of them looks out for the little ones.  Many times one cow will watch all the babies while the other moms graze.  I've even seen Jasper babysit.

 Our news this morning said April, the Giraffe, hasn't had her baby yet. They also show from time to time a little hippo who was born prematurely - she's now ten months old and so cute.

 It was cold this morning - seemed kind of like wintertime.  It's dark in the south now - maybe we'll get some rain.  I came back in and was still sleepy so got my juice and went back to bed.  I think I slept for another hour or so and I'm still sitting in bed doing this and watching TV.  Watched a very interesting show about how the states got their shapes.

 Judith, since my EBV and trouble with my right foot I've been using a stool to get in and out of the PU when I feed. Seems like it's really helped.  I was thinking last night that when Charles and I got married we had a car.  At that time we lived in town for about five months and decided the rent money wasn't accomplishing much so bought an 8 x 30 travel trailer and moved out to a corner of the farm.  Then, we bought a PU - around here you see more pickups and flatbeds than anything else.  And, the odd thing is that the predominant color is white - never have figured that out.  We lived in that travel trailer for two or three years - housekeeping was really easy.  Funny, both Charles' brother and his wife and his sister and her husband also lived in a travel trailer for a time after they got married.  I really hated to see it being pulled away. We had bought a 14 x 70 MH and the square footage in the living room was much more than the whole travel trailer. -  got to use some of the things we got in our showers.

 I haven't talked with anyone this morning.  Sarah's appointment today is with the pain management doctor - Dr. Wu is Friday.  I think she said a 65" TV - if so it would seem like you were sitting in the front row of a theater.  Her friend is off work today and tomorrow so she was going to take her to the doctor and a couple of other places she needed to go and then help her put things in place in the house.  I keep telling her not to overdo.  Her ostomy nurse came late yesterday - about 7:30 and told her to be sure to show Dr. Wu that place on her stomach.  She said when she sits down you can hardly see it but you can when she stands.  I hope it's not a hernia that has to be taken care of.

 Bonnie - did you get hail late yesterday?  It looked like the worst of the storm went right through your area.  We didn't get anything except about five minutes of heavy rain and pea-sized hail and wind.  Wonder what the little babies thought about that?

 I took a picture of my yellow tulips.  They're just west of the barn, north of the house with daffodils on each side and a knock-out rose behind them - don't remember if it's pink or red.  There's a bunch of prickly pears behind them and a big yucca next to them.  Many years ago Charles wanted a prickly pear so we found one at a nursery in Muskogee and it has spread.  It's beautiful when it blooms.  Another picture is of the white clematis blooming on the front fence.  It has blooms at the top and bottom.  I don't think it's a Henryii - it has a dark center and I think the Henryii is all white.  This is the first one to bloom this year - I have several on the fences and one that came up voluntarily in the runway of the corral - an autumn clematis that blooms in late summer and fall.  Also took a picture of the what I thought might be Edelweiss in the front yard.  I don't think it is because I googled Edelweiss and they have a different center.  So, don't know what it is.  We had them at the MH and I moved those when we moved to the farm house.  There's a huge wisteria just behind the little, white flowers but only has leaves on one part of it.  It's grown a runner that goes to the top of the Royal Empress tree next to it and there are clusters of wisteria blooming in the tree.

 Judith, you're so right about so many young men and women willing to fight for us and give their lives if necessary.  I think of Bonnie's Bill and my Charles fighting in Korea in the terrible cold and snow.  What a terrible war that was.  All of the wars are awful.  At our VA Medical Center there's a statue of a Dough Boy at the main entrance and a sign not far away that states "The Price of Freedom is Visible Here".  So very true.  I think of Karen who had two sons in Iraq - how she withstood the worry is a mystery to me.    Judith, I know how proud you are of Dick and his contribution.  I've talked with Bonnie and she said Bill, just like Charles, didn't talk about the war very much.  But there were the flashbacks that I know were terrible for them.

 Jo - wondering how you're doing with your EBV.  Seems to be a constant companion here that I do wish would leave.  I think I mentioned my cousin is also dealing with it - tired all the time.

 Thought I might feed today but there's a cold north wind so may wait until tomorrow - anyway, they have plenty of protein and nutrients from the grass.  So, maybe I'll just lie low today.  Stormy's asleep on the chaise lounge in the bedroom.  His feet are brown today but when they dry, they'll be white again.  Haven't seen Sheena so better check on her.  Barclee is sound asleep beside me.

 Sandy, why don't you take a picture of your  new divan (sofa) with Lucy on it and post it so we can all see it.  I know it must be so pretty. 

 I'll stop for now but will be back later.  Sharon, hope things are all right at your home.



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Good evening everyone. 

All is  quiet here, Gerry has been sleeping since about three so I just gave him his evening meds and tucked him in.  I usually get a massage on Wednesday but postponed it until tomorrow because I wanted to talk to Gerry's neuro. I give Gerry a  med to help calm the restlessness and anxiety and have not been able to  get any for the last two weeks so I ran out - I only knew of  one pharmacy that carries it. I thought maybe there is another medication that I can use but the doctor checked wth the pharmacy in his clinic and they had some - they said no when I asked yesterday.  So I got a script and picked up the meds - gave Gerry one and hope they will carry it from now on. The doctor said to let him know if I have any trouble getting it.  I think he is one of the owners of a clinic  of about  30 specialists  and the ones I have consulted are all good doctors.  I am really spoiled to be able to get  same day appts  with our doctors - what a shock the last time  I booked and appt with a neuro in Canada and had to wait  7 months.

I am looking forward to Mary [Gerry's companion] coming tomorrow. As I said I will get a massage  and then maybe a  quick swim or a quiet lunch.  So many people suggest that I need more time for myself but so far I am  doing well. Just knowing I  will have one day a week has picked up my spirits and Mary is just so down to earth and relaxed with Gerry.

Sharon last year Gerry slept about  19 hours a day for about  9 months. I sure  did a lot of reading and computer games ~ even a few siestas. I got a great cell plan and was able to call Canada or the US 24/7 umlimited so I chatted with family and a few of my internet family too. Then suddenly after I took two days of respite in September Gerry  no longer wanted to nap - up about 8 AM and all day following me around. I still don't like the shadowing but am getting used to it.  

Lorita I love your pictures. I may have flowers all year but I do  miss spring flowers and that feeling of renewal  Right now I would just love some rain so I don't have to water every day.

Hugs to you all - hope you have a good evening


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Yes we got a lot of hail.  Marble size and some were quarter size.  Therain didn't last long, we really need a lot more.  The flowers are beautiful.  

Anne, I remember those days when Bill slept 17 to 20 hours a day, could only get him to eat twice a day, and right back to bed.  You never know what they will do next.  Glad you are enjoying your outing each week.

Goodnight everyone.


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Good morning everyone.

I sure hope all goes well for Sandra today. Sending hugs and prayers.

Hi Bundy! Glad you joined us.

Sharon, I finally went grocery shopping and bought veggies, fruit, and chicken and turkey. So, healthy meals from now on.

The cpa comes over this morning to do tax returns, cleaning ladies come after he leaves and friends stopping by to go out to lunch.  Busy day.

Anne, so glad the caregiver is working out so you can get away for a couple of hours.

Lorita, the flowers are so pretty. Plants are starting to sprout here, but we're supposed to get a wet snow tonight so hopefully they'll survive. As long as rain is mixed with the snow I think they'll be ok.

Judith, hope son's surgery went well. 

Have a nice day will be one month tomorrow since Dick passed. 


Jo C.
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I have started this post twice and lost it twice; it seems to happen only on this thread.  Let's try again.

Though I haven't posted on this thread recently, I have kept up with everyone.  Have to say, my mind has been so mightily on Sandra.  Australia is seventeen hours ahead of SoCal time, so she has already admitted Ron to care.  Sincerely hope things went smoothly and that she is doing okay.  Such a difficult and heart wrenching time.  Hope she comes to let us know how she is doing very soon.

Gosh Lorita, isn't the EBV and CMV thing a dreadfully long tribulation?  My EBV is improved, except it doesn't leave me alone.  I have days when it comes thundering back and I am down for the count.  What I do have happening now are big time joint probems.  My knees have always been bad, but recently they have taken it to an all new level.   However; the worst of it is, my shoulders are now screaming at me and I do mean scream.

Our furniture is fairly low and soft.  When getting off one of the sofas or easy chairs, I must use my hands on the arms of the furniture and use my arms to help me oomph up; especially with my dominate left arm.  Well, after months of doing this, my shoulders are now in a lot of pain, especially my left one on my dominate side.  Boy, it hurts.

If I rise off of a firm chair such as the one in the office, or in the dressing area in the bedroom, or off of the bed, no problem, no need to use my hands and arms; it is just the soft pieces that won't let go of me.  So I am now staying off the soft pieces which really limits my sitting spaces.   I am taking one Ibuprofen in the am as Tylenol doesn't help.  I need to take more Ibuprofen but hate to do so because it is hard on the stomach and it makes me retain fluid so bad that I slosh when I walk!  However, I guess I will have to take a couple of them at least twice a day for a couple of weeks until I am in better shape.  Jeeze beeze Loueeze.

The weather here has been beautiful in the 70's.  Yesterday though, it was hot in the high 80's.  It is supposed to rain Friday night and into Saturday, so more wet coming our way.  The trees and plants are loving it and the azaleas are blooming like mad.  Beautiful.

Our daughter is flying in from Texas next month, it will be good to see her.  It will be both my and my husband's birthday in the same month, him on the 14th and me on the 23rd, so it looks like we are going to have a lovely time of it in May.

Thank you Judith for thinking of our Grandson, Michael.   With the way things are going in government right now, I do wonder what part of the world will demand of our young men and women.  Times are iffy.  Michael was part of the military police, but he has now been reassigned and certified for those big armored vehicles with all the big armament on them and they transferred him to that.  Not a grandmother's dream.

I am equally concerned about my son who is a peace officer.  He is the nicest person and was elected officer of the year last year; but today, that job comes with far more risk than ever. 

Did you gals see that new thread I put on this Forum that I took from Young Onset?  It is an awesome piece off writing that we women need to pay attention to.  We are too hard on ourselves and that piece puts it into perspective and says it all.  I really liked it.

My husband's ceiling fan is his "pet."  It is only about a year old and the controller broke.  He went into the store he bought it from and they told him they had no replacement controllers and that they were no longer being manuactured; he would have to see if someone could repair the controller and if not, then that was that.  Husband comes home absolutely convinced he would need to buy another new fan.  The one he bought was expensive and I was not at all convinced of that.

Have to say, I told him that made no sense and wasn't logical.  I suggested we call a couple of other stores or the manufacturer.  No, no and no.  He knew best and that was that.

Well; I found the controller, took the number down and made one single call.  The other store had 75 of the controllers in stock and they ARE still being manufactured.  Cost was $49 versus hundreds.  I was careful how I presented it to him so as to save face for him, but he was still a bit not happy. 

Recently, he opened up the front door at night to a strange man ringing the bell.  The guy was selling Spectrum Cable so he said. He came back the next night.  DH felt he wanted to make a change from Frontier Cable which is not a good company; they replaced Verizon when they sold, so he made an appointment with the fellow for the next night to sign up.  My hair was standing on end.  First, who in the world opens a door at night to a strange man and who decides to buy from a stranger who wants a form filled out with a credit card number and other personal information? And if you don't contact the cable company to verify things and the deal, you could end up with bad options.  Not good.

I called the city and they said the guy had no license to sell in the city, and that some of these folks were scammers and this is how they get credit card numbers and personal information, and others gathered up names and information from people and then sold them as a group to the cable companies.  I was able to forestall that too.  Most of all, with all the home invasions, the door answering is a very bad practice.  He never would have done that in years past.  I am finding that these sorts of judgment and reasoning issues are happening from time to time, (not all the time), but often enough that I am developing some concern. 

My step SIL who I was never close to, the parents married when I was in my mid-30s, had her surgery yesterday.  She had been calling after a gyn visit, and I assisted her with information regarding  possible ovarian cancer.  Well; sadly, it is Stage IIIC ovarian cancer which is quite advanced.  The surgical specialist could only remove a small part of what was necessary.  She will have to have chemo starting in ten days and then a second surgery to try and get more done.  Statistically, the outcome is not the best.  I feel so bad for her and her family.  

I got a call from a friend who is 64; she works for a large health concern as an RN Neurology Case Manager and she is SO good at what she does.  She worked for me for several years some time ago.  Well; the company she has been with for nearly 30 years has a history of age discrimination and they are very subtle and sneaky about it.  They have now begun their tactics on her and she has a year and a half before her full retirement. 

Her stress is now monumental and she can barely function it has got so bad.  IBS, hypertension, can't sleep at night, nerves rattling non-stop, etc.  Suggested a good attorney and doctor's appointments working toward a stress leave and then taking control of matters.  I felt so bad for her situation.  She is alone with kids grown and she needed to go the distance at work.  No matter what, it is still a harsh work world out there and older employees in many instances are still getting harsh treatment.

The second season of Home Fires began on PBS on Sunday nights, it is so very good.  If you have not seen it, if you can find the first season, it is more than well worth watching.  It is British and pre-world war II just before war breaks out and then does.  Wonderful scripts, casting, acting, scenery, everything.  It is delicious.  Please don't watch it if you haven't seen the first season as it builds on that and the story won't be what it should without the first episodes.  If you can find it, what a treat.

I am glad to hear Sarah and Todd have got their move done and that Sarah has been doing well.  It has been a long haul and I bet they are glad to get that move behind them.

So Lorita, you are going to sell the new bulls.  That will be a good outcome with all and sundry; I hope they bring a good price.  This has been quite a year for babies on your place.

The Wash DC eaglets have hatched and they are adorable.   One day, the male eagle, Mr. President, brought a whole duck to the nest.  Oh my goodness.  Thank heavens it was already dead, so no gross scenes.  The babies are growing and getting stronger, the little balls of fluff.  No names as yet.  Today it is raining hard back there and The First Lady has them covered, but you can hear them cheeping.

I have enjoyed seeing everyone's pictures.  Spring really IS here and everything is growing again.  Dog days of summer around the corner, so I am going to enjoy spring to the fullest while it is still here with its gentle days.

Everyone take good care and may you have gentle spring days too,


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Good evening ladies, 

All is well at my house.

As you may know, from previous posts, my best friend died last year of breast cancer, she was my neighbor. I took care of her mom for 5 years who lived with her. Everyday as I would leave, her sister came. We all became so close it was wonderful. At 101, mom died and two years later my friend. Well, today was the day that My friends husband married her sister, who now is my best friend.  Oh, how thrilling to have. Happiness. I had to keep it a secret, so I have been busy with hair and makeup, not to mention the fun of shopping for a pretty nightie!

My grandson had his Award dinner last night, so I had a dinner date.

Jo, what a nice long post, I will have to look for the post you mentioned...did it have a title?

Bonnie good to hear from you as well. What's your latest project?

Lolita I was wondering about the bulls as well.

Our high school girls took state championship. The best gal signed a year ago at Oklahoma. Univ. She has broken all records here. For you sports fans be watching.. She is gorgeous as well.  That was the awards dinner scoop!

Blessings, Sharon

Okay, if you insist...I may have mentioned that I was having stomach issues as well as upper back between my shoulders.......All GAS...resolved with a pill. I was afraid I was getting an ulcer, silly never know what stress can do...but it wasn't.  Yeah God!

Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017 5:20 PM
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Yeah Diane for grocery shopping!!
Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017 6:41 PM
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Here it is, Sharon:

We often complain about ourselves, and sometimes we forget . . . .


Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017 6:51 PM
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Where is Lorita today?....hasn't posted since 1:43pm yesterday....
Posted: Thursday, April 6, 2017 8:04 PM
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 I'm here, Ellen, just not much going on here, as usual.  Thanks for thinking of me.

 Jo - so good to see a post from you.  Yes, the EBV and CMV is AWFUL!  I hate it with all my being.  I also have another problem which doesn't help.  It's my right foot - the back and right side around my ankle.  I bought new winter boots and wore them all winter when I'd go outside.  I knew my ankle was hurting some but didn't know why. I looked in the boot and there was a heavy string from one side to the other in the back that had been against the back of my ankle all that time.  I don't know why I hadn't looked before.  I don't know what it's done to my foot but it really makes it hard to walk sometimes - most of the time.  My doctor said to take Ibuprofen - like you, Jo.  I forget to take it and have thought I'd soak it in Epsom salts but haven't gotten around to it.  Wonder why it is that when one thing gets wrong with you, something else follows.  Guess it's because you're in a weakened state. 

 I'm so sorry, Jo, about your step SIL.  I hope things turn out well for her.  Also sorry about the reassignment of your son.  I know you must worry about him all the time.  Also your peace officer, son.  Charles was a police officer for a few years and I worried about him all the time.  I did get a call one night from the dispatcher (scared me to death) that someone had run into Charles' police car.  He wasn't hurt but it really did scare me. It seems that lately they've become the target.

  I do my stuff outside, come in and lay on the bed watching the court shows until almost noon, napping some.  Tomorrow I have an appointment at 11:30 to get the PU serviced and for them to see if they can find out why it jerked so violently.  So, I'll have to leave here by 11.  Guess I'll get some feed while I'm down there - think I'll feed the girls six more times

 Sounds like next month is going to be a good month for your family, Jo.  I know you'll enjoy having company.  The weather here is beautiful today but was cold this morning.

 I think I will sell the little bulls - they, along with Jasper, are driving the girls nuts.  Guess it'll have to be week after next since I have that Tuesday appointment.  I think I may keep the heifers.  I have a couple that have a virus that causes warts, mostly on their heads.  Our vet says when they're about 18 months old, they'll fall off.  If I sold them they wouldn't bring very much with their warts.  I think they're beginning to get rid of them. Anyway, two of them aren't heifers any longer even though they're not as big as the cows.

 I have one cow/calf story for today:  After 5 I went out to check the girls - in the NE pasture.  I started to drive the CW behind the barn to go down and saw Rosebud coming up to the barn.  I looked and her baby, Daisy, was in the lot with the gate closed.  There was another baby with her.  I opened the gate and two more came around the barn.  Evidently the girls had gone down to graze and left those four at the barn and Rosebud was elected to come back and get them.   When I opened the gate they all came out and Daisy latched on.  The others went straight down to the pasture to find their moms.  I thought it was so cute that she came after the babies.  But, that's just me.

 Jo - sorry about your shoulder.  I have some trouble getting up from a low divan or chair, too.  I walk like I'm 90 years old when I first start walking.  I don't know if I'll be able to wear sandals with a strap across the back or not.  Boots don't hurt my foot but it would be hot to wear them in the summer - maybe mules.

 Allergies, or dry eyes, are giving me fits the last two or three days.  If I could remember to take an allergy pill in the morning, it might be better. 

 Sharon, glad you discovered the pill and that it was only gas.  That happens to me sometimes and it's like a tight rubber band around my chest.  Kind of similar to how I felt with a gallbladder attack.  I keep Equate gas pills and antacid tablets all the time.  I've even started sleeping with two pillow shams next to the headboard and my pillow turned straight up behind me.  I start out semi-sitting but by morning I'm usually laying on the shams. 

  I think my roses have arrived from Cottage Farms.  My landline phone's battery had run down and the base kept ringing but didn't know who it was.   I get a lot of calls from telemarketers.  Today I decided I'd charge it and it showed a call yesterday from my mailcarrier. It said she had a pkg. too long to go into the mailbox and yesterday it was trying to rain so she didn't leave it.  Today, the gate was closed and she thought I might be gone so she didn't leave it.  She'll bring it tomorrow.  Normally if there's a pkg. too big for the big mailbox she brings it to the house but I've had the gate closed while the girls are in the meadow.  It's a long, very heavy, pipe gate.  I have a gate wheel on it but it's still kind of hard to open if you're not used to it especially. 

 Better go and call Bryon to see if he can clean up the yard and mow this weekend.  I finally have a little bit of grass in the yard.  Also, Stormy is barking to come inside a while.  Sheena needs to come in and eat something.

 Hope all of you sleep well tonight. 

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