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Just need to talk to my friends(5)
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 7:48 AM
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Good morning,


Thought it was probably time to start another volume because some are having trouble posting.  Maybe this will help.


It's very cold this morning and will be for quite a while.   I think the WC is about 7 here.  It looks okay outside but I know it's cold.


Ray was up about three times last night in the bathroom.  I haven't given him a Trazadone since we've been home but I think I'll give him half of one tonight so he'll sleep better - and me, too.   He only has about four Losartans and I thought we'd go in today and get a few to tide him over but while he was in the hospital they thinned out his medications list and they've discontinued almost everything that he's supposed to take.   I need to call the RN at HBPC this morning and get her to have the NP get them back on the list.   I guess that's too many doctors trying to fix things.


I got him to take a shower and shampooed his hair last night and afterwards he was really shaky - kept holding his hands to his head.  I asked if he had a headache and he said he didn't.  Also went with me to feed but stayed in the PU.  Maybe that was a little bit too much for him.  Hope that's improved this morning.


Cheznut - I know how you feel about the light in the bedroom.  We have a night light in the bathroom and one by Ray's side of the bed.  If it's turned a certain way it reflects on the ceiling and that's too much light for me so I have to go around and turn it toward the floor.  Also  keep the bathroom door almost closed.   I don't mind a little bit of light but not too much.   I got these nightlights at Walmart (where else?) and they're directional - pivot any direction you want them to go and they're automatic so you don't have to take them out of the outlet.


Weatherman just said it's 13 here.   I don't know why I can't keep the bold lettering on - that's why this looks so odd - have to keep clicking the icon.


Guess I'd better get dressed and go give the cats some warm food.  I hate to go outside but have to.   Hope everyone's day goes well.

Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 9:44 AM
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Yea....a new thread for the new year. I for one am glad to get back to normal...not that things were much different lol
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 10:47 AM
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Good morning, jfkoc,


Yes, I'm glad to be back to "normal", too.  At least we're at home but now every time Ray goes to sleep sitting up or coughs, etc. I think maybe something is wrong.  He was a little wobbly this morning and I took his BS which was okay.  Took BP twice, three or four minutes apart and it was different, quite a bit, both times.   I'll talk to the RN when she calls -  may need another BP monitor.


How's Dick and did he enjoy Christmas?    I'm sure Luke is glad to see the sunshine, just as we are, but it's so cold.  Does he stay in the house or outside?I went out to feed the cats and the wind was awful.  If you're out of the wind, in the sun, it's not so bad.  Problem is it's supposed to get colder and stay cold for several days.   Still haven't seen that big dog again.  Either he found another place or his owner found him.  He's so big, I'm sure nothing got him.


I need to call the vet about Barclee's eye - it doesn't look much different to me.  He's asleep now, beside me, snoring.  Seems to feel all right.  


Ray is drinking hot tea and just showed me he had a little bit left and he was going to give it to Jeff, the 14 yr. old, 3 legged, dog I'm letting stay in the house while it's so cold.  Guess he wanted to share something he really likes.


Tell Dick hello for me and that I'm looking forward to him coming over to help with the girls.  



Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 10:59 AM
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I haven't really participated in this thread before but I think it is great....just like having a conversation with friends.  We will get back to normal after tomorrow (our youngest daughter flies back to Florida). Kelly and her family live here in town so I am not alone.  It has been a pretty good 2 weeks but guess "normal" is probably better.  I pulled my back out on New Years' Eve....pulling and tugging on Ron so it has been nice my daughter being here to bend and such for me.  Have called the doctor's office to see if they can call me in something....can't have this going on!  Talking about cold, we are going to have it starting night next week it is supposed to get down to 6.  Glad Ron is kind of out of the "going" mode at least for now.  Was going to cook for everybody tonight since it is Stacy's last night but think we will order out instead!  Everybody have a good and peaceful day.
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 12:56 PM
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    A belated Happy New Year to all! Sorry I missed the cyber party - sounds like quite a bash! DH & I were "Mom-free" so being the wild, middle-aged couple that we are, we were in our PJs by 7PM & he was asleep by 8. (I made it 'til 10, but only because I'm reading a really good book!)

    My wonderful aunt still has Mom! This holiday visit has turned into a 2 week respite for us, & I almost feel like ME again! Have been able to catch up on alot of things around the house, get Norton to the groomers, me in for DR & dentist checkups, & just relax. Best gift ever!!!

    I remember the New Yrs beans & hog jowl from my time in the South! Up here, especially being part French, we do meat pies (tortieres) for the holiday season. As far as New Years goes, the tradition/superstition is don't spend any money on New Years Day, otherwise you'll be spending more than you want to all year long!

    Hope everyone's staying warm! We're certainly trying, but the high today is -3, & we're expecting at least -20 tonight - BRRR!  Will be another evening reading in my comfy chair by the woodstove! (Good thing we got one of those chair & 1/2 recliners so Miss Kiki, Norton & I all fit!)  Hugs, Twink

Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 4:02 PM
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We're also getting the snow and very cold weather.  I had to go out today, but now I'm in until it gets a bit warmer and roads clearer.


I had my 11 month old grandson today.  He's just gotten over a bad ear infection and a small spot of pneumonia.  It was so good to have him back to his lively self today - into everything!  Tomorrow his 4 year old sister will be here, too.  She can undecorate the tree - she decorated it in the first place!


However, I think Jim gets jealous when the kids are here.  His aide came to shower/shave/change the bed, and he was horrible, mostly to me.  I know it's partly a loss of control plus the dementia, but I really hate being called names.  Once again I had to call our out-of-state son on his cell.  Jim never wants our son mad at him, so usually he'll cooperate - but today was difficult.  This is the kind of behavior that makes it so hard for me.  I know most of us get this from time to time, but it's still difficult.  Plus this last week he's been sleeping about 20 hours a day.  He sees his geriatrician next week, so these are things I have to talk with her about.  Nothing he takes is causing his sleeping - it's his bad brain.


Oh well - since I don't have to go out, the snow is pretty.  I suspect our son with Down's Syndrome may not get to work tomorrow.  He won't mind with the kids here.  Stay warm, everyone.  Carolyn





Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 6:50 PM
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Good evening, everyone,


pdrer, glad you finally joined in - it is just like visiting with good friends.


I've  had one heck of a busy day - doing two or three things at a time.   I get so aggravated at this bold icon - just won't stay on.  Now watch, it will since I said that.


Called the tractor place about the battery and they sent someone out. He changed some wires on the alternator and put it on low charge.  Said to try it about 6. I tried after 5 and it barely turned over.   Starter has been ordered.  I still think it's the battery.


Called Barclee's vet about his eye and he suggested I call the ophthalmologist in OKC. I did but he was in surgery and his nurse was to talk to him when he finished and called me back.   Didn't get the call.


Called the ODVA at VARO about Ray's A&A and was told I'd get a letter requesting more information.  Got it today so that will have to be done.


Called HBPC RN about Ray's meds (talked with her twice).  He's down to three Losartan pills (for hypertension).  They're going to overnight mail some to us so we won't have to go in for that.


Can't remember what else I did but must have been something besides feeding cats twice and medicating two or three twice and feeding dogs - and us.   Ray's slept a good part of the afternoon - guess because he didn't sleep a lot last night.  I didn't get the desired nap.  I'm going to give him half of a Trazadone tonight so maybe we'll both sleep.


Need to go in to get feed tomorrow and mail bills. Wonder why they never forget to send them.  


Yesterday I tried to only do things I enjoyed doing.  I've always heard that whatever you do on New Year's Day, you'll do all year long - so I didn't wash dishes. 


Sugar Bowl is tonight.  We may watch some of that.   University of Okla. are big underdogs but I like to watch them play anyway.


Twink, good to hear from you again.   Better stay in and cuddle up and finish that good book you're reading.   I bought a book from Amazon the other day and am trying to find time to read it - Cesar's Way (you know, the Dog Whisperer).  Trying to learn how to keep Bella and Susie from jumping on people.  They're doing better.   Today on TV he had the Horse Whisperer with him.   Everyone, remember to watch Dr. Pol.  His new season starts Saturday. 


Carolyn, I know you're enjoying having your grandson and the granddaughter tomorrow.    Hope you don't have too much snow.   Looks like the NE is really getting it.     Lizella has a couple of good neighbors so she might not get snowed in.   


Guess I'd better go and let Jeff in.  I put his dog bed out on the porch yesterday to air out.   Late in the day I looked out and the porch was half covered with green "stuff".   Bella and Susie were laying in it.  They had torn the dogbed to pieces and scattered it everywhere.   I didn't get it picked up so now it's also in the yard.   Now, there's something I can do tomorrow - was wondering what in the world I'd do.


Rest well everyone and try to stay warm.

Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 7:23 PM
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It has started snowing just a little bit here in Georgia.....not much expected but my daughter that lives in Florida is here and is so excited!  She has to fly home tomorrow and I am going to be so sad.  I still have our other daughter, her husband and the grand babies here but will still be sad.  She has been a great help and companion for me for 2 weeks.  Guess things will get back to our new normal after she leaves.  
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 7:30 PM
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Called the Dr at Dean Mcgee re the return on the eye problem (this is, I think, the 5 time since July). She said nonsense stuff so I took myself to the Urgent Care and saw Dr Martinez....loved him. I got there, checked in and asked to use the rest room. It then occurred to me that i had gone 20 minutes earlier at home so I asked if they could take a sample. You guessed it.....UTI. I have been feeling under par and now know why.

Anyway antibiotics all around and I should feel more like myself in 24 hours.

Dick Says he will be there at 6 a.m. to feed the girls. Yes, he knows exactly who you are...wierd what they do and do not know.

Luke is and inside sleep on the chair next to the bed dog. Not fond of the snow or ice.

BTW : I typed, then highlighted/selected then chose bold.

Babs Willis
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 8:19 PM
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It is snowing - guess my snow dance worked.  There was no school today and none tomorrow. I am looking forward to a sleep in morning. Today I moved beds to give Doug the lower one. My grandmothers bed was too high for him to get into safely. As I was setting up his bed it dawned on me that this is the bed he was born in.  It made me feel very strange and sad when I realized it will probably be the bed he dies in too. For the first time in a long tine I cried.

Back to the snow - it is predicted to be 10 - 14 inches and 10 - 15 below by tomorrow morning. Great weather to curl up by the fire and complete my latest quilt. Tried to put a picture of it up, but the time is too big and I don't know how to make it smaller

Have a calm, restful night.


Linda Dee
Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 11:34 PM
Joined: 8/13/2013
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Yeah! No problem posting!!

We had 3-4 "of snow this morning. More coming for Sunday and bitterly cold all next week. I am thinking.....Poor Lorita, needing to go out and do chores.

My dog, Ali, loved the snow this morning, and did a run around the yard several times. Her surgery leg is working fine!

Dh and I had to go to town today. He started to get in on drivers side, when I told him I was driving. He wasnt happy, did not say a word all the way to town (30minutes). 

He ask me several times if today is Thursday. I have been confused too, about days, because of the holidays, and school bus not coming by our house. Dh is wearing a pad without me remindimg him, so that is a big plus.

So glad Lorita started a new edition, or whatever it is called. When I can't post, I still read all the posts. But, it is like watching a party through a glass window, and I can't get in and join in

Hope all have a peaceful, restful night.

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 12:57 AM
Joined: 7/9/2013
Posts: 3205 out, got a perm and came home.  Don't like cold.  Will take dh for his exercise if he is willing tomorrow.



Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 1:36 AM
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 We just got a dusting of snow, and I'm glad. We had a winter's worth in December! But, it's supposed to snow on Sunday.


It won't be too much longer before the seed catalogs come to give us hope of winter's end.

 I need to get groceries tomorrow and pay bills. We are completely out of Cheerios. I had Uncle Sam for, very little, about a third of a cup. That stuff is dangerous if you eat a large amount. Haha! 

 I wanted to make a pone of cornbread today and was completely out of cornmeal.  I tell ya, it is time to go buy groceries. I'm not kidding. I had two of the little Jiffy Mix boxes of cornbread, so made some muffins. My husband likes the sweet cornbread for snacks, and for breakfast, so I keep jiffy Mix on hand. 

We need to make a trip to the recycling center, soon. Our neighbor gives my husband all of his aluminum cans and they add up to make a couple of good loads a year. He always gets over $100. 

We get to eat at the Burger King, too. It's not worth driving so far just to eat there, but since we are there, anyway, we sure do enjoy it. 

Hope you all have a good night.  He's still rummaging and flipping the lights off and on. If he eats a corn muffin and drinks some milk, maybe he will get drowsy. 

The doctor gave me some medicine to give him, but he won't take it. He thinks he doesn't need it. Sigh.  

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 5:54 AM
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Hello everyone.      I can't get this to stay in bold either, I'm on a I pad...what paragraphs!!    I ca n make spaces,  I'm not tech savvy...  Anyway,  after posting about hubby falling , I ended up calling 911,  what nashing of teeth and agonizing over is this ok to do, I didn't want to risk having him walk down stairs as I wasn't sure if he hadn't cackled a rib, here I am, rationalizing,  so, end of story, he ends up in ER, they checked him out, tests, lab work, c-scan, no broken anything, sent him home,  so I feel much better that he basically is ok,  upshot, I'm going to get sat up with home health care, and a walker for him to use for balance, stability issues,  still little sleep, when he gets up and then comes back from bathroom, unable at all how to figure out to get into bed,  is this a phase?  Love to you all...........
Babs Willis
Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 8:29 AM
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School was called off last night, so I could have a sleep in! Right! Doug woke up early, setting off the motion detector and when I stumbled, bleary eyed into his room he asked if he woke me!!!  I helped dress him and got his breakfast then walked him to the living room to watch television and HE PROMPTLY FELL ASLEEP! While he sleeps I will get my daughter up, dress and feed her, do the dishes and start the laundry. By the time I can stop and take a nap he will be up and cruising the house. Oh the injustice. Just like when the girls were babies. Spoke toooon - he is busily redecorating the living room. One thing can be said for this stage, life is never boring.
Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 8:48 AM
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Good morning,


Just a little bit of football talk - sorry.   BOOMER! SOONER!   Sooners were a double digit underdog - even up to five touchdowns.   Don't know if you all saw the Sugar Bowl or not last night but OU beat Alabama by two touchdowns.   Okay, enough of that - just had to get that off my chest.


It's cold here this morning - 10 degrees.  I haven't been outside yet - just wanted to check in with all of you while the catfood soaks up.  I put hot water on the dry food to soak up so they'll have something warm in their little stomachs.


I gave Ray half of a Trazadone last night and he slept like a baby - or I did.  I don't think he got up until about 5:30 this morning, at least I didn't hear him.  I told him to come back to bed and he did and he's still there.  


I guess Mother Nature doesn't think it's cold enough here right now so we have an artic front coming in tomorrow.   Supposed to be 43 this afternoon so we'll go get feed and get enough to last through the end of next week - or maybe more.   I hate to get out among people because the flu is on the increase in Oklahoma right now.   We always wipe down the carts with antiseptic wipes and do our hands when we get back in the PU and go the other way if we hear someone cough or sneeze but it's still scary even though we've taken the flu shots.


The nurse from Home Health said  women she knows died, she thinks, from the flu last week - got sick on Friday, went to hospital Saturday and passed away on Sunday - so it's nothing to fool with.   Almost 25 years ago when I wasn't taking the flu shot I got the flu and was down for three weeks.   I think I almost died and would have if it hadn't been for Ray taking care of me.   He's saved me a few times in our married life.


jfkoc - glad your eye is on the mend and that you caught the UTI before it got too awfully bad.   I can only remember one time when I had a slight UTI, many years ago, but I've drunk cranberry and OJ mixed together for the last 50 years and I attribute it to that.  The urologist I worked for had all his patients drink CBJ.


Guess I'd better get dressed and hit the cold air.  I have to pick up all the insides of Jeff's dogbed, on the porch and in the yard now.  I think I've aggravated or pulled or strained a muscle in my left side along the waist - I just looked up the name but have forgotten.  Guess I did it lifting feedsacks.  I ate some peanut butter cups Monday night and as I ate the last one realized they had granular peanut butter in them so have been afraid of diverticulitis but I guess enough time has gone by that it won't happen - no spasms or temp so guess it's all right.    Do you think so, Johanna?


Looks like we may get up an inch of snow tomorrow afternoon - just what we needed.  Oh, it's warmed up, it's now 20 here with a WC of 9.


Hope everyone has a nice Friday - at least it's sunny here.  How much snow are you ladies up north having?   Looks bad up there.

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 10:38 AM
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Lorita...don't know what Johanna will say about the Reese's but I have two words...core muscles. I, for one, do not think I have any and need to get some!

Our weather in OKC looks great for the next 5 days how can you get snow? Just Lucky.

Feeling better already..yea for modern medicine...and going for a pedicure at 5. Why? I can't reach my toes w/o getting some kind on gut cramp. Right...two words...core muscles!


Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 10:54 AM
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Hi jfkoc,

Glad you're feeling better.  Looks like I'd have some core muscles with all the lifting I do but it's probably the wrong kind of exercise I need to get them.  I tried Tai Chi a few years ago and I liked it but it made me so sore but that could be the kind of thing I need.

I've never had a pedicure. At our Walmart I see people getting them all the time.  I know what you mean, though, about reaching your toenails.   Last summer I ordered an Emjoi from, where else, QVC.   It takes all the rough skin and callouses, etc. from your feet and just takes a few minutes.   It makes your feet feel and look much better.  Now, to just find the time to use it.

I don't know about the snow - just said about l" - probably the front's coming in toward the NE and just going to get down this far.  Hope we miss it.   

I've just been rearranging Ray's medications.  I took all of them out of the bathroom drawer and put them in a box - now have to get rid of the ones he doesn't take anymore.   I also keep a couple of little baskets with the ones he takes (for for AM and another for PM) so have been redoing them.  From those I fill his pill container for a week.   

Ray and Barclee are still asleep so better get them up.  Need to get into town either this afternoon or early tomorrow before the cold front comes in.  It's already cold so maybe it won't be so much worse.   I feel sorry for all the people in the NE - it looks so bad.  I'm ready for spring.  Seed catalogs are already coming in.  I think this year I'll dig up a little space on the south side of the house and plant a couple of tomatoes in the ground and see if they do better.   Now to figure out how to keep Bella and Susie out of them.

Still no sign of the big dog.   Hope he's home.

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 11:38 AM
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Hi, Friends.  Hope you are having a good day.  Our  day has started off fairly well, except that Rod came to breakfast without his teeth and did not know where they were.  Luckily he had not moved them.  Also had to find his glasses this morning.  They also were in the same place he has put them for most of our life together.  The teeth thing gave us both a chuckle to start the day.  


jfkoc,  I am so glad you went to the UC and found the UTI.  They can really cause havoc.  My PCP has told me "at your age" they are often silent and to recognize by the criteria that we learn to use in our younger years.  I seem to have chronic UTIs.  Even my urologist hasn't found a way to stop the recurrence.  I hope your eye gets better soon too. 


Lorita, we did so enjoy the Sooners defeat Alabama.  I did not expect them to be able to do it.  I loved that last touchdown that was followed by an awesome fumble  It was really a good ball game. 


Kairn, we did the grocery thing this past Tuesday.  It seemed like we were out of everything.  I really dislike grocery shopping, but if we want to eat I guess we have to do it. 


Cheznut, I am so glad your DH was not hurt in the fall.  I think you were wise to have him checked out.  And YEAH for the home health care.  You can certainly use that. 


I can certainly understand about getting out in crowds with the flu cases increasing every day.  When the doctors wanted to put MIL into the hospital she had to wait for a bed because so many beds were filled with flu patients.  That definitely gives you second about going there.  MIL is not doing very well.  They have called in a kidney specialist to help with diagnostics. 


We are trying to get Rod started on his CPAC.  I can tell he is sleeping better because he is not jerking so much.  He does not like it but is trying.  He is fretting about the cold weather.  I try to remind him that inside the house, the temperature is constant but he still claims to be colder if it is cold outside.  I bought his some sweatshirts to put over his shirts.  He says it seems to help.  He has some great long-sleeved undershirts that one of the boys gave him.  I just cannot find where he has put them. 


May all of us have peaceful, blessed day. 

Linda T


Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 11:57 AM
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      Just wanted to say hi from snowy CT. Last storm I couldn't get my snowblower started even though i had just had it serviced and it started when I picked it up. I tried the electric start because I just can't pull the thing. But I must have had the key off. Today I tried and tried and finally got it to start--yeah!! we got maybe 4 inches of snow, light, but heavy on the shovel. Did not go to NH yesterday because it snowed lightly all day. Not going today because roads may still be slick and gov asked folks to stay put for a while if they could. I am a big chicken anymore when it comes to winter driving.  


    So staying put with a book and my animals. I will get there tomorrow. Sun is out and I think a lot of roads will be blacktop tomorrow. Sorry I missed the big party--it sounded like fun. I miss my honey, not sure if pt staff is in today to stretch him, but we will do it next week. So glad he is safe but I sure wish he'd never gotten this disease. Let's pray harder for that cure. Somewhere there is a researcher who will get the right mix of stuff to stop and reverse this so we can have our loved ones back the way they were. 

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 12:37 PM
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Good afternoon from cold (0 degrees and wind chill at minus 9 early this morning) and wintry Massachusetts. We got about 12- 15 inches of snow yesterday and this morning. Hard to tell because it was blizzard conditions and there is a lot of drifting. Wish it would drift into neighbors yard instead of into mine. I hope all of you are keeping warm and dry.


It has been a busy time here since Thanksgiving and I haven't had much time for reading posts, much less for posting.


Lorita, I am very sorry for all the troubles you have been going thru.  It seems that everything bad comes in bunches. You are overdue to turn the corner on that.


The last two weeks I have been without a washer, and with 3 of us and an incontinent hubby, you can imagine how fast the laundry piles up.  Hand washing some, then waiting for day care day to go to the laundromat.  Sunday they will deliver new stackable washer/dryer ( I may cry when I see it  lol).  Nothing is easy as it turns out. I wanted the new ones put on main floor, so had to have a utility closet taken out and plumbing, venting, and electrical moved. My son promises it will be up and running Sunday night.


 Mac gave me a terrible scare yesterday, he was in bed while I was making his breakfast.  I have a hospital bed table about 3-3 1/2 ft away from the bed. Thought it was out of his reach and it was til yesterday. He got a hold of the jar of Boudreau's butt paste. When I went in to get him up it was all over the bed rails, the headboard, he had a clown mouth of white and his tongue was white too. I figured from how much was missing and what was accounted for, that he could not have ingested any more than a tsp. to 1 tbsp.  I called poison control and a nice woman told me it would cause diahhrea, and just drink a lot of fluids to push it thru. OH JOY !, but thank God.  Was envisioning going to ER in a snow storm.


Thanks jfkoc for tip on highlighting and then clicking B (bold).  Works like a charm. I have always had the problem of losing bold mid post.


Bless you all and stay strong,




Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 2:42 PM
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BOOMER SOONER...can you believe it.
Thai Chi= core muscles...can you believe it.

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 3:04 PM
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    Hi y'all! Only a few inches of snow here in the Great Northwoods - the bulk of it stayed south of us, but bitterly cold! Didn't get above zero today, & expecting 30 to 40 below tonight! You know it's bad when the radio weatherman calls it "crazy, stupid cold"! My chickens are not impressed, eggs are freezing & cracking - lotsa quiche on the menu this wknd!

    Hope everyone manages to stay toasty & have a good wknd! Hugs, Twink

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 4:12 PM
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Bless your heart, Milly!  I hope the washer/dryer is in before Sunday. 


And what a scare! I'm glad to know Boudreaux is non poisonous!  Hang in there. 


Poor chick chicks, Twink!  I want chickens, but since I'm on a steep hill, it wouldn't be safe for me  to take care of them in the winter.


It's supposed to be -9 here, Monday. I don't remember it getting that cold in decades, but, perhaps,  I've mercifully forgotten

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 5:11 PM
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Hi Everyone:


I know I don't post much and probably nobody noticed I haven't been on here, but I couldn't get signed on to post.  Finally heard back from them by email and I think I can use google chrome to get on.  So far, it hasn't kicked me off.


Welcome to all of the newcomers on here since my last sign on, and bless all of you who have been having so much trouble with your LOs  lately.


Our household has been running steady lately.  Had wonderful holidays with family.  LO seems to love having a full house.  He is having withdrawal with just the two of us home now.  Seems lonely to me too, but I am kind of enjoying the quiet for awhile.


Take care, stay warm, and I am so thankful I can at least post now.  Joan

Posted: Friday, January 3, 2014 6:08 PM
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It was -4 here this morning with a high of 13 degrees.  We got about 6 inches of snow.  With our hills and the cold, that means bad roads.  Our schools had a 2 hour delay, so at 6am people were sliding down our hill.  So my son stayed home.  My grandkids were dropped off by my son-in-law whose windshield washers froze up.  So we just all hunkered down adding Jim to the mix when I finally got him up.  Our grandson, 11 months old, is just getting over pneumonia, so this was one more day out of day care.  He's really fine, and it's hard to keep up with the fastest crawler in the east - soon to walk alone and oh boy!  Our grand daughter is 4 1/2 so we baked cookies while the baby and Jim slept.  It was a nice day, but I'm tired!  Tomorrow it'll get up to 38 - wow!


Jim sees his geriatrician Thursday - lots to ask her about.  His ECG done in the fall shows a heart attack we never knew he had, but we're not going to pursue any kind of cardiac workup.  He's sleeping about 20 hours a day now, lying down or sitting up.  He wakes to eat or go to the bathroom and that's it.  Nothing he's on is making him sleep, but with his severe apnea, it's scary.  If I don't hear him, I think he's dead - and he breathes so shallowly, I have to see if his chest is moving.  It's almost a relief to hear him snore.  He's so much worse than he was a year ago.


I hope all of you are warm tonight.  I'm glad to be inside, watching TV, reading, doing needlework.  Carolyn

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Good evening, everyone,


Okay, I'm going to try jfkoc's trick of highlighting and clicking on bold.  I get tired of clicking on it all the time.   


jfkoc - are you and Dick going to watch OSU and Missouri tonight - with your new pedicure?


Joan - I used to have to use Google Chrome to post but now I'm able to use either one.   There are problems with each one.  Now I'm using IE but have to write within and can't see where I'm going to type until I begin the next paragraph.  We did miss you - we miss everyone when they don't post.  Glad you're able to post again.


Kairn - I'm not liking this cold weather one bit - I remember years ago when it was so very cold Ray and I got dressed to go feed and I had on so many clothes including insulated coveralls that he had to pull me into the pickup.  Get out the thermals and flannel-lined pants.   Ray has lots of thermals but I can't find them.  How in the world do things disappear?


Twink - Poor chickens - I know they're so cold.  I've never heard of it being cold enough to freeze eggs in the nest.   A few years ago when we had an ice storm and we were out of power for 14 days we lost everything in our freezer but were able to put some things outside that kept frozen for quite a while.  Too cold for me!


Terromari - I know you do miss you  husband being at home with you and hopefully you can get out and go visit him tomorrow.  I know he'll be glad to see you, too.


Linda T -  Ray lost his upper denture but had his lowers - now they're gone.  Lost the lens out of his replacement glasses.  I just can't keep up with all of the things he loses.  Never have found the pair of gloves and earbags I bought for the mailcarrier so had to get another pair for her.  I'll have a new pair if I ever find them.


Milly - I'm tired of all these troubles, too.  They do say things come in bunches so maybe the worm will turn soon.   Hurray for washers and dryers.  I don't think I could exist without ours, however, I don't like the new Maytag washer we bought a little over a year ago.   No agitator and if I wash pants they are so twisted when I take them out.  But, I'm trying to deal with it - at least it gets the clothes clean but does take a long time.  Hope yours does better.


Just saw we may get 3-4" of snow tomorrow night and Sunday.  Barclee has an ophthalmology appointment in Tulsa Wednesday at 11:45 and weather says there may be a little freezing rain Wednesday morning.  Hate that!


Do any of you all know if a store (Walmart) sells out of something online, do they restock it?  I'm looking at a Seiki 46" TV for $329. but it's been out of stock for a week and not available in any of our local stores. 


Talk to you after the ballgame.

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Hi jfkoc -


It worked - how in the world did I ever doubt you.  I couldn't get it to highlight the last two or three words.   This is a lot easier.  Thanks!

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I think we are watching Clemson....grandson is hoping to go there next year. i hope he graduates. He got "best looking" in his year book and while that is fun it is not going to help him get in anywhere lol.

I can not tell you how much the pedi was...wish I had asked upfront. It was a shock. I guess I am out of the beauty loop. However the painted toes look pretty so I might as well enjoy them and not fuss. Too late for that.

Joan...glad you are back. 

Lorita...hope you are wrong about the snow...not too cold though, right?

Mama Sue
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     Needing a weather report for New Hampshire.   Thought some of you North Eastern  friends would know. 

      Some of you know my younger daughter is a truck driver.   She is picking up a load in Ohio near Lake Erie,  taking it to ...I think she said Rochester NH.  She is concerned about the weather on the 5th and 6th.   I probably could figure out how to get reports on the internet  but personal info from one of you would be better.

   Any one?

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if you google "weather rochester nh" it will come right up and you can ask for the 5 day forecast.
Mama Sue
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   Thanks jfkoc,  I did just that right after my 1st post.  Doesn't look good.

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Hi, Mama Sue,


The weather in Rochester NH is supposed to be 36' on the 5th and cloudy, then 44' on the 6th and rain. They have a foot of snow there now, so it could get messy.


I just looked at the temp here a few minutes ago and it was -15' . Brrrr!  Lucky I have a heated mattress pad warming up the bed.


I went down to the cemetery to check in on DH, and volunteers had put Christmas wreaths on many of the graves. I had seen those at Arlington, but didn't know they'd do that here. Our daughter had put a pretty evergreen spray on DH's grave, but now everything is covered with snow, and there's a two foot drift along the road, so I'll have to wear my hip boots next time I go, since we've had more snow since I went.


Lorita, we have crazy Packers fans here who are looking forward to the game on Sunday, when it's supposed to be -13'. They're hoping the Packers are more accustomed to the cold than the 49ers, but to me, a football that's solid ice isn't going to be good for anybody! And the game is sold out! Crazy people.


Goodnight everyone. May your Sunday be as peaceful as possible.

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Hi everybody,


jfkoc - I love this - not having to worry about making the type bold until the very end.  Time saver it is.    It's supposed to be as cold as kraut Monday, high of 18 and I think in the single digits Sunday night with below zero WC.  Better keep Dick and Luke inside for a couple of days.  Tomorrow until mid afternoon is going to be okay though.  I have a load of things to get done before the cold front gets here.   


Just got Ray into bed.  I had the electric blanket on preheat and when he got in he said "oh boy" - guess it felt good.   I'm about ready to go, too - just want to see what Today's Special Value for Denim and Company is on QVC. 


Lizella, I marvel at how you all can tolerate such cold and snowy weather.  Do you ever get used to it?   I've lived in this house or closeby all of my life (born in the front bedroom) and we have really hot summers and I'm still not used to it.  I know you all are prepared for that type of weather but I'd worry myself sick about the animals.  I  just now thought about the two GPs in Checotah that are tied up outside.  I feel so sorry for them.  Maybe by now the shelter manager has found a place for them inside the shelter.  I can hope.  If I let Bella and Susie inside, they'd tear up the house but they can stay inside the storage building out of the wind and weather.  Maybe the cows will stay inside, too.    They loaf south of the house and they're pretty much out of the wind there and the two boys can get behind the bales of hay out of the wind.   Cats are in the crib in the hay so they'll be okay.   Guess I don't need to worry. 


I think it's so good that they put wreaths on the graves in the cemetary.  We have a National Cemetery in Ft. Gibson, Okla (the only one in Oklahoma).  Ft. Gibson is probably 35 miles from here and about a mile from the cemetery where my folks are.   They put flags on the graves there on some of the holidays and also for the veterans in our cemetery.  I think that's so nice.   The National Cemeteries are beautiful and so peaceful - quite different from what all of the veterans endured during the wars. 

Lizella, I always loved to watch the Packers play when it was snowing.  Guess I'm like the sports announcer (can't think of his name - was coach for some pro team years ago).  He always said it didn't seem like football unless they had dirt and grass stuck in their helmets.   However, I'm not tough enough to sit outside and watch when it's so cold.


I think Home Health plans to start Ray's PT next week.  He walked pretty well today but he stayed in the PU while I got the feed and pet food.  Got enough cat, dog and bird feed to last a while.  Ordered four cases of cat food that will be here Tuesday.  You know we pay much more for animal feed than we do for our food - much more.    


Will all of you in the north and northeast get more snow out of this system?   If so, the snow from Hercules will still be on so that will just add to it.   Stay in and try to stay warm. 


Guess I'd better go and put the ointment in Barclee's eyes so he can go to bed - he's antsy.  I always put a handful of dry food on the end of the bed so he can snack during the night if he wakes up.   Maybe that would work for Ray and I, too.  Our neighbor brought us an apple pie this afternoon.   First time anyone has ever brought us a pie - really nice of her.   That's the good neighbor's wife. 


Oklahoma State University is ahead with about six minutes to play - maybe they'll win, too. 


Good night, everyone.  See you tomorrow. 


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It got up to 41 and Sunshine today.  It felt so good, now the bad stuff is coming.  YUCK



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