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Incoherent, in possible pain, but NOT....
Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 4:01 PM
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Constipated any more, thanks to the ministrations of the hospice nurse this morning. Mom, 92, in MC, fell (again) this past Sunday. The facility broke all their promises and called 911, then me, and then (perhaps) hospice. The result was, of course, I had to leave work to meet the ambulance at ER. 

We don't mind the fall. We'd told the companions that if Mom fell asleep they could sneak to the bathroom. She did, she did, then she (Mom) woke up and headed out sans walker to find whatever was missing. She apparently made it 10 feet to the doorway, but fell at the bedside table, bonking her head twice, twisting some I guess, and landing on her right side (the one with the 3-month-old bionic hip, naturally. Prostheses in my family are gravity magnets!)

Nothing broken but plenty of pain, waited until 2:00am for a transport to become free, etc etc you know the drill. 

Tuesday morning Mom was briefly without a private pay or family member in her room, and staff decided that she "seemed to want to get up". Disaster, I arrive, we continue to mop up the mess. 

Sometimes she's somewhat clear, most times not at all but will converse. Her companion this afternoon said they had a good visit. When Bro was here, she was just post-evacuation, and unrestful. Maybe we need more companions and less us.....

Meanwhile I sit here and try to decide about the next dose of morphine -- should I get it before supper (now) or wait an hour and a half. 

Oh VERY interesting. She just said something, I went "hmmm?), and she said, as clearly as her desiccated mouth will allow, no, I was talking to her!  Would love to know who her was this time. 

Her vitals continue strong, but her poor brain is flopping around. I'd figured she might bounce back, especially once the digestive distress was relieved, but the future is obscured, as always. 

I am sad, for my failure to be able to understand what's in her head. Of course there is a disease, but Dorothy Ann is still right there trying to get out/go home/whatever. 

This is as good a place as any to say THANK YOU  to all the stage 8-ers who continue to viskt and offer their warmth and expertise. 

"Oh! Did you say something to her?!" Me:, no, I'm listening to this music, aren't the peolle singing nice? (turn hymns up a bit). I think she said "ok" and appears asleep again, gently sawing tiny twigs..... 

aha! Amazing Grace caused a moment of non-snoring, but she went away again. 

Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 4:29 PM
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I'm so sorry.  I don't know the protocol for hospice patients in MC for 911 calls  My LO is same situation. There are TWO signs over her bed that say call me and Hospice and not 911, right beside the DNR sign. My LO can't get up, so, I don't think she will fall, but, you never know.  

Does she regularly take morphine?  Does she have any other health conditions?  

I know that it's so very stressful and exhausting. I hope you both can find peace.  

Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2019 5:06 PM
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SunnyBB hi and thank you!  For our hospice, it's clear in the records that hospice gets the first call. They come immediately, calling me on the way, and assess the patient. However the situation as described to me sounded like a henhouse missing all its chicken-heads. The companion who was there treated mom for shock, put a pillow under her head, and comforted her while the hens were saying to EMS "watch out she's combative!" and "oh, she falls All The Time!"  But they could barely find my number. Sheesh. 

I feel pretty dumb for not thinking of putting signs up on the wall! Thank you for mentioning it!no, the last time she had morphine was July 31 with the fall from the sheared-off femur. Staff are supposed to know it is there PRN for pain. According to the companion whe remained, Mom lay on the floor for 25 minutes while the henhouse came to a plan of action. Wouldn't you think there'd be one of those backboards like they keep at pools lying around with staff trained in a sheet transfer? Sigh. 

Other medical conditions include COPD and high cholesterol,  both untreated And pretty asymptomatic. What I think is the worst thing now are her allergies, which kicked into high gear when she moved here(for comparison, I moved here at 24, allergic only to poison ivy. Took 10 years of exposure to turn me into an asthmatic seasonal sniffler). Her nose is so clogged that I don't think she can breathe through it. 

We will get through this, yes we will. You too!

Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2019 10:16 AM
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So sorry. There just doesn't seem to be good protocol (or good people to follow it) when you need it!

I hope you and your dear mother get some respite soon.

Posted: Sunday, November 10, 2019 4:13 PM
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Thank you MbyM! Your comment is spot on, and I would add that these things have to stop happening on weekends! I've taken some respite, thanks. Mom has a stream of companions flowing through for a few hours here and there. She either sleeps through them or has a really good time. Wonder if things will find their new level, or maybe "roller coaster ride" is as level as it gets for awhile. 

I read your thread earlier so will try to re-find it now. 

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