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Bible Verse To Lift You Up 04/30/2019 - Trouble's Comin'
Posted: Tuesday, April 30, 2019 12:18 AM
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Proverbs 21 : 19 ( AMP )

It is better to dwell in a desert land
Than with a contentious and troublesome woman.

Barbara has never, in our ( almost ) 37 years of marriage, been a contentious and troublesome woman. Alas, I wish the same could be said of me. I'm sure I have been a thorn in the side of many people over the years. Sometimes, perhaps, just a tiny pin prick, but for a few, I'm quite sure I have been a truly proper thorn.

Such is life, I suppose. But what I wanted to focus on right now is that word " troublesome. " For as long as Barbara and I have known each other, I have done things that she says are troublesome. It was always a kind of joke between us. For instance, Barbara has never liked to get her nose wet, so when I would give her a kiss, every so often I would flick my tongue across the tip of her nose. " Are you being troublesome ? " " No honey, my tongue just fell out of my mouth when I bent over to kiss you. "

Over the years, I have tried to convince her that it was part of our marriage vows . " Do you, Chris, promise to always be troublesome ? " Of course, she wasn't having any of it. Until now. If I kiss her nose now, she usually doesn't react, so I have upped the ante to discussing how I will prepare her food.

" Honey, I have a wonderful idea. How about if I put some leftover mashed potatoes in with your oatmeal for breakfast ? " If I'm lucky, I'll get a smile, or maybe she will move her head back a forth a bit, so that I can know that she's still in there.

Some days though, she will just ask me if I can serve them separately, at which point I will say " Honey, I'm just being troublesome. " That happened this morning, but you know what ?

When I used that word troublesome, she smiled, and so did I. She's letting me know that she's still in there, at least for now.



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