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Self advocation through an app
Posted: Wednesday, August 3, 2022 1:11 PM
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I have an idea for an app for hired (or non-primary) caregivers that I'd love some feedback on. I do not know how to create an app. My software development background is outdated. So, if this is a good idea, I'd love to work with someone who knows how to create an app. I'd like it to be available for free use.

Leaving my parents in the care of people, who didn't know them like I did, was the hardest thing I've ever done. The day I began to feel more comfortable with my parents being in MC was the day I heard the MC Director, and their aids, say things about them that told me they knew them almost better, in some aspects, than I did.

I imagine an app to provide personal information, that the dementia patient can't verbalize but makes them feel comfortable and safe. I imagine it would make getting to know and understand our LO quicker, easier and less frustrating for the hired caregiver; or even for family members who don't spend as much time with them. Experienced, hired caregivers rely on their experience and training; which gives them some advantage over we who usually don't have any of that when our LO starts down this path. Other resources are available to us for this. But many hired caregivers have time constraints and asking questions and listening for answers from dementia patients is not usually a quick process. My app idea would help with this. If we believe we will get dementia ourselves, we could even load information into the app as we want. It is frightening to realize that our mind, ears, eyes, etc are failing us more and more.

I imagine the app would be useful to use from either a smartwatch, smartphone or other device that is becoming more common to use. Technology becomes more frustrating and less useful in the hands of our aging bodies and minds. However, with voice command, those caring for us could access our preferences and desires that have been uploaded to the app using a personal "wake" word. For security reasons, I am hoping the data could be stored on the device instead of in the cloud.

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