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Just need to talk to my friends (151)
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 10:33 AM
Joined: 12/18/2011
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 Jo - great minds--- as they say.  That was my objective - to start a new part of the thread but things have gotten in the way until now.  Had to be sure all the girls were okay - they were moving about and a count was hard to get. Then had to fill the water tank and feed Tom and Jerry - my morning chores.

Billy the Bull was not happy.  He came up to the lot gate and it was closed and he didn't know what to do so, I think he kind of wandered away for a bit.  They all came eventually and stood a while.  Zetta, it was so hard to not relent and let them in but I spent money to get the barn cleaned out and I want it to settle good and get packed down when it's dry - too wet this morning.  Had a hard time getting back through a gate - they were gathering around the Gator trying to convince me and they're very convincing.

 We had .9" of rain according to the rain gauge but according to what is in the mineral tube close to the gauge showed 2 1/2-3".  I think it's probably around 2".  Water was still standing in the yard this morning and the rocks in front of the steps were wet.  The rain has moved off into Arkansas for now.  Everything did get a good drink.  More zucchini bloom this morning and the plants looks fresh as do the caladiums.  Everything looks so pretty and fresh after a rain - glad Bryon got things mowed.  Trying to decide about calling Ricky to brushhog some but I think I'll wait until I know all the girls are in the barn (day or two).  Kind of scares me with little babies laying in the grass.  When he mowed for me a couple of years ago he asked if I had any little ones in the pasture.  He had just mowed for his son and ran over a little baby laying in the grass - can not stand for that to happen - even the possibility.   It really hurt him, too.  These ranchers are just as attached to their girls as Charles and I were/are.

 Jo - remember in years past when we'd have up to 17 pages on this thread?  Talk about hard getting on.  A few years ago the Adm. asked if I'd start a new portion of it every 15 or so days - sometimes I forget so nice of you to remind me.

Ron - what's going on with kidney stones?  My goodness, that makes three people that we know of who have them.  I'm so sorry about Lou's.  Hopefully, her pain can be kept under control and they'll pass soon.   Good that you took her to the ER and found out what the problem is.  I can remember trying to get a urine specimen from Charles - and that would be easier to get from a man than from a woman, I'm sure.  Hopefully, today will be better.

 Sara - glad you got some rain.  Rain is truly a blessing in the hot summertime.  I hope your Datura is all right and it probably will be.

 Glad you liked your peach cobbler.  I think they're easier to make than a pie but your pie was beautiful.  What kind of peaches did you use?

 Zetta - I got all these papers about our town from a neighbor and read them at that time but had forgotten I had the copy of the 1913 newspaper.  Really interesting to read - mostly little odds and ends like - Mr. so and so passed through town on his way to another town or Mrs. Smith's two children are sick at home.  Things like that.  Lots of advertisements from the businesses in town showing prices of things at that time.  I notice those prices on The Waltons and Andy Griffith's shows.  The other paper was published by a land development company trying to convince people to buy land here or open businesses.  The only original building left is the Methodist Church which is no longer used for a Church - used now for weddings, etc. and is well kept.

 Our town was the first Creek Capital when the Creeks came to Indian Territory.  Carol said her dad took she and her sister to High Springs Mountain to show them the springs and told them the story about the Indians signaling from that place to other mountain tops to let other Creeks know they were going to have a council meeting.  I say mountains - they're just hills.  The mountains in Oklahoma are in the southeastern and southern Okla.  Charles and I have been over in that area but there's no marker for the springs so we didn't see it.  I did read that there are several High Springs Mountains in Oklahoma.

 I had a couple of Toaster Strudels for breakfast this morning.  Sheena must have been hungry so she came over for a bite.  Gave her the last bite of one of them, then gave both of them their medication and breakfast before I ate the other one. Guess I'd give them or one of the cats my last bite of food.

 When we went to bed last night, Sheena went straight to her bed to go to sleep.  It's really pretty and looks comfortable.  This morning it was kind of wadded up - maybe she did that so Stormy wouldn't sleep on it - who knows?

 Zetta - I watched several Bronx Zoo shows yesterday.  I'm so glad they take good care of their animals.  I saw part of a Cheyenne show this morning.  Guess I'll watch In The Kitchen with David on QVC this morning. Watching morning news shows now.  I'm like you - I have the TV on all day but I'm up and down, seldom sitting still for more than 15 minutes.  I think part of it is for the white noise.

 You can use any kind of bar soap except Dove and deodorant soaps, if I remember correctly.  We used to use Cashmere Bouquet soap (smelled so good) so that's what I used.  I need to look in the linen closet and see if we have some left.  If you try it, I hope it works for you.

 Morning news about the virus is  not good at all.  Seems like we're in for another pandemic of the variant.  They're saying the masks like I've been wearing - do they call them procedure masks? are not sufficient - should be using N95 masks.   Sara, question for you - you've kept up on the different kinds of masks - what's the difference between KN95 and N95 masks?  Guess I'll order a few in case I do go to town.

 I'm wondering about getting the PU repaired.  How do you disinfect the inside of a vehicle beyond rubbing down the gear shift, steering wheel and door and window locks and handles? - spraying?  Probably should get it done sooner than later in case this gets worse which it looks like it will.  Three of the States with the most cases border Oklahoma on the east - Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.  Ron, hope you and Lou both had on masks last night.

 I'll stop and finish my hot tea.  Still have enough cobbler left for today.  Might have to make another one of those this coming week - wonder how blueberry would be?  Not fresh but frozen - would have to thaw, then cook a bit with sugar to make juice, I guess.

 Jo, hope you go ahead and post.  I love to read what you write. 



Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 11:05 AM
Joined: 10/31/2019
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Ron, if you can get Lou to drink lemonade it will help resolve the stones.

Cranberry juice will also help.

Hope you and Lou get to feel better soon.

Lorita, I was telling Bill about your farm and he said we could come live with you. He said he would help on your farm! This is a man that was raised in the city. I just told him okay. That was all it took for him to forget.

Do anyone remember passion flowers when we were growing up? I can't believe they are selling them as plants. We called them maypops and when the fruit ripen we would have maypop fights. they would be yellow and pop when they hit you. . Kids find things to do living in the country on 80 acres.

Have a good day


Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 11:33 AM
Joined: 8/10/2016
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Lorita glad you got your barn cleaned and grass mowed.  Know that makes things feel better.  My grass is a little rowdy since it did not get mowed.  Think they will get to it this week.

Lorita, I believe, someone correct me if I’m wrong,  that N95 made in US, KN95 China, KF94 South Korea.  At work we wore N95 if patient had influenza A or B.  If you want to protect yourself would definitely go with a N95 if you can get one.  I use KF94 due to my own research feel if they are truly made in SKorea they are a very good mask.  Was very hard to get N95 then.  Buy them from a private company not off Amazon or EBay.  Need to be aware of this with N95 too.  There are always dishonest people out there.  N95 will be a little more difficult to breathe through than a procedure mask.  

Lol I thought we are having  a kidney stone pandemic, at least on here.  My friends sister just had a kidney stone.

Haven’t had a toaster strudel in many a year.  Really liked them.

Lorita I just rubbed down the handles, steering wheel, gear shift, knobs.  I don’t do all that any more.  Just wash my hands real good when I get home, but you do what you are comfortable with.

I’m sort of quarantining for two weeks.  My one sister who went is an antivaxxer, so wore my mask while in car.    At funeral very few of us wore masks, I did.  Would feel ok but coming home my vaccinated sister wanted to stop and eat.  Going down we did drive through and ate outside at a park.  Was good with that.  Coming back my sister that is vaccinated wanted to stop and eat.  I know why, she did not want to cook when she got home.  I didn’t fuss because she has been good to me and she is 14 years younger than me and she lives like vaccine is 100% effective.  Wore it in restaurant except when eating.  But I was not comfortable with that so asked God to watch over me.  Guess I should not have went but wanted to see people I had not seen in such a long time. I would have preferred to stay in the car while they ate because on top of it I don’t care for the restaurant.   Didn’t think my unvaxed sister would get off work on such short notice or would have said I’ll go with you if she can’t get off.  

I have been wondering about using fresh blueberries too.  Maybe someone on here has tried it.

This morning I discovered a watermelon that is probably 4 inches long.  Think how in the world could I have missed this.  Made me happy.  It is in right corner of picture.

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Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 11:50 AM
Joined: 10/12/2014
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Home with Lou now! Haven't slept in 32 hours and I'm ready. Went and got the medication for Lou and fixed us breakfast, now if she can just relax.


Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 12:00 PM
Joined: 10/12/2014
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Lorita, after you mentioned how hard it might be getting a urine sample from a woman I thought I would give you a visual. 

One nurse holding a leg open, another nurse holding the other leg, a third with swabs and getting urine samples and me holding Lou's arms backlou fighting us the whole time. Got blood on my shirt from her scratching me

All in a days work with dementia!

Going to bed......I hope


Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 12:52 PM
Joined: 12/9/2011
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Sandymac - how really delightful it is to hear from you - come anytime to the Front Porch; it welcomes everyone!    So glad to hear beautiful Tasmania was as wonderful as you expected; sure would be nice to see it.

 I am sorry to hear you fell on your dear rear!   Geeze.  Tailbone fractures or severe tailbone bruising can take a loooooong time to heal and are terribly painful.

Some time ago, I was on a Disneyland ride that went down a water chute from a very high height.   I was sitting in the last seat in the last spot in  the last car - found no handholds and no footholds.  It was fun . . . . UNTIL . . . . the darned thing went down the soaking water chute with the last car becoming pretty much near airborne and then it hit the ground with a SPLAT!!!!!!!   I flew into the air and came down with my own SPLAAT!!!!!!!

 Fractured my tailbone . . . what was weird is that yes; it did hurt, but it hurt far worse, enough to make me catch my breath whenever I rose up from a sitting position. Omigosh; the standing just sent it into an alternate gasping universe.  So hope yours does not hurt that bad Took me several months for it to get better. 

Also sorry to hear about your husband's tooth abcess; that sure must have been dreadfully painful.  Hope he is doing okay now. Send him our best.

I have so long respected and admired the Australian people.  The fact that you have so much acceptance of what must be done to protect the public with this dread virus, and that the government and public health people are tending to it all in locked step is going to make a huge difference and most important, will save lives.   Kudos to Australia.

 Here?  Oh me, oh my.  Nothing but shock at the continuing resistance;  so many self absorbed people feeling entitled; refusal to do what needs or must be done; not seeming to care about others.  Shockingly, it has become a political football . . . really; political with our politicians!!!  Lots of online bogus information - some of it so bad it is like they live in a different universe; yet, there are followers.   Just boggles the mind.  Also a difference of opinions even within our healthcare system from the top in DC on down. Each state in the U.S. an entity unto itself doing whatever it wants; and also differences between counties within states and inside of that; difference in cities within the counties.   Saddens me, angers me, frustrates me knowing what all of that means.  Lives lost and many people who survive suffering dread long haul symptoms or life long changes; up to and including some needing lung transplants.  All of that - and a simple vaccination could have prevented it.  Lunacy.

 I can imagine it must be hard when some of the Australian cities with burgeoning COVID numbers are closed off at the borders; but as that is temporary, many will survive and the spread will help to be contained.   So glad you and your husband got your second jab.  My DH and I were able to get our Moderna vaccine with the first in February, and the second in March.  Truly very grateful.  Dearest Sandy, take good care in the cold of your winter, and we will try to stay cool in the dog days of our summer.  The worst heat will hit in August and September, so we will be simmering for awhile.   Then we will cool off while you start heating up.  Such an interesting planet!

Ron.  I am so very sorry.  Kidney stones!  What the dickens . . . . there must be a special on them!  Poor Lou.  No way to dissolve kidney stones unless they are from simple uric acid (maybe), but the other types, no dissolving those.   Looks like Lou has a large stone from what you said. There will be no passing that and even if she could pass it, the pain would be dreadfully dreadful.

 Can tell you, lithotripsy may fail; but in a good med center, the new equipment and procedure is excellent.   They do a ureteroscopy - tiny tube goes right up the ureter, and into the kidney if necessary. Often they can basket the stone and remove it; or if it is too large (as mine is), they will laser it and basket the fragments.  No need to try and pass something that won't pass.

Ureteroscopy may be something that would benefit Lou since she has failed Lithotripsy several times.   In both procedures, anesthesia must be used, but when there is dementia, they will use specific anesthesia and in smallest as can be amounts.  For sure, she cannot retain that stone if it is causing pain - if it should move and block her ureter, she could be in dire straits.   Your urologist will be able to advise as best done.

 Of all things to happen, Ron.  Just too much.  Thankfully, this can be a temporary glitch.  If they have her on pain meds, be sure to have her eat a diet of fruits and get high fiber and of course sufficient water intake; and if okay with the doctor it may help to have stool softener provided as the pain meds are horribly constipating.

 Sayra - I saw your watermelon!   How cool is that!  I would be out there several times a day looking at it and willing it to grow, grow, grow. Imagine if you get a good watermelon out of this - how exciting that would be.

Our anniversary today - reminisced about where and how we started (with nothing; beyond zero); 18 years old, eloped.  Honor student went bad - someone forgot to put hormone teaching in our high school curicuulum.   We were so poor, but we never looked back; always striving to move forward, and so grateful for all we have been blessed to achieve.   Never forget every day to say Thank You. 

  How nice to get the dog beds, Lorita; I know our rescue "grand-doggies" love theirs and each seems to know which one is theirs; all four of them.  I too love the smell of fresh mown grass - such a good smell; that and the smell of the ground, even asphalt, after a nice fresh rain.  We sure could use some of your rain out here in this awful drought.  Fires up north are frightening in their size and I heard on news that the huge Oregon one may burn until October!  How in the world can that even be.  Boggles my mind.

  By the way, in speaking with the UCLA Medical Director of Urology; really nice fellow, he was a little less than supportive of the lemon in the water to prevent kidney stones. Can help some, but it would take a lot each day - it also causes gastric discomfort and can affect a persons teeth because lemon is acidic.  There is medication that can be prescribed, but one needs followup because it is potassium based plus other stuff, and one must ensure that one's potassium levels are okay.  Lots and lots and lots of water from 62 ounces to the more desireable 94 ounces per day does the best because it washes out forming crystals.  I do 62 ozs pretty good, but 94 and more can be a challenge for me and I like water. 

  Goodness, I have written a novel, sorry.  Best shuffle off to Buffalo as that old song used to say . . . .


Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 2:58 PM
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 Shirley, tell Bill I would much appreciate the help.  Charles was a city boy and he took to the farm like a duck takes to the water.  It grows on you.

 Passion flowers - we have them growing on the north and south side of our yard fence.  The flowers are beautiful - ours are purple.  I've never eaten one but my mother said she did when she was growing up.  Didn't know about them being called maypops. 

 I hope you and Bill are staying safe - sounds like Florida is a hotbed for the virus.

 I was up by the MH a couple of days ago and looked at our Asian Pear trees - they're loaded with golf-ball sized pears.  Really hope they can stay on until they're ripe this year.  I'll have to watch and keep them picked up if they start falling off - the girls love them and head for the trees at daylight if they've eaten one and liked it (they all do).  I'm afraid one of them will not get them chewed and try to swallow and they'll get choked on them.  If they do make I don't have any idea what I'll do with all of them.  One year when they made a good crop I used all I could and gave all I could to our neighbor and his preacher was visiting and he came and got all he could carry off.  They are so delicious.

 Sara, thanks for the mask information.  I found some KN95 I had in the pantry.  They're white and feels like they're made of paper.  I never wore them.  How do you find the names of companies that sell the N95s?

 I wouldn't feel comfortable eating in a restaurant either.  Carol and her husband never quit and he wants to eat out most of the time.  They're both fully vaccinated.

 Good for you finding your watermelon.  Do you know the variety?  I don't know the real name but I think it's what we used to call Rattlesnake Watermelons.  The kind we used to raise were Black Diamond, Mountain Hoosier and Charleston Gray.  I think it's the Black Diamond that has a thicker rind and are good shipping melons.  I really like orange ones - mentioned that before - but they're hard to find.  It's so easy to miss anything that grows on a vine with big leaves because they hind underneath.  I used to have to pick a lot of cucumbers (mother made lots of pickles and always had a lot of cucumber vines).  I'd pick them going down the row and again coming back up the row but would always manage to miss at least one that would get as big as all get out - but, even the big ones make good relish. 

 Ron, I was trying to think - isn't it the watermelons that have a little curl at one end and when the melon's ripe, it turns brown?  Daddy used to be able to tell when one was ripe and even then sometimes when we'd be out in the melon patch, he'd plug one to see if it was ready.  I liked to eat the plug.  Or, he'd bust one on the ground and we'd et the heart with our hands.  Farmers aren't afraid of any dirt or dust that might be on vegetables.

 Ron, I hope both you and Lou are sound asleep now and can sleep many hours - you both need it.  My goodness gracious, what a visual!  No telling what Lou thought was going on - I can't even imagine.   Looks like there would be an easier way - maybe one of those things you get when you use Cologuard that fits underneath the seat of the stool to catch whatever.  It wouldn't be too sterile but might work.  I hope the medication they gave you for Lou works and she isn't too uncomfortable.

 Sandra - I was watching Planet Earth: The Blue Planet last night and they were showing the reefs around Tasmania - beautiful.  Did you happen to see a Tasmanian Devil?  They're kind of cute little animals and I saw why they call them devils - from the awful sound they make.  I bet you're both glad to be home where you can feel safe now. 

 My sister broke her tailbone when she was young and she had trouble with it her whole life - not all the time - just occasionally.

 Jo - Happy Anniversary to you and your sweet husband (he has to be sweet to be married to such a nice lady).  Hope you both are having a good day. Isn't it nice to be able to think back about how you met and things you did when you were married?  How many years, if I may ask?  Mother and daddy had been married 66 years when he passed away - a long time to be with one person.  Mother was 15 when they got married.

 I just went in and checked on Sheena - she was sound asleep on her bed - she's in the LR now wanting to go outside.  I let Stormy out and he was ready to come in within five minutes - it's sunny, hot and humid.  One of the girls was standing in the pond when I looked out. I feel bad that I've kept them out of the barn but I'll let them in tomorrow. 

 Got all the WM boxes opened and stacked for trash tomorrow and then FedEx brought a big box from Chewy.  I didn't know they delivered on Sunday.  It's canned dog food and dry cat and dog food.  Not needed right now so it'll stay there for a while.  I don't think it all came because there's usually two big boxes.

 Hope the smoke is better in your area, Jo.  Zetta, they talked about that big fire on the news last night - said they could see it from space.  How awful - the heat, drought and fires in Western US, floods in the east and the awful floods in Europe.

 I'm watching QVC and one of the women has on a pair of jeans with the knees out.  I don't get it - ripped jeans and jeans that look worn or dirty.  Guess I'm too old for that - when I buy jeans I want them to look new - without holes or rips.  But, that's just me - guess I'm not in tune with the times.



Rescue mom
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 3:08 PM
Joined: 10/12/2018
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We had maypops/Passion flowers growing wild, widespread, in the country in SC. The purple flowers were so pretty. We’d stomp the “fruit” to hear it make the loud pop, but never heard of anyone eating any part of them.

I looked around some books I have on old south foodways, and one mentions that some people would make tea from it, and there was a very brief reference to another source that said some people (actually one specific community with Cherokee connections) would eat the fruit after the first frost, but it it was more used in jams and jellies.

Learn something every day!

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 3:39 PM
Joined: 12/9/2011
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Just a heads-up and points out how how risky things continue to be.  Many hospitals, many states not gathering accurate data, so erring on the side of safety seems to be the best approach:


Fri, July 16, 2021, 9:16 AM

Jul. 16—BOSTON — Amid rising concerns over highly contagious strains of COVID-19, state health officials have reported nearly 80 deaths from "breakthrough" cases involving people who were fully vaccinated against the virus.

At least 4,300 breakthrough cases have been reported in Massachusetts as of July 10, according to the Department of Public Health. Of those, at least 79 people who were vaccinated died from COVID-19, the agency said.

At least 303 people — or 6.8% of the breakthrough cases — were hospitalized, according to DPH."

Those masks contiinue to be very, very important and frankly, I also will try to continue with distancing and we shall stay out of public places as much as possible for the time being..


Iris L.
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 5:03 PM
Joined: 12/15/2011
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Happy Anniversary Jo!  I wish you many more years!


Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 5:19 PM
Joined: 12/18/2011
Posts: 13302

Rescue Mom - the passion flowers are beautiful and so very delicate looking, however, the vines are a nuisance - they're long and grow into everything and are hard to get out - but, again, the flowers are worth it.  I have them all around my zucchini plants.  When the fruits ripen this fall I'll step on one and listen for the pop.

 Jo - I had heard that even if someone who has been vaccinated gets the variant they wouldn't be very ill or be hospitalized.  I did hear Dr. Gottlieb today and he didn't have anything good to say about the variant and our chances of not going into another variant pandemic.  Thought, was hoping, we were beginning to get to the light at the end of the tunnel - guess not.

 Can't for the life of me understand why people don't want to get vaccinated.  I was hesitant at first but glad I changed my mind.  I worry about Jack - no vaccinations - and still going into town every few days.  I doubt anyone, or very few, are wearing masks.

 Those masks I mentioned have N95 stamped into them.  I don't remember where I ordered them from - probably WM or Amazon.  Nothing was written on the paper they were in - just the stamps on the masks.

 Guess everyone got a bit overconfident that things were getting to the point people could relax.  Thanks for the information.

Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 5:32 PM
Joined: 10/12/2014
Posts: 910

Happy anniversary Jo. I hope you have many more to come!

Lorita, the stem turns brown after being pulled from the vine. You can cut the stem off and if you still see some green, it hasn't been pulled long.

Sayra, your watermelon looks well uniformed, if it grows like that you will have a good one.

Well, talked lou into laying down around 1 and it lasted about 15 minutes, she said it was to early for bed. She has taken several naps sitting up, but guess I'll have to wait for night. 


Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, July 18, 2021 8:52 PM
Joined: 12/9/2011
Posts: 11948

Massachusetts, from the beginning, has been very careful to diligently report their cases and the data surrounding the cases, unlike many other states.

As of the first of July, of 157 million people who have been vaccinated in the U.S., 733 have died of COVID-19, per CDC data.

By comparison, since the first days  of the pandemic, there have been over 600,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the US, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

What will happen with the Delta variant brewing fourth surge pandemic must wait to be seen; but there is really a wicked portent that seems to be darkly lurking.

It is interesting to me that for those who are vaccinated, yet being infected with the Delta variant, the symptoms have quite a range - kind of like the flu would do - some barely ill and some not feeling anything; others more ill.    For those who have been vaccinated, the "mild" case can be up to:  significant headache, an elevated temp that can last for several days,  severe congestion, severe fatigue and lack of energy often requiring bedrest.

We never know what symptoms we may or may not develop IF vaccinated and becoming positive.  I would rather not get  sick, so will continue on with masking and distancing and staying out of public places as much as possible.  As in - no movie theaters or sporting events (which I would not do anyway), etc.

The biggest, biggest, biggest, (did I remember to say, "big?") risk in NOT being vaccinated and contracting the virus, is that this will help the Delta variant to morph again, creating new variants which eventually will not be able to be controlled by our present vaccines.

I despair of those not getting vaccinated, and I find it beyond understanding re those legislators in DC and in some states who discourage people from getting vaccinated.  How did this get political - how can and how dare they?  But they do.  Wonder if they have been vaccinated themselves and just will not tell.  Should they become very ill, who would they then blame I wonder. 

Well enough about the great ick amongst us.

Remember the "old days" when if there was measles, or TB or other diseases in a home, the health department came out and put a notice on the house's front door and make daily visits to ensure that isolation was being kept?  Can anyone imagine that happening now?   Boy; that sure would make the evening news!

Ron, so sorry about poor Lou.  Too bad Lou could not have a "hat" put into a portable commode in the exam room to catch the urine - no fuss, no muss.  Perhaps she was too ill or too undone to have that happen.  How awful for her it must have been to be catheterized and having to be handled as she was to get that done.  When returning home after that long ER visit, sure wish she would have gone to bed so you could have done the same; I am sorry that did not happen.  May you have a good night and get caught up on your sleep tonight.

Today is National Ice Cream Day.  Whoopee!  Wahoo! Sigh; but we do not have any.  I would like a nice rich vanilla topped with a bit of nice fudge topping . . . . and I want to eat it with a baby spoon so it will last longer.    No calories in that of course.  In my dreams.  Hyuk, hyuk, chuckle, snort!

Thank you for your kind wishes on our anniversary.  Was laughing this afternoon.  After eloping, we got our first apartment.  Rent was $60 per month, utilities included and furnished!   We were so naive (at 18 years old), we did not know it was in a very bad part of a nearby town.  The day we moved in, DH said he would carry boxes, and I should carry our clothes and hang them up.

It was then that I suddenly realized the tiny apartment had no closets!  Not a single one.  Uh-oh.  There was a small alcove, my Dad hung a thick dowel rod inside and my mother dyed sheets, sewed a lining at the top for drapery hooks, hung them from another rod, and that was the "door" to our small makeshift closet.  Small water heater on top the kitchen counter and the kitchen so tiny that I could spread my short arms and touch each opposite wall.   I decorated and fluffed the place up, but we did not see all that lacked; we were "IN LOVE."  Gads.  Grin.  As our eyes opened, we got the dickens out of there as fast as we could.  Well; the rent was cheap!

Never, ever in our wildest dreams could we ever have foreseen how wonderful things would turn out. No one gave us anything; we worked hard at educating and moving forward - and of course, four children in the midst of it all. I think there is a lot to be said starting off poor and "making it" on one's own.  Of course, we were too young and dumb to realize how poor and at risk we really were.  We would have been dumbfounded to see how we ended up; our dreams did not go that high up at that time.  Thank you good Lord, and also thank university.  My poor parents; how shocked and undone they were at my eloping.   Never enough apologies for that.

Got my driver's license from DMV yesterday.  Great to have it done online. It is valid for the next five years, what a lovely thing.  Never realized I could do it online, could have saved a lot of time and angst.

We have to renew our passports.  That means we have to go to Auto Club and get our passport photos done.  Don't plan to travel any time soon, but I think it is best to always have a passport.  Guess we will go in to get our photos when the doors first open, that hopefully will mean there won't be as many people inside. Hopefully as we will have to umask for photos.  I understand it is taking an extraordinary amount of time to get passports and renewals.

Got caught up watching, "An Affair To Remember," with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Sigh, sigh, sigh.  Lovely.  They don't make movies as good as they used to do; wonder if they ever will anymore.  It is all flash, bash, s-e-x, gruesome blood and guts, outswearing one another, mostly low junk with nary a good script. So few really good films and oh to have some that "feel good" movies.  Guess I am getting old. I think I like British film because they use actors with real faces. We here tend to use a lot of artifice; big hair, big ahems; enough botox to float a navy (could ski down some of those foreheads)  and actors with teeth that look like a mouthful of Chiclets. 

Wonder who died and made me a movie critic?  Guess I'd best be getting on down the road; will have to see where it will take me . . . as if anywhere.   Into a good book will do.



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Good morning

Remember seeing Passion flower onetime.  It was pretty.  Have never seen a maypop.

Ron hope you and Lou got a good nights rest.

The watermelon is a Sangria.  If I just get the one I will be happy.

Lorita I would just search for N95 masks for sale.  Did a quick search and found well May be a place to start.

Take care everyone

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 It's a beautiful morning.  Stormy and I took down the trash, then drove down the road about a quarter mile to check where OG&E electric lines are - didn't know if they were along the east side of the farm or just the north.  Only the north.  Our power comes from East Central which is on the other side of the road but crosses over at our driveway to come to our house.  Reason for this is they're hiring contractors to cut or trim trees under the lines.  I had a run-in with OG&E a few years ago trying to keep them from cutting/butchering Bradford Pear trees along the road.  They look pretty good now - will only need a little bit of trimming but the other quarter mile has bigger trees.  I'll call them in a minute.

 We saw all the girls - so very peaceful watching them move around and graze.  We did open the barn after I checked to see if it was dry enough going in.  I think it will be OK.  Billy the Bull was watching so I imagine he's in the barn already.

 Passion flowers vs. maypop vs. wild apricots.  Seems they're the same thing.  Mother used to call them wild apricots.  I don't know when she ate them - had to be before they dried up.  There used to be some along our driveway (still there) so I picked some of the pods and planted them at the house.  They're just beginning to bloom.

 Thanks, Sara, I'll check and order a few of those masks.  I'm not sure if the N95 ones I have are good or not - hard to tell.

I heard some distressing news last night about our area.  Mike called to tell me he'd left flea medicine for the cats and worm medicine for the GPs in the mailbox.  He told me there are numerous grow houses around our area - in one place there's ten of them and they're building more (west of the highway) but there's a big one or two just about two miles north of us.  He said they're Chinese people who have bought the land and are building. They've even built little houses near them to live in.  Carol had told me there were some around Muskogee but this is too close.  He said they look like greenhouses.  Getting too close to home.

 There's a big land auction tomorrow so I imagine they'll be bidding to get more land.  I got a letter from a land company a few days ago wanting to know if I'd be interested in selling. 

 News about the virus is not good.  Like you, Jo, I cannot for the life of me understand what the resistance is to getting the vaccine.  I've heard people are being told there's something in it to enable them to be tracked and others say they're afraid it will kill them.  Well, the virus can kill them for sure. 

 Jo, when Charles and I got married we rented a newly renovated downstairs duplex, furnished, bills paid for $90 a month.  It had two bedrooms, a large LR, dining room, kitchen and a back porch.  We only lived there for about five or six months. It had a closet in each bedroom and a huge one in one end of the LR.  We felt like our rent money was something we could put toward something that would be ours so we bought an 8x30 travel trailer and moved it to one corner of the farm.  Scared me to death to be in debt - I think it was about $3,000.  Cleaning house was a snap but everything had to be kept in it's own place  We lived there for a couple of years, then bought a 14x70 MH.  Felt like we were in heaven.  The LR had more square feet than the whole trailer.  We were very happy there and lived in it for about 27 years  until we moved to the farm house.  Amazing how prices of everything have gone up -  and much more since the pandemic began. 

 Sara - even the name of your watermelon sounds delicious.  Can't wait to see how it grows.  I bet your whole garden is flourishing - lots of good, fresh vegetables to eat.

 I transplanted the three Gerbera Daisies late yesterday.  Happened to look out and the area around a gas light pole in the north yard had sun on it.  I also have the bottom part of a birdbath there so planted them in that area.  At least they'll get a little bit of sun.  They were practically the same size as they were when I planted them six weeks ago.

 Better go and make a couple of business calls.  Hope you all enjoy your Monday. Stormy wanted out about 12:30 last night - did that and came back in and went to sleep and didn't wake up until a little after.  He was ready to come in.  He and Sheena just went back to the bedroom to sleep some more. 

 Didn't hear anything from Sarah over the weekend so don't know how she's doing.

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Well, our big blue PU truck is having it's second ride on a flat-bed tow truck.  I was so apprehensive about whether it would fit under the gate arch but the guy assured me, twice, that it would.  You know me, I got my binoculars and watched to be sure.  It made it!   I'll be so glad to have it fixed.  It had sat in the carport with the birds roosting overhead and woodbees boring wood for three or four weeks so it is dirty - maybe they'll wash it for me.

 It's warm outside but the breeze is from the north and it's fairly cool if you're in the shade and just standing or sitting.  The girls are tucked away in the barn and must be enjoying it - haven't heard a peep - or bawl - from them. 

 I'll wait and maybe Robert will call me or I'll call him later - there's a couple of things I forgot to tell him I needed to have fixed.

 One thing I didn't like -- they allow $125 for each tow job but for 11 miles I had to pay an extra $15.00.  Don't pay any extra for AAA.  I'll use them from now on.  We'll see how Car Shield pays for repairs.

Rescue mom
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Lorita, you mentioned grow houses, did you mean for marijuana? I’ve seen several news stories about what a boom business that is now in Oklahoma, since laws changed to allow.  Legal growers do need state OK, which is (or was) granted pretty freely—the point of the news, and how it’s like national record business growth. But yes, it’s apparently increased the demand, and prices, for land.   The growers in FL have been model citizens/farmers, they are closely watched and if they mess up they can lose their license, and they’re all making boatloads of money as is. The ones who hide, (often illegal) is a different matter…

But on a different subject, I have AAA and the membership has more than paid for itself in towing fees alone. It’s never cost me a cent extra, never any problems. But I do drive an older car, that was needing a lot of work (towing about 10 miles) last year. Somebody else may not need that so much.

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Hello everyone. We got back home last evening. It's a 10 1/2 hour drive from CO and we do it all at once. It's kind of rough as we get older so may have to break up the drive with an overnight in a hotel in the future. We had a great time! We hiked in the park every day but one. We saw elk, bighorn sheep, pikas, marmots and a lot of ground squirrels. When we got home, I looked outside and the garden is an absolute riot of color! So beautiful. Of course it needs tending to and I'll work at that this week. 

Here is the recipe for the fresh peach pie. It's very good. I plan to make the cobbler soon. 

Fresh Peach Pie

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

3.5 TBSP cornstarch

1/8 tsp salt

1 TBSP butter

4 cups peaches

1 pastry shell, baked 

Combine sugar, water, cornstarch, salt and butter in saucepan and cook, stirring constantly until thickened. While still hot, stir in peaches and pour into shell. Chill and serve. So easy!

I hope everyone has a good week. 

Iris L.
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Ice Cream Day--I wish I could partake!  But I'm doing an experiment this week.  I'm drinking almond milk instead of cow milk to test for lactose intolerance.  So far, in two days, my gi system already feels better.

This past weekend, my city passed out marajuana joints as incentives to get people over 21 vaccinated.  Modern times, hah!


Posted: Monday, July 19, 2021 5:55 PM
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They make a lactose free ice cream!  No need to give up that treat.

Posted: Monday, July 19, 2021 8:40 PM
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 Rescue Mom - they are houses or greenhouses for growing marijuana.  I guess it's a growing business.  My cousin says there's several places in our little town that sells it or the oil.  I'd be afraid to try any of it.

Saw on the world news tonight that Oklahoma is in the top five States that have the fewest vaccinated people.  I thought we were doing pretty well but guess I was wrong.  Scary stuff out there.  I will continue to wear a mask and I did today when the tow truck drive came even though we were outside and not close together except when I had to sign the paper - then I used hand sanitizer when I got back into the house.

We also have AAA and have had since the 80s.  Out here you really need it and we've used it for cars, pickups and tractors.  I think ours pays for 50 or 100 miles towing.  If I need towing again I'll use AAA.

 Beth, I bet you all are glad to be home - now you can rest up from your vacation.  Don't work too hard in your garden.  Sure would like to see some pictures of those pretty flowers.  The peach pie recipe sounds really good and easy to make.  I haven't made a pie in years - used to make a really good chocolate pie but I'd have to eat all of it if I made one and I don't need that.

 Iris - Ice cream day - wish I'd known.  Love ice cream but I think I like Gelato better.  Got hooked on that a couple of years ago but our little store quit carrying it for some reason.    I keep or try to keep Almond or Coconut milk.  I've tried drinking it and it's pretty good.  I like to eat it over cereal  - makes it a little sweeter without extra sugar - and, it keeps longer than regular cow's milk.   Hope it continues to work for you.

 I'll stop - Zetta, Wagon Train is on - tonight is the first night it'll be on.  We used to watch it all the time so that's another good western we can watch.

 Hope all of you sleep well tonight.  See you tomorrow.

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Good morning

Got a lot done yesterday.  Still plenty to do though.

Beth thank you for the recipe.  Hope to try it with strawberries some day.  Hope to try it with peaches too.  Have you ever tried it with blueberries?

Iris I have had l lactose intolerance a long time.  Use lactose free milk.  Mainly though I just use lactase when I eat dairy.  You will want to get the tablets that are 9000 units.  You will learn to judge how many you need to take.  If I eat a small bowl of ice cream take 3, cheese 3. Take three before each piece of pizza.  If use small amount of sour cream in something will just take one. I limit the amount of dairy I eat.  Lactaid is very expensive.  Have had good luck with off brands and can find them in large boxes which make it a little cheaper.  If you notice something is way cheaper, check it, because more than likely it is not 9000 units so will need to take even more of them.  Frequently they are  just 3000 units.

Hope all those cattle are doing good this morning Lorita.

Take care everyone

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 It's a beautiful morning but our weatherman says the temperature and humidity are going to steadily increase until we have triple digits heat next week.  Hate that - I don't like hot summers.  So far our summer has been nice but all good things must come to an end.  How many days until fall?

 Sara - the girls and babies are all okay.  They spent the night up around the MH or at least that's where they were coming from.  I closed the lot so they won't be able to get into the barn today or probably tomorrow.  I'll keep them out while it's a bit cooler.  I counted 44 so Stormy and I drove up to the MH - saw two babies coming down toward the pond.  There's always two or three that hang back, probably asleep when the girls move. One of their moms was waiting and calling them. Have to keep up with those babies!  We saw a big coyote on the way - I shielded Stormy's eyes so he wouldn't see it.  It was just standing there looking at us.  The pears are growing and still on the trees.  We came back to the house a different way and saw a big, beautiful, white crane in the top of a tree on the pond bank.  Stormy didn't see it either.  Both of the GPs go nuts when they see a crane or a bird flying - guess they can't understand why they stay up in the air - I can't  either.

 Tom and Jerry were ready for breakfast and so was the turtle so fed all three.  There was a big turtle by the front steps when I first went out and I was going to feed him but he was gone by the time I got the feed. 

 Seems strange for the PU not to be here so I parked the Gator in it's place.

 - I pulled the grass around the zucchini plants.  They're growing like crazy and loaded with blooms but no little zucchinis yet.  I saw a few passion flower blooms - so pretty. 

 Sara - when you make the strawberry pie, if I remember correctly, you crush a few berries in the sauce as it cooks so there will be good strawberry flavor throughout the pie - also  makes it a pretty pink.

 I need to wash the bed linens today so guess I'll stop and strip the bed and get that started.  Gosh, I hate to remake a bed - have to make so many trips around and around it but it really feels nice to sleep on nice, clean sheets.

 Zetta, I need to make muffins again today but may wait until tomorrow.  I also freeze mine in a big, ziplock bag and take out two when I want them.  Warm them about 20 seconds in the microwave and they're as good as freshly baked.

 Watched Wagon Train last night - pretty good.  I always liked the actors in it.  Now, if they'd just start showing Rawhide it would be good.

 Our local news is showing the liftoff of the space capsule.  There's an 82 year old woman going up who graduated from Okla. State University.  They said she was in the women's space program but they ended that program before she got to go into space.  So, the oldest person ever to go into space - and - also the youngest to ever go into space (he won a spot in some contest).

 Covid news doesn't sound good this morning.  Guess we had a slight reprieve, then back into the hot water.  Glad we're fully vaccinated, aren't you all?

 This past Saturday I saw a really good recipe for eggplants.  You partially peel them, then slice longways, dip them in seasoned flour and fry. Then you stack three pieces with parmesan cheese between them and top with cheese and sauce.  Really looked good.  I don't know how she made the sauce - guess you could use bottled sauce - I would.  It was on Lidia's show on Saturday morning.  Patsy told me that WM has a frozen eggplant parmesan that's really good.  Sounds like it's about the same thing.  I think I spelled that wrong, sorry.

 I'm having my morning juice and guess I'll have what I was going to have yesterday for breakfast - toast with peach preserves mixed with peanut butter.  Sounds awful but it's really good.

 Enjoy the day.  I'll be back later.

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Here is how I make the fresh strawberry pie. It uses jello. Very good, too. I have never used a different fruit than peaches in the other recipe I posted. I think you could but might need to make adjustments in the amount of sugar. Hot day/hot week coming. Makes me miss Colorado! The highs were in the 70s when we were there, lows as low as 48 (a.m.) We'll be in high 80s up to 90s, and dry all week this week. We did get rain while here while we were gone. A lovely neighbor lady watered for me while we were away - I don't water the perennials much, unless it's really dry, but have pots and annuals to water and my vegetables. Picked a boatload (is that  a word????) of green beans yesterday! Also another boatload (lol) of cucumbers! Also 3 kohlrabi and 3 tomatoes. My sugar snap peas have powdery mildew and I'm going to pull them today. 

Sad....our best neighbor ever moved yesterday. We lived beside her for 30 years. There is now only one in the neighborhood who has lived here longer than we have. Our house was built in 1968; we've lived here since 1991. Anyway, when we moved in we and B. & J. were raising our kids. All raised with kids of their own now. J. passed away 1 1/2 yrs ago from cancer. B. is now 80 years old and it's just hard for her to maintain a big house and yard. She put her house on the market and got 2 offers (amount over the asking price)within a day or two. Houses are selling like hotcakes here. Prices incredible. 

The recipe: (Sorry how it looks; I did a copy and paste)


  • 3tablespoons cornstarch
  • 1cup sugar
  • 1 1/2cups water
  • 1box (3 oz) strawberry Jell-O™
  • 2cups sliced strawberries
  • 110-inch pie crust, prebaked


  • 1
    Line the bottom of a pie crust with sliced strawberries.
  • 2
    Combine cornstarch, sugar and water in small saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add the Jell-O™ and stir until dissolved.
  • 3
    Pour gelatin mixture over strawberries and refrigerate until set.


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Hello All,

 Lorita,   Thanks for the info on what kind of soap to use. I don 't have leg problems as of yet but I want to use the soap just in case. Have you found out yet if your new neighbors are growing pot in those little tents. It is nice that you are getting your pick up fixed, you need a good back up just in case your car won't start. Has Stormys bed come yet? I bet he will love his new bed. And just what are you feeding the turtle? Does the turtle act like he knows you?  Have you heard from Sarah yet?  I sure wish I could find Wagon Train. Wagon Train was my favorite show and I can't fined it on any of my TV channels. I have even looked for it on Netflex and its not even there.  I really liked Ward Bond, he was my favorite Wagon Master.

 Ron,  I hope Lou is doing better and not in a lot of pain. I also hope you are both getting caught up on your sleep. I got a Watermelon last week and I was surprised when I cut it open the rind was very thick and the melon about 1/2 the size of the rind. Is there anyway I could have known this? Like maybe tapping on the melon? It did taste pretty good. 

 Sara,   That is a good idea to ware the mask and stay in for a few says, you never know what you can pick up being around of unvax people. It is nice your trip went well. Your watermelon is cute I hope it gets big enough for you to enjoy. I love watermelon. 

 Jo,    It sounds like you and your dear hubby have had a wonderful life, you are such a caring person and you deserve the best. My first apt was 99.00 a month and it was nice, one bedroom one bath and nice size living and dinning area. The walk in closet in the bedroom was big enough we could have turned it into a baby room if needed.  We even had a pool. That was back in 1963. How time fly's. You have so many good memories to share with each other.

The smoke has died down a bit here and the fires that were close are all under control. It has not been so hot but weather says it will be hot next week.  I am not looking forward to that. 

I accidently killed my avocado plant. It made me kind of sad. I have had it for about a year and it was getting pretty big. I thought I needed to transplant to a bigger pot. I was surprised how long the roots were. Looked like they were 2 feet long. I was careful to get them all buried in their new pot. I guess it did not like its new pot, the plant started drooping so it either died from being overwatered or replanted. Its on my porch right now I am hoping maybe the fresh air will help it a bit.

Take Care All, Hugs Zetta 


Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 5:16 PM
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Zetta, sorry about your avocado plant. Don't give up on it yet; it may just be in "shock" from being transplanted.

Hope all of you are doing well. This is just a quick visit to add 3 pics: my zinnia bed, my sunflowers, which are volunteers under the bird feeder, and some of my very colorful phlox, which was a gift from my MIL years ago. 

I hope all have a restful night. I just love evenings when I can sit and relax in the house after a day of "working" here at home! 

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 Beth, sorry about your neighbor moving away.  It's always sad to lose a good neighbor.  There was an older couple who lived on the farm west of us - nicest people you ever saw.  They moved to town to be closer to his brother and we visited them a couple of times.  Next time we went they had moved - no forwarding address that we could find so lost touch with them.

 Your flowers are beautiful.  I've always liked zinnias.  We've had sunflowers come up underneath bird feeders, too.  They're so cheerful.  Many years ago just over in the edge of Arkansas we found beautiful phlox and white daisies all along the road.  We stopped and dug up some and transplanted - lasted a couple of years.

 It's nice here today - cooler outside than in.  I've done three loads of laundry so the dryer has been on quite a lot and it's warmed it up.  I may have to have the AC in the utility room checked.  I think it's only about three years ago - they replaced the one that was out there through our maintenance agreement.  It's noisy, too, but it's at the back of the house so I can stand that.

 I made some muffins - kept thinking about how good they were so decided I'd do it.  Zetta, I froze all but two of them and I had two or three today while they were warm.

 Also put flea medicine on the cats - all but Lilly.  She's been around all day but I can't find her now.  Hope she didn't get outside somehow.  Gave Stormy and Sheena worm medicine and their Prednisone today, too.

 Zetta, Wagon Train is on the Inspiration Channel on Directv - 8 p.m. and MN.  Wish you could get it at your home.

 I think Stormy's bed is in one of the boxes on the front porch.  I'll open them Thursday.  I feed the turtle dry and wet catfood.  The one eat the carport loves the wet food - shreds - and I also give him a bit of dry food.  Dry food for the one in the yard.  If I see him again I'll give him some wet catfood.  This may be the same one that I see in the yard from time to time - big turtle.

 No, I haven't heard anything from Sarah.  I know she's sick and doesn't feel good but looks like she could at least call and say hello.

 Didn't hear anything about the PU today - maybe tomorrow.

 Guess I better go and look some more for Lilly.  I did get all the bedlinens washed.  Put on some different sheets so had to fold the ones I had on the bed.  Hard to do.

 7:30:   I've looked everywhere I can think of in the house and can't find Lilly.  I went outside and walked all around calling - nothing.  She was laying by the front door today and was in the kitchen eating earlier today - can't figure out where she is.  I saw Tom and Jerry at the carport so maybe if she's outside she'll go out there.

 Did get a call from Sarah - thinking of going back to hospital.  Says her right hand isn't working right and she has CP on the left.  Pain meds not working, she says.

Posted: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 7:59 PM
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So--- decided I'd call them to get something to eat.  She showed up!  I have no idea where she could have been unless it was underneath the bed. One side is close to the wall and I can't see under there unless I got down on the floor and then I'd never get back up.  So glad she's inside - one more thing to not worry about.

 While I was out I needed to water the transplanted Gerbera daisies. There's a hose connected to the water hydrant in that side of the yard so thought I'd turn it on.  Saw a small snake curled up near it so didn't do that - got some water from the other one.  I don't know if they'll make it or not but they'll replace them if they don't.

 Really nice outside and this will last one more day - then the high that's been out west will settle over us for a couple of weeks.  It's been two years since we've had temps over 100 but that's what they're predicting for next week.  Hate hot summers!

 One worry taken care of and another added.

 The news said that almost 90% of the new cases of the virus are among people who have not been vaccinated.  I also saw that Mitch McConnell is now saying people should be vaccinated - should have done that sooner.  Looks like we're in for another shutdown.  It's so bad among kids now and some of them are too young to be vaccinated and they're going to go back to school!

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Good morning

Beth your flowers are beautiful.  Zinnias and sunflowers are among my favorites.  

Glad S got around to calling you.

Was going to go see J yesterday but she called and seemed flustered.  Said she had not got dressed yet.  Do not have to make an appointment to visit anymore, do have to check in when you get there.  Think I will call later in afternoon today which will actually work better for me too.  

Haven’t talked with my aunt for awhile. Seems she is having more difficulty with the phone.

Went out to the country and got mom the green beans she likes and got myself 2 dozen ears of corn.  Will try and freeze them today.  I just do a small amount at a time, not so tiring.  

Glad Lily showed up.  Hope it doesn’t get too hot for you guys out west.  Yesterday was in mid 80s but a pretty pleasant day.  

My Mandevilla is starting to grow and get blooms.  They are a beautiful deep red.  

Zetta don’t know if the avocado is too big for this or not but I usually shade plants for several days after I transplant them in the real hot part of the day.  I stared some new pots of carrots and lettuce.  Transplanted some of the lettuce so moved it to the north side of the house.  That will work as a shade too.

Hope each one has a peaceful day

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 It's a really nice morning but foggy and/or hazy.  We're getting some of the smoke from the fires in the NW but there's also some fog.  Stormy and I went out and saw all the girls, except one.  I knew it was Rose Bud so drove back to the big pond and there she was standing in the water.  Billy the Bull was at the lot gate when I went out wanting to go into the barn.  I think I'll keep them out today because it's not going to be so awfully hot and I need to charge the backrubber before they go in - I'll do that early in the morning or late tonight.

 There's some kind of noise north of here - sounded like a tractor loading hay so drove down thinking M might be moving hay but I couldn't see anything.  OG&E is going to be trimming trees but couldn't see anything where the trees are so I don't know what it was but it was noisy.

 There's something going on with Stormy's ear - when I touch it he whines.  I tried looking at it but didn't see anything - will pursue that later.  I think I have eardrops.

 Sara - how are you going to freeze your corn?  Cut it off the cob or freeze it on the cob?  Years ago we were really pressed for time and had corn to freeze so we took off one or two of the thicker outer shucks and put the whole ear with shucks in big paper bags and froze them like that.  When we wanted to use it we just had to shuck and silk it and it tasted like it was fresh.  Have also shucked and silked it and froze it that way.  It says to blanch it but we never did - way too much trouble.  If you take it out of the freezer, put butter on it and wrap it tightly in waxed paper and microwave it, it's just like fresh.  Learned all of this from experience.  Good luck with taking care of it today.

 Zetta, I fed Tom and Jerry and then went to check the girls and when I came back with fresh water for them, the turtle was in the feedpan eating.  I put out the water and tried to find something low enough he could get a drink so put some in a pan and leaned it against the tractor tire.  He got out of the pan while I was doing this.  Haven't seen the other one.  Just thought of something I have that's big around and not very high - think I'll take that out and put water in it.  It's too far for him to walk to the pond for water.  Also  need to fill that little pool in the yard for the GPs - I'll wear boots for that because of seeing that snake yesterday.

 Last night Sarah said she had called 911 to go to the hospital.  I checked just now and she isn't there - at Mercy anyway. 

 Sara - I saw a map of the US yesterday and Ohio showed as a red state with lots of new infections.  The day before Oklahoma was a red state but it was orange yesterday.  I can't understand why things are still open and opening.  The doctors say this Delta variant is much more aggressive and contagious than the regular virus.  Last night the news said they were considering cancelling the Olympics because several of the Olympians had tested positive already.   It's a scary time in the world and it doesn't look like it's going to get better unless people begin to get vaccinated - and fast.  Also scary because even fully vaccinated people are getting the variant.

 I have a headache this morning so I'm going to take it easy - got most of everything I wanted to do done yesterday.  The AC in the utility room isn't cooling like it should so  may have to call to have it checked (I have a maintenance agreement on it) but hate to have anyone in the house.  They could come in the backdoor and not be in the rest of the house so  may do that.  Will see how it goes.

 Sara - be careful out there among people. I know you'll be wearing your mask.

 Back later.

 Zetta, just checked.  Stormy's bed is on the FedEx truck for delivery today.  I thought it came a day or so ago. 



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Sayra and Iris, I also have lactose issues. I get the 9000 mg lactaid from CostCo. Best price by far, and it keeps a long time. I usually take 2 right before eating, that timing is really important.

I also found that for me, and many others, cheese made from sheep or goats is much better tolerated than cow cheese. I’m not a big goat cheese fan, but I already ate a lot of sheep cheese without even thinking about it. There are dozens of varieties of sheep cheese, like other cheeses.

And yes, there’s lots of lactose-free ice creams and yogurts, etc. I generally just prefer the fruit-based sorbettos (dairy-free) anyway for ice cream. Don’t use much milk regardless.

Iris, if you are new to this, another way to find lactose-free food is to look for “vegan.” label. Vegan will not have lactose. I don’t care much about other stuff, but it’s sometimes easier to find “vegan” on the label than to figure out if there’s lactose.

Lorita, hope your Sarah got back to the hospital, or a rehab or somewhere with regular help and meds. It sounded like she left quick and needs more help. The laws are so strict on pain meds now, it’s really sad when somebody has a problem. It’s a big peeve of mine, how the laws now overrule what a doctor may think is ok for that patient. They had a few bad actors, and made everybody pay a price so the politicians can preach about it. Makes me mad.

All the people in hospitals around here are not vaccinated. People can get sick with vax, but not nearly so bad, and not sick enough for hospital. It’s really bad as long as so many refuse vaccine.

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For you ladies who are lactose intolerate I saw a new kind of "milk" advertised last night - it's called oat milk.  Can't imagine how it would taste - but, what about almond or coconut milk.  Would that work?

 Called a while ago about the PU - told them I'm not in a big hurry - just wanted to check.  They're probably going to check into it this afternoon so told him some extra things I wanted to have done while it was there.  We'll see how Car Shield works out.

 Made an appt. to have one of the air conditioners checked - can't come until next Wednesday.  I changed it from energy saver to cool and it's not as loud but the compressor is still going off and coming on.  I made my "to-do" list - pretty full but there are two or three things checked off.  Also found a new "flapper" for the stool.  I thought there was an extra one here - why, I have no idea.  I measured and this new one is a bit longer so maybe that will help - when I get enough nerve to try it.

 I heard last night at the NBA Finals in Minneapolis (I think) there was an auditorium filled and 65,000 people outside watching on a big screen.  Very few, if any masks and sitting elbow to elbow.

 Zetta - Stormy's bed is on the front porch, in the box which I did spray.  I'll open it in a day or two. Right now there are eight boxes out there - going to have to get them opened and put away so all of us will have room to sit and visit.  It's nice out today so time to enjoy it.  I felt bad so went out at noon and all the girls were in the pond so I opened the barn.  Only see Rose Bud now so maybe there's inside.  I called "come on, girls" - no movement.  Charles could yell that to them and here they'd come - guess it was his voice.

 Can't get in touch with S. so guess I'll just wait and see what's going on.  Had a nice, long visit with Carol this morning.  She says there's a huge grow house going up a mile from their home - near the Country Club.  She says they're all around town.  All they  have to do is get a license and they're legal.  They did find an illegal one south of her town using migrant workers to build it.  They were living in tents and having to wash their clothes, and bathe, I guess, in creeks.  The police closed that one down.  Still waiting to hear how the land auction went yesterday - do hope none of those people bought the land across the road from us.

 Think I'll lay down on the divan and maybe drift off to sleep.  Hope you all are enjoying the afternoon.

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Thanks for the recommendations, Rescue Mom.  I had my first smoothie made with Lactaid milk.  It was kind of tasteless.  I actually prefer the taste of the almond milk.  But almond milk is low in protein, and I need the protein.  I did purchase Lactaid caplets to use when I have other dairy.  I am not a big cheese eater, but I do like yogurt.  I also like sorbet.  Since I have been on a weight loss journey for the past few years, I have not had much ice cream.  

Lorita, we have do many milks here: oat, almond, cashew, soy.  I have not tried the oat or cashew milks yet.


Lorita, you said on the prior thread that you counted a calf twice.  Here's a funny story.  One of my neighbor's had two cocker spaniels in her fenced patio area.  One day I saw a cocker spaniel loose, so I put it in her patio.  When she came home from work, I told her what I had done.  She said, when she went to work, she had two cockers.  When she got home, she had three cockers!  Apparently, the cocker spaniel that I put into her patio was not hers but belonged to someone else!  Imagine, so many cockers!  They used to be a popular breed, but I rarely see a cocker now.  She did find where the new dog belonged.  Ha ha on me!





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Hello All,

I did try Oat Milk, it was a little sweet. I had it in my latte, I asked for something low in calories and I was told Oat Milk is low and very good, so I tried it and it was pretty good. I don't put flavoring in my latte's and the one with the Oak Milk had a little bit of a sweet taste too it. I also use almond milk in my latte's. 

Lorita,    I bet Stormy will be happy with his new bed. I would love to see a pict of both of them side by side in their beds. I sure wish I could do picts maybe once I get my new phone I will be able to do picts.  That is cute that you have a turtle pet. Does it know you and come to you? They probably have personalities once you get to know them. I don't get the inspiration channel I wish I did I would love to be able to watch wagon  train.

I hope Sarah did go back to the hospital, and hopefully she stays there till she is strong enough to take care of herself. I think she went home too soon. Do all of your girls fit in the barn at the same time? 

I hope you got some rest today and your head is feeling better. You need to take care of yourself in this heat. 

Beth,    Your flowers are beautiful. And Thank You and Sara, for the advice on my avocado plant, but I think it is dead. I watered it and put it on  the front porch so it would get some sun but the leaves are all drooping and are very dry. I may try another one but that one was getting so big I really did not have a good place for it. I think if I try again I will keep cutting it back so it bushes out and does not get tall. 

Iris,  Your a good neighbor for taking care of your unknown neighbors Cocker. You still did a good thing that 3rd cocker was not safe running around. Hopefully the unknown neighbor was not to frantic wonder where her cocker was. 

I hope you all have a good night. Hugs Zetta  

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 Sarah called and I bet she talked an hour - sounded pretty good but is still having a lot of pain.  She said she had tried to get in touch with Marvel but thinks she has the wrong number.  Judith, I know you posted Marvel's phone number - I've looked and can't find it anywhere.  Would you please post it again?  I thought the appointments  and supplies and other things had been set up but they just gave her names of doctors for her to make the appointments.

 I mentioned two of her school friends stopped by last week.  She said she got phone calls from most of the class.  I think the rest of them are trying to get together for a class reunion.  She won't be able to go but I think it cheered her up just talking to him and finding out what had been going on with them.

Judith, did you get your alarm system fixed?  I bet it gives you a sense of security when it works like it should.  Did you give any more thought to finding another fur baby?

 Iris, I'm glad you've decided to be a part of our porch group.  So nice to read your posts and find out some thing about your life.  I thought the cockerspaniel story was funny.  I be your friend really did a double take when she saw three of them instead of the two.  You were doing her a big favor and being a good friend.  When I'm checking the girls in the morning, they're all moving around and it's hard to get a good count and sometimes there's a baby behind a cow and I don't see it.  Always relieved when I see all 45.

 What about putting protein powder in your smoothies?  I bought a canister of chocolate protein powder a couple of years ago and made a smoothie a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty good.  Did read somewhere that some protein powders aren't good for you though.  Always something.

 I hope your weather has cooled off.  I think the high pressure dome that's been over the western part of the country is beginning to move eastward.  Hate when that happens.  We haven't had a 100 degree day in two years but I imagine we will next week.  They won't be here until next Wednesday to work on my air conditioner but the two of them keep it cooler than it is outside when it's hot.  I was raised without air conditioning but I've gotten used to it and it's hard to be without.

 Zetta - I haven't opened the box with Stormy's bed in it - won't until Friday or Saturday.  Now, he's sleeping mostly in the bathroom at night - sometimes on the chaise lounge.  I'll try to get a picture of them when I open it.

 Have you all ever tried overnight oats?  I tried it once and didn't really care for it - didn't like the texture.  Carol says she layers milk, blueberries, oats, blueberries and more milk and cooks it for a couple of minutes in the microwave.  Then eats half of it one breakfast and refrigerates the rest for the next day. 

 I don't think the turtle knows me - he just happens to be around when I'm feeding Tom and Jerry.  I have heard of people having turtles for pets though.

 Zetta - I take pictures with my camera, then load them into the computer - have no idea in the world how it would be done with a phone.  I'm still trying to learn how to do things on the new one I have and it is supposed to be very uncomplicated.  I find something and then have a hard time finding it again.  I took a couple of pictures of the caladiums again this afternoon to send to Carol.  They're still growing.  I ordered three colors and I know there's four or five different ones.  The cows ate the tops off of one tube of them but they're coming back and will be thicker than ever - like they were last year.

 Zetta, I'm trying to root an avocado seed.  Have it in the kitchen window.  I put four toothpicks in the sides to suspend it in the water until it roots.  Remembered that's what we did years ago.  You know your avocado plant may lose some leaves but don't give up on it. 

 About time for bed so I'll stop for tonight.  Thinking about going into the bedroom and watching TV in there - Denim & Co. comes on at 10.  I don't need more clothes but I like to look at them.  Did I mention (probably shouldn't - you all will think I'm nuts) but I ordered a pair of French terry chocolate colored pants to wear with a blouse I have and when they got here, they looked familiar.  Looked in the closet and found the exact same pair I had ordered sometime and never worn.  Also found another pair of chocolate colored ones with wide legs so guess I'm fixed for brown pants.  I think I'm getting more "mature" every day. 

 Good night, sleep tight and don't let the BBB.  See you tomorrow.


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