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AL adjustment
Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:33 PM
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My Mom, 90yo, has been in assisted living for about a month. I'd say she's probably mid stage. This is where she has chosen to be. She tells me she hates it but knows this is her best option for care. Tells me everyone is very nice and help her and sometimes she says she's not nice.  She is very anxious and fearful at times when she doesn't know what to do and calls my sister expressing her fears and anxiety, sounding tearful. New routines or changes in routine confuse her. Yet, other times she is very clear. She amazes me the things she remembers and can do and yet these other times are really upsetting to my sister to the point that she wants to take Mom home and live with her augmenting with paid help. My sister feels she is regressing due to stress of the place and it will all be better if she is back in a familiar setting.  The apartment is set up similar to her home with her furniture and arrangement. Wondering what others have found to be the adjustment period. Also wondering if I should ask neurologist about adding a med for anxiety. What are others experience with anxiety? She is on the Exelon Patch 9.6. Been on this higher dose a month, the same time she has been at AL.
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