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Private caregiver search
Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 7:05 AM
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My mom was diagnosed with Mixed Dimentia 2 years ago.  She is 85, on meds for high blood pressure, and she has a pace maker.  Otherwise, physically no issues. She is currently living in her own home on the 2nd floor, in an apartment above my brother.  She currently has part time private care givers.  We want to keep her home as long as possible.  As the disease progresses, we anticipate that she will need full time care (6 months - year from now).  She has a beautiful apartment with an extra bedroom.  Any ideas about someone who is experienced with Alzheimers patients and  would be able to care for her full time in exchange for living arrangements?  She lives in West Harrison NY, a beautiful community with access to park and pool.
Posted: Tuesday, July 9, 2019 2:55 PM
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Sounds like a good place to work. I know there are caregivers who work the night shift so that won't be hard to find, but a live in caregiver? I don't know of anyone in NY, but I have used with good results. You have to tell them what you want and expect in the application up front and then be picky! Good luck
Posted: Wednesday, July 10, 2019 5:08 PM
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This will probably be a bit difficult, but not impossible.  You'll have to find a single lady without young children, needing a place to stay, with the right skill set that you describe.  Hopefully, she will be strong and not too feeble or old, since caring for one person single-handedly can physically be impossible at the very end stages of dementia/Alzheimer's. 

 I have seen it work for a threesome that rented out one of my houses last year; the wife was a full time registered nurse, and went to work during the day, her husband did not work, and the gentleman being taken care of was 90 and in a wheelchair. 

 The nurse would then bathe the gentleman, with the help of her husband,  and help him with medications when she was home. There were two of them to take care of him.  In their arrangement, he paid for most of the rent from his savings. He had no family members that stepped in that I know of, and he passed away about a month ago. 

 I'm really not sure that only one person would be able to do it until your Mom passes away, since one person will need breaks, and will need to have vacations, time with friends and family,  and alone time.  I know someone that had two caregivers, one at a time, they would switch out every two weeks or so; there were still gaps in care/coverage since family emergencies and the caregiver's own appointments and affairs need to be taken into account.  

When you say " in exchange for housing" , are you thinking that someone would stay with your Mom and take care of her for free?  That's probably not going to happen, and sorry if I misinterpreted the type of arrangement you're seeking for your Mom.  You also have to take into account benefits such as health care, dental coverage, etc., that people can get from working for a company, but can't get from working for you and helping your Mom.  

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