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What do these medications do and does anyone have any experience with them?
Posted: Wednesday, October 9, 2019 11:53 PM
Joined: 10/9/2019
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XARator 40mg tablet  - one per day

BISLOC 2.5mg tablet (generic concur) - one per day

XaRELto 20mg tablet - one per day

Exelon Patch (4.6mg/24hr) - apply new patch before bed


Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2019 8:43 AM
Joined: 10/24/2018
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Hi Twills-- my MIL took Xarelto as a blood thinner after her first stroke, and continued it for years. You may have to look up the other two; never heard of them, sorry!
Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2019 8:46 AM
Joined: 12/9/2011
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Hello twills83; I see you are a new Member to this very supportive Message Board and you are welcomed.

It is always best to contact one's physician to get information and input regarding meds and our Loved Ones conditions.

When I used the search engine, Google, I found that two of the drugs named are named drugs in Thailand:

Xarator is similar to the U.S. drug, atorvastatin which is a med used to lower cholesterol.

Bisloc is similar to the U.S. drug, Bisoprolol which is a drug used for various condtions such as high blood presssure and/or various cardiac condtions.

Xarelto is a U.S. drug that is an anticoagulant to prevent clots and strokes.

Exelon Patch is a U.S. drug used in early, mid and late stage Alzheimer's Disease and for some people some of the time for awhile, it can assist with thinking, memory and function.  It is not a cure.

To look up meds for what they do, side effects and interactions with other drugs or safety concerns one can use:

And of course most important of all, consulting one's own physician re any questions or concerns.

 Please feel free to Post at any time; we are all here in support of one another.


Posted: Thursday, October 10, 2019 10:33 PM
Joined: 10/9/2019
Posts: 41

Thanks for your input.  I was just curious if anyone had any personal experience with efficacy and/or side effects of these drugs. 

You are correct, these were prescribed in Thailand.  I understand the physician is the first resource but I always like to get as much information as possible as well as personal experiences. 

At some point I felt that maybe he is overmedicated as he often goes straight to sleep after getting all his medicines.

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