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Suggestions for Door Alarm/Monitoring
Posted: Monday, September 9, 2019 8:38 PM
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My father lives on the same property I do, approximately 500 feet away.  He lives in a smaller house with my mother.  About 3 to 4 weeks ago he started seeing little people, animals and then it turned to faces.  The faces are always in the two recliners.  The visions are getting worse and are starting to keep him worked up.  

Night before last he swore up and down a man was in his chair deceased.  He wanted me to call the coroner and the sheriff.  We were able to put a blanket over the chairs, which calmed him down.  However, at 330am he came over and woke me up to tell me they were messing up the house and causing holes everywhere.  When I walked over with him they had already fixed everything.  What my major concern is at this point is he had been outside for a few since he put the ice cream bucket with his wallet and classes in the truck as well as an ice bucket with all of the bathroom counter items in the truck.

I am looking for an alarm system that I can put on the two doors that will alert my cell when he goes out.  Something I can set at night so I can be alerted.  Does anyone know of the best product out there?  I have looked at the Ring Security System, however I thought I'd check with others.

Also... Since he was diagnosed, we really haven't been told or done anything else with him.  I have sent a number of e-mail to his dr, however it's like they don't care.  I asked about medications to help with the visions, however I never heard anything.  (VA Hospital).  I expressed concerns when the visions started and really expressed them now when them becoming so often and keeping him worked up.  I did speak to someone today from the VA about medications and things.  As he advised, medications is difficult if we don't know exactly what he has.  I spoke to him about my dads hand shaking and has for almost a year and a half to two years.  He acted as if that was something major and should be checkout out for it could give us some answers, however the dr always pushed it under the rug.  He spoke that meds could do more harm then good without knowing exactly what is going on.  

I just feel so FRUSTRATED because here we are so far into this and still don't know anything!  I know we can't "fix him" as my sister want to do, however I want to help him and give him the best quality of life as long as I can.  I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle. I have to live with seeing my dads frustration and not being able to help him or answer his questions when he asks "who authorized these people to just come into the house?  They have messed up my chair, and I don't like them.  What group are they with and why are they here?  They travel and are going to (list of other towns).. It's a private home and they aren't welcome."  All I can say is I don't know dad but I'll try to find out.  Then he gets upset because No One Knows.  

Must say this is the hardest thing I have ever done for my dad has always been the one I would go to for advise and guidance, but now I am the one that has to make sure he is taken care of.

Sorry so long but I appreciate the chance to vent and ask suggestions.

Posted: Monday, September 9, 2019 11:34 PM
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I'm sorry your father is having such a difficult time. Will your father go to the VA hospital? If you take him to the VA's ER during one of his delusional outbursts, they will have to address it.

As for door alarms, I am not sure what is available- I'm sorry. I used a motion detector that buzzed a wireless receiver that I kept in my room. Maybe it will work 500 feet away?

Maybe the "faces" he sees are the indentations and buttons of these chairs. Can you drape a throw over the backs? I had to stop letting my mother watch any police, action or thrillers on TV because she really believed what she saw was happening in our home because she would become agitated!

 We are here for you so please write again to vent or ask questions. Take care!

Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 3:20 AM
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Our family has the Ring doorbell system on every door at my mom’s house.  From my cell phone I can see a video of all activity coming and going at her home.  When there is motion at a door, my cell phone chimes and alerts me to what door has the motion.  We can then see the video.  We can also communicate through the doorbell system to anyone who is at her door.  I’m sorry your dad is having such a hard time.  Take care.
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 5:17 AM
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Ring is nice but can be expensive.   

I found this on Amazon and it's priced inexpensively and simple to operate. 
I'm going to order four for myself.
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 4:27 PM
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I bought some of these on the recommendation of a friend.


Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 5:21 PM
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The Wink Lookout system is excellent if you have wifi
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 7:02 PM
Joined: 9/10/2019
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My Mom lives with me and sometimes sees people who aren’t there. I tell them to “go home” and that seems to make her happy. She was having bad dreams and night terrors. A friend recommended “time released Melatonin”. It has been a game changer. I give her a 3 mg pill before bed. I get them at the health food store. She now sleeps most of the night and only gets up to use the bathroom. I can now get sleep. As to the alarm, I only use cameras. My sister has an app on her phone that alerts her to any front door activity.
Posted: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 8:24 PM
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Wyze is a company that sells motion sensors, cameras, and open/closed alarms. I have been pleased with their products. Everything sells for about $25. They have given my mother the independence she craves and the safety she needs. Good luck.
Posted: Thursday, September 12, 2019 1:01 AM
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What we have installed since my stage 5 MIL came to live with us a couple months ago:  - Samsung SmartThings Hub;  - Arlo cameras on front and back porches that send alerts to our cell phones when activated; - Motion sensor in garage; - SmartThings multipurpose sensors on the front door, sliding back door, laundry room door, door into garage, MIL's large bedroom window.

The sensors all trip - - LED color hue bulbs in our offices (we both work from home currently) and bedroom, color coded based on what sensor is tripped. They are bright enough to wake us up if they come on.

We also installed a difficult to work - - extra security lock/device on the inside of the front door. So far, my MIL can't figure out how to open it. The back yard is completely enclosed with a high concrete block wall and a solid wood gate that has a combination lock through the hasp.

I hate feeling that we have her confined so tightly, but she has no idea where she is, who we are (half the time), and pretty constantly thinks she hears someone knocking and tries to open the door and go out front to see. We just can't be in the same room with her 24/7 and still be able to work and/or sleep.

(Sorry for the plain text links, I don't know how to post URLs here yet.)


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